A Major Unhaul

So I’ve run out of space… again… which means it’s time for another unhaul! And since this is such a major unhaul, I’ve decided to break it down into categories. (Plus since I’ve reviewed most of these, you can click on pictures for reviews…) Buckle up- we’re here for the long (un)haul! 

Here’s a sneak preview…

Let’s start with…

Uni was a long time ago…

The Norton Anthologies– I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and get rid of these. I didn’t want to for a while, because they were a big piece of uni life, but in all honesty, I’ve flicked through them a number of times and they’re just not useful for reading. Most of it’s out of copyright and available on Project Gutenburg- plus a lot of the stuff in here is only extracts (this only has only a couple of books of Paradise Lost for instance- what use is that? Even while I was at uni I had to get the rest of it elsewhere) And as one of my professors always said, they’re more like doorstops than books anyway.

Pretty on the Outside… Ugly on the Inside


Okay, they’re not ugly per se but I didn’t actually like most of these, so couldn’t think of a reason (except the pretty covers) to keep them. Now I want to let them go.


The Miniaturist– So starting off with a pretty meh read. I actually asked you guys whether to keep this when I mentioned my dilemma over how I liked the cover but not the story. The overwhelming response was to get rid of it, so now I’m finally taking your advice.

queen of the tearling

Queen of the Tearling– Same with this one- I *did not* like this at all, but was seduced by the cover to hold onto it- but you guys said it’s gotta go, so it’s gotta go 😉 Given the hype though, I like to think someone’s gonna be chuffed with this find. That’s the dream anyway.

three dark crowns

Three Dark Crowns– I actually didn’t mind this one and plan to read the second one at some point… But that doesn’t mean it has to take up valuable shelf (or rather box) space, cos I’m not that keen on it.

girl on the train

The Girl on the Train– You know, I think the only reason I kept this one was cos I bought it new (which is rare for me). Paying almost full price (okay it was discounted) for a book made me reluctant to give it away- but I wasn’t even keen on this and the cover’s not pretty so…. Bye!


Caraval– Annnnd this one has the *most gorgeous* cover in the world. Plus I bought it with gift vouchers so I was almost sentimental about this one…. ALMOST! It’s just massively overhyped and in the end the cover is not a good enough reason for it to stay.

Books I Like But Won’t Reread


These were hard to part with for an entirely different reason- namely that I actually liked these books- but since I have no intention of rereading them (and no space left to debate about it) I decided it was time to let them go and find new readers to give them some love.

the vampire lestat

The Vampire Lestat– I liked this book! But man, that cover’s ghastly. And it’s not something I feel like I’ll ever get the urge to pick up again.

the fall

The Fall– Everyone and their mother know I adore this author’s work- but this one wasn’t my favourite of his, not by a big margin. Plus for reelz I don’t even own physical copies of my all-time favourite series by Nix, so I think it makes sense for this one to budge over and make room.

suitable lie

A Suitable Lie– This is probably my most highly rated book on this list. But I struggle to read stories on this topic even once- there’s no way I’m gonna be able to reread it. That said, I’m feeling quite good about giving this one up, because I like the idea of someone else getting to read this story next.

ready player one

Ready Player One– Again, I liked this book- it’s really well done. Still it took me ages to get into and it’s not something I’ll ever feel the urge to reread. I considered keeping it for my sister- but she’s told me she’s not interested.

sandman volume 1

The Sandman– Another toughie- and probably the only one I’m still on the fence about (maybe I’ll even rescue this one from the heap…) Thing is, I rarely read graphic novels and the ones I have are rated 5*. While I’ve looked through the gorgeous illustrations a few more times, I don’t actually want to reread it, hence the reason it’s in this pile.

And the rest…


Most of these I literally have no reason to keep.

killing fields

The Killing Fields– Okay, this probably belonged in the previous  category, cos it’s a good book, I just have zero intention of rereading it. Can’t say I enjoyed it though, it’s very heavy going


The Outsiders– Ditto with “Killing Fields”- it’s a good book, the writing style just really wasn’t for me, so I won’t reread it.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian– This book was a resounding NOPE for me. I didn’t like the style, the voice or anything about it really.

dorian will self

Dorian– I found this in a selection of books I thought I’d already combed through- I’ve not got the faintest idea why I kept this all these years because it’s TERRIBLE! This is legitimately one of the most detestable books I’ve ever read- it’s smarmy, pretentious drivel that reimagines and ruins one of my favourite books Picture of Dorian Gray. I actually feel bad about putting this one back into the world, cos whoever picks this up is gonna suffer. I hope that whoever picks it up has done something really awful to deserve it, like run over a puppy or killed someone (it’s that bad)

And that’s everything? Agree or disagree? Should I save any of these from the pile? (haha I’m just looking for excuses to back out, aren’t I?) Let me know in the comments!

