Spoils of War: This Series is Gaining HEAT

(Anyone else think this is ironic that an episode with this title was spoiled for a lot of people? Either way, if you have somehow managed to avoid hearing about/watching this episode and don’t want it spoilt… look away now!)

got 7-4

This episode was the definition of EPIC! I don’t even know how to coherently express myself anymore. I was tempted just to write !!!!!!!!! this week and leave it at that- cos that pretty much sums up my emotions right now. In fact a lot of my notes were just “arghhh!!” and “ahh” so it took a while to decipher.

So let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start 😉 ). That opening scene between Bran and Littlefinger (or as I like to call him “fuck off Littlefinger”) was quite excellent, because it really showed the huge development of Bran as a character. He is a million miles away from that cripple in the bed being defended by his mother- now he’s one creepy bugger. I just loved how Bran said back Littlefinger’s infamous line: “chaos is a ladder”. It gave me the shivers! But seriously, my takeaway from this scene was still someone needs to kill Littlefinger already *ahem* Arya *ahem*. (Speaking of which- was Bran giving her indirect permission by giving her the knife? Theories anyone?)

And now we come to the ahh-my-emotions part of the episode. Because although this episode packed punch after punch of *feels*- including Meera leaving- the real hiccupy tears started to rise from the moment Arya set eyes on Winterfell again. I think the reunion, as good as it was, was nothing compared to that moment. Although Sansa’s line made me laugh:

when he sees you his heart will stop

LOL! So yes, this episode definitely succeeded in making me as emotional as the last one. I do have to say that as nice as it is to see them all back at Winterfell, none of them are anything like the children that left it. That point when they talked about how everyone that knew their father is dead and Arya replies “we’re not” hit home even more in a way, because it made me wonder have any of them really survived?

So we’ve revisited some old relationships, let’s talk about the new ones building. I adored the scenes on Dragonstone- not just Dany and Jon admiring some wall paintings together, but also the Onion Knight paying lip service to that ship. I just love how they’re slowly softening towards each other coming together. It was especially inspiring to see Jon managing to talk a fiery Dany down from  just turning King’s Landing to ash- talk about a dream team! And you gotta love Davos’ priceless line:

switched sides.png

I also did like Brienne’s initial reaction to seeing them all together, however, as good as all this was, I did find the training scene between Arya and Brienne a bit strange, unnecessary and fanfic-y. I could be wrong, but I just can’t picture something like that happening in the books and it’s the more jarring scenes like this which make me wonder how it will go there- I guess now would be a good time to take bets 😉

We certainly got reunions all round in this episode. I honestly didn’t know how Jon would react to Theon and it looked like Jon didn’t know either. I have to say that was one of Kit Harrington’s best moments, because he packaged so much into that one moment- shock, uncertainty anger- it all made the scene feel utterly authentic. In the end, I was glad they didn’t just hug it out, cos (and I have to remind myself of this too since it was so long ago) Theon’s the reason Rob is dead.

Okay- now what we’re all really here for is that battle sequence 😉 And what a battle it was!!

First of all, the build-up was so so good!! I loved how they didn’t rush into it, starting with a rumble and whinny of horses. The tension snuck up steadily, with everyone waiting for pandemonium to hit. Jaime’s line just before they hit was perfect:

we can hold them off.png

No you really, really can’t. Because my, my, my- the dothraki brought the chaos. All due credit to the showrunners- they know how to shoot a battle. This is by far the best I’ve seen on television- in fact it would be more than worthy of a summer blockbuster. It was so brilliantly done, from the way it was shot to the CGI fluttering of Drogon’s wings as he crashed to the ground… but more on that in a bit.

Because this wasn’t just about the visuals. Someway, somehow, the writers managed to build characters in the thick of it. You got all the emotion on fear on their faces as they feared for themselves and others. You had little moments, like the Dothraki saying to Tyrion “your people can’t fight” or Tyrion saying “you fucking idiot” as he watched Jaime charge towards the dragon. There was even that perfect moment between Dany helping Drogon on the middle of the battlefield, where suddenly it was just a girl and her dragon.

Seriously, I was so scared for people on every side- and even as my heart was pumping for Dany to finally get on the scoreboard of this war, I was absolutely terrified about what that would mean for Jaime (who by the way, did amazingly for a guy with one hand). But I couldn’t even think this would be a breeze for Dany, what with them trying to shoot POOR DROGON out of the sky. Of course you don’t mess with a mother-effin dragon if you want to live…

And that crazy cliffhanger with Jaime nearly dying is where I will leave you. I am absolutely on tenterhooks for the next episode. But I am delighted to say this was one of the most hard hitting, emotional episodes I have ever seen… and that’s saying something! The showrunners are really delivering on everything now, from long awaited reunions, meetings, characterisation, wars, and even the occasional, lingering notes of Rains of Castamere in the middle of a battle. And once again they have proven WHY THIS IS THE BEST DARN SHOW EVER!!!

