The Dragon and the Wolf- FINALLY!!

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Before we start let’s have a brief freakout that this is the final episode of the season…

game of thrones excited.gif

And a quick cry that we have to wait two years for the next season…

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Okay, so now we’ve got that out our system (mostly), let’s talk about how I WAS RIGHT!!! FINALLY!!! Things I and loads of other people have been saying for years came to fruition.

The biggest one for me was Littlefinger’s downfall. Even during this episode, I was thinking “it would be mad if Sansa kills Arya or Arya kills Sansa- it won’t happen”. I *knew* it was a ruse… and it was! They were playing Littlefinger all along. Obviously the showrunners took us for a bit of a ride there- but in the end *the pack survives*. Also this was hugely satisfying because I predicted that Sansa would kill Littlefinger before the end- all the characters have fatal flaws and his special was his creepy-ass love. Everyone succumbs to their weakness in this show- everyone. So yeah, I was right about this and MANY THINGS- what’s that Missandei?

many things missandei.png

Okay- enough revelling in my small victory (but gosh darn it, I’ve got to take what I can get- I so rarely guess anything on this show). Moving onto the truce, I’ll admit to being a bit peeved about how the whole truce is playing out. I mean- let’s start with the obvious: WHAT IS THE POINT OF EURON GREYJOY? Ughh the whole Iron Island story, ever since they went off book, has really struggled. Without Euron’s weirdly mystical powers and magic horn (no euphemism guys, keep it clean 😉 ) this hasn’t seemed like it’s been going anywhere. I know, I know- he’s supposed to be off to get more troops (which destroys the whole “I’m a scary guy that’s been scared vibe we’re supposed to be getting) but arghhh I just don’t think he’s been a particularly exciting villain. Someone resurrect Ramsey… actually with the Night King on his way that might be a distinct possibility… I TAKE IT BACK!

Still, I have other problems with this whole “truce” storyline. It just seems a little too easy. I mean, I know Cersei’s backstabbing them (rather predictably) but considering the fact she blew up the Sept last season, it could have been a bit more spectacular. Sure, everyone can blame Jon for being honourable and telling the truth- but it doesn’t really matter since Cersei was intent on lying. And since it was so obvious that she wouldn’t in fact follow through with her promises and was just using the meeting to buy time- again I ask: WHAT WAS THE POINT? It was a dumb plan with a shitty outcome. One can only assume that Tyrion has some backstage plan (maybe promising her child will be heir to the Iron Throne? Which won’t work if Dany’s preggers…) to make this all worthwhile.

Scratch that- that won’t be worthwhile at all. The only good thing to come out of this is that she has *FINALLY* pushed Jaime to breaking point (with a little help from Brienne, acting as his conscience again). So that was a small consolation at least.

And speaking of characters getting some balls… Theon actually grew a pair (well in a manner of speaking  )! Although, ironically enough, it was his lack of balls that gave him the advantage in that fight…

And then the most ballsy person on the show got a turn to do a massive reveal… Oh no wait, Gilly was left off stage while we got Sam instead, which is almost as good (I wasn’t the only one who was pissed at him for taking credit for her work, the internet had a field day 😉 ) Joking aside, I absolutely loved Sam’s scene with Bran- his reaction to Bran being the three eyed raven was hilarious.

oh I don't know what that means.gif

I will say though that the all-knowing Bran not knowing that Rhaegar married Lyanna was a bit of a continuity error for the sake of some added drama. Yet I can forgive it, because like I said, the scene was so so good. Especially when it started splicing the past and present together.

Although admittedly, let’s think about the fact that Bran may have been watching that. Of course, there was more than one peeping tom here. Tyrion was creeping about the corridors and I don’t think it was just voyeurism. This seems like some major *foreshadowing* because he certainly looks like he thinks this will end badly (and also the main reason I think he’s made a deal with Cersei- although it’s a lot to base on a look).

Add to that the sheer weirdness of this scene, with the *this is incest guys* voiceover, making this simultaneously gross and romantic. I mean, I’ll admit to being really confused about this. You guys know I shipped Dany and Jon for years… but ewww. I feel sorry for Jon finding all this out (not Dany though- it’s kinda good news for her considering she thought she’d have to marry her brother one day)- I guess it’ll go something like this: “Good news: you’re not a bastard, you’re the rightful king of Westeros… Bad news: say hi to your aunt…”. Or if Bran’s the one delivering the news:

bran you looked beautiful bran.png

Oh dear, I guess Jon really does know NOTHING

(I’m really trying to plug this Thrones! The Musical guys!)

