The Queen’s (In)Justice

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*As usual, there will be spoilers, proceed at your own peril if you’re not caught up*

Okay that title’s a tad misleading because not only did some of the characters have their just desserts, we as fans were served up more than our due! So so much of our patient waiting was paid off in this episode. Yet, for all the JUSTICE of this episode, this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about- and for every bit of satisfaction there was a nail-biting moment to set us on edge again!!

In the first five minutes we get a Tyrion/Jon reunion and one of my favourite scenes:

i am not a stark.gif

cue dragons

(I also believe the red dragon is Rhaegal- so it was doubly poetic!)

And next we had a decent interaction between Melisandra and Varys (I love how they understand each other). I loved her last spooky throwaway line “I have to die in this strange country just like you”. Either way, tata Melisandra… at least for now.

Then we get something to really rant over. Okay… I have a confession- I’m one of those people that’s been shipping Jon and Dany since season 1. I really reallllly want it to happen and now it’s in touching distance and I can’t breath and arggghhhh. As you might be able to tell I’m losing my cool now- this show is killing me. To be honest, I have literally no idea if this will ever happen, but I did enjoy their scenes on their own merit regardless.

Firstly, I loved the character development here. I think the screenwriters have come a long way from the Tyrion/Dany meeting (that felt very fanfic-y to me) because both Dany and Jon were so true to form here. First of all, it was fun to watch how stubborn they were, both bringing up good points, even while they butted heads with each other. I also loved how Dany spoke for herself, whereas a more humble Jon had to have the Onion Knight stepping in for him. To be honest, this was done so well that even though I know and like Dany I never expected her to cave, but was glad she did.

Add to that a brilliant script this week and we had some real television magic. It was so nice to have a bit of humour injected this week (who noticed the Onion knight’s short: “This is Jon Snow- he’s king in the North” to the super long Dany introduction). I even liked how it seems like Tyrion’s light-hearted touch has rubbed off on Dany because she had some very witty lines too. But really it was Tyrion back to his old ways and stealing the show again cos he had some real zingers:

brooding tyrion

monsters like my sister tyrion.png

dreary in the north tyrion

Now to talk a little about the Greyjoy situation. I might get a bit of stick for this, but I kind of started thinking about how Theon’s experiencing a bit of a character reversion right now (which to be honest brings back a lot of old anger I still have pent up for the character because if he hadn’t been such a shit at the start…) Either way, the one I feel sorry for is Yara, because she’s done everything right and doesn’t deserve this. Euron’s a total sleaze and I’ll admit, I’m beginning to dislike him, especially cos of how he’s treating poor old Jaime (still far from my fave villain though)

And speaking of villains… That Cersei scene was chilling. I was even moved by the sandsnakes’ plight- that’s how much I hate Cersei. (I can appreciate the rather biblical measure for measure justice she metes out though…) And I have to also say that her talk with the bankers made my skin crawl- I mean ewww to that “sometimes tragedies are necessary” line. Ultimately, Cersei is finally showing that she actually has a wicked clever brain- “a Lannister always pays their debts… Do dragons?”

But she’s not the only clever woman on the block now- she has a budding rival in the north. Let’s face it, Sansa is getting cleverer and cleverer with every episode- and I must say how much I appreciate this development for the character. I love her sarky tongue and how brilliant the dialogue was. And of course, one of the best things we had this week was her reunion with Bran!! (admittedly this did have a creepy tinge to it though I was relieved he doesn’t plan to take Winterfell off Jon).

Strangely enough for Game of Thrones, we got more than one sweet scene this week (I know- two in one week?!) I don’t usually get gushy over Jorah or Samwell moments- but *oh my goodness* this was done perfectly and got an “aww” out of me!

And then, just when we were all thinking this episode was going down without any action… We got *another* battle! I swear- the showrunners are not letting us down this season. What I liked about this was how it was shot differently, so we didn’t actually see as much bloodshed, but we did get the tactical narration in the background which was a change from the usual. It was nice to see Tyrion’s brain work with his super smart Trojan horse trick… for all of three seconds. Because damn it this is Game of Thrones and things never go to plan. It does not seem Tyrion is getting very far in this Lannister vs Lannister shenanigans.

But for all that, the theme this week was actually queens- and while we did get more than a little *woman power*, ultimately it was the Queen of Thorns who stole the show. As sad as it was to see the Tyrell’s wiped from the face of Westeros, Olenna’s swansong was EPIC! Because we got that final piece of justice, where Olenna confessed to killing Joffrey (although I predict this will still have no effect on Cersei’s view of Tyrion or Sansa- I do think her reaction could be something that pushes Jaime further away- but we will see…).