I can also say, from me to you, this is definitely worth rewatching 😉

So what did you think of this EPIC episode? Did it make you happy? Scared? Something in between? Let me know in the comments!

37 thoughts on “Spoils of War: This Series is Gaining HEAT

  1. This episode was a-mazing! I agree with you completely, except I did like the training scene between Arya and Brienne. Actually I pretty much just giggled and clapped and made a fool of myself through the whole thing.

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    1. That’s totally fair. I was just saying to someone (and probably should have added in the piece) that I liked the scene out of context, and have watched it so many times now, I just didn’t see it as fitting in so well. It’s brilliantly choreographed though!!

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  2. AAAAAH! YES! Your review! I look forward to this as much as the actual game of thrones episode! My husband doesn’t watch the show but he got a kick out me and all my emotions. The reunion was SOOO good! We have been waiting for that since literally season 1 and you’re right; they are not the same kids at all especially Bran. I think the Arya/Bri scene was fabulous. It was a little fanfic-y but I adored it because personally it showed me that Sansa may be the boss right now but she can hold her own against anyone that may come up against her including her sister. Isn’t Littlefinger on Arya’s list??? I hope she kills him.
    THE BATTLE! MY GOD! I was on the edge of my seat cause it took me a second to realize that they could hear the hooves of the horses coming their way and I will never look at another hill ever again without thinking a dragon is going to come over it. They are SO good at the scenes. Took me back to the one with Jon in front of the band of horses ready to rumble, aaaah!
    I was going crazy thinking Bronn was gonna shoot Drogon. Even though I like Bronn and Jamie when he’s not being an idiot, I was rooting for Dany the whole time. It was SO NEEDED after all her failure up til this point. So glorious! Also, one last thing, when the fire was coming out his mouth, is it just me or did you have a flash scene to Shin Godzilla?
    Until next week my friend! 😀

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    1. Aww thank you so so much!!! That really means a lot 😀 I love chatting to people about GOT so much, so I always look forward to doing them and hearing what everyone else thinks!!
      Ahhhh I know that reunion was *everything*!!!
      To be honest, even though I didn’t like it in the context of the show, as a scene on its own it’s fantastically choreographed (and is now the scene from the episode I’ve rewatched the most- go figure 😉 ) I did really like Sansa observing it as well!! I believe he is- and I so desperately want her to do it!!!
      YES!!! I was in the same boat- I didn’t see it coming- and I thought maybe it might just be Dany on her dragon, even though that wouldn’t made sense, but then they all came at once!! Ah it was just so so good! I actually showed that scene to my mum (who doesn’t watch the show cos it’s too violent for her, but does know more about tv than I do) and she thought it was the best battle she’d ever seen on TV. And gosh yes- that Jon battle was frickin unbelievable!! I could just watch GOT battles back to back all day at this point.
      ME TOO!!! I was thinking “how could you!? It’s a dragon?!” I mean they need a Westeros Wilflife Fund or something to intervene 😉 yes, I totally agree!! She needed a win!! hahaha it wasn’t just you!!
      Thank you so much for your awesome comment!! 😀 So looking forward to next week!

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      1. Westeros Wildlife Fund, hahahaha! I believe you’re on to something here. We need to patent that quick! And yes I could watch Game of Thrones battle scenes back to back to back! The directors definitely know what they’re doing when they visualize these things!

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  3. I feel like I am the only one that wasn’t over the moon for this episode. It makes me sad because I adore this series. I just kept shouting, “DON’T KILL HIM! DON’T KILL HIM EITHER! NO NO! DON’T DO IT!” Drove my husband crazy all episode.

    I also firmly switched from team Dany to team Jon in this one. I felt like Daenerys lost part of herself in this episode and it was the part that made me like her. I just can’t bring myself to root for her anymore since they got to that island. She changed and not for the better.

    The writing for the season also feels off. It doesn’t have the same weight to it that the past seasons did. Nothing feels as cohesive or true to character. Maybe I’m being overly picky. Either way, looking forward to seeing what happens on Sunday. I’m a bit on pins and needles about the closing scene last week.

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    1. haha well that’s a shame!! But you can’t like every episode. And I did have a similar reaction, though I quite liked being on the edge of my seat 😉
      I’ve gotta be honest, ever since Dany’s reunion with the dothraki, I’ve become less of a fan of hers, and have preferred Jon a while now. She’s just been a bit too willing to set people on fire for a while now. I still like her though- just not as much as I used to.
      That’s a real shame you feel that way! I think there’s been a bit more humour, which I’ve liked, but I do get why you would say it’s not as weighty. I like how they’ve added a lighthearted element as the series has gotten darker, cos it provides a nice point of contrast, but I can understand that it’s not for everyone.


