Ooh Err… Let’s Go Beyond the Wall

Well hello there!! I’m back from beyond the wall… Aka beyond Hadrian’s Wall…


Basil Brush Boom Boom

Okay that was a terrible joke… Anyhoo, while I don’t have any photos to prove it (I used to live there, so didn’t get that *omg I’m a tourist and must capture everything* urge) I had an awesome time on my trip to Edinburgh. Coincidentally while I was up there I went to see Thrones! The Musical on the Fringe – so if you are in the area, or can get to the festival, I *highly recommend* you going- it was THE BEST THING EVER!

thrones the musical

And if you want to know how good it is, check out this SPOILERS song, cos, well, now we’re getting to the spoilery part of my post.

got 7-6.png

I did like the opening scene, even though it moved at a snail’s pace. We got quite a bit of character bonding, which I appreciate, since we haven’t had as many slower scenes this season. Aside from the humour, I particularly appreciated the moment between Jon and Jorah.

While we’re on the subject of developing relationships, there was of course mad-tension emerging between Arya and Sansa. I will say for the record that if it does come to a fight, I’m Team Arya (#sorrynotsorry she’s been my favourite character the longest). HOWEVER, as I’ve discussed before, I am inclined to believe this is a ruse for Littlefinger’s benefit. Especially after reading an article reminding us that the trailer this year about the “lone wolf” was a bit of clever misdirection, because that line originally came from the talk Ned gave to Arya about how the “pack survives” in winter when they work together- so this gives me hope that the Stark children are in fact working behind the scenes to bring Littlefinger down. Otherwise, I don’t rate their combined brains- because c’mon this guy has snake written all over him (just as clearly as Saville had creep written all over him- it makes you wonder how people miss this sort of thing…?)

littlefinger saville.png

I sincerely hope this theory is correct- not just for the sake of all the characters I love, but for the sake of the show’s consistency (which has not been as good this season). We are supposed to believe that all of the Stark children have experienced some sort of growth: Bran magically knows everything, Arya’s a killer assassin and Sansa has possibly grown the most with her canny knowledge of court politics. After all of her scathing remarks about Littlefinger in particular, are we really supposed to believe she doesn’t know what she’s doing when she moves Brienne out of the picture?

But enough of that- this wasn’t the only relationship to take a hit in this episode. We saw more friction between Dany and Tyrion, as they discussed walking into the lion’s den. Fortunately there are no dimwits here, and they are well aware that Cersei is laying a trap. Plus, they got a great one liner from Dany:

dany stupid things

No truer words were ever spoken. And for all the mistakes he’s made this season, I do think that that Tyrion’s right here- they do need to discuss the laws of succession and Dany needs to stop being so darn difficult all the time. BUT her reappearance later in the episode had me practically yelling THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER!!! More on that in a second…

Because before the massive showdown, there was some stress inducing scenes with a zombie bear. I definitely appreciated the chilling and creepy scenes beyond the wall- because for all the ridiculousness of the plan, flaming swords are cool and I like a good battle where (mostly) randomers get eaten by walkers. This episode totally fulfilled my *yay action!* quota while also amping up my stress levels. Of course, time has gone out of the window in the show now, so the message that they’re sitting round like penguins surrounded by the dead gets to Dany quickly enough for her to save the day… but let’s skirt right over that, because ARGHHH THAT CONCLUSION WAS SO EPIC I CAN’T COMPLAIN!!!

Welllll…. I won’t be complaining per se… but WHO CAN BELIEVE WE’VE LOST A DRAGON?!? (incidentally I watched this with some friends- one of whom is a genius and guessed *every single part* of the episode INCLUDING THIS!!) And this is the same week yet another gripey Guardian post said the show’s lost its evil streak- what could be worse than losing a dragon dammit?! I legit can’t cope and am in mourning (yes, yes laugh away callous humans- my mum did when I told her). Fortunately there are some very sensitive articles online about this tragic event 😉

And speaking of things that made me unhappy, as I’ve discussed before, I didn’t want Jon to bend the knee. I knew it would happen eventually- especially with the discussion of pride and stubbornness at the beginning of the episode. I was glad it happened for a good reason- I mean she did do him a major solid- yet I didn’t see him as being foolish her and am not sure of the implications for the rest of the series and how this will impact the *big reveal* of Jon’s parentage. Either they will have to end up together or Dany will die as I’ve long predicted… but who knows?

