Stormborn was a BLAST!

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*Spoiler alert!*

Well this episode ended up surprising me more than the last. I wouldn’t have believed it, partly because of how thrilling last week’s opener was and also since the beginning of this episode was much more mellow.

Given that the first scene featured Varys- an always welcome- but more of a Machiavellian than a dramatic influence on the show- I did not think we would see fireworks. As enjoyable as it was to see them discussing their war council, I felt like this episode was going to set things up like a game of chess, and this hour would be devoted to getting everyone into position… how wrong I was.

There was some stellar character development before we got to any of the action though. I was especially delighted with Tyrion’s plan and coded message- it is *so long* since we’ve seen that brilliant brain work! That was more than welcome reminder of why he is one of my favourite characters!

Along with this, there were some lovely tender moments and some ughhh-what-are-you-doing-scenes (with Cersei- they’re always like that though). And in terms of Game of Thrones trademark gore, this episode starred some hardcore greyscale, and I have to say this was the grossest thing I have ever seen- on this or any show! I mean: ewwwww!!

The other notable moment, before we get to *that explosive conclusion*, was when Arya and Nymeria were reunited. Bittersweet and heartbreaking, it wasn’t the reunion we’d hoped for and raised so many questions for me. I know that the showrunners have talked about how it shows that Nymeria found her own life… but I wonder if it hints at a dark ending for the Stark assassin. For instance, I’ve always thought the execution of Sansa’s wolf is the symbolic moment when she becomes more Tully than Stark- so is this too symbolic of Arya’s estrangement from her wolf? Does it show that she will never be tamed? Does it suggest she will never make it home to her family?

And finally… THAT ENDING!! I wasn’t expecting that. Of course I should know by now it was never going to be straightforward, but I really didn’t think I would see a full scale battle in the second episode. Like the battles last year, it was beautifully shot. They only get more exquisite to look at: the ashes falling, the fire dancing, people dying everywhere… and yet it was oddly stunning to look at. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this grotesque spectacle (one of those moments that will sift the GOT fans from the Guardian writers- I saw yet another article complaining about the violence in this show and wondered why are they still watching it 7 years on?!? Anyway, I digress…).  I can’t say I’m sorry to say goodbye to the sandsnakes- but what happened to Theon and Yana was *devastating*. I will say, this is the first time in a while that I’ve begun to wonder about what would/will happen in the book…. Only time will tell (or not). Either way, I can’t believe how much has already happened here- the showrunners are not letting us down this year. God only knows what will come next (okay, I have some inkling from the trailer and I might have screamed).

Anyhoo- hope my thoughts weren’t too all over the place this week- it was a very exciting episode and all my coherence went out the window after that final scene. Have you seen this yet? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

And sincere apologies for this coming so late- the old Mad Hatter (my computer) is acting up (well, more than usual…)



39 thoughts on “Stormborn was a BLAST!

  1. AAAAAH! You’re getting me started. Lord Varys SPEECH! I was like YES! TELL HER! And then Jon turned around and was like “Look Sansa, this is you and this is me. We’re Starks but I care about more things than you do.” It was so glorious! Arya’s whole scene. I was like YESS NOOO Okay I get it but this is still sad cause this whole time we had no idea if Nymeria survived or not. They shot the scene so well though! Seeing that giant wolf come up behind was like holy shit. And even before that when she walks out of the tavern and has that inner conflict with herself was a solid performance as well.
    The last scene. I’m still reeling from. I felt sooo bad for Theon and his sister! He’s been through so much and all it took was one trigger. But then I thought, realistically, what else could he have done unless he had perfect one shot aim? I wonder if he’ll go after them though cause as far as we know they aren’t actually dead yet right? The clip for the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!! All I can put is exclamation points! (My comment is so long, I’m so sorry!)

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    1. Ahhh yess!!! It was so good!!! And Arya’s scene properly made me tear up!!! They really really did! I had no idea how it was gonna go! Oh gosh yes- she’s always been one of my absolute favourite characters!!!
      Oh gosh yes!!! I knew he was gonna do that though :/ I totally agree with you- he didn’t really have another option :/ I don’t know- but I hope so!!! And yes!!!!!!!! hehehehehee me too!! (and no problem- I absolutely love discussing GOT- sorry it took me so long to reply, I was still having computer troubles)

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  2. UGH the sand snakes from the books are so much cooler than the ones they put on TV. They pretty much murdered the entire Dorne story line though, so they might as well be dead. lol
    And that Arya Nymeria reunion was everything. I wish they could have stayed together, but it’s too expensive to put direwolves and dragons on screen so that’s probably part of the reason she peaced out.

