Iconic Movies I Probably Should Have Seen By Now…

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This is a bit of an impromptu post, inspired by the lovely Lucinda and awesome Chauncey, who were absolutely shocked the other day when I admitted I hadn’t seen… well…


(although of course you could just scroll down and see the offending film on the list)

So I decided, what better to do than to make this whole thing worse by sharing a bunch of films I haven’t seen. Using tons of lists from IMDB I came up with some iconic films I probably should’ve seen by now- let’s get to the public shaming, shall we?

Jurassic Park– yup this is the one that sparked the controversy- I do plan to see it- I swear! (… at some point) I dunno why I haven’t- I originally surmised it was cos none of my family were into dinosaurs, however I asked them, and most of them said they’d seen it… so I’m feeling a bit betrayed now 😉

Edward Scissorhands– Johnny Depp walks on screen with those scissor hands… and I dunno I just freak and run out the room every. damn. time. I can’t take it. My sister is the same. I guess we’re just scissorhands-people-phobic. (And yes, I know the point of the film is to get over it, but I can’t even look at the thumbnail below)

Schindler’s List– I’ve actually tried to watch this a bunch of times, but just… can’t. I get five minutes into the opening and *nope*. I can’t take holocaust films. Can’t even watch the trailer. (The soundtrack’s amazing though)

E.T.- this is a weird one cos I’ve seen the ending a gazillion times- but never the beginning- I used to turn on the TV (usually round Christmas) and there’d be the closing scenes. I feel that kinda killed the urge to sit down and watch the whole thing. And now I really feel like I’ve missed the boat. Or the ship- cos doesn’t he go off in a spaceship? Told you I’d seen the ending 😉 (I’m going to joke hell for that one 😉 )

Citizen Kane– isn’t this one of those movies everyone’s supposed to see, but loads of people haven’t? *Cue loads of angry movie buffs*. Regardless, I do actually want to watch it.

Terminator 1 & 2– I shamelessly reference this all the time though.

Saving Private Ryan– started and not finished- several times. I’m not interested guys. (This list is starting to be all the Spielberg films I’ve not seen- yet the real question should be why has he made so many movies?! I can’t keep up!)

Blade Runner– I really, really want to see this… but after I read the book it was based on- sorry!

Silence of the Lambs– FUCK NO. I don’t do scary. Still this came up on so many lists that I had to include it.

Alien– NO! Can these lists stop trying to make me watch horror- please?!

Rocky– hmm kinda surprised my family didn’t make me watch this one- in fact I know my mum and brothers love this- again, I’m feeling kinda left out… :/ (also I love the music)

Top Gun– huh kinda surprised I haven’t seen this one- it looks like something I’d like. (Annnd now I’m doing air guitar to Highway to the Dangerzone- seriously, why have I not seen this?)

Well there you go, I guess it’s a good thing I’m a book blogger and not a film critic 😉 I can’t be the only one though- what films are you most ashamed of not having seen? Let me know in the comments!

144 thoughts on “Iconic Movies I Probably Should Have Seen By Now…

  1. I’ve never seen ET either and feel like there is something wrong with me because of it. 🙂 But I’ve seen all the others. If I had to only choose one to watch, it would be Blade Runner. So good.

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  2. I can’t believe the ending of ET didn’t inspire you to look out and watch it?! Still I come from a movie family… if you don’t then I can see you missing many of these. I haven’t seen Rocky but I wasn’t really interested in boxing ever. I DO think it’s hilarious you haven’t seen Terminator 1 but reference it all the time ♥️ Fun post!

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    1. hehehe oops 😉 haha actually my mum and one of my brothers are really into movies (and have incidentally seen all of these)- I just go through phases where I don’t watch any 😉 hehehe yes, I’m shameless 😉 Thank you!! ❤


  3. Woohoo I’ve actually seen most of these myself. Off the top of my head I really can’t think of any that I didn’t at least try at some point, although try is sometimes a few minutes in I get bored and quit. LOL

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  4. Oh wow, you have listed some of my all-time favourite films here!! (Edward Scissorhands, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2). As for Citizen Kane… personally, I found it a bit of a disappointment. I watched it during my film history course at uni, and it was interesting to learn why it was so revolutionary for its time with regards to the way it was filmed, so I can appreciate it for that… but on the whole I found the film pretty boring :/

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    1. Hehe- I know- these are a lot of people’s faves 😉 Yeah I’ve heard that one has a lot of really mixed opinions around it- some people think it’s “the best film ever”- which to me personally sounds like an overblown thing to say- to “it’s overrated”- I’m gonna try and watch it and keep my mind clear (as hard as that is to do for something so hyped)

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      1. Yeah I can understand why it would have some big fans too (though I can’t understand why anyone would be so bold as to say it’s the best film ever! 🙂 ) . Good idea to try and go at it with an no expectations. And I’d be interested to know what you think if you see it 🙂

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  5. I’m not sure how you’re still alive after telling the world this truth. :O :O :O People get killed over things like this!!!! You need to fix this ASAP hahahah Blade Runner movie is sooooo different from the book (I was more of a fan of the book than the original movie, but you should totally give Blade Runner 2049 a shot after you read the book though). The Silence of the Lambs is not so bad! Anthony Hopkins is amazing in it!!! 😀 😀 You gotta do scary, just for that hihih Awesome list stillz. That’s really.. A LOT of classics that you haven’t seen hahaha

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    1. hahahaha yes, that’s true 😉 And oh I really do want to watch both of those- to be honest those are my top priority. I do love Hopkins, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to give that one a miss- I’ve watched some clips and tbh I can do without the nightmares 😉 I’m easily freaked out 😂 hehehe I know right 😉

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  6. I’ve seen the Terminator movies, Top Gun and surprisingly Silence of the Lambs.

    Re ET- something similar, I saw The Fifth Element numerous times on TV before I caught the beginning.

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  7. Edward Scissorhands is such a lovely, quirky film, you have to watch it. I actually didn’t like Bladerunner but Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is a fantastic book. You should read/watch both and do a compare and contrast!

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  8. Silence of the Lambs is SO good! Top Gun is also such a classic and definitely worth a watch ☺️ I also really enjoyed Edward Scissorhands.
    I have never watched E.T, Jurassic Park or Schindler’s List either.

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  9. To be fair I have watched I think 4 of these, so don’t fee too bad. I am always the person who hasn’t seen the movie but has read the book…no body wants to talk about the book haha.

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