My Pratchett Journey- So Far… A Love Story

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I’m absolutely giddy for today’s post! Because today, on the day of love, I’m going to tell you the story of how I fell head over heels with Pratchett books. Believe it or not, I wasn’t always the giant orange monkey you see now. In fact, once upon a time when I was a wee uni student, two of my closest friends (hi if you’re reading!) were astounded to find that I was a barely familiar with the Discworld. Sure, I’d heard of Pratchett (who hasn’t?)- I even had vague but pleasant memories of The Wee Free Men from when I was younger- yet I’d never launched fully immersed myself in the wackiness of Pratchett’s universe. That, of course, was a mistake 😉

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it”

mort nice editionBecause I knew, the second I started reading Mort that I was reading something special. And, incidentally, so did the rest of my train carriage, where I sat for four hours, smothering laughter through my hand. I instantly fell in love with the humour. I mean, even years on, I still find myself randomly cracking up over the Great A’Tuin- a giant turtle hurtling through space with four elephants resting on its back which support the Discworld… Seriously, I just finished that sentence and I’m laughing again!  Really the jokes and wit *never* gets old.

“Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”

“Apes had it worked out. No ape would philosophize, “The mountain is, and is not.” They would think, “The banana is. I will eat the banana. There is no banana. I want another banana.”

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods. They have not forgotten this”

hogfatherSoon I’d leapt into the rest of the series- in fact the Death series ran away with me- I couldn’t stop with that one. I absolutely loved the quirks and eccentricities of the entire world- not least of the characters! I still chuckle over the fact that Death enjoys a good curry- that is so quintessentially English and I love it!! (chicken tikka masala is the national dish after all). Plus, oh my goodness, the stories are so unconventional! If you’re looking for a different Christmas story, you won’t get anything better than the Hogfather.

“Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom”

witches abroadAnd actually that leads me onto the pure genius of the ideas. Not only is Hogfather a lovingly satirical take on the way we all act around Christmas, but it also gets right into the heart of the love of stories. Actually, this is a running theme with Pratchett- and is especially noticeable in the witch’s plots, such as the play with fairy tales in Witches Abroad and the *double double toil and trouble* Shakespearean mischief of Lords and Ladies. It’s this complexity and depth which makes the series *so awesome*.


going postalAs you know, I absolutely *love* satire, and this is such witty and intelligent fare. And on such varied topics as well! Sometimes it’s simply about some good fantasy tropes like dragons in Guards, Guards. Sometimes it’s on a much larger scale, like questions around war, in Jingo. And sometimes books like Going Postal are just about that weird British obsession with the post office dammit- incidentally this is one of my favourites and the only one I’ve reviewed.

“What kind of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.” 

guards-guardsAnd yet there’s more to it than all that. Over the years, I’ve fallen in love time and again with so many bonkers, wacky and fun characters from the series! If they were simply flat archetypes for satirical fodder, they wouldn’t be half as endearing as they are. But no! They are so much deeper than that. Death, the anthropomorphic personification of death, doesn’t just exist as a vehicle for the plot- NO!– he actually comes to learn about and sympathise with humanity. Vimes, the slightly world weary copper, who manages to upstage everyone with his unbending sense of right and wrong. Granny “I can’t be having with that kind of thing” Weatherwax, who takes common sense to a whole new level. Vetinari is the kind of despotic politician I can admire (thank you Sir P for giving me the opportunity to utter such odd sentences). Then there’s other favourites like the Death of Rats, Susan and Moist. And lastly, but certainly not least…


unseen academicalsThe Librarian- who inspired me to create this blog! For those of you who don’t know, the Librarian is one of my favourite Discworld characters. My monkey owes its existence to the great big monkey in the sky… or something (*ahem* that sounded more poetic in my head…) Say hello to my little friend!

“If you try to to take my bananas from me, I will reclaim them from your cold dead hands.”

shepherd's crownAnd so we’re coming to the end of my journey so far… And the fact that I can say “so far” is something else that I’m happy about. Because, as I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I’m not done yet- and that only makes me more excited!! I have heard so many wonderful things about books I haven’t got to- not least the Shepherd’s Crown– and I’ve got to say I can’t wait!

So have you read Pratchett? Are you inspired to pick any up now? Let me know in the comments!

