Watch Out Eastwatch!

Wow, if you’re not a bundle of nerves right now, I salute you, cos this episode ratcheted up the tension.

got 7-5.png

It started out fairly gently, where the last one left off, with Jaime coughing up half a river. While it was a great opening scene, I do have to say my first thought was HOW?! I was amazed Jaime wasn’t capture- it seemed like too close a call. That said, I didn’t concentrate on that too long, because five seconds later we find out what Dany would have done had she caught poor Jaime in her talons (I can’t tell you how grateful I am that didn’t happen!)

As for Dany’s treatment of POWs… well I was in the middle of writing “wow what a rousing speech from Dany…” and then it all went downhill. Because she had a nice little “burn them all!” moment. I have to admit, I’ve been struggling to root for Dany “bend the knee” Targaryen for a couple of seasons now. It’s bad enough that she’s getting increasingly dictatorial, but I don’t see how I can make allowances for all her brutal decisions- she got a pass for executing traitors however she wanted, I couldn’t bring myself to care for the slavers she killed, but C’MON you can’t just roast honourable soldiers who won’t break their vows!! It’s not good enough in my book that she keeps claiming to do this to “break the wheel”. If she’s a better person, she has to act like it *every single second* and has to be awake to her own potential for malevolence. Right now she is doing the most evil in her pursuit to rid the world of a greater evil- and she can’t even see it. I found it a tad ironic that she said “Sometimes strength is terrible” in her weakest moment. Maybe, just maybe her advisors can make her aware of this, as they seem alert to this moral conundrum in a way that she isn’t right now. Here’s hoping Dany can redeem herself.

While Dany loses it, Jon Snow is becoming more awesome. I’m pretty much hanging on his every word and my favourite moment of the week was when he stroked Drogon. That scene was just… WOW!! And of course the showrunners are delivering time and again with the easter eggs for him being a Targaryen (I have to admit to screaming at the screen for Sam not picking up on Gilly saying that Rhaegar got an annulment and married someone else- but at least we have official confirmation that Jon is *in no way* a bastard).

And the other part of this episode that made me massively happy was the reintroduction of Gendry.

thought you'd still be rowing.gif

Yes, we all thought that! I have to admit I didn’t expect to see him again- but I’m so glad he’s back- and with a Robert Baratheon style Warhammer! I was super excited for him to meet Jon and to have some actual onscreen action- with any luck he’ll get a reunion with Arya. Although speaking of which, I have a ton of hopes (and dreads) for Arya’s storyline.

With Arya, we did have a glorious scene with her stalking her prey… and her prey stalking back. Quite clearly, Littlefinger was never going to be a straightforward target. What I would love to see is the Stark children working together to bring him down and I have even heard some people saying theories that her rivalry with Sansa is all for show. HOWEVER this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about. It’s not big on wish fulfilment. So as much as I’d like to see Jon and Arya hug it out, Littlefinger get stabbed with the dagger that started it all, and the Starks remain undivided- I just don’t think the writers are gonna be that kind to us poor long-abused viewers.

a lion does not concerm himself.png

Because as creepy and skilled as Arya gets, their foes are still formidable. And speaking of the horrible things we’ve witnessed on the show in the past, Cersei’s hint that she has another Red Wedding style betrayal in mind has me stressing out. She doesn’t seem especially moved by the fact she got it wrong with Tyrion (as predicted) and is only using the information that Olenna killed her son to be mad at Jaime… go figure. But really- let’s take a vote: who really thinks Cersei’s gonna go quietly?

And speaking of fear- as we move towards this series finale (*sob*- I don’t want it to be over!) we get more and more hints that terrible things are coming. That scene with Bran and the ravens, in particular, was chilling. And I swear every time they say “the wall has stood through it all” I get a shudder of fear running through me- because that’s writer code for “pahahaha we’re gonna bring that shit down”. And of course, no one will believe any of the doom mongers, so they’re all screwed.

Naturally, in case you weren’t terrified enough, they have come up with a really really bad plan in response. By now, I should be used to Game of Thrones setting up an intense conclusion, but this was a very strong episode in its own right. The pieces are on the board – we have only to wait and see how this turns out. All I can say is WATCH OUT EASTWATCH!!

So what did you think of this episode? Any predictions? Let me know in the comments!

33 thoughts on “Watch Out Eastwatch!

  1. I still like Dany. Maybe it’s because as horrible as she is, she’s not worse than Cersei and you know they have to hint about the whole “mad king” bit so maybe she’s going mad? I don’t know. Jon and Drogon AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! That pretty much sums it up. As for Arya and Littlefinger, I don’t even know. Littlefinger is smart as hell. She’s really gonna have to pull out all the stops to catch him in the act. I thoroughly enjoyed the final scene with Jon et al, running into the dead of winter with no hats (cause somehow keeping your head warm doesn’t apply in this scenario, hehehe). Can’t wait to see what happens there!

