Looking Back on New Year’s Resolutions from 2017- Success or Failure?

Well the New Year is almost upon us and it looks like it’s time for a RECKONING. Namely, I’m gonna cast my mind wayyy back in time to January and have a look at all my resolutions for 2017 (that I totally forgot I made by spring), then see which ones I did and didn’t do. Fun!

number 1

Read 10 Books From My Challenging Reading List

The goal was pretty simple- I had to read some books from this selection:


Success! I read 14.

number 2

Read More of My Kindle Books

Including these:

kindle books.png

Marking this one down as a total fail though- I just didn’t do this as much as I could’ve.

number 3

Read Brother’s Books

brother's books

Sorta success- I decided against reading a couple, but the ones I wanted to read, I did, including I, Partridge and The Churchill Factor.

number 4

Read More Widely

graphic novels.png

I’m gonna go with success for this one cos I picked up graphic novels for the first time, but I was a bit vague on this one.

number 5

Buy Fewer Books

Why was this even on here? There was no way that would happen. I did get rid of more books though, so I’ve got a bit of breathing space (for more books)

number 6

Improve My Blog

What a poorly defined goal! I didn’t even say what I wanted to improve!! I don’t know if I did this or not cos I don’t even know what I meant when I wrote this!! (2016 was a long time ago guys, I was a whole different person 😉 ) I’ve been trying to puzzle it out and all I can think of was changing the blog header, which I planned for ages before doing it (did I do that this year??? I can’t remember!!!)

Other than that…

I had an aside at the end of the blog that I’d like to read fewer books- that didn’t happen, but I’m not complaining, because it brought me over my long term goal of getting 1000+ read books on Goodreads- so success even though it was a failure!

Well I can safely say my biggest failure was not having the clearest goals. I’ll try to rectify that for next year. Which is quickly coming round the corner now… See you all in 2018!

42 thoughts on “Looking Back on New Year’s Resolutions from 2017- Success or Failure?

  1. You’re a book blogger… why on earth did you think buy less books would work out? 😜😜😜
    But as you said, it’s a great success that you cleared up some space for more books!!
    All the best for 2018 and an even bigger book collection!

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  2. Ok soldier, what we have here is a complete failure to outline every single detail for each goal. I suggest a month long hiatus to go into excruciating detail for EVERYTHING. How much are you planning on breathing this coming year anyway?

    #6 just made me laugh because it was so nebulous. I’d call that a victory though!

    And congrats on breaking the 1000book mark on GR. Those thousand marks are wonderful. I broke the 3K mark last year so it’s going to be awhile before I can celebrate like that again 😦
    I read single issue comics ALL YEAR LONG. Gahhh, I think I’d rather shoot myself 😀

    I do know that you’ve succeeded at writing a very interesting blog on a continual basis. I really like what you write even while you don’t read in the exact Genre rut as me. Keeping me interested while you blog about some YA book is a triumph in and of itself 😀

    Happy New Years!

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    1. hahahaa 😂😂 I know *hangs head in shame* 😉

      I know right- so vague!!

      And thank you- I’m really glad about that. And WOW well done- that’s ridiculously impressive!! hahahaha 😂

      Aw thank you very much!! I’m really glad to hear that!!

      Happy New Year!

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  3. I always tell myself I’m going to buy less books, and then I fail. I’m going to start telling myself to buy more books and see what happens (I have a feeling this will result in more books than I have space for, but hey, that’s life!)

    Happy New YEAR! 🎉

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  4. Loo….buy less books, seriously had to laugh at that one 😂😂 Well, besides that I still think you did allright! Congrats 😀 And of course….happy New Year, onwards to 2018. Hopefully it will be a wonderful year for you 😀😀

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  5. Buy less books hahaha. Maybe specifically say buy less paper books cause ebooks take up digital space? Happy New year! Look forward to more awesome monkey posts 😊

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  6. I already don’t buy as much books as I used to, but one of my resolutions this year will also be to take on less review books and be more picky about the books I accept for review. I want to chisel down my ARC reading list and be able to read more from my own “personal” pile too!

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  7. Well, let’s face it: buying less books wouldn’t have worked out anyway. We just can’t help ourselves, we NEED more books, haha 🙂
    A very happy new year!! Wishing you all the best for 2018 ❤ ❤

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  8. At least you managed to complete some of your 2017 goals last year. I think if I’d looked back I wouldn’t be able to cross even one off my list. I tend to put buy fewer books on my list each year, or at the very least stick to a book budget, but I never succeed. Still I never take it off the list either! 😀
    Great post, and good luck with your 2018 goals! 🙂 ❤

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  9. Hahaha! I adore this post! There’s nothing which will lay a person bare like looking back on resolutions and goals many months after you forgot them. XD I am super impressed you managed to complete some of them, however! That says something about how well aligned the goals are to how you really feel about books. 😀

    I get #5 like woah. I’ve started using my library almost exclusively. But, you’re right. Always buy books. Forever.

    Congrats on breaking 1000 books read on Goodreads!~ That’s one hell of an accomplishment. Looking at my list… well, it will take me a few years to get there. For sure.

    Ahhh, nebulous goals. I wonder if you will improve them for 2018? It’s time to go check… 😉

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  10. Lol at the vagueness in that last goal. I think the header was changed in 2017…. I think so. I noticed it in 2017, I think. … I’m not being very helpful so I’m gonna stop.

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