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Hello all! So a couple of days ago I dropped the big bombshell that I didn’t like La La Land. Now see the thing is when I don’t get something I hate I always have this *cue music* moment, where this song pops into my head…

And this gave me a crazy idea to make a The Emperor’s New Clothes Tag! Let’s get to it shall we!

“Your Majesty, this is a magic suit” – An Overhyped Book That Promised to be *Something More*  


Everyone hates overhyped books, but why would you compare it to Night Circus?

“Somebody send for the Queen” – A Love Interest That Wasn’t Called For

queen of shadows

Sorry guys but it’s got to be Rowan from the Throne of Glass series- to be honest I was hoping she’d do a Buffy and just stay single.

“The doublet is a lovely shade of green” – A Book That Seduced You with Its Cover (that you ended up disliking)

(this is a post for griping guys)


I cover bought it *on my kindle* no less (this was before I knew that they could change the covers on there anyway). What makes it worse is I got the whole series cos it was a bargain… (yes, yes, lesson learnt- deals on kindle are a dime a dozen)

“Summon the court to convene” – A Book Where You Were Swayed by Public Opinion


So I have two answers for this. The first is Twilight- because I admittedly liked the first one (yes, yes, sparkly vampires and all *hangs head in shame*), but as they got progressively worse I saw the error of my ways 😉 .

pride and prejudice

And my second answer is Pride and Prejudice, which I initially disliked, but was persuaded to like by reading her other works (including Persuasion) I think I was too young to get the irony the first time round… And now I love it!

“Look at the the King! Look at the King, the King, the King!” – A Stark Raving Mad Book That Just Boggles the Mind


Why the hell was this ever a thing?!

“It’s altogether the very least the King has ever worn” – A Tropey Get Up You’ve Seen Before That Probably Needs Redressing (aka a trope you’re bored with seeing)

empire of storms

I really am not keen on the “chosen one” or Messianic trope at the moment. It’s just getting really old- so unless there’s some kind of twist on it, I get kind of peeved with it. That’s why (and I had a really long discussion with a friend about this recently) it really irritated me that Throne of Glass took the messianic route in book 5. Do something different darn it!!

“Summon the court physician! Call an intermission!” – A Book That Needs Medical Attention AKA A REWRITE


Any book that manages to make dragons suck needs a rewrite in my opinion- but I chose this one because I actually came up with How It Should Have Ended a while ago 😉

“It’s altogether the very least the King has ever worn” – There’s No Hiding For This One: A Book That Is Just Nakedly Bad

fifty shades of grey

Could there be any other answer?

Bonus: “His majesty is wide open to ridicule and scorn”- Something (anything) That Astounds You With Its Popularity


TV– Big Brother- I read 1984 before I ever heard of this and my reaction was “WHY THE HELL WOULD THAT BE A THING?!” After turning it on once and seeing a braindead conversation on what IQ was I turned it off and never watched it again #noregrets

Music– “fight fight fight fight…” no explanation needed

Movie– I didn’t like this movie- blah blah blah 😉

Art– Tracy Emin’s Bed- I’m not into the debate over whether something is or isn’t art- but I do think you can have a discussion of what is bad art- this demonstrates zero technical ability and is pure shock value.

And (don’t hate me)… Pokemon Go. I mean, I somewhat get why people liked the game- but I don’t get why people quit their jobs and wandered off cliffs to catch imaginary creatures…

Well that was fun to get all that off my chest (though I have no idea how it will be received!) time to tag some people:

James, Nel, Kat, Sophie, Rivermoose, Drew, Liis, Twin Bookmarks, Reading in the Wings, Anatomy of a Book Thief, My Midnight Musing, ZezeeStephanie and Dani

And that’s all for today! Agree with my choices? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!


77 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Clothes Tag

  1. Hahahahaha! I’m going to enjoy this tag SO MUCH! Ahahahahaha! Let’s see I agree with your Twilight answers, the chosen one trope, 50 shades of terribad and Pokemon Go as well as Big Brother. I’m going to *try* to come up with different answers that I hope are equally enjoyable!

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  2. Most of these you can be forgiven. 😉

    Honestly, I could not see the appeal of Caraval. I DNF it. Got about 100 meandering pages in and couldn’t take it anymore. The whole story just seemed utterly pointless (and spending a bunch of time reitierating that a woman’s only place in this culture is to get married is NOT a plot).