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    1. That’s fair- I’ve liked her since the beginning, I just am beginning to feel backed into a corner as she gets worse and worse- I do still think she can turn things around and stop going down this path- cos she has managed it before. And gosh yes there’s no competition with Cersei 😉 Maybe :/ I hope not though!! YES!!!!!!!! Yeah- I totally agree- I really hope she doesn’t get tied up in his stupid games!! hahahahaha yes!! Me too!!

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  2. I’d wondered what had happened to the Hound, Berric and Thoros, etc and there they were patiently waiting in the dungeon perfectly placed to be ready to join John going into the wild.

    Sniggers at Sam in the episode too, if he hadn’t been ready to burst a blood vessel then he’d have heard his missus say Raegar got an annulment.😂

    Arya and Littlefinger was obvious he knew she was there when he looked back, she needs to get sneaky!

    The beginning was awesome as was John and Drogon.

    I have to laugh at the people online who are categorically stating that Gendry won’t die as he’s only just been brought back to the series…….Rickon anyone!😂

    It was a good episode, I didn’t think it was quite as good as the previous two but still quality and it set up next week’s episode really well.

    One thing, seems to be quick travelling at the moment! Davos and Tyrion took minutes to get to King’s Landing. Jorah got from the citadel to Dany in half an episode. John’s lot got from Dany to Eastwatch in minutes and look at the Ravens! How quick it got to the citadel. Sam took half the series to get to the citadel, I’m betting now he’s nabbed those books he’ll be at Winterfell come the end of the next episode!😂

    And predictions, someone dies next week!😂😂😂

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    1. hahahahaa yes!!

      OMG I was the same!!! He was so close to finding out the truth… arghhhh I can’t even!!

      She really does- and she can’t expect to find anything incriminating in his room- it’s Littlefinger- everything there is a plant!!

      It really was awesome!!

      hahahaha I know right!! I’ve seen so many predictions saying “nah he’s safe”- and I’m like “c’mon it’s Game of thrones- no one is safe!!” 😂😂

      Yeah that’s true- I think just in comparison to some of the other “set up” episodes they’ve had in the past, this was much better- even though I totally agree with you about how they’re just whizzing around Westeros in no time- that’s the part that’s the most jarring right now. I agree- although I do think Sam’s gonna go home and find out everyone’s dead and then he’s gonna be pissed (I think).

      And yes- I definitely think someone’s dying for sure!! (hopefully one of the brotherhood prats- but knowing our luck it’ll be Jon Snow and the showrunners will just be like “dada- didn’t see that one coming did ya!?” 😂😂😂

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      1. Lmao if Jon Snow dies! I don’t know what I’d do, sit there and think damn, or start laughing!😂 Yeah, Berric and Thoros can die as they serve no real purpose.

        I know, I kept expecting Sam to stop blathering and say to his missus Raegar? Raegar Targaryen? But no, he didn’t.

        They’ve unlocked fast travel!😂

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    2. There was a ton of quick travelling in the last season! One that was glaringly obvious was when Varys goes goes to Dorne in seconds and then in less than a minute was on the boat with Dany and Tyrion travelling. I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices the quick travelling!

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  3. I am so terrified of Cersei’s plans, to be honest…. especially terrified for Tyrion – as I love him dearly, and she hates him ever so much… and I don’t think Jon or Dany are going to be killed off just yet, but I’m seriously worried that some major character is going to be…

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  4. I am also hoping Dany can redeem herself more soon! I can understand the decisions she’s making in the context of the backstabbing ways of Westeros and the need to appear ‘strong’ (which she’s had from early on), but I hope she doesn’t head too far down that road (though I think her decision to help Jon enact that crazy plan is already an indication her priorities are getting in a better order),

    I also LOVED that scene with Jon and Drogon – I was watching with a friend who’d forgotten about the birth scene, so I had to explain the Targaryen clue and why I got so excited about it 🙂 And I agree, as much as I want the Starks to unite against Little Finger, I feel like we’re likely to head down a darker road before we get there, if we get there…

    One general thing I noticed: this felt very much like a round-em-all-up episode… like now the show writers have the reigns they’ve quickly brought all these formerly wandering characters together (Arya, Jorah, Gendry, The Hound, even Sam and Gilly leaving the library etc.). Now all the major characters are basically in 4 spots: Winterfell, Beyond the Wall, King’s Landing and Dragonstone… which is quite a dramatic change. I really like seeing them all together (and it’s really picked up the pace), but I did wonder if it was a bit obvious, particularly with the Hound at the end, and if it would’ve been nice to still have someone ‘at large’. But again, I’m undecided because having them all over the place used to frustrate me too!!

