Drafts, Drafts and More Drafts

It’s been a slow week for me online…So I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things I haven’t done on my blog and I thought it might be fun to do a chill post, where I discuss some of the ideas I’ve had over the years and posts I’ve written that I’ve never shared. Some of these I may be persuaded to share one day (probably not though because polishing them up into half readable pieces would be more work than starting from scratch). Anyhoo, here are some of the ideas that have been left on my computer going stale for eons and eons:

(oh and *disclaimer*, as always, not for the easily offended)

Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_Book_CoverMy Thoughts on Harry Potter– this was inspired by some comments on my Monstrous Confessions piece, where I talked about having some criticisms (I also have plenty of praise, before peeps get their panties in a twist 😉 ). The reason I haven’t shared this yet is simply because I was waiting for a time when I could/wanted to reread the whole series-it’d be quite good to give a sense of before and after- only trouble is I’m a mood reader and the desire to reread HP hasn’t quite struck me of late. Oh well. One day…

strike outStrike Out Tag– now I usually have a never say never attitude when it comes to tags HOWEVER as grateful as I was to be tagged for this one, I honestly felt these questions were a tad personal. And frankly it also got a little dark. To give you a snippet of what I mean, it had questions like “have you ever gone fishing” next to “have you watched someone die”- yikes! Still, it’s been taunting me in my drafts for ages, gonna have to delete it.

monkey typewriterDrafts, Drafts and More Drafts– the original post by this name- I know, how meta is this post getting? Originally I used this opportunity to gripe about something blogging related. Unfortunately it got a little confused and I can’t really follow the train of thought, so I abandoned that idea in favour of this! Speaking of the blogging related…

smaug burningHow I Blog– such a pleasant title, such a crap would-be post. There was a part 1 and 2 as well and it was ready to go. BUT I was super cranky when I wrote it and it was basically a response to trolls (as I pointed out in my Me In Book Characters Tag I’m somewhat hot-headed), so when I took a breather and cooled down, I lost all desire to share (really it was a lousy post, you all had a lucky escape 😉 )

shudders.gifTriggered by Trigger Warnings– this will remain in draft form- partly cos I’ve more or less used that title for Gaiman’s book, mostly because the current document stands at 10000 words and counting. Somehow I don’t think this post is ever coming- it’s wayyy too long and complicated. One of the things that inspired me to write it was reading all the uninformed pieces online- yet while what I’ve written benefits from actual *citations* (*geeky shudders*) I do think that another inexpert view probably won’t be productive. I’m also frankly a little bored of the topic by now. Oh well, it was a good learning curve for me anyway.

Gulag Archipelago, 3 volumesA Post on the Gulag Archipelago– again, lack of qualification comes into it, but also HOW ON EARTH DO YOU SUMMARISE A BOOK LIKE THIS- ARGHHH?! (Genuinely asking cos I don’t have a clue) Also it was painful enough reading this let alone analysing (not cos it’s bad, it’s excellent, but it’s reallllly not a fun read). The thought of going through all my notes doesn’t exactly fill me with glee. That said I will try to put *something* together for it- even if it’s just an “I read it, you probably should” post.

communist manifestoSnarking on the Communist Manifesto– yes, you read that title correctly. This was something I actually just did for fun- yet reading it back got a chuckle, so I thought about sharing it- but no, this is so weirdly niche, even for me. (Plus it’s ridiculously long, cos it’s more or less line by line)


delete cybermenAre the Markets Really Free– WTF was I actually thinking with this one?!?!? What on earth!! Seriously I *am not* an economist. DELETE.



funny-facepalm-gifThe White Heteronormativity of Classics– bahahahahaha not touching that one with a bargepole. What made me write it was an exceptionally daft comment (someone criticising Austen for being white and heteronormative *face palm*) yet it could basically be summarised in two words: *context matters*. Dear dear dear, moving on…

Bettleheim and Child Psychology Theories– not a terrible idea for a post, but to be honest, I think people would be better served just reading his work. Not saying it’s all spot on- only it gives an idea of why children’s literature evolved in a certain direction in the 20th Century (he talks a lot about what children can cope with in terms of violence etc)

form50027So one thing I’ve learnt from doing this exercise is I’m somewhat temperamental… although let’s be honest, all the banana throwing was kind of a clue. I guess I should invite more trolls to come on here and write the daftest, most-insulting comments and they can be safe in the knowledge that I’ll probably write a response to it that I’ll never publish. Come at me bro! 😉

come at me bro.gif

Anyhoo- what do you think of these post ideas? Any of them catch your eye? And do you have any post ideas that’ll never see the light of day on your blog? Let me know in the comments!

78 thoughts on “Drafts, Drafts and More Drafts

  1. Haha: at times it just can be really hard to come up with greta ideas. And there also times that you have a great idea and for some reason it never sees the light of day 😢 But I have to say I quite liked the How I blog idea 😀😀

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  2. I have some pretty dumb drafts. Usually I just get too anxious to post them and think they are too out there. Yours were pretty funny 😂 I think a 10,000 word trigger warning post would be interesting!