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  3. Yay! I’m excited. I totally felt the same way about Twilight. I’ve been wanting to read Throne of Glass, but I’m trying to finish up some other series before I start my next one… You know. I’m TRYING to give myself some self control and boundaries here.

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  4. Ohh what a fun tag! I think we already established that we feel the same way about Caraval ahah. I still need to read The Night Circus someday though, to see just how completely different and great it is 🙂

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  5. Thanks soo much for tagging us! Hopefully we get to do this (Though it may take a while) – as it looks sooo FUN!! 😀😀 You created this tag right? If so – YOU ARE SOO COOL AND HOW DO YOU HAVE SUCH CREATIVE CREATIVENESS IDEAS!!!😍🔥🔥

    Bla- we mean La La Land totally was a shock! 😉😉
    Great post as always!😊❤👌

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  6. Well, at least you’ve seen La La Land. I haven’t! 😀

    I kind of want to read P&P&Zombies because it seems cool and funny. But…I also think it’s probably too violent for me. 😦

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  7. YAY! Orangutan you knew I would LOVE this tag, as I ADORE your ranty reviews, lol! I read Twilight way after the hype and could see the appeal (sparkly vampires and all!) but could only get half way through the next… I never did like vampires anyway *shrug* I’m not quite on the hype train on Caraval, Throne of Glass or The Night Circus though I’m planning to read TNC in November! (I hope I love it!) People are crazy about Pokémon Go! I have a friend who goes a longer way through traffic to work and back so she can get the tokens or whatever!? Not worth it! Big Brother nuh uh!

    ♥️ Thanks for tagging me, Orangutan!! I’m going to have so much fun with this!!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Oh gosh yes- the second book is only a clue to how bad it gets!! That’s a good call- I really hope you enjoy TNC!! hehehe yes- I’ve seen people do that lol- it can be a bit of a pain when people want to walk a weird, longer route with you to play, and then they’ll stop you on a street corner waving their phone shouting “I’ve nearly got it!” (maybe this has only happened to me though 😉 ) hehehe agree!!

      You’re welcome ❤ I'm really looking forward to your post!!

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  8. I kinda like a few of these *cough fifty shades*. I know they aren’t good but sometimes I just like something kinda trashy and rubbish. Lets me turn my brain off for a bit.

    On the topic of terrible TV I actually really like Celebrity Big Brother. It depends who the “celebrities” are but I find it addictive viewing. If you want really trashy and pointless TV, Naked Attraction. It seems to be mostly people who want to get their kit off and be examined on national telly.

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  9. OMG! The song is stuck in my head!!
    First I’m hearing the story, actually. Really like it.
    Thanks for the tag!!
    So glad you didn’t like La La Land so that you made this tag. Lol!
    Really like that 50 Shades was chosen for the “nakedly bad” book. lol

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              1. All those with Ambition recognize it in others. As allies, as enemies.
                I mean, I would totally have been King of the World by now if I wasn’t so lazy. Being king of the world or sitting on the couch and reading in the evening. I just can’t seem to grasp the power 😀

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  10. Ugh Big Brother. That show is the absolute worst. The thought of having to watch 5 minutes of the show is enough to have me running for the hills. Also, any book that’s compared to The Night Circus is doomed. That book is amazing so naturally when you compare it to another you expect more epicness but they can’t deliver the goods.Thanks for the tag

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  11. Oh I love this! Awesome idea for a tag ❤
    I have to admit, I was obsessed with Pokemon Go not too long ago… I still feel the pull now and then but I have no time for it nowadays anyway xD It was just so cute, though! And I'm a collector at heart, so I couldn't resist. Besides, it actually had some health benefits, which I think is pretty cool 🙂
    Love your choices, especially Firelight. I totally agree! Dragons are epic s**** and the author managed to write an awful story about them. I just… can't…
    I have yet to watch La La Land but all the hype kind of turned me off? So I feel no actual desire to watch it now xD
    Thank you for tagging me for this! I can't wait to do it ^_^

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    1. Thank you!! And you’re welcome ❤
      hehe I get it- to an extent lol- like I said I couldn't understand why people would quit their job for it 😉 I do think that it got people out and about though (as long as said people weren't wandering off cliffs 😉 )
      Thank you!! They are!! I know right?!
      hehehe that's probably a good call 😉
      You're welcome!! Really looking forward to your post 😀