I can happily say that this was one of my favourite episodes to date- it was just done so well. Yet more players have been wiped from the board and there were many, many perfect moments. I can hardly wait for next week- so if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to rewatch scenes from this week for the umpteenth time!

So what did you think of this week’s episode? Are you dying for more? Let me know in the comments!!

26 thoughts on “The Queen’s (In)Justice

  1. I was *patiently* waiting for your review so we could discuss!
    Firstly, Jon and Dany really?? I never saw that especially since certain theories about them possibly being related have trickled into my brainosphere in which case that would be eww. I LOVED their back and fourth after the long (and short) list of titles when they were introduced. I’m pondering hardcore about why Jon doesn’t want her to know about his death/resurrection. But on the other side, I can see him keeping it to himself cause he wants to keep her on the main track of everybody else doesn’t matter if we don’t kill the whitewalkers. Excuse my French, but Cersei is fucking RUTHLESS! Just when I think she can’t get worse, she proves me wrong. That sandsnakes scene was horrible! If Theon doesn’t have some epic come up in the world, I hope they kill him off. I’ve been over him before Ramsay got his hands on him. I was totally cheering when they stormed Casterly Rock and was like “YEAH CERCEI DIDNT COUNT ON TYRION… oh shit”. Can’t wait until Sunday to see what happens there. And finally, you are SO RIGHT about Olenna’s EPICNESS! God, the expressions on Jaime’s face when she went through her speel, I was on the edge of my seat and then when she dropped that bomb you just heard that mic drop!!! Oh so epic. Okay I’m going to quit now while I’m ahead, haha.

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    1. hehe yeah, it took longer than I wanted it too cos there was just *so much* in this episode!!
      and yeah, I know, it’s one of those divisive things between fans- I just really like the idea. I get that- I kind of knew there was a possibility they were related- at the same time though my stupid brain didn’t calculate that she was his aunt… and now my brain is stuck with this ship that I can’t really get over, even though it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense 😉 Maybe I think it was just the whole ICE and FIRE thing going on. It’s not the most logical thing in the world, but the heart wants what it wants 😉
      Me too!! Yeah I don’t know what implications it could have though- so maybe that’s why.
      YES SHE IS!!! Oh my goodness it was utterly chilling!!
      Yeah that’s what I feel like with Theon at this stage. He seemed to be on the road for redemption for all of five minutes :/
      Me too lol- I really jumped the gun and thought they were in for a winner- I even wrote 1-1 in my notes… and then it all went to shit… :/ Me too!!!
      hahaha yes!!! He is such a good actor cos I felt every single thing he was thinking. I just feel so bad for him at this stage.

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      1. It killed me when he let Cercei be intimate with him. I’m sitting here like just when I think you’ll go against your insane sister, who btw, literally got all of your children killed in shitty ways, you go and let her give you a blow job. Can he PLEASE use his top brain?? Hahaha

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        1. yes!! He really wasn’t into it- she kind of just ignored him saying no (so I just put it more down to her being shitty again)- I think he’s getting more put off by the day though! Fingers crossed he’ll eventually get free of her!! hahaha yes!!!

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          1. I have this fantasy that he’ll meet up with Bri again and soon as he sees her face, realizes his sister sucks and sticks a knife in her chest for all mankind! But that’s super wishful thinking, lol

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  2. I love the character building. Take Sam Tarly for example. During season 1, when he arrives at Castle Black he is 100% coward. But in season 7 he has done something that all the maesters feared – he tackled Gray Scale. I was glad to see he was successful.
    I can’t wait for episode 4. In the meantime, I will watch episode 3 for the third time.

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  3. I liked this episode! I’m also hoping for Jon & Dany to get together, but since they’re probably family it feels wrong.
    I thought Cersei’s scenes were interesting, but she’s not a mastermind of strategy, so the fact that she was able to outwit Tyrion felt off to me.

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    1. Me too!! hehehe yeah I know- someone else pointed that out in the comments- but the ship is already imprinted on my brain and I can’t go back on it now 😉
      Hehe well I think that she’s not either, but I think what Olenna said summed it up when she said she had “a failure of imagination”. It’s not so much that Tyrion can’t outwit her… it’s that he doesn’t want to do something that will result in the deaths of thousands of people, whereas she’s willing to do terrible things and align with terrible people

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      1. Yeah, good point about Cersei being willing to do the bad stuff.
        I keep hoping Jon & Dany aren’t related, because they would be perfect together! It’ll be interesting to see what the show does with the relationship and then what GRRM does with it once the books are done 🙂 Aahhh…. looking forward to Winds of Winter!