Annnd just when we were revelling in all of that, the wall came tumbling down. Man! Where’s Trump when you need him? Someone send for him quick!

we need to build a wall.gif

(never thought I’d use that gif- I’m going to hell in a handcart 😉 )

Overall, this didn’t start out as the most spectacular finale we’ve ever had. However, with the slow build-up we did get some great one-on-one scenes, the likes of which have been fewer this season. We also had incredible reunions: Pod and Tyrion, Tyrion and Bronne and even that striking scene between Tyrion and Cersei- basically *all the Tyrion moments*. Then there was the Hound and Brienne bonding over Arya and Cersei coming face to face with the dead. And we’ve been promised Cleganebowl people!! Plus, to top it all off, there were some gorgeous wintery filmography and showstopping visuals like Dany arriving on dragon (that never gets old!). All in all- there was a lot going on this episode!

Alrighty then- thus ends another epic season- can you believe that episode? Can you believe that season? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

And for anyone who fears this will be the last of my posts on Game of Thrones till 2019, I will hopefully have a quick wrap up before too long and who knows… maybe Winds of Winter will come out in the meantime?! Here’s hoping!


38 thoughts on “The Dragon and the Wolf- FINALLY!!

  1. I am sorry, but I just cannot ship Dany and Jon. I just … can’t. I don’t care that it’s been done before in that universe, that just doesn’t make it any less icky for me. And I thought it was all the more fucked up that they narrated that scene with the explanation of how they were related. Like … really?
    Also, I kept wondering why Young Griff never showed up in the show … but now I know, I guess.
    While watching the episode, I thought it was all really exciting and nerve-racking but in the aftermath so much of it didn’t make sense. Like the fight between Sansa and Arya, I get them putting on a scene when they were in public places, but they also had those threatening and snooping scenes in their private quarters with no one around and I just don’t understand why they would have played pretend behind closed doors or whether their fight partially really happened. I don’t like either option.
    The same goes for Cersei’s grand plan, because it just doesn’t make any sense. The Wights are real and she’s just going to hope (???) that they all kill each other and that she won’t have to face them?
    As for Tyrion’s look outside the cabin on the boat, I’ve heard several theories. One of them being that he betrayed Dany by making a deal with Cersei after he found out she is pregnant again. Another was that he is actually in love with Dany and unhappy about the development of that relationship. I even read an interview where Peter said that his character is “smitten” by Dany. I swear, that woman does NOT need another love interest and I am going to be so pissed if that’s the case.
    I was SO happy that Jaime and Theon finally stood up for themselves. It gives me hope, but at the same time I am kind of sad that LF died, just because he was the last morally grey character. Everyone else is pretty much good or evil, there isn’t an inbetween anymore.
    Badass of the season goes to Sansa for me!
    Sorry for the massively long comment haha

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    1. hahaha that’s more than fair enough. Watching this has made me realise how wrong my thinking always was with this- I mean I shipped it before I technically knew he was a Targaryen (although I’d guessed it) but I SWEAR I never thought it would happen!!! The second it became an actual possibility I was like noooo!!!!
      hehe yes- I let the showrunners have a bit of leeway on that, since they did show Littlefinger and Arya watching each other before that- but that was one scene and they didn’t make enough of a show of it to prove that they’d been putting on a show for LF. Then again, any more and it would have given the game away. As it was, a lot of people guessed the outcome- I think they were trying to hard to be surprising and sacrificed sense for that.
      I agree with you even more about Cersei. The trouble is I think they’re going with the whole “she’s the mad queen”- but they haven’t made enough of a big deal out of that to justify her irrationality here- especially since they felt the need to give her the motivation of another pregnancy. It was kind of better with her having nothing to lose and wanting to watch the world burn.
      Yes- that’s what I think- I definitely think there was some kind of backstage deal. hehe oh my gosh I hope that second theory is not true- I find it a little irritating that every single character (including the women) is in love with her- they’re turning her into a Mary Sue! I will be *so* pissed off too if Tyrion’s in love with her.
      YES!! haha true- I was just always sick of him cos he was always so obviously moustache twirling on the show. That’s true!! And gosh yes!! I knew this was coming for Sansa- but I’m glad she *finally* got to be a badass!!!
      hehehe no need to apologise- I love it!! 😀

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      1. Yeah, I get it though. I once saw videos where they compared Ned and Catlyn to Jon and Sansa and I was like “ooooh” and then I realised what I just thought about. I always had a feeling they’d do Dany and Jon, but I can’t see them ever doing Jonsa hahaha
        I did like this season, but they made some real rookie mistakes and sacrificed logic a bit too often. By now we are all used to the fact that they are apparently able to teleport all throughout Westeros, but when the decision the characters make don’t make sense or seem pushed and rushed, it’s just too bad.
        I HATE that everyone is in love with Dany. It’s just so unnecessary and actually makes me like her less. I am still thinking she might die in the final season.

