Wings Unseen Never Really Took Off For Me

*Received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

wings unseenWell for a book with a really strong start, this sure did fall flat. First I was lured in by that gorgeous cover, then I read the enticing synopsis and finally I read the delectable sample chapters- I was ready to go! Unfortunately, my excitement for this was short-lived. I feel like a lot of work went into that intro… and after that… nothing much happened. And then cos nothing really happened, I got bored. And because I was bored I started to nitpick. Still the book didn’t technically do anything wrong, it just didn’t do anything right. And since I don’t want to be all hypercritical about this I’m gonna try to not let that take over this review… so for that reason this’ll probably be very short.

Like I said, in terms of plot, this was very underwhelming. Unless you’re really into hunting trips, this was very much a s-l-o-w burner. There really wasn’t sufficient drama until 70% of the way in- when the *big reveal* happened- and even that was very predictable.  It took too long for things to happen, after a really strong start. By the time the plot picked up, I’d lost interest.

The world building was colourful and refreshingly different. I also thought the “three heads” was a half decent idea- yet it wasn’t clever enough to stand on its own two feet and really depended on the three main characters being compelling. However… this is what we got instead: Vesperi, the most intriguing character, but not exactly likeable; Serra, mildly sympathetic, but too bland to hold my interest; and Janto… well as far as I could tell, his sole characteristic was that he was a prince.

Then there was the romance … I didn’t buy it. Not for any of them. To be honest, this comes down to the fact that if I’m not invested in the characters, I won’t give a monkeys about the romance. So making it a love triangle didn’t really matter to me, because I didn’t care which direction it took. And (spoiler warning) really, I know I said I wouldn’t nitpick, can we please all agree that in a non-romance novel closing on a kiss is naff?

Rating: 2½/5 bananas


Released 22nd August and is available here

So this was a bit disappointing- have you read a book lately that lured you in but fell flat? Let me know in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Wings Unseen Never Really Took Off For Me

  1. Just how many Rebecca Farrell’s are there? I’ve never understood the whole “middle name” thing, not even for people like Alan Dean Foster. Michael Sullivan, with his “J” I can see, as there ARE other Micheal Sullivan writers. But Alan DEAN Foster, or Rebecca GOMEZ Farrell?
    Come on people, you’re not pop stars or movie stars. For one thing, you aren’t nearly rich and glamorous enough…

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    1. hehehe excellent point!! Gotta admit I didn’t really think about that (and to be totally harsh, I didn’t think about the author all that much, because I didn’t like the book enough to look her up or consider reading any of her other work)

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  2. Sorry this was a disappointment. I literally just spotted this on NetGalley and was tempted by the pretty cover but luckily I spotted this review and resisted that request button. Thank you. I really don’t need any more books on my shelf.

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  3. That cover is pretty spectacular. Don’t judge a book by its cover definitely applies here! I read a trilogy once, the Winterhaven trilogy by Kristi Cook and I remember getting super excited for the third one thinking the ending would be completely fantastic and it fell flat so bad. I got mad at myself for being excited for what was supposed to be a good book!

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  4. Ehhh… This does sound pretty awful. Sucks that you got lured into it thinking it might turn out to be quite good! Great and honest review as always though!! Always fun to read your rants. I’d definitely pay for a 100% restraint-free rant too. 😉

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    1. Yeah it was a really shame, cos I do try to vet these things… but once I finished I also saw more negative reviews coming out and realised that even though on the surface it seemed like it’d be pretty good, I shouldn’t have bothered with this one :/ Ah well- you win some you lose some 😉

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  5. That’s a shame this fell flat for you after seeming so promising :/

    On a tangent: that’s interesting what you said about non-romance novels ending on a kiss… once when I was searching my books for closing sentences I only found 3 that ended on a kiss, and 2 of them weren’t romances (they had romance in them, but weren’t centrally focused on it). So that struck me as weird. In one it kind of worked because it was mixed with humour, in the other I did find it a bit naff to be honest.

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    1. yeah it was a shame :/

      hehe I will say first off that was one of my super nit-picky notes and if I hadn’t been bored with the rest of the book, my reaction probably wouldn’t have been “oh come onnn!!” (just wanted to be fair there 😉 ) But yeahhh it can be really naff as a conclusion- especially since the romance wasn’t what the book was about at all so I don’t know why that had to be the last scene. I think it’s gonna be a series or something- so something more forward-looking would have made sense. I think it’s really interesting that so few books do that- it makes sense- I can’t think of many that do have that as an ending to be honest.

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      1. Haha yes the impression of the whole can definitely affect how you feel about the ending! And true, it is quite rare that books end on a kiss – I guess it already feels clichéd in movies so maybe writers shy away from it. Or it just isn’t a good enough set up for a sequel (like you said with this one, its a series so it would have made sense to end with something more forward looking).

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  6. By the sound of it no one can blame you for not caring what happened after that mega beginning which failed to keep up… and the love interests… yeah… sorry this one failed for you but I can sure see why one would want to read the book…

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