Game of Thrones Season 7 Wrap Up

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Whew- can you believe we’re done with Game of Thrones for the year?? Crazy right!!

Well before I sign off on this subject, I’ve had a little time to mull over my thoughts for the season as a whole and to get in some predictions for season 8.

So first off: the White Walkers are gonna win. JK! I jest, I jest! That said, I know that things are going to get worse before they get better. I mean, we did just see a dead dragon blast through a wall of ice.

This year, I had mixed feelings about the show. While I enjoyed watching all the episodes (because who doesn’t like watching a dragon showing off its fiery wrath 😉 ), I did have problems with the continuity errors and time jumps. In terms of time jumps, I’m inclined to let them off the hook, simply because people complained so much about slow pacing in previous seasons- I feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The storyline has, frankly, been all over the place. A friend of mine said they’ve obviously got George R R Martin’s end goal in mind and been working backwards- and this most obvious in the ridiculous suicide mission up north, which is clearly just a way to give the Night King a dragon. It’s not merely fanficy (although you can spot the fanfic vibes in a lot of the dialogue a mile off) it’s more that the books are unfinished and there’s a reason why it’s taking Martin so long to come up with coherent reasons for the same things happening in the books- the writers here are showing what happens when you go “well we’ve got to get from a to b, so wham bam thank you mam, let’s ignore logic”. This is less of an indictment of the show and more of a testament to Martin’s plotting skills– and, more than last season, this illustrates how different the book is gonna be.

Take Tyrion’s role this season, for instance. Either the showrunners have completely lost sight of his character or (and this is my personal opinion) or a lot of these decisions will actually be taken by Selmy, who is still alive in the books, and is more likely to make these kinds of blunders, since he already did during Robert’s rebellion. Personally, I this is more evidence (if ever we needed it) that they killed Selmy off prematurely and it’s creating continuity errors.

In terms of other book changes, I was dubious about the Jon/Dany pairing being present in the books. Yet with all the hints of pregnancy (they’re doing foreshadowing with a sledgehammer now) it seems likely that this will fit into the books somehow- with her my updated interpretation of her curse being she will die once she has a baby and be with Drogo again (I could be totally wrong about this, but I’ve thought Dany will die at the end for years now). I do wish that they could have built up this romance more convincingly, instead of relying so heavily on the fact that a lot of the audience already shipped it. It felt a little like they were softening towards each other and just fell into bed together. Talk about crazy attraction (emphasis on the *crazy*) That’s not to mention the fact that *dudes this is incest*- because here I am saying they should have built up an incestuous romance?! Honestly- watching the show this year has been very much a *be careful what you wish for* moment for me- cos you guys know I used to ship it (gah- I know- but I never expected it to happen- damn the writers for giving me what I wanted!). I’ve been so confused about it all season. But fortunately I’m not alone in this dilemma- this tweet was going round a lot:

tweet incest got

Moving on from the icky to the more tricky, I personally felt that we could have had more villainy. After all, this is what the show is known for! In previous seasons we’ve had a lot more character based scenes and grim interactions. I feel like they were hamming up Cersei as the mad queen and Euron as the next big bad, without making them do too many vicious things. I feel like, for villains in Game of Thrones, they were too willing to negotiate and didn’t do enough to warrant the title “dastardly” (and I so want to give that title to somebody with Ramsay and Joffrey out of the picture). A lot of this could be expanded upon.

For all that, I did appreciate the wonderful blockbuster moments and the spectacular cinematography. Unfortunately I agree with a lot of the critics that there used to be more to it than that (although a lot of this may come down to their lack of production capabilities when they started out). I will admit to missing the times when the characters made perfect sense *and* surprised us. But- to be as fair as possible- some of the things that were super predictable were such a long time coming, so can you really blame them? (I mean c’mon, Littlefinger had it coming since season 1)

I should probably say at this point that I still love it– but given how many posts I’ve done on this you guys must know that 😉 And speaking of which, here’s the full list for your perusal:

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Episode 4: Spoils of War: This Series is Gaining Heat

Episode 5: Watch Out Eastwatch!

Episode 6: Ooh Err… Let’s Go Beyond the Wall

Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf- FINALLY!

A special thank you goes out to everyone that followed along for this- it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without all your wonderful comments:

Kat@LifeandOtherDisasters, Nel@ReactionaryTales, Ali@IWuvBooks, Ami@Luvtoread, Vicky@BooksandStrips, Lashaan&Trang@Bookidote, Nicole@ThoughtsonFantasy, Sophie@BlameChocolate, Dragons and ZombiesLolsysLibrary, Kristina Steiner, Drew@TheTattooedBookGeek, Pooja, Sarah Angelton, Literary Weaponry, Reading in the Wings, Poulami, Litcritpop, ReadbyChris, SpunkyReads, Fictionspawn and Bedwetter’s Last Dream

Check each other out!!

