Unfolding My Feelings For Crooked Kingdom

crooked kingdom….as much as that is possible to do. Because I swear this series had my emotions in a vice. Honestly I was nervous to even start, but I needn’t have feared because this book was hella entertaining. It was as twisty as Inej on a tightrope, as funny as Jesper’s banter, as smart as Kaz… you get the idea- it was fantastic.

I fell straight back into the world and the story and the characters. And then, right when it had me in the palm of its hand, it crushed all the spirits it had previously raised so high. Don’t worry, no spoilers, but somehow Bardugo managed to simultaneously incinerate my heart, and then stoke what remained over a deliciously warm campfire, until I melted in a puddle of marshmellowy gooey goodness (can you tell I’m getting ready for bonfire night?) To say this ending was bittersweet would be an understatement. But whatever my feelings were about it: it was glorious.

There are so many levels to enjoy this series on: adventure, romance, friendship, darkness, characterisation. I feel like it has something for everyone. But speaking of characters, I have to state the obvious: I was head over heels for them. Plus, it even had a couple of great cameos from the other Grisha series- though I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you who it was for anyone planning on reading it 😉

And oh my goodness the writing! I rarely stop reading to write down quotes- but this was too damn good. “Knife edge posture”- *shivers*! Perfectly fabricated, it injected so much life into the characters and the story. I also loved the use of slang like “the deal’s the deal” to make the world feel so much more real.

Okay, clearly I could sing this book’s praises forever, so I’m gonna leave it there, with the very obvious final rating of:

5/5 bananas

small bananasmall bananasmall bananasmall bananasmall banana

So have you read this? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!

65 thoughts on “Unfolding My Feelings For Crooked Kingdom

  1. Well done for managing to write such a great review. I read this but just couldn’t find the words.

    Bardugo is such an incredible writer. I think I’ve loved just about everything she’s written and the characters in this are just the best.

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  2. I’ve been avoiding it fearing that there was no way it could top Six of Crows, but your review sure does give me hope! I’ll surely dive back into this dark fantastic world to finish the duology but maaaaaan, the fear is real! Love how you expressed your love for this one by the way! Great review as always! 😀

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  3. …incinerate my heart, and then stoke what remained over a deliciously warm campfire, until I melted in a puddle of marshmellowy gooey goodness…

    Wonderfully entertaining writing on your part! Talk about bringing a review to life.

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  4. Girlfrieeeeeend, we must be soul mates, ’cause this book moved me. In fact, there wasn’t a word in it that I didn’t love. Every page I looked at was the best one. it blew my mind so hard that I can’t even remember starting OR finishing this. *swoon*

    If we weren’t friends, I’d call this a serious trolling 😉

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  5. I just finished this and absolutely loved it. I bought it before even finishing SOC (which you recommended) because I was enjoying that so much. Crooked kingdom actually gripped me even more, what an utterly brilliant book. Thank you SO much for introducing me to this writer. I may try the Grisha series next.

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  6. THAT’S IT. THAT. IS. IT. I have been putting off reading this series for FAAAAAAR TOOOOO LOOOONG but CLEARLY, you had something ENTIRELY ELSE PLANNED FOR ME. 😂 I mean, you wrote this FANTASTIC review to get me excited for the book to the point that I JUST CAN’T RESIST IT ANY LONGER, right? 😁 I KNEW IT!!!! 😜

    Well, you got the deed done. I AM READING THIS AND THERE’S NO STOPPING ME.NOW. 😁😁😁

    FANTASTIC REVIEW….uhhh….HEYY, what do I call you APART from my favourite librarian? 😅❤❤❤

    And hey, are you participating in this year’s NaNo? 😁

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    1. YAYYY!!! I’m so excited that you want to try it!!! 😀 I really hope you love it as much as I did 🙂 Thank you so much!!! 😁😁😁

      hehehe welcome to the dark side 😜 I really hope you love it!! 😁😁

      Thank you so much!!! 😁😁 ❤

      hehe sort of, I've set myself a much lower target, how about you? 😁


  7. OMG I FEEL YOU 😆 I absolutely adore the Six of Crows duology — it’s one of my favorites, if not THE favorite, ya book I’ve read thus far. I loved how complex the characters were, how they could do horrendous things but still get me to feel sympathy for them, and don’t get me started on the shipping. *faints* It is hard articulate thoughts for Crooked Kingdom, just because of how utterly beautiful and amazing the novel is 😆😋

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  8. I loved this book! But I have admit that I enjoyed Six of Crows a bit more than this one. I’m also glad that the ending tied all these loose ends and at the same time I want so badly for the crows to have another book!! Hopefully the can make a cameo in King of Scars or something!

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  9. Um, obviously I’ve read this! 😉 I am with you on sooo much of this. My favorite parts of Bardugo’s duology are the relationships between the characters. These are all such unique interactions with each other– none of the relationships felt the same. Does that make sense? The *relationships* had unique twists! Who wouldn’t fall for that?

    I haven’t read the other books in the Grisha series. But, I’ve been told they might be disappointing after reading this duology. Would you agree with that assessment?

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    1. hehehe yeah a lot of people have by now 😉 I’m so late on the hype train 😉 I totally agree!! There’s so many great relationships and interactions. I totally get what you mean!!

      hehe yes, I read them first, and I wasn’t totally in love with them- so I actually enjoyed this more cos it really lowered my expectations. But I’d say they’re enjoyable enough (I was just expecting a bit more from them cos they were also hyped)

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      1. I personally tend ot avoid the “hype train”. I find that I get frustrated with most hyped books. They are overhyped and fall flat for me. It’s almost always disppointing. This I actually read with a friend, so that was nice.

        I’ll keep my mind open for the rest of the Grishaverse books. I can’t wait to learn more about this world!

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  10. Brilliant review! I’m glad this book got 5 bananas 🙂 I was nervous to start it too after loving the first one but like you said, it didn’t disappoint. And yeah, definitely an emotional roller coaster with a bitter sweet ending. The characters really are so loveable and the writing is amazing. I think after this I’ll be reading just about anything Bardugo brings out!

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  11. I have to be honest… after reading SoC I went ahead and read the reviews for CK and intentionally spoiled myself and I was a bit glad I did because of that specific couple… I couldn not have taken it so soon.. so I am letting time pass before I read this book… 😀 haha… glad to hear the book was brilliant though, I love that the writing continues to be strong… One day soon I will be brave and read it, as well… 😉

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