Expressing Some Shady Opinions on Lord of Shadows

Whoops- I read another Shadowhunter book. Yes, I know I said ages ago this was getting samey for me… but I went right ahead and read this anyway (yeah I know I’m a completionist, but I swear I was gonna give this a miss… probably 😉 ). Yet since I owe the fact that I did read this to my younger sister, I thought it might be fun to have her come along for this review too- SURPRISE! Introducing the Monkey Baby… monkey baby finalBonjourno – Je suis le monkeybaby

Well evidently she’s not bilingual- but let’s do this thing.

lord of shadows

Right off the bat, I’m going to say that if you’re not already into the whole Shadowhunter world this book is not going to convert you. I’d say if you are into Clare’s work, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it… and a good chance you won’t. I’m going to come clean straight away and say I did not see this as Clare’s strongest book. Not by a long shot, not even a little bit.

Monkey Baby: I agree I don’t think it’s her strongest work, I think the first one was much better. But I think due to the romance of this book being the best one, it kind of makes up for it a little…

Ahh what we’re all here for: the romance. Now this is a minor spoiler, but I will say that I liked how Clare dealt with the Mark/Emma/Julian love triangle, getting it out the way pretty quickly. That was a massive relief for me… but the second we were over that love triangle hurdle, another, totally unnecessary love triangle got shoehorned in. I couldn’t stand the Kieran/Mark/Christina love triangle- it was just so jgfsldgesnbarmj (translation: utterly pointless and frustrating)

Monkey Baby: MMMMMMM I’m not so sure I agree. I think it was a tad confusing but not irritating. Although this is probably the only love triangle that has no correct answer EVER!!! I have no ship for it…

Let’s talk about some of the things I did like then. When it came to the characters, I found that a lot of them were seriously growing on me. I definitely am finding Ty and Kit well-developed, intriguing and a great duo. I do think the younger characters are beginning to steal the limelight quite effectively from their older siblings- which is a good thing.

Monkey Baby: J’adore Ty and Kit. Ils sont THE BEST!!!

(I have no idea why she’s speaking franglais) Okay, moving on, I honestly don’t know how she keeps writing action packed stories and that’s one of my favourite parts about these books. No matter what, they can keep you on your toes. Plus while the writing isn’t flashy, it did have its moments of beauty and was genuinely funny and sweet at times.

Monkey Baby: No comment. I agree.

That said, when it came to the plot, I felt like it was initially bogged down by recapping. This could be just a personal thing (as I’ll always opt out of the “in the last book so-and-so did this and the other-so-and-so did that”). Still I also felt like this book offered nothing different. When it came to the ending (don’t worry no spoilers) I did feel like it was dramatic BUT it’s not like we haven’t had *more* dramatic things happen in the past and consequences that are equally dire. As ghastly and gut-wrenching as the ending was, we all know at this point that Clare is willing to take us to some pretty dark places. But when it comes to taking us to said dark places, I did think there were some places where this fell down. And while this book made me feel things, *a lot* of those things were irritation. And the main source of that irritation was the villains.

Monkey Baby: I felt like this book didn’t have any real villains. Where is Voldemort???

Wrong book babyface, but *brace yourself for a rant of epic proportions* cos these were lousy villains for me. They came across as loutish losers and were easily dismissed as “bigots” and “fascists”- and as effective as name-calling is in defeating your enemies, I did not think the book effectively dealt with their arguments. Predominantly, this was because it didn’t give them any arguments- there were no reasons for their behaviour except that they’re nasty bigots who don’t like fair folk and call everyone names. There were times when the story actually devolved into a juvenile cussing match. Don’t get me wrong I want people to defeat these arguments- that’s why, if you’re gonna bring this shit up, you actually have to put up a fight. Don’t bring a feather duster to a boxing match. And for goodness sake, don’t invoke serious issues for the sake of some naff point scoring (unless you want an angry ape writing a ranty review). What frustrated me more than anything is that here is a series that always dealt in complexity and created villains we can actually fear (remember Valentine anyone?) and now we have a cohort who are just mean because they’re big meanies (wah!) Plus, we were even given a blueprint for a fantastic baddie with the Unseelie King, but were left to focus on Zara-blooming-Dearheart who was about as ominous as a gnat.

Monkey Baby: SERIOUSLY WHERE IS VOLDEMORT????????????????????????????????????????????????

Oh alright, since you asked…

The Real Look of Lord Voldemort from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

Rating: 2½/5 bananas

small bananasmall bananasmall half banana

So have you read this? What did you think about it? And do say hello to the Monkey Baby!

28 thoughts on “Expressing Some Shady Opinions on Lord of Shadows

  1. Hahahaha Baby Monkey is very entertaining. Can I vote for more book reviews with her? You two are a hilarious pair 🙂 I haven’t read any Clare book since I DNF’d The Mortal Instruments.

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    1. hehehe she really is!!! Oh I definitely want her to do more with me, she’s just always so busy- hopefully though! That’s fair enough- the thing is I fell out of love with the series a while ago… and yet I still keep reading it! I blame the Monkey Baby!


  2. Another series that at one point I do want to get started on. As with a lot of things lately, it all comes down to time…and having way too little of it lol 😂 Great post and review!


