Discovering More of My Old Writing

Hello all! I just have a quick, fun post today… where I embarrass myself with more of my old writing 😉 Sound like fun? Good!

I found this tucked away with some stuff from Year 9, so I’d guess I was around 14 (ooh look at me guesstimating the approximate age of the piece through contextual clues- I sound like a proper little archaeologist- don’t I? 😜 ) Anyhoo it was just on a little scrap of paper, can only rightly be called “Untitled” (otherwise I’ll give the whole plot away 😉 ) and though it’s not as epic as the previous childhood masterpiece I shared, it’s good for a laugh regardless. So here we go…

humpty dumpty writing.jpg

Oh I was very punny. Also I like how I went back and annotated this piece later. But mostly, ouch at the spelling- and at poor Humpty’s fate tbh 😉 Teen me had a point- he cuts a pretty tragic figure! What do you think? Am I right? Or am I on shaky ground here?

Humpty dumpty falling of the wall

Let me know in the comments!

58 thoughts on “Discovering More of My Old Writing

  1. And contributing to global warming….. LOL!!!!

    I have to say though in my mind it was an extremely hot day and Humpty fried himself right there on the sidewalk and one of the horses or king’s men had egg for breakfast….
    Must be my horror fascination showing. 🙂

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  2. I love the pun drops! And I can definitely see the burgeoning writer that was finding herself in this piece. I love that you have this to look back at, and it was our good fortune that you decided to share.


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  3. You were (are!) so skilled at making puns — I think that’s very admirable, because I cannot make a proper pun for the life of me. I can talk about the meaning of life and write a piece of beautiful, lyrical prose, but being punny is… not a strong skill of mine 😅 I applaud your 14-year-old self’s pun skills!

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  4. Hi!!
    Wow I absolutely LOVE this piece. It starts out cute and innocent but then becomes something darker. Great puns!
    It’s always a treat to go back and look back at what we’ve written a while back, isn’t it? Sometimes I cringe at my old writing and have a good laugh. Sometimes I am impressed by my own writing, which is a neat surprise 🙂

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  5. Aahah wow, I loved this little story – and the puns hahaha, that’s brilliant. I saw Kat saying above that you should share more of your writing and I 200% agree with that 😛

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  6. I’m so glad you shared this! It really was egg-squisitely written. I really was eggs-streamly
    egg-cited to find out how it was going to end and you didn’t let me down. What an egg –splosive ending. It was egg-sactly the kind of cracking good story I needed today. I hope no one poaches your story. And I hope you are not egg-revated with me and will still want to be my friend and not egg-nore me
    🥚 🥚 🥚 🥚 🥚

    Honestly though, that was great. I wish I could find some of my old stuff. I’m saving my daughters for her.

    Happy holidays to you!!! ⭐️

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