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        1. hahahaha no there’s no way- and thank goodness!! Cos ewwww – there’s no way I’d ever ship that. Not only are they first cousins, but they grew up as brother and sister (incidentally the only Austen I ever hated cos it had that same romantic structure).
          Yes- I definitely agree with you- I enjoyed it overall- but there were a lot more logical flaws. hahahaha yes!! I agree- I don’t know why they didn’t just give it a bit more space to be honest- there were quite a few things that just needed more time and attention to work (though the jaunt beyond the wall never would have been totally logical)
          YES!! I’ve been thinking that for ages- I think there are lots of hints that will be the outcome- at least one of Jon or Dany will die (though I wouldn’t put it past Martin to kill Jon twice)

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  2. I’m dead.
    This was absolutely amazing. I’m literally laughing my ass off out loud.
    I can’t even say what I want to say. My favorite line besides the wall is: “Although, ironically enough, it was his lack of balls that gave him the advantage in that fight…” AHAHAHAHA
    The whole Littlefinger scene was amazing. Arya didn’t hesitate! Also, Dany and Jon was so Ew but god damn it was so sexy at the same time. And I agree with your theory. They kept making it a point of her saying she can’t have children a few times and then Jon’s whole “well maybe that witch was wrong” bit; it has to be foreshadowing. Just when I think Cersei is completely heartless, she doesn’t kill her brothers when she has a chance. Supposedly that’s foreshadowing too back from an earlier season when that witch basically told her she’d be killed by her little brother?! Guess we’ll find out in the final. Lastly, the dragon shoots BLUE fire! There was a big hoopla about that because fire is yellow but what people seem to forget is that the hottest part of a fire is the blue part which means that blue fire could have totally wrecked that wall and then some.
    Have you seen any theories that Bran might be connected to the Night King somehow? I haven’t read the books but it seems like we got a hint of that as well earlier in the season and a bit last season? Could he be the key to the end?!?! (I haven’t read the books so I don’t know). Also! the whole Greyjoy line has been pretty much dead since Ramsay took Theon in my opinion. Even if he comes back with an army, he’s still irrelevant but maybe while one Greyjoy is going off to pillage other places while everyone is away killing wights, the other will be destroying King’s Landing for his sister. Wipe all the cities anyone?
    Okay I’m done for now, 😉

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    1. hehehehhe so glad you liked it!! 😉 I’m glad!! I was worried that line would get me in trouble 😉
      YES!! hahaha I know right- my poor heart and brain didn’t know what to do with themselves!! Yes for sure!! Yeah- I think so too- although I think it’ll be Jaime that does it (or maybe just his hand- I’ve heard some theories about that!) Ahh yes you’re so right- I hadn’t heard that- but that’s genius!!
      I have seen that- I don’t think I’m convinced though- it would be a bit weird. I just think he’s a Stark ancestor- possibly the former commander of the Night’s Watch? (I’ve seen that theory too). I do think that he has an obsession with the Starks and Bran has a big role to play- but I’m not sure yet. I think there’s also theories about the Night King tapping into Bran’s powers. Yes I really agree with you. I do like Yara… but not enough. They all seem a bit irrelevant. In the books at least Euron has a dragon-related magical artefact that might come in useful… here he seems like a superfluous character. Yeah seems likely!! 😉

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      1. I also wanted to add that I giggled when Sansa said she was a “slow learner” because man throughout all the seasons I just thought she was selfish and dumb so being a slow learner is the understatement of the years.
        I think that’s a good theory too. They have to be connected somehow and maybe Bran is giving him information without consciously knowing that he is? Cause boy do those wights have a leg up with that leader!

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        1. hehehe I get that- I did think she was getting smarter though (it’s my main reason for liking her more). Yes for sure- I think it makes more sense than him doing some weird timey wimey things to be able to timejump and actually be the night king anyway 😉 haha so true!!