97 thoughts on “A Major Unhaul

  1. Send me Ready Player One! I shall build an island where all copies of RPO can go to live in peace and safety!

    Honestly, if you’re not going to read it again, it’s better off being passed into another set of hands that will. It’s too good a story not to share.

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      1. Very true! Sometimes I want to give my books away, and press my very favourites into people’s hands and make them promise to read under threat of medieval curse. But I also want to obsessively hold on to each and every one of my books like Gollum if he had hundreds of preciouses. 🙂

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  2. I really loved this post and hearing both the thoughts about each read and why ye be getting rid of them. I just went through the hold and managed to get rid of about 10 books. Some are still on the fence and may go. I donate the books to a local library. Congrats on making more space!
    x The Captain

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  3. Aaaarrgh! Having to get rid of books is SOOOO HARD! I feel your pain! I must admit, there’s a 2nd hand bookshop I sometimes deliver books from Mein Kollection to – free – with an instruction to find a good home for them. But it’s… you know… aaaaargh…

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  4. Sometimes I felt bad about getting rid of books that I had enjoyed, too — but if I know I’m just not going to read them again (versus the ones I will re-read into oblivion, i.e. anything Pratchett), I send them on to a new home. Praise the Lord for libraries — book buyers’ remorse is the worst!!!

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  5. Ditching books is HARD no matter how we rationalize stealing their home from them *wink* Honestly I couldn’t do it if there weren’t used book stores!! I’m a wimp that way… but it does seem these are all a GO to leave… I am a bit bummed you didn’t love Caraval but with hyped books its to be expected…

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    1. I know right!! I totally get that- that’s where all my used books end up and then I get to choose some “new” ones- so yay circle of book life 😉 Yeah it was a real pity- I think a lot of issues came from the fact it was so hyped.


  6. I unhauled The Girl on the Train & The Miniaturist a few months past as well… and think I’ll unhaul Three Dark Crowns! They look so beautiful on the shelves but I’m running out of space too… this was a great post, very fun to read! Have you decided what to do with those?

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      1. That’s great! I’m never too sure what to do with my unhauled books… last time we donated to a language school, because my books are in English and Portuguese and we live in Germany…

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  7. Let Queen of the Tearling go…hahaha, as if you need encouragement. meh, that series just went downhill from book 1 for me and I was so bloody disappointed with the series ending I was actually angry 😀

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  8. Man, I feel your pain. So far I have avoided getting rid of books (it’s just way too hard), but I know that eventually I will have to. I am already running out of shelve space lol 😂😂 There are a lot of good books you are getting rid of. But like I said, it is inevitable. (Doesn’t make it any easier though 😊).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh I know right- I was able to hold onto a lot of them for ages, but eventually (several moves later) I’ve just had to be less sentimental 😉 (I say this, but my current collection still fills every space I can find 😂😂) Hehe yes, very true!! 😂

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  9. We as book lovers always have a hard time getting rid of books. I say if you know your not gonna go back to them, go ahead and send them back into the world. There are way better Lestat covers out there…

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    1. Oh yes totally!! I find it so tough. But yeah, I have loads of books I want to read and loads I want to reread- gonna have to let go of the ones that I don’t want to keep. hehe I know right 😉 I actually got that one second hand, so it’s on its third life 😉

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  10. Oh this is something I really need to do myself, and something I am planning on doing before the end of this year. My bookshelves are piled high with books I’ve brought and I need to sort through them and get rid of the ones I don’t plan on reading or just plain didn’t like. 🙂
    I’m sorry to see Caraval on this list of yours. I was one of the people who really enjoyed that book but I guess it wasn’t for everyone. Plus of all your lists it could have ended up on the list of the pretty covers is a good one right? 🙂
    Great post! 😀

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    1. hehehe I can totally relate- I have so many books, even though I’m getting rid of quite a few 😉 It is really good to do a clearout though- good luck with yours!
      Ah fair enough- it wasn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination, I enjoyed a lot of the twists and turns, I just was meh about the ending and writing style. hehe yes!! The pretty covers were the books that were more in the middle for me 😉
      Thank you! 😀

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      1. It’s going to be a big clear out, but I’m sure I’ll have more books on my shelves still than out the door! 🙂
        I guess after all the hype you just had higher expectations than the book could meet. That’s happened to me a time or two before.
        That’s all right! 😀

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  11. Wow, that’s a lot! But good on you! I do that maybe once a year.. I go through my physical copies and everything I didn’t like enough or dnf will go to the local op shop. They got a pretty nice YA hardcover from me last time and are always happy to take my books.
    My physical book collection is rather small at this point but slowly growing 🙂 One day I will have that library!

