Why I’m Happy to be Positive ALWAYS

Okay I can’t actually be happy all the time, as I explained in my post about why I’m happy to be negative sometimes. Since the beginning of the year, though, I’ve been a bit of a slump, which has made me more selective about what books I pick up. On the bright side, this book diet has actually been rather slimming, because though I’m reading less, I’m reading BETTER. So I decided to share a list about why this is a good thing and why I ought to stick to this strict regimen… (even though I’d really like to be able to whizz through more books 😉 )

I’m picking up better books– thanks to you guys I’ve been able to realllly screen out a lot of books. So while my tbr is always growing, it tends to be full of books which I have a lot of high hopes for!

choose books.gif

It also means I’m picking the right books for me! Especially with ARCs I’m super selective about what I do pick up- which has worked out well for me personally- cos even if I end up with fewer books at least I’m confident I’ll like them 🙂 . Not everything is my thing- and that’s okay- I just have to make sure I balance out trying out new things avoiding things I know I won’t enjoy.

matilda books.gif

And I’m picking them up at the right time! I’m a massive mood reader- so if my mood doesn’t match the story, it’ll be to the books detriment. So actually listening to my mood is helping pick up better timed books.

throw books.gif

Also, if I don’t feel like reading, I’m not reading– which is such a weird thing to list as positive- but I will say it’s definitely helping me be more zen about reading (well, as zen as a stressball like me can be)


I’ve also been better at keeping things fresh this month– I’ve been trying new things, but mostly reading from different genres, which has helped with the monotony I felt from reading too many series back to back last year.

silly dancing.gif

It’s FUN– I know I made this point in my post about negativity- yet let’s be fair it’s much more fun to enjoy yourself! Well, while it lasts…

fresh prince dance

I feel AWESOME after I’ve written a positive review. It’s nice to spread a little joy and it’s cathartic in a different kind of way. I hope you’re all enjoying my excitement. Cos…


Who doesn’t like a happy, satisfied monkey? I’ve been showering books with so many bananas that I’m feeling rather sated. Long may it last!!


So do you agree with me? Disagree? Do you think reading fewer books can be better? Let me know in the comments!

124 thoughts on “Why I’m Happy to be Positive ALWAYS

  1. Quality over quantity! Yes, yes, yes! It’s definitely much more rewarding to read books you’re not only excited for, but confidently know that it has high potential for you because of the love it receives! Posititivity definitely has its advantages. 😛

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