Speaking of implications, I have been wondering a lot lately about the correlation of the show and the book, so I’ve been thinking a lot that I don’t expect this crazy jaunt to happen like this. Obviously we now know that one of the dragons will get turned into a wight- though I feel like this might not be the way it goes down. One of the things that indicated this to me was that we didn’t lose any major characters, making me think they’re all needed elsewhere and for the final battle. It also makes me think that Benjen possibly died earlier, sacrificing himself for Bran, as his appearance here was too convenient and he ended up getting overwhelmed anyway (likely dying permanently- though other miracles have happened). As mentioned by many other people, Jon’s plot armour has become impenetrable of late- which again makes me think this is not going to happen in the books (notorious for character’s lack of plot armour). We did however learn some important things from this episode: namely that if you kill the Night King all the Walkers will die and that there’s no way Dondarrion will be coming back from the dead. Plus, let’s be honest, it was a kickass episode.

Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go in a corner and have a good cry (while I also do a crazy amount of blog hopping to catch up with you lovely people 😉 ) Have a great weekend!

44 thoughts on “Ooh Err… Let’s Go Beyond the Wall

  1. I want to say one thing up front, I am #TeamSansa. I am pissed at Arya’s behavior, but I, too, believe that it’s a ruse for Littlefinger’s benefit. Back in the day when Robb got her note, he immediately knew she wrote it under duress, so why can’t Arya see and accept that? And yes, Lady Mormont is super young and badass, but I am pretty sure she had to grow into that role as well. Sansa definitely sent Brienne to King’s Landing to make sure she can’t be manipulated by LF.
    I’ve been telling my wishes for how this whole thing ends to friends and strangers on the internet and Dany kind of never gets mentioned in those … so I think she might die too.

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    1. hahaha fair enough- I knew you would be 😉 I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks so. Yes, that’s why I’d be surprised if Arya doesn’t get it to be honest. Although I understand why her character might have felt that way years ago, I do remember a part in the show or books (can’t remember which) when she talks about missing all her family *even Sansa*- I’d be really surprised if something that happened so long ago and when she really was just a child would matter (even to the Northern lords). But I do think that if Sansa wants to replace Jon and Arya’s right about that, then there would be a problem. So I guess it mostly sounds like (from a logical point of view) that I would support Sansa in this, but it’s Arya sooo… not so much. Especially since these were the reasons I had problems with Sansa at the start. And even though I’ve moved on, if Arya didn’t let it go, I’d kinda understand cos it was her family. Either way I’m torn, cos I’ve come to understand Sansa and when I rewatch season 1 I no longer dislike her cos I get where she’s coming from now.
      But yeah, I also thought that about Brienne.
      hahaha yes, I’ve managed to convince quite a few people why I think she’s not gonna make it- partly to do with the promised “bitter sweet ending” and partly cos I think she’ll have fulfilled her role in the story and has nowhere left to go as a character except to die

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      1. I don’t think Sansa would ever want to replace Jon now. When the Northern Lords crowned him King of the North, she was surprised for a second but then she looked proud. They get along so well now, they challenge each other. I kind of want Jon to be on the Iron Throne and Sansa warden of the North.
        I just think that Arya’s behavior is more than unfair. Each one of the Stark kids has underwent some sort of trauma and to assume that Sansa is still spoiled and selfish is just cruel. Also, so what if she likes the finer things in life? If them getting pitted against each other isn’t for a damn good reason, I am going to be SO mad!

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        1. Yeah I agree with you- I’d be amazed if it went in that direction. Oh yeah me too- for sure!! Yeah- I do agree with you- but I think a lot of this all hinges on whether it’s a ruse or not. I don’t think she’d actually do anything or that she means it. But who knows?!? Me too!!!