(I do hope I’ve not missed anyone out)

And that really is A WRAP! Now I’m gonna go cry that it’s all over for two years… Let me know your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

48 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 7 Wrap Up

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I am going to check out all the other wonderful people mentioned too 🙂

    I completely agree with your post. I had problems with continuity and Tyrion’s character too. I just hope George RR Martin’s next books are independent of what is happening in the show. The show writers simply can’t have the same imagination as George RR Martin and working backwards is kind of killing it. And, I agree that the amount of villainy in this season was not up to standard of the other seasons. Loved your post!

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    1. You’re welcome!! Fantastic- I’m so glad 😀

      Yeah I do think they’re gonna be very different, cos they’ve diverged so much in the show and written so many storylines out. But we’ll have to wait and see 😉 yeah that was my biggest disappointment to be honest! Thank you so much!

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  2. Agree with you hugely here. As much as I enjoyed Season 7, the odd time lapses and idiotic decisions (“lets send the King on a suicide mission over the wall….with seven dudes!”) did grate somewhat. I guess its because the series as a whole has such high standards – any deviation (which you would accept without blinking in other series) seems worse!

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    1. Glad you agree!! Yes- I’m the exact same- while I enjoyed it, I really had to suspend my disbelief for this series more than any other. I guess I can believe in a world where dragons exist pretty easily, but crazy suicide missions where all the vital characters survive? Not so much. Yes- I definitely agree with you there!

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  3. You’re very welcome. I’ve been absolutely loving these posts and have agreed with pretty much everything you say.

    I probably enjoyed this series more than the last because there was a lot more action (and y’know DRAGONS!!!). I have to confess my attention wandered in S6.

    I have been loving all of the storylines starting to come together but totally agree that at times it’s felt a bit rushed and has left me going ‘wait how did they get there so fast’. A few of their actions haven’t made a whole lot of sense either.

    Also totally agree it’s missing a really evil, twisted baddie. Cersei has had her moments but she seems to have mellowed now she’s knocked up.

    In terms of predictions, at the moment I’m kind of buying into the Cersei dies in child birth theory rather Dani. I also think Jon will get himself a mortal wound in the final battle and die for real this time. Tyrion will end up on the throne while raising the two babies who’ll then marry each other and take over, uniting the kingdom forever.

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    1. Aww thank you! So glad you liked them 😀

      hehe yes!! I loved the action and initially I thought it was keeping up the momentum from the last two episodes of season six (and gosh yes I’m a sucker for dragons!!)

      But you’re right- some of it just didn’t make as much sense as it has in other seasons.

      And yes- Cersei could be so much more of a villain! I know a lot of us already hate her, but they could always do with ramping it up, for the sake of some good tension.

      Ahh that’s a good theory. Hadn’t thought of that (cos I’m going with the whole “it’s not a real pregnancy” theory- but if it is real that makes the most sense- I quite like how that fits in with the whole prophecy for her death actually). Yeah that makes sense- I’ve been back and forth over whether I think whether Martin would want to kill him twice- and think that on balance he’d definitely be willing to kill him twice 😉 hahahaha that would be a hilariously good ending- the two incest babies together in a surprisingly not incestuous relationship! 😉


  4. Oh Dany is so going to be preggers, there were 2 many mentions of it not to be true……but the baby will be a true Targaryen!!!! I love the idea of her being back with Drogo though!

    And now the long wait……..😁

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  5. I enjoyed reading your posts all season! 🙂
    I agree on Tyrion’s character but I think the problems there can be attributed to wanting to keep Cersei not just alive but as a power player that they all needed to go to by the end of the season. I’ve been wondering if they didn’t essentially make her book Aegon. Oh well, at least Jaime is out there!

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  6. Aw thanks so much for the mention, I’ve really loved reading your reviews and I looked forward to them after each episode, so thanks for writing them!!! Will def. check out those other blogs.

    I think you summed it up so perfectly when you said this season has been very “be careful what you wish for” – I’ve loved it too, but I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, because a while back I was criticising the show for being too slow, for too many people dying, for too much villainy… and now I’m criticising it for the opposite. It really does feel like they gave us what we wished for and we are now realising we didn’t want it 🙂 I especially agree with you on the romance front – it happened super fast and turned out to be not so great. Also… I was kind of trying to ignore the incest thing but they didn’t let me 😛 Oh well, I think as you said, it simply highlights the mastery of Martin, and gives us a better appreciation of his plotting.

