Honest YA Dystopian Book Blurb

(Un)inspired by the subject of my last review, I decided to write my own Honest YA Dystopian book blurb- enjoy!

This is one hundred percent about important issues- sort of…

I mean there will be an end of the world plot… even though the world already ended before this book began… But who cares? The world can end twice, right?

dystopian world.gif

Plus- get excited cos we have not one, but several oppressive governments nested inside each other like a Russian doll (really this book is a bargain- that’s why it’s £9.99 for a kindle edition)

And don’t worry about Instalove- IT WILL BE INCLUDED- we know how much you love it. And expect plenty of staring at the main love interest to- *lots and lots of stares*- to convey all the *emotions*. We wouldn’t want this “love at first sight” thing to be subtle. Also, we know this is important to you as a reader, so THERE WILL BE NO LOVE TRIANGLE (until book 2)…

LOVE triangle of doom

You’ve probably read about ten (better) versions of this before- but ho hum, what’s an eleventh gonna hurt? So sit up and take notice- cos I swear this will not be as exciting as the Hunger Games or Divergent (nor will the protagonist be nearly as kickass, but the narrator will tell you she is on countless occasions)

Also, if this blurb makes you *in any way* afraid for the main character, don’t be! We all know corrupt systems of government are totally useless at stopping teenage girls and their hunky boyfriend(s).

look at my knife.gif

Annd that’s it- you’ll have to read the “book” to know more  😉 Hope you enjoyed that! 

73 thoughts on “Honest YA Dystopian Book Blurb

  1. Omg hahahaha. I hardly know what to say because this was so funny. Every bit was true though and I haaaate love triangles! Okay, maybe not 100% hate because some are able to pull them off but those are probably not YA books.

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  2. OMG I love this! 😂😂😂😂 I’m sorry, this is so spot on. No love triangle (wait till book 2).🤣🤣🤣 I like some YA, and I’m not the biggest fan of the tropes, but this is why I am happy that I wrote an adult book with some originality in it. At least that was always the goal. And I didn’t narrate how my heroines are badass (a few mention it in dialog though). 😆😆😆

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    1. hehehe thank you!!! Yes me too- I like a lot of it cos it can be fun and inventive- it’s when the industry regurgitates some of the worst tropes that I get huffy 😉 That#s really good!! Ah well that technique can work well! 😀

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  3. I’m so glad to know that that my completely biased, without evidence, by-the-blurb assessment of YA dystopias appears to have been spot-on! My reading list is extensive enough as is without getting distracted by all the cool covers and intriguing blurbs.

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      1. Only because I got lucky and was seeing all the cool YAs when I was in college and had no funds for them 😛 By the time I actually got money with which to buy books, I’d (mostly) moved on from my YA interest. But every now and again something cool comes up and I get sucked in (curse you Red Rising and your ridiculous-yet-addicting plot…)

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  4. I enjoyed your book blurb. I have another book to add to your list if you like end of the world type books “Station Eleven.” I also liked one of your very earlier posts. Celebrating the little Things Tag and decided to tag myself. theglobaldig.blogspot.com

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    1. hahahaha so true!! Oh you read my mind 😉 Of course the ending and the premise will do that too- I’ll just make sure to constantly reinforce the fact that there is no real point to the book 😉


  5. lol, this is great!! Instalove, love triangles, multiple oppressive governments… what more could you ask for? 😀 Btw I particularly enjoyed this: “nor will the protagonist be nearly as kickass, but the narrator will tell you she is on countless occasions”… there’s nothing quite so desperate as a book constantly going out of its way to impress upon you just how kickass the main character is.

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      1. Oh you’re missing out!!
        They are: @TypicalYAAntag @evilyavillain @HelplessHeroine @AverageYADad @TokenYASidekick @TheYABestFriend @TypicalYAHero and one of my personal favorites (which has a book coming out soon!) @broodingYAhero
        I don’t know how many of those are still active or not to be honest… It’s been a while! But I do see them tweeting from time to time, especially the last one. There are probably tons more!
        I hope you enjoy them 😊❤️

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