Blackwing: Taking Fantasy to New Heights

*Received this book off Netgalley in exchange for an honest review- but the crazy gushing you’re about to see is all me*

Blackwing2Wowzers. Bloody hell. Fuck yeah! Honestly, I don’t have anything other than expletive laden exclamations right now. One of the Deep Kings in this book must have cut out my tongue and fed it to the Misery, because Blackwing has left me speechless. Yet even if words are failing me right now, there’s a lot of well-deserved buzz for this book. After reading Liis’ *stunning* review, I just knew I *had to* read it- and by some miracle I was able to get hold of it.

Well, it would be more accurate to say that this book got hold of me- it grabbed me by the throat and throttled me with an intense plot straight away. The reader is flung head first into the Misery and explosive action before you can say “shit there’s a Darling!” (you’ll find out what that is when you read it- no spoilers from me- but trust me that’s what you’ll think). Somehow, as the story winds on, it manages to crank up that initial tension, bit by bit, building to an epic conclusion that no one could predict. Seriously, if you want a well spun tale you’ve come to the right place. Not one thread of Blackwing is out of place- it is an exquisite tapestry of twisted, inventive, mindboggling magic! There’s nothing you can do with a book like this other than step back and admire the view. And if I sound possessed- that’s cos I’m still in its thrall.

One of the most spellbinding things about here is easily the writing. I could wax lyrical about how beautiful every inch of this book is- but what really got to me was how strikingly distinctive the voice was- so much so that the main character leapt off the page. Don’t ask me how, but that grouchy, wry tone will charm the pants off you. I was chuckling along with his backhanded remarks (“standard fortress stuff” teehee), eagerly awaiting where his tale would lead and by the end of the story I wanted to take him out for a pint… Until I remembered he wasn’t real.

And that was just the thing- I left reality behind when I read Blackwing. Atmospheric and creepy, wading into this world was a treat in its own right. Layer upon layer of nameless wonder had me totally absorbed. Even though the palate for this world was suitably grim and gutsy, it felt surprisingly vibrant, and, most importantly, *different*. Rarely do I find any book that feels as new as this fresh-faced fantasy.

There was more to it than that though. Full of broken, scarred and near-ruined characters this story was to its core about humanity. Speaking of heartache and hinting at redemption, the hidden depths sold me more than anything else. No doubt, this book took me too some pretty dark places- but in the end it was so dark it was an uplifting read.

Rating: 5/5 bananas


Released on: 27th July  so be sure to snag a copy here!

Was there any doubt I’d give it that rating? Are you gonna give this a go? Let me know in the comments!

44 thoughts on “Blackwing: Taking Fantasy to New Heights

  1. Wowzers! Your review!!! Well, first of all I am so glad you managed to get a copy… secondly, I am relieved that you enjoyed the book as much as I did! 😀
    Everything you said about the book is just so true- the start of the book simply grabbed a hold and then the rest was just.. I don’t know.. it was all just so fitting somehow, the dialogue, the characters, the feels… 🙂 Like you, I am waiting for book 2 as well.. hahaha, even though Blackwing is only published tomorrow! 😀 the troubles of a book reviewer sometimes eh? 😀 way ahead of schedule 😀

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    1. Thank you so much!! I felt really really lucky there!! And I really did- your review was so amazing that I just knew I would like it and I did!! 😀 Yes!!!! It was so good!! hahahaha I know right- it’s really hard to think about how long we’ll have to wait for the next one!!!

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  2. Oh WOW! Great review… I tried to get Blackwing but I don’t have near your number of followers 😭 NOW I’M SOOO UPSET! 😂 it was okay when I didn’t know how great the book was… I really love it when a world AND THE MC reel you in… it sounds like the storytelling skills are really there. 😭😭😭

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  3. Wow, this sounds amazing!! I saw the author speaking on one of the panels at YALC this weekend, and I thought it sounded interesting, but now I really regret not picking up a copy!! Definitely adding this to my TBR 🙂

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  4. Gosh those Darlings scarred me- even more so with the reveal at the end! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this one, it was such a well-rounded book that I couldn’t believe it’s a debut novel. What a wonderful review~

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