Books That Really Deserved To Be On My Top Ten For 2017

Well, this is becoming a bit of an annual tradition. Namely that I’ve read so many great books this year that I can’t possibly narrow it down to a top ten. Many of these were *definites* for my 2017 favourites most of the year, but some other awesome book forced them to budge over and make room. So here’s a quick teaser of some of the amazing books I’ve read this year:

Hope that whets the appetite for how awesome my top ten is… see you all again VERY SOON!

53 thoughts on “Books That Really Deserved To Be On My Top Ten For 2017

  1. I always debate on doing a top 10 type of post but if I tried it would probably turn into a top 50 or more since I have such a hard time narrowing them down when reading so many all year long.

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      1. Haha thanks! I have some Goodreads friends that make me feel like I’m slacking sometimes but I know I do read a ton compared to most. I can’t help it though, most books I get started and just don’t want to put it back down until I know what happens but then it’s over and I need another book to get excited about again. 🙂

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  2. I will forever be that person that doesn’t like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which makes me the ultimate outsider. Also, I ADORE Ransom Riggs as a person, but I just really didn’t like the peculiar children series, which was why I was super annoyed that he decided to stay in that universe with his new books. I would love to read something else entirely.
    On a more positive note, I did love Gemina!

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  3. Oh these all seem like amazing books. 🙂 Gemina and The Midnight Star are favourites of mine too (The Midnight Star was one I read this year as well) and I really enjoyed Library of Souls as well so if these are the books that didn’t make your top ten I can’t wait to see what books did. 😀
    I get what you mean because I always have trouble narrowing my end of year favourites down. I can read a lot of books in a year so there always ends up being too many to choose from. 🙂
    Great post, and hopefully you’ll have plenty more amazing books ahead of you in 2018! 😀 ❤

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