  3. OH MY GOSH, YES. I haven’t read this one (nor am I going to – and I’m holding firm to that!), but this is EXACTLY why I stopped reading Clare’s work. 700 pages – all the wasted trees! – that’s 85% unnecessary, or repetitive action, or repetitive relationship angst, and WHO GIVES A DAMN. When I read City of Bones a few years ago, I was genuinely blown away – though I didn’t care for the Luke/Leia type twist with Clary and Jace, I was honestly afraid of Valentine, and couldn’t wait to see them defeat him. But I didn’t even finish The Infernal Devices (female warlocks? huh? wtf?), and Lady Midnight was a ridiculous excuse for a bad guy (I didn’t believe Annabelle was scary for a second, nor her pining warlock lover – more like somebody who needs to GET OVER IT ALREADY). Sorry for the mini-rant myself, but great review!

    And I too enjoyed Baby Monkey’s contributions!

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    1. Thank you!! I totally totally get that!! I really am not into this repetitive stuff- it real does feel like it’s all a bit samey (except that the reasons for not being together or for people being baddies or for anything really are becoming more and more “meh”) I don’t feel like it’s taking things up a notch either- it feels lazier and lazier. Yeah I didn’t like that twist either- but thank goodness it didn’t turn out to be true (I actually spoiled myself for that, cos I couldn’t have gone on reading otherwise). Personally, cos I started with Infernal Devices, I preferred it- but having read the rest now it doesn’t make sense with the internal logic of the world and there were a few things I didn’t like about that series too. But yes I was terrified of Valentine, not really scared of the guy in Infernal Devices- he was more like a generic baddie- and to be honest, all the others seem like that too (only they’re getting increasingly more lame!) TOTALLY agree!! hehe no worries- it’s so great to have someone else who gets it with this series and why it’s getting on my wick!!!
      hehe thank you!! 😀

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  4. As soon as you wrote Monkey Baby, I immediately thought of the Mt. Dew commercial with the Puppymonkeybaby. Quite possibly the most disturbing thing I have EVER seen in my entire life.
    I couldn’t even concentrate on your review after that.

    Not that Clare is high on my list of authors to try out. Or even to try at all in fact! 🙂

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    1. Do I even want to look that up- goes to check…
      Oh gawd no!!! I did not need to see that- I’m scarred for life!! That was so WEIRD!
      hahaha yeah I don’t think it’d be your thing- and to be honest, I’ve been gradually getting more and more meh about this series- I just keep telling myself “just one more book…” 😉

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  5. I haven’t read this yet. I’m actually waiting til they all come out to read them. I loved the mortal instruments and am sad to see that quite a few people said it was just ‘okay’ 😦

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    1. Ah that makes a lot of sense! To be honest, I read the Infernal Devices first and loved it. Then I read the first three Mortal Instruments and really enjoyed it- but never felt as excited since then tbh. I think it’s a good series- but I’ve steadily gone off it a bit- I hope you enjoy it more! 🙂

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  6. Hello monkey baby 🙂 or should i say bonjour? 😀

    I will probably never try any of clare’s books. From what you say about it and from what i’ve seen around the internet, it deals with everything i can’t stand 😀 love triangles and no believable bad guys? Meh..
    and lets not talk about the movie i half watched and was embarrassed 😀

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    1. hehehe well she does speak a little French 😉

      That makes a lot of sense. hehe well I want to give all the credit to Clare (and also defend why I got into the books in the first place 😉 ) I did initially *love* Clare’s villains (Valentine is still one of the best YA villains IMO cos he’s so complex) and she initially did these clever twists on love triangles that I found refreshing… now it’s just typical miscommunication and lousy villains. Haha gotta say that movie isn’t the best representation of the book- trust me, that’s *not* what Valentine is like in the book!! He was *stereotypical badguy* in that- where he’s suave and clever in the books (like I said, I’m a fan of him as a baddie) But yeah- bad film lol 😉

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  7. You know, I give exactly zero hoots for the book/series, but I LOVE that you did this review with Monkey Baby and it’s super great! You should do it more often, especially since you seem to disagree on some points as well (love triangles- hahaha!) but.. but.. wonderful review, totally enjoy it! 😉

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  8. This monkeybaby’s frenglish had me hypnotized! I did not expect it at all, although I frenglish all the time in real life too hahaha Loved the format of the review and man… this doesn’t sound like a book I’ll be looking into anytime soon. The whole villain thing disappoints me already! Great review! 😀

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    1. hahaha welll she does speak some French (more than me) but she’s not exactly fluent- plus she threw in the one Italian word she knows as well- I ask for her comments and this is what she gives me- she’s more wacky than I am 😂 Glad you enjoyed the format!! haha yeah, it disappointed me (to be honest, if it wasn’t for my sister I’d have given up on the series 😉 ) That really felt like a letdown! Thank you! 😀

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  9. Moments like these make me happy i stopped with the shadowhunters at City of Fallen Angels. That’s when it started to go down hill and that when I abandoned ship. I think at this point Clare is probably just running out of ideas since that has gone on for so long and yet she clearly has no intention to stop. But oh well. And Monkey Baby should definitely make more appearances in the future!

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    1. hehehe oh I wish I’d stopped there!! Yup a hundred percent agree!! I really wish that she’d stop, cos my sister’s always pressuring me to read all the books- I need to just stop already cos the books are getting worse and I’m not into them anymore. hehe hopefully!! 😀

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