    LOL, that Lestat cover.. I couldn’t take him seriously after seeing it! And why the hell is he holding the glass like that?! I start doing that as well now with my morning coffee 😀 The Lestat way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehe yeah it is a bit 😉 Thank you!! Yeah, it’s really good to just do a massive clearout. And yeah, snap. 😀 Awesome!! 🙂 hahah me too!!

      I know right!!! It’s so silly- but I was already planning on getting it when I saw it in a charity shop… and now thanks to the bookish circle of life it’s headed back there. hahahhaa 😂😂😂

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  12. It really is so hard to get rid of books. When I was looking at your list I had a moment of “Nooo don’t get rid of The Outsiders!” However I know it just takes up too much space and if you’re really not gonna look at these books again it’s good to make room for new books! 😊

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    1. The Outsiders cover is so ugly though. I’d have no trouble tossing that one. As a teen I loved that book but the film adaptation ruined it for me.

      The easiest way to get rid of books is to break up with a boyfriend or husband, Toss all the books that remind you of that dark period in life (that’s how I got rid of all my Irish literature). LOL.

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  13. I have several Norton anthologies that I’m hanging onto as well, some more useful than others. I admit I have cracked many of them open in years because, yeah, if I want to read a specific text, I’m more likely to just go out and GET it than flip through a Norton anthology for it….

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    1. hehe I get that- what I didn’t mention was that I’m holding onto my Norton criticism, because I just find it a good starting point for a lot of secondary sources (plus my copy’s hard back and vaguely nice looking unlike these) So yeah, for all my bravado about getting rid of things, I still have massive tomes like that stashed away 😉 But yeah I went through this thoroughly and I can get it all somewhere else, so it feels unnecessary.


      1. Yeah, I have the Norton guide to critical theory, and there’s a lot of stuff in there that would be hard to replace. But things like the Norton Anthology of Romantic Poetry…I may never open again.

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        1. Completely agree with you there! I actually really like that book. hehehe fair enough- to be honest, when it comes to that I actually have a lot of romantic poetry collections, so I think I’d rather top off what I have than get a massive compendium of all of them (and I realise now that you were probably saying that cos you don’t like romantic poetry- whoopsie 😉 )


  14. Look like good choices to me. I’m so bad at getting rid of books even if I don’t think I’ll ever read them again (but what if I change my mind!).

    I was almost to the point of having to do this a few months ago, but then my dog had explosive [let’s just say problems] and nailed the entire bottom shelf of my non-fiction bookcase…so a number of big thick WWII books bought it – Hitler got what was coming to him and after some cleanup I got an extra shelf to work with…which is already mostly full again.

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    1. Thank you! I completely get that- I was like that for ages, but I just don’t have the room to be as sentimental as I used to be 😉

      hehehehe oh dear 😂😂 hahahaha that’s the weirdest and most hilarious karma I’ve heard of Hitler getting 😂😂😂

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  15. Get rid of them!!!!! I used to be a book hoarder in years gone by but now I realize that most books will never get re-read and so aren’t worth the shelf space.

    And yet I still have a whole row of Terry Brooks’ books on my shelves. I think I might be a wee bit hypocritical here 😉

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    1. hahahah I was exactly the same for ages! But I realised the same thing 😉 hahahaha 😂😂😂 Don’t worry- I’m sure there are things on my shelves (or rather in boxes, hence not knowing what they are) that I probably should have got rid of 😉 So yeah, I’m not so good at this 😉

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  16. I’ve only read Girl on the Train and The Outsiders from your pile. Yes I would get rid of (or donate) Girl on the Train as well. I feel like this book is so hyped up but I didn’t enjoy it very much. The pacing dragged (it didn’t feel very thrilling for a thriller haha…) and I never liked the main character. I read The Outsiders back in high school- it was good but I probably wouldn’t reread it either :’)
    “Unhaul”- love that, haha 🙂

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    1. hehe yes I know right- I definitely think that book was overhyped. It was just so meh. And you’re totally right about the pace and the mc. Yeah I read it recently and I get why it’s popular, but I just don’t think I’m gonna ever want to read it again. hehe thanks!! 😉