    Btw, the beginning of your post actually had me envisioning an ending where the White Walkers win… or, more accurately, the enraged reaction of millions of fans! 😂

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    1. You’re welcome!! Aww thank you so much!! Fantastic!! 😀

      hahaha I know right- it was really hard, cos I’ve moaned about it being too slow before and wanted all my favourite characters to *not die* for a change- but then I got exactly what I wanted and wasn’t totally satisfied. hahahaha yes!! 😂😂 I definitely agree. hahaha I know right- the problem was they had the moment about him being a Targaryen just as he was getting with her *awkward*!! Yes for sure!!

      hahahaha omg- that would be hilarious!!! 😂😂😂 (though I should probably say I don’t mean it!! Because the showrunners if too many of us say it the showrunners will make it happen and then say “I thought it was what you wanted…” 😂😂😂)

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      1. Haha yes, *awkward* is the perfect description of the timing of that Targaryen moment. I guess we are not supposed to enjoy Game of Thrones romances too much, there’s always got to be a creepy element to them 😉

        Lol!!! I am imagining the showrunners trawling fan sites for plot ideas. “Hey, this ‘White Walkers win’ theory is gaining traction… shall we give it a shot?” We definitely need to be more careful 😂

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  7. Thanks for the mention! You know how much I adored these posts and it’s a shake we have to wait 2 years to get more but maybe you can revive it for Outlander or some other show??? 😉
    I definitely enjoyed the previous seasons except for season 6. I honestly thought it was the most boring of the bunch except for the last episode or 2. I feel bad for the show writer’s honestly because at this point they basically have to fill in and make up the gaps. I think season 6 specifically, was so drawn out because they were hoping ole George would put a book out. He still hasn’t and he probably won’t in the next two years if you ask me. It’s fact that he told them how it ends and he probably gave them free, creative license to fill-in the gaps. That’s just my opinion though.
    As for what I think will happen, I’m not convinced cercei is pregnant yet. Or maybe I don’t want her to be, lol. Stomach virus anyone? Dany definitely will be pregnant cause it was foreshadowed. Some ppl are gonna die in this whitewalker war I just hope it’s not ppl I like a lot but it’s GOT so who the hell knows. I think Theon has something up his sleeve since he’s the only one focusing on Kings landing which is where cercei has invasion plans brewing. and since his sister is still alive, and possibly the dorne mama? Who knows what they’re cooking up in prison since they’re severely pissed. I have all kinds of theories man!!!

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    1. Aww you’re welcome!! I’m so glad you enjoyed them!! hehe probably not Outlander- but you never know, I could get hooked on something else in two years (I for one really hope I don’t go two years without loving another show as much 😉 )
      Yeah definitely agree there- I think the last two episodes of season 6 really saved it for me- but it was a low point overall for a lot of it. Yeah you’re right- I don’t want to be too hard on them, cos they’re in a difficult position- they can’t go their own way cos they know the ending, but they also have to fill in all the gaps themselves. Yeah I one hundred percent agree!!
      Yeah I’m not sure either- hehehehee my thoughts exactly (or more like “phantom pregnancy like queen Mary) And yes! For sure! Ahh I agree!! Yeah I’m curious to see how he’ll redeem himself. hahahahaha ahh for a second I was so excited to see what would happen with all that.. then I remembered we still have to wait two years!!!


  8. I do not watch this show but I’ve read over your posts this season sometimes and it’s been fascinating to get a sense of what you thought… I really like how you give props to Martin’s plotting! No way could the show writers do his story justice without the book behind them, but it sounds like they are trying?! ♥️

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  9. You literally voiced all of the thoughts in my head about this last episode. I really want to go back and finish reading the books (I read the first two and then things started getting ruined for me from everyone watching the show, so I just started watching). It has been so fun reading your posts every week! NOW WE WAIT FOREVERRRRRR.

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    1. Ah I’m glad you agree!! Ah yes I get that- funnily enough I rushed to read the books cos the tv show was ruined for me a bit by some people who’d read the books. I do recommend continuing them though- the Dorne story is so much better there. Thank you so much! I KNOWWWW!!! It’s torture!!!


  10. YAAAS THAT BLOODY ENDING!!!! Killed me! I freaking knew it was coming but seeing that still came as a shock. I think I was mostly shouting throughout the whole episode. And I agree with what you said but the expectations for the next season is even moooore high since hell is going to break loose. Literally. I reeeeaally hope they manage to meet most of the expectations.

    And thanks for the shoutout! ❤

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  11. It was my utmost pleasure to discuss this season with you 😀 I had so many Dany/Jon and Sansa possible-future-ship conversations as never before. I am beyond happy that everyone is convinced of Sansa’s badassness now. I am sad that I have to agree that they seem to have lost sight of some characters a bit, it’s really a shame.