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    1. yeah I can understand in the context… I just think she’s claiming to be different, but being more of the same :/ I don’t want her to continue down that route to be honest.

      Ah that clue was amazing!! hehe although I could never forget the birth scene (I was waiting for it forever and have watched it *so many times* 😉 ) Yes I completely agree with you there- I don’t think it’s gonna be plain sailing, and all the critiques who are saying “oh all this tension is misdirection, it’s nothing” “haven’t been paying attention” in the words of Ramsey Bolton 😉

      It definitely did- I considered this to be a “connecting episode”- but I do think it was done far better than some of the ones they’ve had like this before, cos I really feel like it brought the tension up a few notches and got me really excited for the next episode. Oh yes, you’re right though. I do like seeing them come together, but one thing I’ve really noticed this year is how much easier it is to get them all from a to b. But like you I’m glad they’re all together though.

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      1. Yeah she won’t be able to claim to she’s all that different if she keeps doing this kind of thing.

        Haha, I love that you quoted Ramsay Bolton – very appropriate and it makes me feel even more nervous about what might be on the horizon!!

        And true, they did do a better job of the connecting and coming together than in previous seasons, and I am also super excited for the next episodes. It was just funny to see how much faster things are moving and characters are coming together (and indeed, how they all get from A to B much easier) now that the showrunners are not tied to any books 🙂 (at least, that’s my guess as to why. I know part of it is probably also just that we’re nearing the grand finale 😀 )

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        1. Yeah and I really really want her to be different!! She we one of my faves for such a long time!!

          Hahaha I know right!! 😂😉

          Yes me too!! Oh I definitely agree- but I’m not gonna complain too much, cos they did have a problem with pacing a few seasons ago… Back when they couldn’t magically apparate from one end of westeros to the other 😂 hehe true!!

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  5. I feel you when it comes to Dany.. on the one hand i like it that she’s not a perfect character anymore but then i also want to root for her again like in the first seasons!

    She’s showing some concerning shades of joffrey and mad king. Please reign her in, tyrion!

    I just want Bronn & Tormund to stay alive at the moment 😀 thats all i’m asking for!

    And it would be nice to see Ghost

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    1. yes- I mean, I’m all for flawed characters- but she’s becoming less likeable now :/

      heheh yes!!!

      I agree!! For sure!! (hehe though I have some requests for some other characters as well 😉 )

      Oh gosh yes- I’d love to see him again. I know they’re spoiling us with the dragons this season, but I’d love to see some direwolves!!

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  6. Interesting point about the Arya v Sansa plotline being just an act – that thought did cross my mind, but it seemed to be more of a “hopeful” thing than actual reality. But, then again, Sansa & Arya are both well aware that Littlefinger is up to no good, so it is plausible I suppose. I hope this is the case as I get so weary with shows/movies/books pitting women against women. It’s just frustrating.
    Ha ha – yes Jaime & Bronn’s miraculous survival! And all of the fast traveling was way too silly. The show has just tossed out any semblance to reality and time… and I wonder if they’ll speed up Cersei’s pregnancy or let that take the rest of the show to materialize…
    I’m torn about Dany’s treatment of the Tarlys. She did give them a choice & they made their choice to die. They also didn’t want to take the Black. She cannot possibly take everyone who won’t bend the knee as a prisoner, so I see her dilemma. I keep waiting for Tyrion to turn on her – I think the show has been hinting at this over the season.

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    1. hehe yeah- it crossed my mind too…. and then I realised the showrunners were never gonna be that nice to us 😉 Or at least I didn’t want to get my hopes up (last year I really believed that the whole Rickon thing would be a ruse… but that didn’t work out quite the way I thought…) I think it’s more the fact that Game of thrones just don’t give us too many happy moments 😂
      hahaha yes!! You’re really right!! Although I will be amazed if she actually has a baby (my theory is phantom pregnancy… but we’ll see)
      Yeahhh but she didn’t really give them a fair choice. And she didn’t offer that- in fact she had no intention of wanting that. I think that she could to be honest- they’ve had POWs on the show before- and them not breaking faith with their oaths is not actually a bad thing or a crime. I dunno, I’ve been on her side since the beginning… but this was over the line for me :/ Feeling pretty torn about it, cos I want to be loyal to the character, but I don’t agree with that move at all.