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    1. Yes a million times over!! You are so right!! They really did- me and my friend discuss that all the time- I don’t know why they couldn’t have just used the plot from the book!!
      It really was!!! Yes that’s so true- I just wish they didn’t have practical concerns like that to contend with, then we could have direwolves and dragons all the time 😉

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  3. I loved this episode sooo much. To have such an epic battle so early on in the series really gives me high hopes. I was expecting a few weeks of characters moving around (literally and politically).
    My one frustration is that I want a full Stark reunion. Arya seems to keep just missing the others and it’s driving me nuts. I’m starting to worry it’s never going to happen

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    1. Me too!!! Yes I was so excited that so much has happened so fast!! 😀 I really wasn’t expecting that!!! Yes- I was the same- it usually happens that way. Yeah I get that- there was a moment when I thought “maybe Arya and Bran will get to Winterfell”- you’re right that does keep happening! My heart will break if she never gets to see them again!

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  4. I’m so happy we’re finally gonna get a Jon and Dany meeting! I can’t wait for the explosions thats gonna cause for everyone! I hated the sand snakes. BYEEEEEEEE!! I’m excited to see how Cersei handles the Euron situation now that he won that battle for her….

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  5. I also loved this episode and was by surprised by how thrilling it was – especially that ending, which really threw a spanner in those carefully laid plans! When Euron announced he was going to get a gift for Cersei, I knew it was going to be something shocking, but I was still stunned when I realised what it was. I felt bad for the other Greyjoys and the destruction of the team-Daenerys plan, but I can’t say I felt much pity for Ellaria, after all the things she did…

    And yeah that greyscale scene was so gross… I didn’t think it could get worse than the chamberpot stuff in the previous episode but I was wrong. I feel like so far in this season they are trying to shock everyone by ramping up the gross-factor (maybe because the usual violence, gore and sex aren’t shocking anyone anymore?).

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    1. Yes me too!! It was really early into the season for that- so it was totally unexpected for me!! And yes- I’m a little disappointed for Tyrion, cos it was a good plan. Yeahhhh nor do I- I like the Dorne characters in the book- but in the show it’s been pretty meh and I’m not sorry to see them go tbh.

      Yes!!! Nor did I! Last week had been so gross… I feel like they keep upping the ante- and all I can say is ewww. Hahaha yeah that’s exactly what I think they’re doing- like “we’ve exhausted our supply of sex and violence so people are immune… why don’t we try and make people vomit now”. Can’t say I like the change :/

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      1. Interesting you like the Dorne characters in the books! I haven’t read them so I only know the show, and yeah they’re not super prominent or likeable in that.

        Haha yeah I’m also not such a fan of the vomit strategy. I was eating dinner while watching those episodes and I think I’m going to have to avoid doing that in future… 😝

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        1. Trust me the Dorne story is *nothing* like it is in the show- they gutted it from beginning to end- it’s actually really infuriating- it’s the one show decision that I can’t see any reason for.

          hahaha I know right- I’ve been eating when watching it too… not anymore!!

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          1. Ah okay wow, I didn’t know that. Now you say that though I can see it coming through a bit in the TV show: sometimes I get this sense they want me to know/care about the Dorne characters more than I do from the limited amount I’ve seen of them… which makes sense if they play a bigger role in the books!

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  6. OMG THIS EPISODE! My heart T_T
    Ok, so first of all, Tyrion and Varys butting heads with Danaerys was epic. I think she should be more cautious, as they advise, and try to be a bit more diplomatic, but then again Olenna’s suggestion isn’t so far-fetched after all. I’m divided. I now know what it feels to be a ruler XD
    Also, can we please talk about one of the few ever consensual sex scenes in GoT since ever? Because Greyworm and Missandei were pretty cute and made my heart bleed for their forthcoming tragedy.
    I’m really uncomfortable with Melisandre’s presence in Dragonstone but I’m hoping some good will come out of it. After all, she did ressurrect Jon Snow. So the woman can be useful.
    Cersei is as unbearable as ever but at the same time, I do get such a kick out of hers and Jaime’s scenes. Poor guy doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.
    Nymeria and Arya!! I CRIED. I think you might be right about the symbolism, and it hurts like hell. But at least both are alive and making a name for themselves.
    I’m really, really concerned about Sansa being left alone with Littlefinger in Winterfell while Jon is riding to his possible death slash salvation. I know Arya might get there in time to put a stop to any shannanigans, but I’m still worried.
    And, finally, Euron. My God, I hate the man with a passion. I wish someone would just impale him already! Preferably Yara.
    I agree: the violence in the show can be quite gratuitous sometimes and it’s not exactly pleasant, but some scenes are so beautifully shot and orchestrated I can’t even complain. They’re absolutely fascinating. Even I, who can’t stand the sight of blood, will find myself unable to look away (except at the Jorah scene… That was nasty. Which, by the way, THAT TRANSITION. Go **** yourself, GoT writers). If people don’t like it, then they should just stop watching it and quit their whining. Unless they’re masochists.
    Amazing post! Monday can’t come fast enough T_T