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  2. yay! I am #teamarya too. I am happy and sad about having to wait another year. Happy because I plan to catch up on the books and sad because I want more!:)

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  3. I’m with you OL. #TeamArya always but I find it hard to believe she’s getting duped considering No One was like the ultimate dupester but hey that’s just me. That whole scene right before the battle, I was sitting here like, “shit they’re going to freeze” and then the Hound started throwing rocks and I was like YEAH hit the dummys and then I was like NO STOP BAD IDEA! As for the dragon dying, I am probably the odd ball out here but I didn’t see that coming. When they were flying around destroying things I was like YEAH THIS IS GREAT! and then the king grabbed the spear and I still didn’t think it was that bad until he threw it and the poor things throat sprayed across the sky and he fell. That hurt so much to watch! My buddy said they would tun the dragon into a wight and I didn’t even believe him because I couldn’t see the wights diving down there and somehow lifting the dragon out. I should have known better….. Anyway, I can’t wait til the finale! It better be an hour and a half long and nobody I like better die, haha!
    Also, because you were all about the Dany/Jon ship, I saw this after the episode. I sent it to my friend with the caption “I don’t want this… but they do look hot together” lmao http://qklnk.co/c8yKUD
    Also you should look up the carpool karaoke with Maisie and Sophie. Its pretty damn hilarious.
    Okay I’m done. Welcome back. I missed you!

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    1. Yeah that’s why I’m thinking (/*hoping*) that they’re the ones duping Littlefinger. That’s a really good point about no one- she’s had the best training (and Sansa’s learnt from Littlefinger himself… so I’d be surprised if she trusted him). hahahahaha I was more like “what are you doing?!?!” about the Hound, but I was the same about the dragons- there was no way I’d have seen it coming!!! I’d already seen the episode, but when I rewatched it with the friend before the musical they guessed everything and I was like “WHAAAT?!?!” (I honestly have no idea how they did it- it was like they were some kind of prophet). I never would have believed they would do that. In fact I’d have probably laughed like “no that can’t happen cos Tyrion’s got to be dragonrider number three…” Oh how wrong I was to think the dragons would be safe 😉
      hahahaha yes- true!!! Lol!! hehe just watched the carpool karaoke- been meaning to watch it- so good!!! Thank you!!! I missed you too!!!


      1. Yeah I saw articles where ppl were staying they predicted the whole episode a mile away. I’m sitting here like I definitely did not. I’m convinced it’s a bandwagon thing going on cause I can rarely predict anything in this show haha

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        1. hehe I would never have believed those people, had I not seen it live 😉 It totally took me by surprise- I THOUGHT THE DRAGONS WERE SAFE DAMMIT!!! (it kind of made me go “IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE!!!”- like I said, this hit me hard lol 😉 ) hahahaha snap!!!! last year I thought that the whole thing with Rickon could be a ruse and the Umbers were secretly helping him get back into Winterfell… or something… boy was I wrong 😉 Clearly *that* was just wishful thinking 😉

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  4. I cried as well! How could they do that to the dragons! THE CHILDREN SHOULD BE OFF LIMITS! Sigh. I do hope they’re working together because then I’ll be teamsansa and it will suck because I always liked Arya better except in this season. But if heh are working together then I have my favourite character back. YAY’

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  5. I love your posts, lol. I’ve recorded the entire season on my DVR but still not had time to watch any of the episodes haha!! So I love how you give your take since it’s awesome…and there are spoilers all over the internet, so I’d rather read your take LOL!! I still can’t believe they killed a dragon though ((sobs)). I will bawl like a baby when I do watch this one eventually. And I have had a sneaky suspicion for a while that they will kill off Dany, so we will have to see….I need to catch up and fast!!

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    1. hehe thank you!! haha fair enough- I’m so scared of spoilers I avoid the internet for days if I have to 😉 Ahhh yes it was devastating!! Yeah I have no idea if they will or not… but I’ve had that feeling for the longest time- we’ll have to wait and see!!


