Series I need to finish…

Well, we’re into the second month of the year (already?!)- it’s time to get serious about reading- which means dredging up all the unfinished series sitting guiltily on our TBRs, dusting them off and promising that *this’ll be the year* (or you know, not). For all my dramatics, I actually am decent at finishing series (partly cos I like to binge them all in a row if I can) but there are still a number which I would actually like to read. So in no particular order, I thought I’d share them with you:

mistborn series

Mistborn– what the hell is wrong with me? I loved the first book- I have the second, third and a ton of other Sanderson books on my kindle… and yet I’ve never got round to reading any of these. I’d make the excuse that “it’s the length” or something… but given I’ve read other tomes since the first one that’d be a bald faced lie…

wizard's first rule

Terry Goodkind– ermm yeah, I went on a splurge of buying the kindle versions when these were reduced ages ago too. I’ve still only read 2- even though I liked them- and have looaads more to go. It’s a bit intimidating if I’m honest.

howl's moving castle

Howl’s Moving Castle– I’ve read quite a lot of Diana Wynne Jones over the years, but for some reason, even though I loved the first one, I never picked up the rest of this series up. Which is kinda silly, cos I know I’ll have fun with these.

Daughter of the Lioness

Daughter of the Lioness– ditto with Tamora Pierce- I think she’s great and would happily read all her books. The thing with Pierce is I’m usually a completionist with her series and so I don’t really know why I left this one hanging- especially when there’s only one other book to read.

shepherd's crown

Discworld– to be fair, I have actually read a lot of these (Pratchett’s my most read author after all)- but there are still some I haven’t read yet- I blame Pratchett for being so prolific! (not that I’m complaining- if anything I’d like to ask Death to bring him back to write MORE)

bone queen

Pellinor– okay- not my fault! I actually completed this series when I was about 15- she just added to the prequel Bone Queen recently! Although I did want to pick it up immediately… I still haven’t.


Abhorsen– as above- Nix kindly added Goldenhand to his *absolutely amazing* series and I was so excited about it… but being a lazy bones haven’t got to to it yet.

sandman volume 1

Sandman– they had a lot of these in one of the libraries I go to- I was thoroughly enjoying whizzing through them… but haven’t been back in a while and kinda unintentionally stopped with the series.

immortal reign

Falling Kingdoms– well I’m actually just mentioning it cos it’s fresh in my mind and the conclusion is coming out this month (eek!) I’m finally caught up and ready for whatever Rhodes throws my way! (as long as my baby Magnus is alright in the end!)


Lara Jean– okay, here’s where the guilt gets intense- because I *need* to read this. Alas I will Always and Forever be behind (ba dum tss). I could make the excuse I wasn’t in the right mood, but it’s not like I haven’t read any contemporaries in the year since it’s been out… so there’s no excuse really.

And there you have it- all my guilty secrets laid bare for the world 😉 What series do you have on your tbr that you still need to complete? Let me know in the comments!

94 thoughts on “Series I need to finish…

  1. I need to finish the Sandman series as well! And also have zero excuse for why I haven’t finished the Lara Jean books. I know they won’t even take me that long to read! It’s just there’s always something else… 🙂

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  2. The one I pretty much ‘gave up on’ was Eragon. I couldn’t get through Brisingr, so I never picked it up again. I also have The Final Empire books on my bookshelf and I haven’t even read the first, so I should probably get around to that.

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  3. Noriko just started the first Mistborn book. She tells me its pretty good so far. Daughter of the Lioness duology is on my reread list. I haven’t read a Tamora Pierce in many years but I picked up the books at a library sale, really good condition! I constantly download free Morgan Rhodes books but I haven’t even read one yet. My series that I’m currently reading is called Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs and I’ve been telling myself I’d read it for at least 4 years. I FINALLY buckled down and started it this weekend and kicking myself for waiting so long!

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    1. Yeah I really liked the first one- I’ve literally been planning on continuing for *years*. Ah that’s great!! I love her books 😀 I do recommend them- they’re like YA versions of Game of Thrones- nothing too crazy, but the characters are good! Ah that sounds really good!!


  4. Well…I have been following a book series that seemingly never seems to end. It’s called the Horus Heresy (a science fiction epic set in the Warhammer 40000 novel range). And I kid you not, it is nearing it’s 50th entry. And…just so you know I am at book number 18….Ughhhh 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Looks like you have a few cool series set up yourself as well. Hope you have fun reading (and finishing) all (or some) of these 😊😊

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  5. I read Sabriel for the first time ever in January and it was so good I now feel really motivated to read the rest of the series during 2018. That said, I’m a little nervous about reading the sequels because it’s hard to believe they can match the first book’s greatness.

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  6. I have SO many started series. I’m trying not to start anymore until I finish AT LEAST one that I am in the middle of. Totally doable, right? I have all of the Mistborns too…. just haunting me…. waiting…. and waiting…

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  7. Haha fun post! I got stuck after the first book of Mistborn as well. One of my most trusted Booktubers swears by the second book, but I think I’m too scared it’ll disappoint me or something. (Aaah, life…)

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  8. I have so many unfinished series I’m scared to check. I also have many, many unstarted series of which Mistborn is one. I own so many of Sandersons books it’s getting ridiculous I haven’t read a single one.