    Anyway, for Season 8 I am hoping for one scene between Sansa and Jaime (you know why hahahaha) and for someone to FINALLY tell Jon and Dany that they’re related. I want to see their faces … real bad!

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    1. Aww thank you 😀 I loved having these conversations so much!! hehehe yes!! Yeah it is a shame cos Tyrion is one of my favourites and I’m not totally convinced with the some of the things he did this year.

      hahahahaha yes!! Oh my gosh- I will fall over laughing if that happens. hahah I’m quite terrified what will happen there, but I agree 😉

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  12. I am still thoroughly enjoying the showed and admit that I was super iced to see “dragon turned whitewalker” 😉 But I have certainly felt the affects of the show surpassing the writing. I thought I read that Martin plans to tweak the final books a bit to give readers something a bit different than the show’s finale? I hope anyways. I do feel that this season was a bit choppy and rushed.

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    1. Oh yes totally agree!! It was so weird this season, cos I’ve had other seasons I’ve enjoyed less, but also complained about less 😂 This year was thoroughly enjoyable to watch, it just made less sense on reflection. Oh I didn’t know that!!! Wow!! So we really could get two totally different endings!! I have no idea what to expect now. But yes I do agree there.

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      1. I am not sure how much he will change, but I read an article that the intent would be to assure it was completely spoiled since he fell behind the series. Now whether this holds true or not we will see.. he has also told us the Winds of Winter was coming out for like the last how many years?! Haha 😉

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  13. Excellent post! Thanks for mentioning me 🙂 I totally agree with your statements! And wow, it never occurred to me about the Tyrion/Selmy point that you brought up. But it makes total sense! They destroyed Tyrion’s character when they altered his motive for killing Tywin, and since then, the show hasn’t really known what to do with him (or any characters, really). I agree that perhaps the showrunners know the end game and have been working backwards these past few seasons since they don’t have the books to go off of. It’s evident in how they got Sansa to Winterfell – I think she’s headed to Winterfell in the books, but how she’ll get there is completely different than what happened in the show.
    My favorite episode of the season was Episode 4, with those awesome dragon scenes. And, I actually really enjoy the last episode of the season too. When I first watched it I was kinda meh about it, but now I really enjoy the episode.
    I can’t wait until Winds of Winter is released! I think we are in for major changes from the show, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Martin brings the characters together.
    Also – we can’t forget that GRRM started the series in mind with having a big time jump between two of the books at one point. Was it after Storm of Swords? I can’t remember where he had envisioned the time jump, and then he realized that it wasn’t quite as easy as that and he needed to go deeper into certain plots. I’m wondering if perhaps he’ll decide to extend the series beyond two more books. And I’m also wondering if he’ll end the books differently than the show. The path to the end is surely different, but I just wonder if he’ll try to shake things up a bit.
    As much as I rant about the show, I do truly love it and as much as I gripe about the differences, it is definitely entertaining television!

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    1. Thank you so much!! You’re welcome 😀 I loved hearing from you every week and really enjoyed our chats!! Yeah that was my thought the whole season- cos it *makes no sense* for Tyrion to make these choices… but Selmy on the other hand… well he’s made a lot of the same choices of splitting the army up before etc. Yes I totally agree. I don’t think they get him nearly well enough.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that. Yes for sure- I think that she’ll still go with an army from the Eyrie- it’s just that she won’t have a personal vendetta against Ramsay. Although I’m not sure, I think Jon will go there to fight Ramsay anyway (although a friend of mine thinks Stannis will win that battle in the books- I’m not sure) But yeah, I agree she will end up there too.
      Yes I agree for sure!! Loved that episode!!
      Me too!! I definitely definitely agree!! And I have a lot of confidence that it’s going to end up being awesome (especially cos plot wise I think the books have better places to go- like Lady Stoneheart…) Me too!!
      Yes I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that he said some things recently about tweaking the ending he originally had planned slightly- so maybe!!
      Hehehe yes I completely agree!!

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      1. Yes! Me too! I really loved hearing your thoughts on the show and the different plot ideas.
        Yeah, I think Jon is headed there as well, and I think things will be a different with the Stannis plot.
        Can’t wait to see what happens with Lady Stoneheart and Jaime, Brienne, & Pod in the books.

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  14. Loved coming to your posts to hear your thoughts on every episode!! It’s not like there are a lot of peepz out there who can fangirl/boy over a show in a critical and awesome way!!! 😉 I’ll be looking forward to this special series of yours when the final season comes out!! It’s definitely going to be insane and nothing good is going to happen when we want them too for sure! I just want my mind blown. Can’t wait!!! 😀 Thanks again for the shoutout and keep up the awesomeness!!!

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