Book Crying Confessions

Hello all! Well in case you haven’t noticed, we’re coming up to an emotional time of year… February 14thooh err…. Now I’m one of those easy criers out there. Anything can get me going. In fact, this was me the other day watching The Last Kingdom…
crying orangutan

 (BTW if you are a GOT fan you *must* watch it- it’s insanely EPIC and just THE BEST! Get it on Netflix- #nonspon)

And I know I’m not alone- coincidentally, Nel made a WONDERFUL post the other day on this very subject- so worth checking out! Naturally, I wanted to share some books that’ve made me tear up… only trouble is there have been so many, I didn’t know where to start! Instead, I thought I’d do a list about some of my most memorable book blubbering moments. Here we go!

  1. Harry_Potter_and_the_Order_of_the_PhoenixHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix– YOU KNOW WHY! I also have to admit that when I finished this the first time, it was the first time I remember sobbing over a book. I flipped the book round and read it again, crying the whole time. J K ROWLING BROKE MY HEART.



  1. noughts and crossesNoughts and Crosses– this was another of the first books that ever made me sob. In fact it gets me every time- it’s that good.




  1. 'Me_Before_You'Me Before You– I’ve mentioned before that this book made me cry at the wrong part… but that part did reduce me to a puddle of emotions




  1. serpent kingSerpent King– ahhhh it’s so painful to even think about- but I will say that I spent a good amount of time rocking back and forth with the book after I was done… cos I’m totally normal.



  1. king learKing Lear– this is the only Shakespeare play I’ve ever cried over. Something about it just cuts me to the quick. I was also lucky enough to find the McKellen version scene by scene on the RSC website years ago and that blew me away too. Wish I could have seen it live.


  1. persuasionPersuasion– speaking of “only ones”- this was the only Austen that’s ever made me cry too. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t amazing too- just in a different kind of way.



  1. little womenLittle Women– I actually knew what was going to happen (I was one of those 90s kids that grew up on Friends- it gave a massive spoiler) so I thought there was no way I would end up crying when I could see it coming a mile away, right? So so wrong.



  1. Trudi_Canavan_The_High_Lord_coverHigh Lord, Black Magician Trilogy– I didn’t actually like the first book, so the fact that I ended up sobbing my eyes out while reading the last one shows what a massive turnaround I had with this series (I also blame this book for why I now often continue series- cos this gave me hope that things get better…)


  1. we were liarsWe Were Liars– I sobbed over this- however I will always wonder if that’s because I was very emotionally vulnerable (someone died) at the time I was reading it. Who knows- doesn’t stop it being an awesome book.



  1. my sister's keeperMy Sister’s Keeper– I just wanted to include this one because WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE ENDING IN THE FILM. I cried in the book, not the film- because book betrayal makes me mad.



Oh my goodness that was so hard to narrow down to just ten- maybe I’ll do a follow up post one day. In the meantime, what books have made you cry? Let me know in the comments!

141 thoughts on “Book Crying Confessions

  1. I cried for HP, Me Before You, Little Women, and My Sister’s Keeper too. I grew up watching the film adaptation of Little Women with my Grandmother every summer I would go stay at her house. I read LW for the first time last year and even though I knew what was coming I still bawled like a baby.

    Another book that really made me ugly cry was The Light Between Oceans…

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  2. Oh, I’m such a book crier (and movies too of course – you don’t want to be anwhere near me then, the sobbing and nose blowing is frightening! 😂). Every time I re-read the Potter books I promise myself not to cry this time – and every time I fail! And I cry tears of laughter too, especially when reading Pratchett, Douglass Adams or Bill Bryson. 😊

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  3. We all have those books that bring a tear or two to our eyes, this list of books are some good examples of those kind of books.


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