  4. If this was season 1 you know that Jon and Dany would have hopped on a dragon and had amazing sex. But the show isn’t as sexy as it used to me. We will never see the Mother Of Dragon’s boobs ever again in future episodes 😕👎


  5. I love reading your reviews of these, they rekindle the excitement of watching the episode!! And also highlight things I hadn’t even considered, e.g. it never occurred to me that there might be something between Jon and Dany in future… which is a bit silly because now you mention it I can see why people would want that to happen. For some reason I only ever imagined them as allies, nothing more… but now you’ve put the idea in my head I quite like it 🙂

    I also loved watching Jon and Dany meet and seeing Tyrion doing what Tyrion does best. And I appreciated the measure for measure justice of Cersei’s vengeance too, terrible as it was… tbh I was kind of dreading that scene wondering what new gory, twisted punishment I would have to witness, and while it was still truly horrible, I liked that it didn’t rely on gore to horrify but on the emotions and dialogue of the characters. Made it much more powerful.

    Oh, and that’s interesting what you said about Olenna’s confession not changing Cersei’s attitude to Tyrion and Sansa… I admit I was kind of hoping it would (so she would have a bit of a “I’ve been an idiot” moment), but I think you’re probably right, she will just ignore it or presume they were all collaborating. Will be interesting if it does change Jaime’s attitude though like you mentioned.

    Anyway, thanks for the great review!! This really was such a jam-packed, amazing episode with so many pay-offs. Can’t wait till next week 😀

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    1. Aww thank you so much!! hehehe I’m glad that you like it 😉 It divides a lot of fans lol (as a lot of ships do 😉 )

      YES!!! hehe yes, i was thinking the exact same!!! I had no idea what was gonna happen- I thought it was going to be more graphic, but I appreciated that they went the tragic, heartwrenching route instead. I completely agree!!

      Yes, I wish that it would have that effect… but it’s Cersei- I hold out literally *zero* hope that there’s any redemption in that character. Yeah exactly- she’s not gonna let it go, partly cos the book version of her believes there’s a prophecy that her brother (aka Tyrion) will end up killing her (of course, I think that’s Jaime) Yes- I really hope it does!!

      Thank you so much for reading and your awesome comment- I have so much fun discussing it!! Me too!!! 😀

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      1. Yes I can imagine fans would be divided on that one! 🙂 Glad you also agree about that scene!! And yes you’re right I think, there’s no redemption possible when it comes to Cersei. I really hope the brother prediction does turn out to be Jaime like you said… that would be such sweet justice after how she treated Tyrion. I think it’s likely (seems to be the way with dark prophecies – no matter how you try to prevent them they always take you by surprise in the end). But hey, I suppose seeing Tyrion get his revenge wouldn’t be so bad either.

        You’re welcome, I love discussing it too!! Looking forward to the next episode and your review! 😀

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        1. hehe yes!!! Oh gosh yes!! yes it really really would. It’s also in character for Jaime to save everyone by stabbing an evil monarch in the back 😉 hahaha that’s true!! I certainly wouldn’t say no if that happened!!
          Thank you!! 😀

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  6. THE TYRELLS. UGH. I am so upset. I loved them, but at least she went out with a bang. Jaime’s reaction to her revelation was brilliant too. I love that Sansa is finally taking charge, but Littlefinger needs to GET OUT. I can’t lie, I LOVE Cersei. She is just incredible in her evilness and that scene in the dungeon was UNREAL. AHHH I Can’t wait for tonight!

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  7. The show is definitely getting better with each episode! I too loved those bits of humour that was mixed into this game, so sly, so good! The Queen of Thorns moment was definitely one of the most thug’ish gangsta stuff I’ve seen so far. I wonder if she’s truly gone with the way they shot the final scene. As for Dany + Jon… We all know that what fans TRULY want is usually what we’ll NEVER get hahahahah

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    1. YES!!! I’m loving this season!! hahahaha yes!!! I have been wondering that about a few characters who we never saw actually die. But I think since we saw her take actual poison, we can guess that it’s most likely- even if I don’t want her to be gone!! hahahahhha so true!!!

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