  12. This is such a cool tag and I am going to enjoy doing this one immensely, so thank you for tagging me 🙂
    Love the last question especially… gosh, I have a chance to go on a rant! wheppeee! 😀
    Pokemog Go! Yes!- I also cannot for the love of anything figure out how people got so stuck in it.. like- dudes, pick your heads out of your smartphone gameS share some of that ‘passion’ for things that actually matter as well… no idea how this thing got so big, with all those other candy crushes and angry birds and what nots…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! So glad you liked it!! 😀
      yay!!! So looking forward to that!!
      hehe yeah- like I can sort of understand being addicted to a game, but when it gets in the way of socialising- or even doing a job- that’s just a bit much for me!! hehee so true!!

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  13. Great tag!! I confess, I also enjoyed the first Twilight book, and even the first movie… then, like you, I continued and became progressively disillusioned. Something still kept me going till the end though, not entirely sure what…

    Interesting you didn’t like Rowan – I was a fan, though I did get a bit tired of all the possessive male fae stuff going on. I also liked that she didn’t end up with her initial love interest, that happens so rarely in YA books… though I guess she could have ended up with someone else other than him, there were other options 🙂

    And I agree, I’m so tired of the “chosen one” Messianic trope. The worst is when I’ve been reading a series for a while, and I think “hey, this is cool, a character is actually succeeding without a prophecy or a special destiny/lineage to back them up” and then bam, it’s revealed they are secretly the special snowflake heir to some ancient royal bloodline destined to save the world as has been foretold in the great prophecies of old etc. etc. Sigh!

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    1. Thank you! Yes!! I actually think the first one wasn’t bad- and my 3* rating has never budged. But it got so so bad (I hated book 2- especially the part where it skipped through several months cos she was without Edward- and then it just got worse and worse). hehe I think that old “wanting to know what happened” kept me going long after I’d decided it was rubbish 😉

      The thing is, I liked him as a character. I just didn’t ship it (to be honest, I never shipped anyone with Aelin, whilst I have lots of side ships in that book… actually this sounds really bad cos I’m basically saying I wanted her to be alone… whoops 😉 )

      YES!!! I agree so much!! Especially when they seem to be going away from that, or turning the tropes on their head. It always feels so lazy (actually the worst is probably the trailer for the new Pan remake that had him being the chosen one- such a bad call!!)

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      1. Oh yes I hated book 2 too – so little actually happened in that one. And in 3 and 4 things just got ridiculous. I really think if it’d been left at one book it would have avoided lots of criticism (though lots of money would have never been made so I suppose financially that would have been a bad move 🙂 )

        Haha, interesting you want Aelin to be alone! Though I can understand why, she is often more fun when she’s not dealing with one of her moody love interests.

        Glad you feel the same!! I haven’t seen that Pan trailer, but that sounds like a REALLY bad call 😦

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        1. Yes definitely agree!! It went in a realllly weird direction with all the imprinting stuff. Definitely agree- I always thought she should have just become a vampire at the end of book 1 (it even ruined the concept a little cos they’d made it all like “one bite from a vampire is all it takes”) hehe true!

          hehehe yes!! Funnily enough, the only person I saw her with was Sam from before the books began (in the short stories he’s lovely though)

          hehe yes it was!!!

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  14. Hmm, I’m still kind of hoping TOG does something really interesting with the revelation in EOS and knowing SJM it probably will. I’m going to have to vehemently disagree with you on Rowan though… I’m a diehard Rowaelin fan (but to be fair I’m also a hopeless romantic and virtually never want characters to remain single, although there are some exceptions).

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    1. Ah yeah I get what you mean- I’m hoping the same- the trouble is I always find her endings a bit predictable, but *fingers crossed* she’ll surprise us all!! hehehe that’s fair- I do like Rowan, I just never really shipped her with him lol. It’s so funny cos I consider myself a hopeless romantic too and in that series I’m *obsessed* with the side ships, but not the mc ships 😉

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      1. I definitely didn’t see the ending of Empire of Storms coming so hopefully he same will happen for the final book. I’m reading Tower of Dawn at the moment and it’s really good so far so I have high hopes for the finale.

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