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    1. YES!!!
      Yes, yes and yes!! It was so good!! Yeah I think they could do with a bit of caution, because I think there’s way too much that could go wrong right now if they just jump at it straight away, but Olenna’s right too… Yeah I’m divided on this too.
      Oh my gosh yes it was SO SWEET!!! I don’t think those two are ever on screen together without me going “AWWWW”
      Yeah I don’t trust her- never have!!- so I don’t want her cosying up to Dany. Plus, every time someone tells someone they are the prince/princess that was promised it turns out to not be true and that person ends up dead (without coming back to life) so I don’t like that she got Dany’s head all big by telling her, cos now she think’s it might be her… and I’m pretty convinced by now it’s Jon. But yeah she can be useful.
      hehe true!! I really think Jaime deserves a break by now!!
      YES!!! It really does!!!
      I really don’t know what’s gonna happen there- I think Sansa has quite a lot of power over him and I think she just might best him in the end.
      hahaha yes snap! Though I’m a bit more apathetic towards him cos of how much I hated all the previous villains.
      Oh very very true!! hahaha yeah that Jorah scene was too much for me. But at the same time, I find these people complaining about it after 7 seasons do have the simple solution of not watching it- especially since their complaint is also that there’s nothing to it but the sex and violence- if they aren’t connected to the characters/plot by now- why are they still watching?!! (Also why does my phone put all these whiny articles on my newsfeed I’ll never know).
      Thank you so much!!! I’m really looking forward to it!!

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      1. Hahaha you’re right, they ALWAYS end up dead… And that can’t happen to Dany. The fans would riot! xD (Though it’s Martin so is there any assurance? Not really.)
        Yup, I get all kinds of GoT articles too… Absolutely no filter xD
        I actually always liked Sansa. Unlike Arya, who everyone loved, she felt way more relatable in her insecurities. I mean, yes, she was an idiot for most of the series but at thirteen years old and with her upbringing, who wouldn’t? Arya was never meant to be a lady, and she wasn’t taught to be one. So she was free to do as she pleased. Sansa, on the other hand, was not. She was the eldest, and therefore, had a stricter upbringing. She only acted according to what she had been told, nothing more. It was not her fault that she grew up sheltered and told to value her womanly ways/beauty over her personality/desires.
        I’d always hoped she’d get a massive development in later seasons and am so happy that she did! She’s definitely grown and become an awesome character. I’m glad she’s getting some love now, but at the same time it’s a bit annoying because I was criticized for liking Sansa before and now it’s a thing… Sigh.
        You’re right, I mean, I would agree that the show would be awful if the violence/sex/etc was all there was to it. But it isn’t. The writing, acting and the breathtaking location shots more than make up for a few less fortunate scenes. Plus, it’s fantasy (and medieval, kind of) so what did they expect? LOL

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        1. hahaha so true!!
          I didn’t like Sansa in season/book 1, and although some of that lingered for a while, she really grew on me and she’s long since been one of my favourite characters! I totally totally get what you mean- I feel like I was harsh on her looking back and rewatching season 1, as I have since then, I looked at her totally differently, just knowing everything that happened to her. One of the things for me that took a while to forgive was Ned’s death :/ but like you said, she was just 13. You’re completely right!! She really just wasn’t prepared for the world and that world ended up turning on her horribly :/
          I’m really really glad how they’ve developed her as a character.
          And I totally agree- I’m not opposed to the sex/violence- but that’s really not the point of the show and it’s far from all it is. For me, it’s always been about the incredible characters and dramatic storylines that other shows are too scared to do. I mean, how many other shows killed off their main character in season 1 (arguably that was Ned Stark in the first book/series). I totally totally agree!! It’s stunning to look at. Yes hehehe!!


  7. Yoooo, I have to say that the showrunners really nailed the transition between scenes this season. It’s so clever!!! I.E. the whole skin treatment to pie eating. The show really stepped its game up this season, which I didn’t know was even possible when it has always delivered excellent episodes. I can’t wait to see where things will go now, and also all the family reunion that is bound to happen. Every character has been through so much since the first time they parted and the soon-to-come reunion. It’s going to be craaaaaayyyzaaayyy!!! 😀

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    1. Yes they really face!! Hehe yes!! I totally totally agree with you!! Some of the last season’s have been a bit slower to start… But man, this is just blowing me away!! Yes!!! I can’t wait!!!!! I was so moved last season when Jon and Sansa were reunited, I will be so happy if Jon and Arya get to see each other again!!! 😀

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  8. We had free HBO weekend & got to watch EP 1 & 2 of this season.
    The episodes were waaaaaay to slow to keep me engaged, visually
    things looks amazing, but the show has lost its luster as most things
    do when they go on and on and on season after season.

    Currently watching QUEEN SUGAR on OWN & it is blowing us away
    with the acting, the story, & the diverse plot threads, such a relevant
    & necessary story to be told in contemporary America to be honest.

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      1. To be fair it was the first two episodes, so I am sure the season
        will build up to some epic confrontations. Just like comics when
        you get to binge the entire series in one or two days vs having
        to wait per episode you get to see the narrative in a more
        immersive way. Dipping in & out is never a fair representation.

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