      1. You’re welcome!! I know, right?! You can’t avoid the spoilers, so I gave up haha! I have heard so many people cried over this episode!! I just know it was awful 😢 No, I don’t either but I just have a feeling. I could be wrong. What do I know anyway, lol. I haven’t seen the entire season 🤣

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              1. I did, thanks!! Now I’m only 5 episodes behind hahaha!! But I tried to avoid spoilers all day..and did…then my husband who watched it comes home and was like, well last night on GoT!! I was like OMG!! Shut the hell up, LOL!! I even told him that I was starting to watch them, stupid man hahaha!! 🙂 He’s lucky I love him ❤

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  6. Great post! I really disliked this episode as they totally threw any respect for time out the window, just to get things to happen the way they wanted them to happen.
    I agree with you that this isn’t how the books are going to go – after all, the books have the horn that the show hasn’t brought up I don’t think, plus it’s too contrived for GRRM. I think many, many things will be different in the books. After all the show essentially has changed many characters and plots.
    The show has become awfully predictable if your friend was able to predict everything. And the one thing that Thrones has been great at, until this season, has been unpredictability. However, this episode was totally predictable. By seeing the previews, I was guessing Dany would swoop in and save the day, lose a dragon, and conveniently the NK would gain a dragon. And low and behold, that’s what happened.
    I think the show has really ruined Arya’s character this season. I honestly don’t think Arya would be griping to Sansa about wearing pretty dresses… Arya’s never been into that kind of thing, and honestly after all she’s been through, why on earth be bitter about that of all things? But I do hope that Arya & Sansa are playing LF in some way, cause would Arya really think hiding her faces under her bed was a genius hiding place? Also, Arya gave the dagger to Sansa, and Sansa sent Brienne away so she wouldn’t get involved. I am hoping something is in the works and LF is gone next episode.
    They were very heavy on the foreshadowing of Dany’s death this episode, which makes me worry for her.
    Can’t wait to see how the season ends!

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    1. Hehe I totally hear you- the problem with me is I’m always the last one standing when Game of Thrones gets a bit bad- I’m the one clinging to it like it’s a liferaft going “it’s still good”. Even though, when I was with my friends all I did for half a day was complain about its problems.
      But gawd yes you are so right about the time thing and I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this is too convenient for GRRM. The showrunners have made some changes I’ve been on board with- but a lot of the time I can tell when it’s all their idea cos it gets sloppy to make way for *cool action scene* or *snappy fanfic dialogue*- it’s one of the major tells that this has nothing to do with the source material and this episode had both of those. But you’re right- there’s gonna be a gazillion differences. I have been waiting for the horn to turn up for ages- it really doesn’t look like it’s happening in the show though, so I’m wondering about its significance in the book (a bit like how Aegon not turning up proved what I’d already guessed: that he’s not important)
      Hehe you’re right- trouble is I thought the dragons were sacred and untouchable 😉 the fact that they died is totally GRRM and I’m guessing a dragon will die in the books, just obviously not like this. (maybe in a normal battle and the night king happens upon the body when he invades Westeros- I have no idea though- just speculating)
      Hehe you are right of course- the trouble is I like Arya too much. I genuinely think that it’s either a) bad writing or b) they’re playing LF at this stage. I was *super* confused about the whole faces scene- I mean why the hell would she hide them under the bed and then show Sansa? Just to scare her? Makes no sense. She’s not a total idiot. Me too- I’ve never liked LF (and have never understood why people haven’t noticed his scheming) I really hope he’s gonna go.
      Yeah, weirdly enough I’ve thought Dany’s gonna die at the end of the series for such a long time now that I rarely even bother to justify myself 😉 But they do have little nods occasionally. But I think it will be the night king that does her in when he crosses the wall (I’ve even seen some theories about her becoming his queen- some of them good, some batshit crazy). We will see!!!
      Me too!!!!

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      1. Wow – Dany becoming the night king’s queen?! That would be weirdly awesome I think 🙂 But as long as the night king has a great backstory – they haven’t done anything to establish motive for him marching south yet. I’m curious if they’ll do anything about that.
        I hope hope hope that the sisters are in on it together & playing LF. Cause if they aren’t, then Arya is just being cruel to Sansa for no reason, and it doesn’t make any sense, and is like you say bad writing.
        Guess we shall see what happens! 🙂 Can’t wait!

