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I don’t know about you, but I make a few too many generalisations (generally speaking 😉 ). And thanks to the wonderment that is a hashtag every time I do this, some helpful so and so chimes in #notall. And recently I’ve been thinking a couple of things about this: 1) I need to get that tattooed on my forehead and 2) this would make a great tag. (I did a google search and couldn’t find anything, so if it’s a thing already sozzles)

Basically, you all know how much I like to rant about tropes I hate and everyone-and-their-mother has bookish pet peeves (from love triangles to cover changes)- well this tag is all about exceptions to the rule!

As for actual rules: just link back to me as the creator so I can see all your awesome answers and have fun 😀

#notall cover changes – a cover change you liked


shatter me cover change

#notall adaptations – an adaptation you love more than the book


#notall tropes – a trope you’ll never tire of seeing

I’m a sap for characters with a bad image, but that secretly have a soft side. That’s why I’m a sap for Rhysand, August, Baz… and so many others!

tropes I like.png

#notall instalove – you instaloved this instacouple

There’s actually so many for this if you expand it out to instalust (or if I was willing to give spoilers for a certain series), yet I’m going to go with the most famous one of all: Romeo and Juliet. To be blunt though, I don’t think I’ll ever see this as a fair criticism because it’s Shakespeare. It’s about as ridiculous as looking at La Pieta and saying “why did Michelangelo sculpt the Virgin Mary- that’s so cliché”. This is pure art and so exquisitely beautiful that it’s kinda missing the point to say “ugh but it’s instalove” or “ugh they were young” (cos no one ever did anything stupid as a teen lol). Basically, criticise Shakespeare at your own peril 😉 Rant over.


#notall love triangles – an example of love triangle done well

The Infernal Devices– Cassandra Clare does love triangles a lot, but I never mind it as much cos there’s always a really complicated reason and no one ever cheats. So yeah, I actually hate this trope in general, because I’m not cool with it if it’s cheating, but there’s an exception to every rule!

infernal devices

#notall parents – bookish parents that, you know, PARENT!

Erm is there anyone other than Atticus Finch?

to kill a mockingbird

#notall villains – a villain you love

Ooh I love loveable baddies. Lately I’ve been rooting for Maven from the Red Queen series and I’m not even sorry (the Darkling also deserves a shout even if it was ridiculously obvious that he was the baddie).

red queen

#notall chosen ones – a chosen one you can get behind

Oh this one is actually *so* hard for me, because as I mentioned the other day, this is one I have the most trouble with. Would it be cheating to say Simon Snow since Carry On has a bit of a twist? Whatever, gonna go with that now 😉

carry on

#notall hyped books – a book that lived up to the acclaim

hyped books.png

#notall *insert favourite genre* – a book you’re not keen on from your favourite genre

So my pick is classics- and I’m going with As I Lay Dying– I book I have a special kind of loathing for. It’s a book about how words aren’t good enough to convey meaning. Golden for postmodernists, for me not so much.


#notall *insert least favourite genre* – a book you liked from a genre you don’t often read

This is actually really hard, cos I don’t actively dislike any genre. I’ve even made a concerted effort to try genres I didn’t used to. Most recently, I actually read (and enjoyed) Murder on the Orient Express, despite not being a big mystery reader. So I guess that works.


I tag: Nel, Kat, Dani, Sam, Sophie @ Blame Chocolate, Marie, Lashaan & Trang, Briana & Krysta, Liis, Literary Latte, Nessa, Zezee, Naty, Emily, Sarah, Sophie Li, Beth, Lexie, Angelica, Rebecca, Katie and Melanie

Okay I went a bit wild with the tags there- couldn’t help it 😉 Now I want to know what’s your favourite exception to the rule? Let me know in the comments!


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