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  9. Whoop whoop! I’ve just started the Final Empire and I’m devouring it!! It sucked me in right off the bat and I found myself holding my breath while I was reading it last night… I am glad that you loved the first book. And yes, Jenny Han’s series is something I need to complete, too!!

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  10. I read the Sword of Truth series (wizards first rule, can’t remember the real series title haha) and to be honest I sometimes regret it. Loved the first few books and then it seemed to get pretty terrible. Hopefully your experience is better. Also, I need to say I’m in love with your book palate. So many of my favorite authors in this list!


  11. I still have to read House of Many Ways for the Howl books. Just other things have been coming first when buying I guess? I am slowly working my way through Discworld for the first time. Finished the Tiffany Aching arc and Death arc last year. 🙂

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  12. My TBR is seriously endless with plenty of series that I would like to try one day but I think at this point that if I started and didn’t finish it was for one of two reasons, either I just don’t care enough to go on or I’m impatiently waiting for the next to be published. 🙂

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    1. Ahh I so get that!! Oh right that’s fair enough- I just end up getting distracted or finding the rest of the series too expensive (so I either have to save for it or wait for the price to drop- which takes ages) and by the time I get copies I’ve lost the momentum- I’m much better at series bingeing 😉

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  13. I have The Shepherds Crown but have not read it. Can’t face knowing that it will be the last new Pratchett book I ever read, so I’m going to keep it unread for a while. To be honest I think the Tiffany Aching sequence is Pratchett’s masterpiece ad didn’t need this final book anyway.

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  14. Oh god, I’ve got so many series that I’ve started and just not got round to finishing. Like you I’ve still got half of the Sandman, the vast majority of Terry Pratchett’s works plus about 5 books left in the Wheel of Time series, lots of the Dark Tower, Murakami’s 1Q84 book three, almost all of the Clan of the Cave Bear… I’ve had the first Mistborn book for maybe two years(?) and still haven’t started it… I’d like to read more Tolkien than just the Hobbit and LOTR and for some reason I still haven’t read Anansi Boys even though I’ve read everything else by Neil Gaiman and I know I’ll love it.

    Phew! I feel better after confessing all of that!

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    1. hehehe I totally relate!! So many books, so little time 😉 I’m about the same way into Sandman too, not sure about Pratchett and that’s a good point about Tolkien. I totally recommend Anansi Boys- that’s actually my favourite Gaiman 😀 hehehe glad to hear it 😉

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  15. Omg I have been meaning to get to Always and Forever for months too! I always put off reading the last book in the series. I think I want to hold on to the characters for a little bit longer. Not reading them is a very stupid way to do this, and yet I carry on. I’m exactly the same with TV shows. There are like 3 different shows in my ‘currently watching’ on Netflix right now that I just have one episode left of, and even though I loved them I just can’t make myself watch it.

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  16. I’ve just started on Diana Wynne-Jones myself, so I’ll be really interested to know what you think of it!
    I enjoyed the first few of Terry Goodkind’s series, but I’ll admit the longer they went on the more I fell out of love with them. I really need to buy the first three again and re-read them for the original magic… Aw, I’m all nostalgic now…

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  17. Oh, Mistborn… i just bought the first book. Been planning to read it for so long. It seems like a holiday read though. I mean, between work and daily life crap i just don’t think i’d have enough time to get into it.

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  18. Oh my god there are so many series I need to finish! One day hopefully I’ll get around to them but it will take me a long time (and it never helps that there are so many incredible new series being released all the time either!)
    Lara Jean is actually on my list as well, but I’ve heard amazing things about the last book which is making me want to push it up my TBR list. Here’s hoping we both get to that one soon, and also that you get to all the series on your list! 🙂
    Great post. ❤️

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  19. Lol this is like a series I need to start list for me. Except Daughter of the Lioness. I read that years ago and have since forgotten everyhting. I only remember that there was a crow or raven in it…some bird.

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  20. Always and Forever Lara Jean is SO good! I absolutely loved it and I might even dare to say that it was my favourite book of the series 🌸
    I hope you enjoy it, but I am sure that you will xx

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  21. The list of series I need to finish is ridiculously long… and yet I keep starting new ones. I think I might actually start and finish the Southern Reach trilogy with in two months, which I am pretty proud of haha

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  22. I too need to complete that Sandman series, and also start the Mistborn series! But man, binging them is not something I’m good at, and I’ll probably take forever to complete the novels hahah At least things are much easier for comics, I just need to get my hands on a copy of each volume! Hope you’ve made a dent in this TBR throughout Feb!! 😉 😉

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    1. Ah yes I get that lol! I think it’s also not the best way to go about read tbh- honestly, I tried to do it that way with other books and just ended up exhausting myself. But that’s true- and yeah I need to get hold of them too. hehee I wish 😉 But thank you!

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  23. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll continue the Mistborn series for like two years now. I own the trilogy and am always on the verge of picking thing up but then I look at their length and part of me dies a little. Maybe one of these days I’ll find the motivation!

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