What to read after something existential and deep…

Hello all! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!

I don’t know about you, but after reading something heavy or deep, I always feel like I *deserve* to read something super light. So after my post yesterday, I decided to compile a list of things to read after you’re done delving into the existential and need to read take it easy:

  1. Weather reports– weather reports are safe, they will not hurt you and it’s always good to be prepared!

weather report

  1. YA contemporary– fun frivolity where the biggest stress is what to wear to the school prom- yes please!! But watch out for the ones where people die…

ya contemporary.png

  1. A frothy fantasy– not the kind where anyone gets hurt- but the semi-safe kind where they wander off in New Zealandesque landscapes for hours on end (if nothing else you can let your mind wander to “where are the hobbits”). Again, preferably with the emphasis on the main character’s dress sense.

frothy fantasy.png

  1. The TV Guide– let’s face it when you’re done with all the heavy stuff, you’ll be reaching for the remote and may as well find something good…

radio times

  1. Those clickbait posts that begin “you won’t believe…”- and sure enough you won’t believe you stumbled on such crap by the end of it. (Although that example was taken from this awesome post of clickbait titles for classics)

clickbait books

And that’s it! Now I’d have also included kid’s books on this list- but we all know how existential books like Goodnight Moon can get… But as long as you can resist the urge to read too much into them, you should be safe…

childrens books.png

So what do you like to read after something heavy? Let me know in the comments!

48 thoughts on “What to read after something existential and deep…

      1. Yes! She’s amazing. Indie author. Has about 4 series out there. My favorites are The Emperor’s Edge and Fallen Empire series’

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  1. Lol. It’s been a sad weekend. I needed the laugh. Thanks.
    But for though, sometimes I do need a light read after a long, deep read. And sure love me some weather reports lol!

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  2. I usually go with something either funny or YA because it’s an easier read for me. My problem right now is reading slump….I’m trying to fight it off.

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  3. I laughed at the first option but man… I gotta disagree with it! I hate weather reports because of how insanely inaccurate they are! Especially the past few years with global warming! I’d rather look out the window and make my own predictions at this point! 😛

    – Lashaan

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    1. hahahaha I just find them helpful to know what to wear 😉 although in the immortal words of Jeremy Paxman when he was forced to do a weather report on newsnight: “it’s April… in England… take an umbrella!” hahaha true! :p

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  4. I love this post so much! I laughed at the weather report, they make me sooooo sleepy!! I usually turn to sci-fi or fantasy after a big thing, because they offer the best escapism. YA makes me roll my eyes too much xD

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  5. LOL @ the weather report! hahahahahaha… Loved this post!
    After a heavy reading session, or a reading period, I tend to watch a light movie. By light, I mean brainless, full of stupid cliche effects action movies. 😀

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  6. Haha great post! I also love a good frothy fantasy or harmless YA after something existential. Though I sometimes have the reverse issue where I overdose on frothy stuff and need something more deep and philosophical to even things out (e.g. I like to save up dark classics or sci-fis that look like they’re going to be particularly haunting or mind-bending for just such occasions 🙂 ).


  7. I adore this list– particularly because Alana: The First Adventure, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Goodnight Moon are among my favorite books of all time. These are all great ideas! The only thing I’d add is “An Old Favorite”. Re-reading Harry Potter or even Stuart Little can take me back to my first reading experience with these well-loved books.

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        1. Hey, I looked through your site, but I couldn’t find a contact page. I actually meant to ask you if, given a hypothetical situation, you would consider reviewing a few chapters of a manuscript by a blogger that you may or may not know, and provide some (constructive) criticism.

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          1. Hi, yeah there isn’t one 😉 I’m afraid I don’t currently do requests. If you are looking for a beta reader, there are lots of bloggers that might help, but I’m really sorry, it’s not something I can offer at the moment.

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