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Phew- I don’t know about you, but it’s been a busy week/weekend for me! Glad it’s Sunday- it won’t be long before the madness starts up again! Thank you so much to Charley @ Books and Bakes for tagging me to do this one! She runs a lovely and you guys should all check it out!! 

An overhyped classic you didn’t really like:

Hmmm, this is hard, cos I rarely think Classics are overhyped- usually with classics I can see the appeal, even if I didn’t like them. But I’m gonna be honest and say I do not like or get Pilgrim’s Progress. Just yeuch- I can totally live without it.

pilgrim's progress

Favourite time period to read about:

Hmm hard- I’d say, late Victorian, because it has everything from Wilde to Hardy! (and Dostoevsky if you go abroad).

Favourite fairy tale:

I *love* the Little Match girl by Hans Christian Anderson


What is the most embarrassing classic you haven’t read? moby dick

Quite a few- I’m gonna steal books and Bakes answer here- it’s really quite embarrassing, but I haven’t read Moby Dick either.

Top 5 classics you’d like to read soon:

Ooh time for a guilty look at the classics that have been on my tbr forever *cracks knuckes*…

classics tbr.png

I have literally no idea why I haven’t read these yet!!

Favourite modern book/series based on a classic:

Hmm that’s a really hard questions! I tend to really hate adaptations of classics into modern settings (yeah, I’m that person). I can’t think of a single book I’m afraid.

Favourite movie version / TV series based on a classic:

I *love* the BBC versions of Bleak House and Pride and Prejudice.

classics tv adaptations.png

Worst classic to movie adaptation:


The Wuthering Heights 2011 movie was literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Partly cos it mostly focused on animal torture, partly cos it had child sex, but also oddly enough cos the person that made the film thought it’d be really “unique” to not include a soundtrack (I can’t remember where I heard this- probably my musician sister- but it kills a movie not to have music *somewhere*)

Favourite edition(s) you would like to collect more classics from:

I also love the penguin soft cloth!!

classics soft cover

An under-hyped classic you’d recommend to everyone:


What a great question! Armadale- it’s a really exciting, slightly twisted Wilkie Collins book- go read it!

I tag:

Emily @ Rose Read

Louise Loves Books

Lost Art of Reading

Briana & Krysta @ Pages Unbound


And that’s all from me for today! Happy *all the things* that are going on today! (Spring/Easter/Pesach) And what is your favourite underrated classic? Let me know in the comments!

65 thoughts on “The Classics Book Tag

  1. I haven’t read Moby Dick either! I even bought it but I still haven’t read it yet. I really want to read The Scarlet Letter too. I really liked The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn and I really think you will too 🙂

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  2. I haven’t read Moby Dick either….. woops. I think Little Women is an underrated classic. I always loved reading about these girls and how they grew up in their time. Plus, I can’t deny that I don’t love the 1994 film adaptation and possibly own it on VHS… 😀

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  3. I love reading Victorian novels! It’s probably my favourite time period as well. 🙂 Moby Dick is one I always wanted to read, but never picked up because it’s freaking HUGE! I have no idea if I will ever read it. Maybe I should get it on audio book and listen to it instead, as I have a feeling that will work better.
    I really want to watch the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, as I have heard nothing but amazing things about it! I really hope that I will be able to watch it soon.

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  4. I love Vanity Fair! I blathered on and on about it to someone sitting next to me when I took a Victorian Literature class and I accidentally got a bunch of people sitting behind me to read it and like it. I also love the BBC versions of Bleak House and Pride and Prejudice. That version of Bleak House made me cry twice. So well acted.

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  5. I don’t know that I think a lot of classics are “overhyped” either. One, because I don’t necessarily think of them even getting “hype” the way a book like Harry Potter or the latest YA book does. Two, because I agree that I can usually see something worthwhile about it, even if I did not personally care for it.

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  6. Really liked seeing that top 5 classics to be read. Feels nice to see that I’m not the only person who hasn’t gone through some classics that seems to have been read by absolutely everyone! Then again, a lot of bloggers really don’t like really “classics”!

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  7. Awesome tag! Looking forward to this! I also love the Little Match Girl and haven’t read Moby Dick…but I plan to! Have you seen the Disney short film of the Little Match Girl? I think it’ Pixar. It’s amazing and makes me literally sob.