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  3. 10K word post?!? I only wrote 150K for the whole of last year with over 300 posts! Aye yay yi!

    And I say rip into Harry. He’s a dink and more people need to admit that he’s a total jerkwad and pretty much ruined the whole story after the 3rd book. 😀

    As for the Gulag, have you thought about doing a series of smaller posts? Like what I did with my Don Quixote, just type out all your thoughts for Chapter 1, etc, etc. No explanation to anybody else, or even the text included if you don’t want, but just to get your thoughts on it out there? It would obviously turn into a very long series, but I think it would be a great way for us as your readers to discover what you thought without overwhelming you with sadness.

    I don’t even get troll comments. I check my spam 2-3 times a week and it’s always filled with chinese characters, so it’s auto-delete. But no troll’ers. I guess in the big picture I’m glad of that. But a very small troll, every other month or so wouldn’t be so bad, just to keep in practice 😀

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    1. hehe I know- it’s ridiculous- especially since I like to keep my posts under a thousand words (1500 is my max) 😂

      hehehe as you know I completely agree 😉 I do plan to go for it one day, it’s just a matter of timing and being in the right mood for it 😀

      I think that’s a good idea- and when I started it I did plan to quite thorough posts- but after finishing I realised that I just can’t bear the thought of spending that much time on it (it’s simply too depressing- especially since I’d have to reread huge amounts of it). So what I’ll probably do is a quick post on it, with a plan to do something more extensive in the future.

      hehe I actually quite enjoy them sometimes 😉 They range from baiting to entertaining insults to stark raving mad 😉 But fortunately I don’t get too many either- I think it’s just after a few years they’re bound to turn up at some point 😉 hahaha I understand 😂

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  4. I’d be really interested to read your thoughts on the communist manifesto. Maybe you should create a “long form” section/category on your blog where you publish more essay style posts. It seems such a shame to have literally written a dissertation then not do anything with it.

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  5. This is fun! I like seeing into your trash can Orangutan! I actually wouldn’t mind reading that classics post as I think it would be too funny, but maybe a touch controversial for a blog which wants to retain readers?! I’m loving your titles too ♥️


    1. Thank you!! 😀 hahaha that’s probably true- but I will be honest, there really isn’t anything much to say about it other than “context”- to my mind it’s like getting mad at a Chinese book written in Chinese- that said, Katie @never not reading (who’s awesome) has said she’s gonna do a post on it this week and I’m really looking forward to it 😀 Maybe watch out for that? Thank you so much!! ❤


  6. Woah, you have quite the collection of drafts there 😆 The ideas I have for posts seem endless, but sometimes actually publishing those drafts just don’t go with my blog, especially if they’re old drafts with thoughts that no longer go with my current beliefs. 😊 It seems like you had fun talking about your drafts, though — maybe, once I collect enough drafts myself, I’ll be able to do the same myself! 😋

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  7. Snarking the Communist Manifesto is my favorite, lol. And I’m glad you’re not an economist, even though, truth be told it was quite obvious since you’re too much fun. Funny thing, I rarely title my posts. I usually get around to a title AFTER I write it, hmmm.

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          1. Indeed!

            And Logan? Loved it! Very depressing but that’s right up my alley, actually. Very real and like I told you, I appreciate it when the superhero genre humanizes itself like this. I don’t think I was ever such a fan of Wolverine before this movie, ironically enough.

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  8. Your post is hilarious, to say the least. I don’t posts on my blog but as soon as I get those weird ideas I enter them onto my notepad or Evernote, only to forget they ever existed.

    I had two posts that were on my ‘to be posted’ note for about 2 years. I was reluctant to post thinking that it would invite criticisms and I would stick out like sore thumb. Finally I posted each of them as 2 part posts, after realizing that I wasn’t that big a blogger that anyone would care. Surprisingly few people liked them and said they shared my feelings. Phew..

    So heck it, just post whatever you want to, if you can rescue those drafts. As for trolls, just delete their comments and move on. It is YOUR blog after all.


    1. Thank you so much!! haha I totally relate!

      Ah yes I totally get that- I have posted controversial things before (and things that I didn’t realise would be controversial that were 😉 ) but I am concerned that if I do something like that it has to be good quality 😉 But I would like to see your posts!

