Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood everlastingWell hello everyone- today I’m going to be taking a lot of you back in a time machine- cos I know this series was popular *so long ago*. But I finally picked it up this year and read it right through to the end, so I’m gonna do something pretty unusual and review the last one in the series *with no spoilers* (I know- wish me luck!)

Now when it came to this book it ended up being nothing like what I expected. If you’re at all familiar with this series, you’ll know it’s fluffy and cute and wonderfully summery… And that is not the same vibe you get from this book. I thought this book would be just another frothy, light, heart-warming book, and, well, that’s not what I got. This book was a total break from form.

So after saying all of that, I should have been disappointed, right? WRONG! Just because this book was not what I wanted or expected, in the end it gave me *exactly* what I needed. It ended up being something I never even realised I was looking for.

As I said, I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I will say that the themes of this book spoke to me so much more than I expected and I sobbed the whole way through. And I mean ugly crying. Till my eyes had grown tired with tears and my head heavy. I was an ugly mess of orange fur 😉

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about this series is the characters. I cannot begin to describe how lifelike they are. Someone said on the back of this book: “Ann Brashares knows her characters”- well I feel like I know them too. All of them are my babies at this point and I have grown so attached to them (including Carmen, my least favourite, who honestly has her moments, but really shines and comes through when she’s helping others!)

Ultimately, this book will make you want to grab hold of your sisters (both real and metaphorical) and give them a massive squidge! (Shout out to my own marvellous sister, who I buddy read this with!)

As if that wasn’t enough to *make you read this book now* I found the writing in this book some of the loveliest in the series:

“He’d shown her his seams.”

“Her sadness was all over his face.”

“We aren’t built for leaving”

I don’t know why, but this simplistic, yet gorgeous style just spoke to me. Plus, in case that wasn’t enough, one of the songs it quoted is a favourite:

This is a *perfect* book to enjoy (well maybe get a cathartic kick out of) on a lovely sunny day. Or a rainy day. Or any day really. Just as long as you have somewhere you can cry in private.

Rating: 5/5 bananas


Hope you liked that! Have you read this book or series? Do you like it? And what book have you read recently that gave you an emotional kick? Let me know in the comments!


42 thoughts on “Sisterhood Everlasting

  1. Im glad you liked this book. I haven’t read this series yet but I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t like the last one because it is so different. I own all the books so I’ll try to get to them soon. Hopefully I like it too. Great review by the way!

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    1. Thanks!! Yes, it was really different, so I get why people felt that way- but I actually liked the change- I thought it was really bold and it felt like a step up in maturity from the other books. Ah awesome!! I really hope you enjoy them 😀 Thanks so much!!

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  2. Aww lovely review! I read this book and the whole series a while ago, and I loved it so much, just like you I felt like I knew these characters by heart at the end of the series, which is one of the best feelings ❤

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  3. Gah! I had to stop reading at “total break from form.” I know it’s no spoilers but, if it’s not like the others, I gotta go in as blind as possible. I wonder if I’ll like it or be pissed. I see that you liked it, from those 5 stars. Will return when I complete it too.

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  4. I NEED NEED NEED THIS BOOK?!? I haven’t heard of it before but I am SOLD from your review ahah it sounds so amazing! Characters always mean the most to me in a book so I’m excited to see there are such great ones in this one. 😊 Lovely review!!

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  5. Wow… to be honest, I didn’t expect an ‘ugly cry’ comment from you… hmm… just shows, I’m still getting to know the bookworm you! 🙂 hehehe… but your recommendation resonates and there are definitely times when light reading is necessary… or not so light reading..but I have to say, I have not heard about these books before… anyway, luckily I don’t spend a lot of time among society so I need not worry about ugly crying… Great review!

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    1. hahahaha yes I’m an ugly crier, for the right book 😉 (in fact, some books can reduce me to an absolute puddle of emotions 😉 ) Ah thank you!! Absolutely!! hehe yes, the first few books were all so light and frothy… this wasn’t. But t was amazing. hahahaha yes- I do feel a bit awkward when a book makes me cry in public- luckily I read this in the safety of my room 😉 Thank you!

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    1. Ah yes I get that- this cover was not nearly as nice as the other ones in this collection (actually I got all of these second hand so *none of them* match *sighs* 😉 ) Yes it really is!! This is about friendship/sisterhood so it was really unlike a lot of books out there- even contemporaries. It was so refreshing to read!! Thank you so much!! 😀

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  6. I loved this one too. Especially having been so in love with the earlier books, reading it just felt like coming home. At first I was really upset with where it started because the characters meant so much to me, but once I got over my initial feelings I thought it was really well done. Ditto to the ugly crying too.

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    1. Ahh I’m glad!!! yes it really did. Oh gosh I was so upset- I didn’t want to go into major spoilers in case someone saw it- but Tibby was one of my favourites so this hit me really really hard. My initial response was “noooooo!! You can’t do that!! This can’t be real!” But like you said, it was done so well. hahaha I know right- you’ve got to ugly cry over a book like this!!

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  7. I’m so glad you loved this one despite the initial expectations 🙂 I too haven’t touched this series in years, as you know, so I’m really happy to know it still has the power to steal your heart!
    The fact that you liked Carmen (who I also don’t care for as much) is a big plus! This series made me laugh and cry throughout, but I noticed a big change in mood in the third book. I can only assume it will continue to go down that path.
    I still need to read the last two but I’m really excited about it! Thank you for the push and the amazing review ❤

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    1. Thank you!! Ah I’m glad!
      Ah gosh- yes!! Me and my sister both liked her the least- but she really had her moments in this one. (I think it was book 3 when she had similar moments of being more selfless and I preferred her like that)
      Ah yes, you’re right- it does change tempo so much- and this book is very different- but so so well done.
      Ahh I’m so glad you’re excited- I really hope you enjoy them!!! Thank you for your lovely comment 😀 ❤

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