My Top Ten Books Featuring Sisterhood

*Warning there will be lots of pink and gushing girliness in this post*

Phew it is hot today- I don’t know how anyone gets anything done when it’s so hot! Resisting the urge to just lounge around all day, I thought I’d follow on from yesterday’s post and talk about sisters in books!

I don’t think sisterly love gets nearly enough attention in books- so today I want to celebrate some of my favourite books that feature sisters (both real and metaphorical) in a big way!  And just a heads up, I won’t be including any creepy long lost identical long lost twins or back or backstabbing biatches here- this one’s all about the positivity (mostly 😉 ):

pride and prejudice

  1. Pride and Prejudice– how could I not include Austen? The queen of the sisterhood?! That would be madness! In fact, I was actually super tempted to put Sense and Sensibility on here as well, but let’s face it, nothing beats Lizzy and Jane’s relationship!

i capture the castle.jpg

  1. I Capture the Castle– so mostly I just want an excuse to mention a childhood favourite. But there is a strong sister relationship in this book- only trouble is, even after all these years I can’t quite put my finger on where that relationship ends up at the end of the book. Ah well, it still deserves to be on this list, partly because I have always wanted to be part of this wacky family, but mostly because I secretly want to live in a derelict castle with no heating… (says the girl that couldn’t stand the Scottish winters)

little women

  1. Little Women– apart from this book giving me the warm fuzzies every time I think about it, this book hands down has one of my favourite family dynamics in literature- and guess what? They’re all girls! Yay- girl power! The March sisters are adorable, quirky and love fiercely- but my goodness you don’t want to get in the middle when that goes awry- there are ups and downs in this book that still make me cry (and not just the obvious *ahem* unmentionable parts- seriously don’t mention it, or you will reduce me to a fluffy orange mess again…)


  1. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants– you knew it was coming- after my review yesterday it can’t come as a surprise. What’s especially wonderful about this series is that it has every type of sisterly relationship- it deals with the figurative, the blood relations and the “oh goodness what category are you in” type of sister. And even more importantly, it doesn’t shy away from conflict between sisters (really just an occupational hazard)- instead directly addressing the issues they have and letting the characters grow as a result.

to all the boys

  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before– I’ve mentioned it before- but one of the best things about this series is the *lovely* sister relationships in it. Like my previous choice, it doesn’t make them buddy-buddy all the time- but that’s a-okay with me! Because complex dynamics are so important when portraying any relationship- and especially in something as nuanced and complicated as sisters!

court of thorns and roses

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy– okay so I wasn’t actually sure whether to include this one, because initially *avert your eyes superfans* I wasn’t totally sold on the sister relationships. It just seemed to be based on the protagonist’s older sisters letting her do all the work for them. But, while I’m still not convinced of this series’ perfection- review of ACOWAR to come *very* soon– I did find the sister relationships grew on me.

red sister

  1. Red Sister– okay, so no one in this book was technically a biological sister- BUT they were all Sisters- you know, nuns. Killer nuns in fact. And let’s face it, when am I gonna pass up an opportunity to mention killer nuns? (Plus they also had developed really great bonds with each other- but to be honest my brain is still on the *deadly nuns* thing to go into detail 😉 )

the young elites

  1. Young Elites– This one is another really unusual one, because this series is so out there. And I can’t talk too much about why I love this sister relationship, because of *spoilers*. But what I can say is this relationship ends up being super integral to the plot and the story’s conclusion- and how many non-romantic relationships can you say that about really? Let alone sister relationships?

hunger games

  1. Hunger Games– and speaking of another sister relationship that is integral to a book’s plot, what about Katniss Everdeen and her sister Prim. There would have been no story if Katniss hadn’t offered herself as tribute to save her sister. And as for where this relationship ends up going… well let’s not go there shall we (seriously, it’s like I designed this post to get all teary or something!)

how i live now

  1. How I Live Now– okay, so another cheerless book about the end of the world. But there was one thing I always took heart from and that was Daisy holding Piper’s hand and leading her through the literal end of the world- they’re not technically sisters, yet this image of sisterly devotion is burned into my mind whenever I think of a moment of sisterhood in books. I just want to point to it and say *that right there* (there’s also a lot of weird shit in this book, but at least there’s family at the centre of it all)

Okay that post ended up going in a darker direction than I intended. Do you agree or disagree with my choices? What book do you think is a great representation of sisterhood? Let me know in the comments below!