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  7. Haha, I actually liked your Hadrian’s wall joke 🙂 and I’m super jealous that you saw Thrones! The Musical – it sounds awesome.

    Your review has really reminded me that I need to rewatch all the seasons, I am missing so many little clues and references simply because I’ve forgotten so much of what happened! I am also wondering if it some point I will give the books another try (I stopped after the first) because I’m now curious how they will differ from the show. As you said, it seems very unlikely things will go down the same way!

    I felt the same about the timing with the beyond the wall stuff btw: yes, it was pretty implausible, but I couldn’t really complain because the scene was so epic and emotional!! And you make a good point, I was also feeling like the show had lost its evil streak, but losing the dragon was still a pretty crushing moment… I thought that nobody had died but I guess I am a prejudiced human so I didn’t count Viserion 😉

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    1. hehehe thank you- and it was amazing!!

      ah I always feel like rewatching everything all the time- but I also keep seeing these reviews that pick up on *so much stuff*. Ah I can understand that- for a long time I preferred the tv show (though after this season I wish there was more of Martin’s expert plotting- so I desperately want to see how all this goes in the books) Yes a lot of this doesn’t seem like his style at all.

      AHh yes I get what you mean!! haha yeah that article was pretty badly timed 😉 . hahaha to me that was more devastating than if a human had died- so I don’t know what that says about me (but then I’m the kind of person that felt sorry for Smaug in the Hobbit- I just love dragons too much 😉 )

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      1. Yes it’s amazing how many things people pick up on! I also preferred the TV show (to the first book anyway, that’s all I can compare), so I thought I’d be happy when the show got beyond the books because the pace would pick up… but now I also kinda miss his expert plotting!!

        Yes the death was pretty devastating, especially given how rare dragons are in Westeros, now you mention it I probably cared more than I would have about most of the human characters. Though if Tyrion had died I would have been more devastated 😉

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        1. Yeah I was the same- and I read all of them. To be honest I had problems with the style sometimes, but never with his plotting or characters. So I did hope he’d be more involved in the show after it got beyond the book- cos that would have been the best of both worlds for me- but no such luck!

          Yes!!! Hahaha yes me too!! Hahaha oh yeah you’re right- that would have killed me (I’d be broken hearted in more ways than one, since I’ve always believed he’s making it to the end)

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  8. You must be pretty happy about how things turned out for Littlefinger now huh hahahah 😀 My heart ached big time when a dragon went down…. We all probably knew that it was bound to happen, but this was just too nasty!!!! I wonder what will happen next with it though… Maybe there’s a parallel to be done by the fact that the dragon came out of the lake after we all thought it’be dead and gone, just like Jon Snow went underwater too and came back alive. Maybe he’ll be able to control it… somehow? 😀 😀 Love your passion for these episode reviews though. So much to say!! 😀

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    1. heheheh yes!! LOL!! Aww me too!! I don’t know why I never saw it coming tbh 😂 I just thought the dragons were untouchable- how wrong I was!! mmm that’s a good theory- before it was turned I thought that might happen… now I’m not so sure. Thank you!! 😀

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  9. I have to see Thrones! The Musical! next year, or the year after, but are they making it any longer to accommodate the tv series or are they abridging more? Back in 2014 Jack Gleeson appeared at the Fringe in a rather surreal puppet show, Bears in Space. I think it was with college friends, certainly his being part of it put a lot of bums on seats, especially as he’d announced he was going to give up acting after finishing his part on GoT with Joffrey dying (yay!). So much for giving up acting, just googled Bears in Space and after Edinburgh they did a run in London in 2015, then in 2016 they took it to New York. Maybe if someone had just let Joffrey have a teddy bear he might have turned out a bit nicer!

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    1. Ah I really recommend it! Well I don’t know what it was like before, but they were able to have upto date jokes (including something from the episode that had only aired a night before). I heard of that! Wish I’d seen it- hehehee I’m glad he didn’t totally give up- he’s very good. hehehe so true!!


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