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  3. I don’t know if it’s just because I was watching it super early in the morning to avoid spoilers but the final episode didn’t wow me the way I hoped it would. There were some truly awesome scenes (Tyrion and Cersei, the Hound delivering the worst gift ever, and that ending) and I was sooo happy to have almost everyone reuniting (when will Jon and Arya meet???) but there were a few bits that fell flat.

    Littlefingers death, I don’t know I just expected something a bit more spectacular and shocking for such a brilliant baddie.

    I really don’t know whether to ship Dany and Jon and am just completely confused by the whole thing. When he was hovering outside his door I was definitely more on the NOOOOO!!! side mostly but mostly because of the way their characters seem to be changing than the incest thing.

    Loved Jaime finally making a stand, I’ve always kinda shipped him and Brienne so I want them reunited, but I’m really hoping there’s something else going on with Cersei. Maybe she has crazy pregnancy brain but she was the one who originally wanted a truce so I don’t know why she would go back on it. There must be some kind of secret deal with Tyrion but I can’t see him betraying Dany. Argh!!! I don’t know and I can’t believe we have to wait two years.

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    1. Yes- I watched it at crazy o clock too- and I don’t know if that was the problem- so I watched it again and enjoyed the slower scenes more. I think also the stress I felt that someone was gonna die got in the way of my enjoyment- though I still think there could have been a more spectacular betrayal from Cersei.

      hahaha yes- I definitely agree about the walker- it was quite funny that he told the guy he’d kill him if he touched the box- I was just thinking, “you won’t have to”. Yes!!! Oh my gosh- I’m now desperate for that reunion- I think that I still don’t want to get my hopes up for that one though.

      hehe fair enough- I will admit I was satisfied- partly cos we got to see the Starks having their comeuppance, partly cos we got to see them working together, but mostly cos Sansa got to *finally* be a badass. And even more so cos I predicted it would go down like that- and I never get things right with this show.

      hahaha yes I’m so conflicted about it too- I used to want it…. when I never thought it would be a thing. I think they also rushed it- which was why it didn’t totally work for their characters when I really think they’re the two most eligible people in Westeros 😉

      YES!!! Agree so much!! hehe I get that- but I don’t think he’s ever gonna be with her. Though I did ship that at first, I just don’t see it happening. Yeah I just think Dany’s willingness for a truce on such favourable terms for Cersei gave her confidence again- and it’s another thing they’ve rushed. hehe well she is owed another betrayal (I believe!) so it’s possible. Though I’m not sure.

      Arghhh I know!!!!!

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  4. It was a great cliffhanger type season and I love that I hate them! I started laughing when Bran was saying “I see everything, I know everything” type thing and then Sam tells him about Jon and Bran was all “I didn’t know that”lol.
    I cannot believe how long we have to wait for the next season! I just really loved all of it and I love all the “conspiracy theories” coming out!

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  5. I was snorting and laughing at Sams reaction to Bran. Hahaha. He’s hilarious. But it’s just very common for men to take credit for everything women go. Pfft. Also how quick was that little finger slash! Damn. I loved that. It’s like “yeah you’re not worth more than this screen space anymore” 😂

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  6. Well done on foreseeing Littlefinger’s downfall! I read your previous review straight after watching this episode and had to smile, since it all proved true. I, on the other hand, was oblivious and thought there would be another Stark bloodbath. Fortunately I was wrong 🙂 and after reading your reasoning I can see any other outcome would really have been silly!

    Now you mention it, Euron Greyjoy does seem to be a bit underwhelming as a character and villain. The mystical powers and horn you speak of… are those in the books? Or am I just a terribly unobservant viewer?

    I agree about the truce… the whole plan just didn’t make a lot of sense, and the fact there was no major double-cross surprised me. But I did love that we got a chance to see all the massive tensions between the characters – as you said, Tyrion pretty much stole the show! Though the other tensions you mentioned, esp. the rift between Jaime and Cersei, were great too.

    Crazy we have to wait two years… I was hoping for one but I guess that was wishful thinking!!

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    1. Hehe I’m glad I was right- though it did help is been predicting Sansa would kill him for ages, cos she was the only one he cared about. Hehe I’m thank you!

      Yes and no you’re not an unobservant viewer- the strange mysticism is hinted at and the horn is supposedly gonna be important (cos dany can’t yet control her dragons there) the trouble with the show is they’ve made dany more of a Mary Sue by making her able to control her dragons overnight and they’ve made euron a pointless pantomime villain as a result (though part of this is guesswork- I have no idea if dany gets the horn off euron in the books or if it’ll be used for something else)

      Yes I agree!! And tyrion was the best!! I was so glad for him to finally have some scenes being properly tyrion like at last! And yeah I liked the lannisters facing off in general!