      Thank you!! haha yes some of them are beyond saving at this point, I think 😉 hahah yeah 😉 I mostly just ignore them 😉

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  9. Oh my gosh, PLEASE write about Jane Austen needing to apologize for being white and privleged in 19th century England! LOLOLOL!!! I’m coming across this more and more, that apparently those of us BORN, through NO fault of our own, caucasin, European/American, middle class, and in a good school district need to write about angry minorities. I refuse to take a hit to my own culture simply because it happens to be in the majority in the nation I live in — especially since a lot of the marginalized groups keep saying they WANT to hear more about really kind, well-off white people who are doing more for their not-so-fortunate neighbors. So let’s write about wealthy white families who adopt Chinese girls destined for the orphanage due to the ridiculous one-child policy, white people who have black best friends because they think their personalities are awesome, and white people who marry Hispanics and everybody becomes bilingual. Huzzah, I have created the perfect formula for tolerance! 😛 😀 😉

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    1. hahahaha I know right! I see it wayyy too often for such a crackers opinion. Honestly, when I first heard it I did some research into Regency Britain and what I read on censuses (and take this with a pinch of salt since I’m not an historian) the UK was close to being almost 100% white at the time. Seems to be a bonkers thing to complain about to my mind. hahaha wow your comment! LOL! Too true 😉

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  10. It seems like your brain is able to come up with so many ideas haha 🙂 I am really curious about the trigger warning post, even if it’s too long and confusing, I’d love to see it someday, or just hear your thoughts about trigger warnings overall 🙂

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  11. I’ve got to admit just based on what you’ve said about them in this post I’m pretty much 100% curious about all of these posts. 🙂 I’d love to read your thoughts on Harry Potter (basically I just love reading anything on Harry Potter and I’m sure I could come up with some things that bug me about the series (no book is perfect right?)). I have a post related to trigger warnings floating around in my head, but that’s one I doubt I’ll ever write let alone post because it will end up being way more personal than I am ready to go on my blog! 😀
    You definitely have a lot of ideas for your blog, which is great to see, and if you do end up posting any of these ones day I’d love to read them! 🙂 ❤

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  12. I think YOU should post all and everything! Not even kidding… sure, some things take the perfect timing to finalize the post, etc but to be honest, all that you listed in this post would be interesting to read about 🙂


  13. Haha I love this – and I love that this post even originally started out as a draft you changed, very meta indeed!!

    Funny that trolls and daft comments make your drafts pile stack up… I can empathise though, most of my discarded drafts are l ones I wrote when I was angry and ranting about something – not trolls (I think I’m not controversial enough to get many of those 🙂 ) but I do come across opinions or misconceptions that particularly irritate me. I also had a similar situation where I realised it was a topic I should steer clear of, even if it was not as provocative as yours (it was a rant about the use of genre definitions as weapons and political tools, and in particular definitions of sci-fi… but it was quite ranty and I’m not exactly a sci-fi expert so I thought I’d let that one go).

    Anyway, I’d be interested to read those thoughts on Harry Potter if your ever in the mood to write them! And that snarking on the communist manifesto 😀

    Thanks for publishing this (and not just drafting it), was such a fun behind-the-scenes look into your blogging process!!

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    1. hehehe I know right!

      Ah thank you so much for saying all of that- I’m so glad you relate!! hehe yes!!! And I get what you mean-the political rants were definitely inspired by misconceptions and misunderstandings- but that doesn’t make me an expert, so I’ve decided to let it go 😉 (that said- wow- that discussion on genre definitions being used as weapons does sound absolutely fascinating- and I’d gladly read your article on that!!)

      hehe thank you- the HP one is something I plan to do *at some point*- I just have no idea when I’ll get round to it. Hehe no idea about the other one though 😉

      Thank you so much for reading and for your wonderful comment!!

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  14. I’d actually be interested in reading many of these… especially Snarking on the Communist Manifesto, Triggered by Trigger Warnings, How I Blog, and your thoughts on Harry Potter.

    Actually I just read the first 3 illustrated editions of HP last month and noticed there were a few things that made me cringe/side eye… nothing to take away my love for HP, but still. Like (SPOILER ALERT FOR 3rd HP BOOK) in the 3rd book when Sirius offers for Harry to live with him like 3 seconds after Harry found out he was NOT trying to kill him? I mean I guess I’d go with a stranger over the Dursleys…

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    1. hehe those seem popular ideas tbh 😉 I definitely plan on doing the HP one *at some point* for sure. Maybe the blogging one too 😉

      hehe I get that!! There are things that bother me about the series and I still love it. hahahaha oh gosh I forgot that. To be fair, the Dursley’s were awful and probably didn’t advise him on stranger danger 😉

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  15. I really should go through my drafts and delete some, there are more than a few reviews I just wrote too fast and are not good enough to be posted. I also have a few tags that are about one year too late, not sure if I should post those or not haha.

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  16. I like how it got all meta hahah One thing’s for sure, you don’t lack in original ideas. 😉 I also spot one that you actually ended up posting recently too! 😀 I guess the saying “never say never” is quite appropriate here. I’d honestly would enjoy all these though. Then again, you make anything you write so enjoyable. 😉

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    1. hehe thanks 😉 Yeah I did- to be fair, that was one of the two (the other being HP) that I actually still wanted to post, just didn’t know when/if I’d ever get to it. I guess this ended up serving as motivation 😉 hehe well thanks very much 😉

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