  4. OHMYGOD THE SPOILERS! Haha, kidding. I still haven’t watched episode 2 so I guess I shouldn’t have clicked on this. But I am SO excited for it! *screams*

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  5. THAT ENDING!!!!! I screamed. It was so hard to watch because I love Dany and her dragons, but I also love Jaime and I am SO not ready for him to be gone… also it ruins my theory that he’ll be the one to kill Cersei.

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  6. Is it just me but… To me it doesn’t really matter if someone gives me a spoiler because I want to watch it myself and will be just as entertained and interested in it. I’ve just finished season 1 and it would be really hard for me to avoid any spoilers moving forward due it its massive success and popularity.
    I can’t wait to catch up with the latest episodes; they do seem really amazing.

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    1. Hehe well I’ll watch it either way and sometimes spoilers are unavoidable, but I’m one of those people who hates being spoilt for anything. That’s very fair though! I really hope you enjoy it all- this is turning out to be the best season so far!!

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  7. Arya’s totally killing Littlefinger. His days are numbered for sure! I had a hunch this was where they might go with their characters, and this episode really sealed my theory, with Bran giving her the dagger. Littlefinger should be very, very afraid. Another reason he’s gonna go soon is that he isn’t really bringing anything new to the plot anymore, so it’s time for his character to go. Sansa doesn’t need the Vale, although she might need the men (are they still in Winterfell? or did they go back to the Vale?). I think her loyalty & thanks to Littlefinger will disappear in an instant once she spends a bit more time with Bran.
    oh my word, that battle was so amazing! I was so worried for Drogon’s safety, and then terrified for Jaime, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Jaime… there are too many loose ends for him to die right now. I will be pretty angry actually if that’s how they kill him off. But I suppose the good news about that (if they did just kill him) is that his book arc is totally unspoiled since the show has made so many changes to his story and character!

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    1. hehe I think you’re right!! I would *love* for her to kill him with the blade he used to start the war of five kings. I haven’t figured out where they are either. I think they don’t need them right now, but they’ll need them in the future against the Walkers. Still I think you’re right- she’s not gonna be loyal to him long (in fact I think her loyalty is already tenuous at best)
      It really was!! Me too!!! I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him either! I think he has too much to do. Oh my gosh I’d be infuriated if that was the case. hehe true!

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  8. Arrrghhhh, this episode still makes me hype when I think about it! It was SO AWESOME!!

    And of course Monday (when it’s shown here) is my 8-6pm day at work and I can look forward to watching the next episode all day!! I’m on the hype train!

    I agree, that Bran is setting up Arya to kill Littlefinger.. but whether it actually happens like that, I don’t know! I mean, it’s Game of Thrones and when they tease something that obviously, the opposite happens! If LF kills one of the Stark kids I will be SO MAD!

    Also.. help.. I have a Bronn crush 😀 Does it go away again???

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  9. Keep em’ comin!!! I’m sad to realize how quickly the season/show is coming to an end. You can feel a certain acceleration in all the different sub-plots, even if they are done so perfectly. I really liked the Arya training scene, just seeing her back into some combat was so inspiring. I loved her assassin’esque style and just seeing Sansa look mesmerized and slightly troubled by it all just made me love the character development and relationship there. From comfort to finally being reunited to jealousy to feeling threatened. Who knows where things can go! 😛 And man, you’re right, these showrunners DEFINITELY know how to film full-scale battles.

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    1. Yes!! It’s whizzing past!! I don’t know what I’m gonna do without it!! Yes- I did love that scene out of context- and I wish I’d written this review later, cos then I’d have said that I’ve watched it a million times now. Yes!! I am in equal measures tense and excited!! I genuinely don’t know what’s gonna happen (I always have things that I hope will happen, but this is GOT, it’s not big on “wish fulfilment” 😉 ) YEAH!!!

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  10. Hear! Hear! This was such an amazing episode!! 😀 That battle with the dragons was just so perfectly done – as you said they built up to it so well, and showed you all the very human moments within the awe-inspiring scenes of dragon fire and the Dothraki charge. I’ve been watching the making-of stuff for the battle scenes and it is just so impressive what they did to achieve all that.

    You are right about the Theon and Jon scene… brilliant acting on both sides, I loved that moment but forgot it after all the dragon action later, so thanks for that reminder 🙂 And the creepy way they portrayed Bran was great too. I totally hope Arya does kill Littlefinger like you suggested. He really needs to be on her list (and I reckon he’ll get himself there sooner or later).

    There were so many great emotional moments and reunions in the whole episode, it really left me kind of breathless at the end!

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    1. YES!!! 😀 You’re so right!! I’ve been meaning to watch that actually- the only reason I haven’t is cos I’ve been rewatching the episodes too much 😉

      Ahh I definitely agree with you- and yes the dragon scene almost pushed everything else out of my mind!! Yes!! I really like the development of his character- partly cos I think the actor’s doing it really well. YES!!!

      There really were- it’s been a sensational season so far!!

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