      I know!!! Me too! There were media outlets saying it might be less for a bit, but now everyone seems to think it’ll be two years 😥

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      1. Yes true – there is was kind of poetic justice to it that meant it had to be Sansa!

        Btw I forgot to say, well done on predicting the Dany & Jon romance too! Once again, I didn’t see it coming until you suggested it. That love scene did turn out to be less romantic and more weird that I thought it would be though…

        Oh that’s really interesting about the horn! Sounds more complex, and as you said, gives both characters more interesting dimensions – Dany really does just magically make the dragons do what she wants in the show! (I actually often wondered how she did that…)

        Yes Tyrion really got to shine in this episode, it was awesome!!! 😀

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        1. Yes!!! I just like to think Caitlyn Stark (for all I didn’t like her) would be high fiving her from beyond the grave 😉

          heheh thanks- although that one I don’t feel awfully proud of now 😉 it really did!!

          Yes- it was being built up quite a bit, so I think everyone that read the books was expecting it to turn up, then… nada- I suppose it can’t be as important as we thought 😉

          Yes!!! 😀

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  7. Great post! I found this finale to be a bit slow. I was expecting craziness like last years finale, and we didn’t really get that. While I liked the episode, and it certainly didn’t have parts that made me angry, I was quite disappointed to have guessed how some of the plots were going to end. I shouldn’t be able to predict anything about GOT! Like Sansa ordering LF’s death, and Arya carrying out the sentence. The Wall coming down by Ice Dragon. Jon & Dany getting together.
    I thought the scene where Jon & Dany got together was incredibly sad. Here we have these characters that have both struggled to find someone, and they’ve finally found their someone just to have it be a relative. I didn’t feel triumphant that Jon was the true heir (he’s my guy!), I just felt sadness for him. I do think, like you, that Dany will get pregnant, and I think that she will die in childbirth, just like Jon’s mom did. I do also think that Tyrion & Cersei cut a deal – he had to say something to get her to come back out, and the scene immediately cuts after he finds out she’s pregnant, and add that to the lurking outside the door and yeah, I think he promised her that her child would be Dany’s heir. I also think that Tyrion will turn on Dany and re-discover his Lannister-ness.
    Can’t wait for the books and for the last season of the show! I think it’s gonna be wild!

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    1. I get that!! On first viewing I went into it pumped for some action and consequently thought that it was slow too. So a lot of my first draft had that in it- but when I watched it again and wasn’t expecting it to be as fast I actually found I enjoyed it a lot more. I was also expecting some mad stuff to go down and was disappointed when it didn’t. and yes I do get that- I generally don’t like to be able to predict too much. But with the wall coming down and Sansa killing LF, I’d been thinking that would go down for years so it wasn’t disappointing for me (although not exactly like that with the dragon). It was just paying off so much for me that I didn’t care… well all except the Jon/Dany thing- which I admit to shipping- but when it became a possibility I was like “ye wot?!” And yes you are right!! It really is. He’s my guy too!! Mostly cos he doesn’t want it- so I guess I wish the things that the characters don’t want for the characters I love? (that’s probably a bit messed up, isn’t it?) Yeah that makes *a lot* of sense to me. Yes for sure- I was surprised the scene cut there- so it made a lot of sense. Yes- agreed!!
      Me too!!!!

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  8. The wait is going to be wayyyyy tooooo long. I’ll end up rewatching the whole show at this point!! Or maybe I’ll make it my mission to finally read the books before the show releases its final season. I liked that the final episode served as a setup for the next season while still giving us some huge moments here and there. I’m still curious to know what deal Tyrion might have made with Cersei after discovering she was “pregnant”. His look upon discovering Dany + Jon just seems to promise some sort of backstabbing plan in the making… No, but seriously.. The wait is killer… 😛

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  9. .
    Yes and no you’re not an unobservant viewer- the foreign mysticism is hinted at and the saddle horn is supposedly gonna be authoritative (cos dany can’t yet controller her dragons there) the worry with the display is they’ve made dany more of a Mary process by making her able-bodied to controller her dragons overnight and they’ve made euron a otiose pantomime villain as a effect (though contribution of this is guesswork- I give birth no thought if dany gets the saddle horn off euron in the books or if it’ll be used for something else)
    Yes I harmonize!

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