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  8. O may sound blasphemous but Wuthering Heights drove me mental in book form alone, I can’t believe they turned it into a movie 😂

    Moby Dick I haven’t read either, and my boss never fails to tell me how much he hated it every time we happen to discuss books. He hates MD with passion… apparently it’s a drawn out snoozefest torture! I wouldn’t know of course ☺

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    1. haha fair enough- it’s not for everyone. It’s been loads of movies- but that one is truly terrible!! Ahh yeah- I’ve heard a lot of people gripe about it too- which is why I’ve been slow to pick it up. 😂


  9. I love your book tags! I bet you’ll love The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Scarlett Letter- both fabulous, obv. Classics are a second ❤ for me, being an English major; fantasy came first, but I will always love classics, too. That said, underrated classics…hm. I know everybody talks about Tolstoy's two "biggies" (neither of which I've read *wince*) but I personally loved his short story The Death of Ivan Ilych. So short and so good! Okay, so you've inspired me to pick up a classic from my tbr…I'm waffling between Hunchback and Crime and Punishment. We'll see where I end up! Thanks 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!! Ah thank you- I’m so glad to hear it. Ah wonderful- I absolutely love fantasy, but classics edge it out for me. Ahh it’s the inverse for me (I can really recommend Anna Karenina and War and Peace)- I need to read Death of Ivan Ilych- luckily it’s on my kindle so hopefully I’ll get to it soon. Ahh Crime and Punishment is amazing!! Let me know what you decide! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  10. Oh god, I am glad I never watched that ‘Wuthering Heights’ adaptation, it sounds awful! But I didn’t even like the version with Ralph Fiennes.. Just saw there’s another one starring Tom Hardy with a horrible wig(?) I don’t want to believe that’s his real hair! I probably couldn’t watch it without laughing 😀 Do you know this one?

    I just recently binge-watched the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice on Netflix, it’s SO GOOD! Never heard of ‘Bleak House’ before but if it’s on Netflix I will try it!

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    1. Yeah it was soo bad!! haha there’s so many of them it feels hard to keep up!! No I haven’t seen it- but I want to check out that horrible hair now 😉
      ahh it’s so good!! And I hope you enjoy Bleak House if you get the chance to check it out 😀

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  11. I also, embarrassingly, haven’t read Moby Dick! I feel like I have, because I’ve heard so much about it and seen adaptations, but that’s not the same as reading it.

    I LOVE the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series, it’s one of the few box sets I took with me when I moved overseas. Haven’t heard of Bleak House though, will have to check that out!

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    1. Ah i know right- i haven’t even seen a film version, so i don’t know what I’m waiting for- it’s a massive culture hole that needs to be filled!!
      Ah it’s amazing!!! I can’t say how many times I’ve seen it! And ditto for bleak house!! I really hope you like it- it’s so well done!! (Pretty sure there’s some involvement from the guys that did pride and prejudice- but i might be getting my wires crossed)

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      1. Yes I should probably fill that culture hole too, don’t know what I’ve been waiting for either!

        Great to hear Bleak House is so good, and possibly worked on by the same people, I will definitely check it out. Sounds awesome, and like something I would love!!

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  12. Don’t hate me yet but “Great Expectations” is overhyped.
    I hate it mainly because people who haven’t read another book in their life list it as their favourite novel.

    Sorry again, I guess 🙂
    xx Storyteller

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  13. Oh my gosh, the soft cloth editions are gorgeous. I am adding that Wilkie Collins book to my wishlist. I loved The Woman in White when I read it 10 years ago so would love to explore more of his work.

    Also, I think I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t seen that BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth haha


    1. Ah yes they’re lovely!!! Ah I still need to read Woman in White- I’ve been meaning to for years!!
      hehehe well if you do get the chance, I really recommend it!! It’s the best!! 😀 You’ve got a lot to look forward to 😀


    1. Thank you!! hehe well I studied it at uni where it was still considered in “vogue” (unfortunately for me, I don’t happen to like pared down styles, as much as the more opulent style of, say, Fitzgerald) But I can see why he was massively influential.


      1. I never really liked Hemingway’s novels or Fitzgerald’s. I’m much more a 19th century person, but Hemingway’s Nick Adams offered a glimpse into Hemingway that made me have tender feelings for him (I was in high school though and probably had crushes on most dead writers).


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