A Critical Review of The Tiger Who Came To Tea

*Insert usual “this is satire” disclaimer here: sometimes my brain just comes up with this and I can’t be held accountable 😉 *

In times of Trump…

And of Brexit…

What we really need is to come together and invite tigers into our homes… to steal our food and make our water bills impossibly high…?

Wait a minute… I don’t think this book is actually being inclusive. In fact, I think The Tiger Who Came to Tea is actually bigoted propaganda for the BNP… or something…

Oh my goodness, Judith Kerr ran away from the Nazis to start her own genocide against tigers!!! This is racist bilge and we must burn it… Cos that worked out so many times before…

nazi book burning


tiger who came to tea censorship

Oh boy- I just know I’ll get in trouble for this one- I really shouldn’t be allowed near children’s books, should I?

28 thoughts on “A Critical Review of The Tiger Who Came To Tea

        1. hahahahaha really- that’s such a funny coincidence! Don’t take any notice of them- it’s a really lovely book. I read it as a child and have read it to my nephews more recently. I can’t believe people are genuinely offended by this. Madness!

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  1. Ha ha. Great work.

    I, for one, am sick of the persistent negative representations of tigers in literature. Kipling, Martel etc. Whereas the most famous lion is an allegorical portrayal of Jesus Christ. It’s a blatant smear campaign by the lions desperate to cling on to their King of the Jungle status. Justice for tigers in fiction!

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