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  17. Good job for doing an unhaul! 😀 I’ve actually been meaning to do one the past week and keep forgetting. I soooo know what you mean about The Queen of the Tearling, I could not finish it! But I saw it for $5 and that’s pretty good for new. I think it’ll be hard for me to get rid of some books, especially when you’ve bought them yourself 😫

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  18. I refuse to let you depart from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman!!!!! Just kidding. Love the idea behind your unhaul, although your ultimate is to make space hahaha I’d never be able to do this though.. ESPECIALLY the “I liked it but won’t reread”!!! I know I have a bunch of those but…. getting rid of them? OMG I’m having a heartattack!!! It’ll probably be a sad day when I’ll have to do a massive unhaul too. Bravo on this big move! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahaa you know it’s funny, as I was writing this post, I was thinking of particular people who would be, shall we say, resistant to some of my choices- I just knew you’d be the one to say that about Sandman 😉 hehe thank you!! hahaha I know it’s hard!! But I have so many books that I’d actually love to reread and am so keen to get more books (and no space) so it had to happen! 😉 Thank you!! 😀

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  19. I feel the same way about Caraval, it was a bit overhyped and I ended up being disappointed. It was entertaining to read, that’s for sure, but it missed a little something to be incredible. You’re just SO AMAZING for doing this ahah, I don’t know if and how I’ll ever manage to do this ahah 😛

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  20. I would totally spare Ready Player One, but that’s cos it’s one of my all time favourites, so if you’ll never read it again then fair enough (I listened to it as an audiobook but I still want to buy a hard copy… only so it can sit on my shelf looking nice though which isn’t really a good enough reason 🙂 ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehe fair enough- I can see why people love it- I did enjoy it, but was missing out on a lot of the references, so I know I won’t be reading it again. But I have heard the audiobook is amazing- so I would be willing to check that out one day 😉 hahaha I can actually really relate!! I have a few books like that 😉

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  21. I would love to do an unhaul but I’m lazy and a bit of a hoarder so I’ve never actually let go of my books. There are book on my shelf, beside my shelf, in my closet, and just a general little pile in the corner of my room. I think I may have a problem lol but I keep obsessively holding on to my books! Maybe one day I’ll donate a shoe bunch of them. But that day is not today lol

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  22. I haven’t read (or heard of that) many of these books, apart from Caraval, but I still really enjoyed this post! I need to do a bit of an unhaul myself, so this has definitely inspired me! 🙂

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  23. Haha, quite a few of the books you’re getting rid of with the pretty covers are some of my favourites! Funny how people can get totally different things from books. I love Caraval and Queen of the Tearling and I adore Three Dark Crowns so much I own FIVE copies of it. Maybe a bit excessive…but all so pretty! If you didn’t mind TDC, I definitely recommend giving the sequel a go when you have a chance.

    Book unhauls are sad but necessary! We only have so much shelf room ~sigh~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha well fair enough! Just cos they weren’t totally for me doesn’t mean they weren’t good 😉 Caraval and Three Dark Crowns were ones I had mixed feelings about but didn’t dislike (I actually plan to read One Dark Throne at some point 😉 ) But Queen of the Tearling just didn’t interest me as I hoped. Heheh I do get that- the covers for that book are amazing!! (and they’re basically collectible anyway cos of all the different styles 😉 )
      haha yes so so true!!

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  24. I should totally do this kind of a post since I get rid of books so regularly. And I agree with everyone. The cover isn’t worth keeping it for. Sigh I wish there was a service that allowed you to buy used books from people abroad. I’d snap some of these up in a heartbeat.

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  25. I’ve considered getting rid of my Norton Anthologies too, but I just can’t bring myself to do it, though they are taking up a lot of space on my shelves since they are so thick.
    Hmm… I started Queen of the Tearling back in the summer, but wasn’t feeling it and kind of DNF’d it. Everyone says it’s great. You’re probably the only person I’ve come across who doesn’t like it much.
    Caraval, yes, totally agree. Mine is in a “to go” pile too, but it’s an ARC so I don’t know how to get rid of it.
    You’re kicking out the Sandman? 😮 I haven’t yet read it, but I find it so hard to get rid of comics or anything with art.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I get that- most people feel the same way about them. I’m not as overly attached to them I suppose 😉 Though I’m keeping the Criticism anthology- which would be a weird thing to be sentimental about 😉
      Yeah I feel like I should have DNF’d it too. I know- most people loved it- but I just found it meh. Ah that’s a shame cos it’s an ARC!
      hehe I can understand that- it’s really difficult for me to give those away too- but even though I liked it, I just don’t have the space at the moment sadly :/


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