And naturally, I dedicate this post to my sister the monkey baby (yes that is her real nickname and no I am not making that up)

69 thoughts on “My Top Ten Books Featuring Sisterhood

  1. Loved your choices! OMG How I Live Now is one of my all time sad faves and I don’t know why. I hated that there was no real dialogue in the book and that it ended so sad and that I don’t actually know how they live now, but I read it around the same as the movie came out and paired with the visuals, I just fell in love. Also, I think that’s when I discovered my lovely baby Tom Holland!
    And I am not entirely sold on the sisterhood in ACOTAR either. Feyre has her faults, but her sisters were not treating her like family at all, more like a servant.

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    1. Thank you! Ahh I know right!! I loved that book- I don’t no why- cos it’s such a strange book. I fell in love with it too- though I haven’t had the chance to watch the film yet- I probably should!
      Yeah I know right!! I just don’t get her sisters really- even as the books progress and they “improve” I’m still not sure if I like them!

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      1. Yes, go watch that movie. It’s one of those super slow and beautiful to watch ones, but also even more disturbing than the book in part, you know?
        And ugh … the sisters … Nesta weirdly grew on me, but I HATE her behaviour towards Feyre. Elaine is a bit of a different story.

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          1. I just think it’s so unfair. She’s insanely protective of Elaine but couldn’t give a shit about Feyre. I just don’t understand her logic behind it, you know? Because, yes, Feyre was the strongest of them all, but she shouldn’t have had to be the provider. They should have supported each other.

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  2. I love your post! Katniss and Prim were just<3
    I can't think of any other sister relation from books, except I remember reading an article which said that JK Rowling originally wanted Hermione to have younger sister too, who eventually attends Hogwarts (kind of like Colin and Dennis Creevey). I would've loved to read that.

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  3. I love little women. Book and the old 90s movie adaptation. I’ve been dying to see your ACOWAR review so definitely can’t wait for that. The ones that immediately come to mind for me are Like Water for Chocolate, Beloved which is pretty dark, and The Color Purple.

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  4. Awww Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Memories! The figurative sister relationship in the novel across time and place is so thrilling. I loved the romantic twist in the novel with each character facing her own romantic hardships. A beautiful coming-of-age novels.

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  5. I loved the relationship between Lizzy and Jane in Pride and Prejudice. I just loved the fact that they loved each other unconditionally and did everything they could to help the other! 😀 Great post!

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  6. Loved your choices! Little Women always gives me the warm fuzzies too – it’s such a charming book. And I actually really love Ann Brashares’ books! Also, did you ever Beverly Cleary’s Ramona series? Those books are hilarious and Beezus and Ramona are just the best. Great post! Made me really wish I had a sister. 🙂

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  7. I completely agree! Katniss and Prim’s relationship is so sweet and it makes my heart swell every time I read it. 🙂 Lizzy’s bond with her siblings is great too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  8. I loved Little Women, too! After reading about sibling rivalry in so many contemporaries, I really appreciated that those girls got over their differences and put their family bond above all else.

    (By the way, I have NO idea on any of this, as I’m an only child!)

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  9. Oh what a lovely post – I LOVE books with sisters’ relationships, they are the best. I really like how tight they are in the To All The Boys series, they’re all so different yet they have such great dynamics, same goes for the Sisterhood series ❤ I only read The Young Elites so far but I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series, I was so happy to read that there was a sister relationship in that one 😀

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  10. As always you just manage to bring something entertaining and nice to the ‘table’! Enjoyed this post! I’m yet to read about the killer nuns but that was a really good idea to include them! 🙂

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    1. hehehe I know right 😉 Ahh I get that- although I hadn’t seen Gilmore Girls before Sisterhood, so I thought of it as the other way round for a bit 😉 (enough seasons though and I was thinking of her as Rory when I rewatched it)


  11. The only one I have read on your list would be pride and prejudice. And I sort of forgot about that relationship in the book, but good pick:)

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  12. I am always surprised when you have so many classics on your lists! (But very cool, of course!) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was a favorite of mine because of the sisters in it! Lara Jean is such a perfect middle child, lol… Young Elites and How I Live Now sounds super intriguing too!! I thought I knew Marie Lu but turns out I was mixing her up with another author so now I am super intrigued!

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    1. Hehe yes, I do love classics- though I always feel like I don’t read enough! (story of my life!) aww thank you!! Oh gosh me too!!! She really is- and as a middle child I can relate to her so much!! Ahh they’re so good- I highly recommend them!! haha well that’s brilliant that I could get you intrigued!! I really hope you like her!!

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  13. I’ve only read the older books in this list 😦 except Hunger Games and I’m going to get teary too if I think about that ending.

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