129 thoughts on “My Pratchett Journey- So Far… A Love Story

  1. poor old pratchett. of all the brains to be struck with early-onset Alzheimer’s, which he dealt with for 8 years.

    i can recommend his collaborations with Neil Gaiman (Good Omens) and Stephen Baxter (the Long Earth series).

    rip terry.

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  2. My love affair with Terry Pratchett’s work began when I was 16. Twenty-ish years later, I’ve read every book in the Discworld series, multiple times. All except the last. I bought it the day it was released and began it instantly. I can’t finish it. I’m afraid to because I know that when I reach the end, there will be no new Discworld stories for me. I’m not ready for that yet. All the little angels rise up, rise up, all the little angels, rise up high ❤

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    1. Oh wow that’s amazing!! 😀 Oh gosh- yes I understand- I know a lot of people took ages to read that one- and the thing is, aside from having others in the series, I am so not ready for the story to come to an end, so I can really relate!! Beautiful- love that quote!! ❤

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  3. Ah i love this post. Pratchett and Discworld are great. I have nowhere near done with Discworld and beyond that there is still so much to read that he has also written. I’m really curious about The Long Earth. I love that. Death is such an amazing and complex characters. But I also love Luggage. And Rincewind exasperates me haha.

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  4. I only ever read The Colour of Magic years ago. I enjoyed it and I always meant to dive into the Discworld series a bit more, but never did. Your post makes me think I should re-read that one and maybe read some more!

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  5. Love this post. Came late to the Pratchett party too but still very much in love. Also big fan of the part where your train carriage knew you loved it too! (I’m not so great at stifling these things – I have given myself hiccups from trying not to laugh on a plane, which was promptly followed by me giggling as I tried not to hiccup.)

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  6. There are so many Terry Pratchett books that it quite honestly feels very daunting to start reading it. I know how awesome he is…but I just don’t know where to start or even more importantly where to find the time for it all. Loved your post though…it’s always very interesting and awesome to read a post about something someone is so very passionate for 😊😊

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    1. Maybe start with the first book written in the series. Or do what I often do and choose by which story sounds most appealing to you. I love all the books with the witches or with vimes and the watch.

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    2. I can understand that- I felt that way before I started- but on the plus side they’re super easy, fun reads so you can get through one very quickly *and* each one acts as a standalone as well as being part of a series, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the series hanging. Jessica’s advice is good, but I do always give slightly different advice- which is to start at either Mort (the first in the Death series- perfect if you want a very wacky death story) or Guards Guards (the first in city watch- and has one of the best heroes in the series and is perfect if you want a fantastic satire on dragons in fantasy) I will say that my friend gave me the advice to start at mort and follow it with Guards Guards, and it really worked for me, so I do highly recommend doing it that way (I hope it’ll work for you too!). I hope that helps! (and sorry for taking so long to get back to you, bit ill) Thank you so much!! 😊😊

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      1. Really absolutely no reason to apologise for at all. That’s totally fine. I’m sorry to hear you are not feeling well😢 Hope you will feel better soon though.
        Thanks for letting me know this. I might give Pratchett a go when I have my book reading theme month on my blog later this year. I’m really running behind on reading. So many books that I haven’t been able to read yet that it’s totally crazy.
        But this all sounds very good…so once again thank you. And as I said, feel better soon!

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  7. Ooooh, I absolutely love this post!! Wonderfully written – you can’t help but check the books out if you haven’t by now!

    I just had a look to see how many Pratchetts I actually read in total and it’s 23, most of them the earliest. I am even more hype now for my chronological Discworld Reread 😀 ‘Wyrd Sisters’ is next in line and I remember that I loved it very much!

    You are so right with how much you fall in love with all those different & quirky characters! Even the tiny ones who only appear sometimes are kinda loveable. If you ask me, my favourite side characters are Greebo, the Luggage and the Librarian 😀 I am also a big fan of the Bursar and his dried frog pills.

    There is so much to love about those books. And the fact that the characters as well as the style of writing have been constantly changing and developing, makes it even better.

    Love, love, love the Discworld!

    I remember cracking up a couple of times on public transport as well while reading the books! It’s been probably over 10 years ago, but I remember reading a random comment about an eel swimming in a small river that was so narrow that it couldn’t turn around and for some reason I thought it was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing! I don’t even remember which book it was.. It was just hilarious at that moment^^

    Collecting Pratchett quotes is something I started doing more thoroughly when I started my ReRead.