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      1. Ahh.. poor Rickon! It definitely isn’t a happy show – that’s for sure!
        You’re the second person I’ve heard of think that the pregnancy isn’t real – interesting theory. Either way the “pregnancy” certainly throws a wrench into the whole “Jaime as valonqar” theory – unless when Jaime finds out it isn’t true then that is what makes him turn on her in the show.
        Dany’s always made some pretty tricky decisions throughout her arc, so for me, this particular decision of hers felt authentic to her character. I hope they don’t turn her into a mad queen though. She always tries to do the right thing, but somehow fails a lot of the time, instead opting for the “stronger” thing. For me, it’s partly why I like her – she doesn’t always make the best choice, and it brings an air of unpredictability to her. Unlike Jon, who is so predictable, but I love him for that 🙂

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        1. hehe yes!!
          Yeah you are right- I may be putting theories before show logic 😉 (but there’s also the issue that in the books it explicitly says she’ll only have 3 children… trouble is, they already played with that in the show by having her have one of Robert’s children and for it to die- so this could actually happen in the show)
          Yeah you’re totally right- it is authentic- I don’t really think the trouble is with her consistency (cos like you said, it’s nothing we wouldn’t expect from her and I do think you’re right) but with my giving her a free pass for a lot of the things she’s done in the past. hehe yes he is- he’s predictably honourable in particular (aka Stark-like) and yes, I love him for that too 😀

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  7. This episode almost KILLED me! Seriously, it’s like the writers love to torture us in the worst of ways… Oh, wait, yes. Yes they do.
    I think Sam wasn’t actually really listening to Gilly’s rambling at that point, he was so distraught by his own thoughts and – to be honest – Gilly was being quite annoying with her useless (until that point) fact spewing. So that’s the only reason I’ll forgive him xD
    And finally the showrunners listened to our prayers! Or just realized there was a major loose end they’d left behind with Gendry (but shhhhh they had it all planned out, I’m sure). Funny story: I actually spoiled myself for Gendry’s appearance in this one because I read the actor’s name during the intro. HOW DID I DO THAT?? I NEVER PAY ATTENTION TO THE NAMES IN THE INTRO!! I was so mad at my brain at that moment -_-
    And you’re right, everyone keeps saying Dany is not her father but by the looks of things, she’s getting there faster than I thought. I get her frustration, honestly, but still. There are better ways to do things and obtain the same results.
    Great post!!

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    1. hahaha yes they definitely do!!
      Oh yes definitely- I thought it was really funny of Gilly though and *if he’d only listened*!!! Yes!!! Ahh I’m glad I missed that!!! Yes- GOOD POINT!!! I’m gonna have to remind myself to keep tuning it out!!
      Yeah I really agree with you- she’s doing a lot of things her father would have done for someone not like her father :/
      Thank you!!

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  8. The treatment of Dany in the show is driving me crazy. The writers must realize that you can’t have Dany being both a perfect Mary Sue queen who swoops in at the last moment to save the day (as she did in Meereen last season) and an evil, insane queen who burns people alive with dragon fire. I get that they’re trying to build a complex character, but it feels more like they’re trying to hand-wave away Dany’s obviously insane classic Targaryen-ish acts by having Varys and Tyrion saying “well, she’ll get better/we’ll advise her and she’ll listen to us when it counts.” Then next scene she’s having a touching scene with Jon. The tone is all over the place. Part of it might be Emilia Clarke’s fault as well; she’s just okay but not that great when stacked up against a lot of the other actors in the show.

    At least this season is better than the last one, though. Boy, that one was awful. Here’s hoping they end strong and set up well for the big finale.

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    1. Ah yes I do get what you mean!!! I’m really struggling to keep track of where they’re taking her character- and while I love the swooping in and saving people parts… I don’t want her to be this overbearing queen that burns people alive :/ And yes, I’m concerned about her relationship with her advisors too. I agree that the tone is very much all over the place- I’m not sure what they’re going for and I don’t think it’s consistent with the books (or rather how the books will end up going- given how they’ve gone in other books- since we don’t know for definite). I feel also like the showrunners are having fun with it- which is good- but at the same time it’s a bit fanficy (as much as a lot of it’s wish fulfilment for me, I don’t think it’s all that consistent)
      I do agree that this season is better- though I loved the last two episodes- the rest of it was very slow. Yes me too!!

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  9. I don’t want the show to end!!!!!! The finale is only a couple days away!!!! Arrghhh! Arya’s story line is definitely a huge mystery. I feel like something pretty huge will happen on that between Arya, Sansa and Littlefinga. And I agree with the whole wall thing. That shit is totally going to be blown into oblivion. Nothing ever seems like what they are haahha

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