    “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods. They have not forgotten this” –> And THIS one has always been one of my favourites!

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    1. Ah thank you so much!! 😀 I’m so glad to hear that!!

      And that’s so awesome!! Oh gosh I’d be so hype for that too!!

      OH YES!! I one hundred percent agree- I absolutely love those characters- it’s amazing to have such show stopping side characters!!

      I really agree- and I love how much it develops and evolves over time. And the Discworld itself is just so genius.

      hahahaha I know that feeling!!

      Oh that’s such a good idea- honestly, I don;t do it enough- I just have a very small selection that I remember off the top of my head and only saved a few on a couple of books- that’s why I’ll always be quoting the same books. Gosh you’re making me want to turn around and reread *everything*!! Like, right now!!

      The cats quote is *totally* one of my favourites too!! It’s just so true!!!

      Thank you so much for your seriously awesome comment!! 😀

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  8. I love this post, the Discworld was my teenage obsession and a world I keep dipping back into, like popping home to your mam’s for a cuppa. The Shepherd’s Crown was the last one I read and I cried and cried and cried and etc

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  9. Although I haven’t read any Pratchett so far, I am definitely more than inspired to pick some up now! I’ve kept hearing about it lately and holy hell, after reading those quotes? I’ve started to question my priorities!
    Brilliant post!!

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  10. I’ve never read a Pratchett book but I’ve been wondering where to start! He has so many books… Do I start wit The Color of Magic? I am going to be picking up Good Omens (collaboration with Neil Gaiman) next because I’m prepping for a Neil Gaiman event, so technically it will be my first Pratchett book 🙂

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    1. Ah no problem! Personally I wouldn’t recommend starting there- I would definitely recommend starting with Equal Rites, followed by either Mort or Guards Guards. I hope that helps! And that sounds like a good place to start as well 😀


  11. I haven’t actually read any Pratchett novels but they’ve been on my radar for a while – and you’ve definitely settled it for me! I can’t wait to get to it now! Great post

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  12. Love the post!

    The very first book I bought for myself was Mort; I was about fifteen, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’d just finished reading Reaper Man and I had to have more, so I went and bought Mort because that was the one they had with Death on it.

    I started reading them again recently and they just seem to get better the older I get. You’re absolutely right that he uses fantasy satire to explore everything big and small, with such ending humour. How can you not love that?

    It’s the best. Great post!

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    1. Thank you so much!!

      Ah that’s so cool- I absolutely love the Death series- it’s probably my favourite tbh.

      Oh I definitely agree- they just feel better and better the more I read tbh. And yes!! Absolutely!!

      Thank you again!! 😀


  13. Aww, what a sweet post! I honestly can’t believe I haven’t read any of Pratchett’s books yet; I bought and started Good Omens a few years ago, but never finished it, and I keep on eyeing it because I feel guilty about having bought it prematurely. XD However, your post nudges me to move it up my TBR list, so thanks for that. 🙂 Wonderful post!

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  14. Pratchett was an absolute national treasure. The first book I picked up of his was Guards Guards – never had heard of him, but I loved fantasy so it seemed like a good bet. What a book – couldn’t stop laughing. I’m due another Pratchett session this year I think – it’s been too long!

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  15. Don’t hate me but I haven’t read this series yet but after your review that had me smiling the whole way through because of your passion for this series, I definitely need to add it to my TBR now. I like how The Librarian inspired you to write this blog! 🙂

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  16. I absolutely love this post, as one Discworld obsessed fan to another! Also, my journey is not yet complete! I’m truly amazed that I still have not managed to read every Discworld book!!! Some I have read more times than I can count, though. I’m back to the Wee Free Men again, making this by far the book I’ve read the most! I’m reading it to my 3 year old daughter. She loves when I try to do the voices of the feegles, very badly, I regret to admit.
    Do you mind if I reblog this?

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m really glad! Yeah me too!! Ah that’s so wonderful!! I actually really need to reread that one- because even though it was my first, it was so long ago that all my memories of it consist of laughing (which in retrospect is a good memory to have, but means it’s due a reread!) Not at all- please do and thank you! 😀


  17. Oh this is a great post, and I think it’s great looking back and seeing how you feel in love with one of your favourite series as well. 🙂
    I haven’t read many of Terry Pratchett’s books, but I discovered his work through my dad who is a massive fan of the series and owns all of the Discworld books. When it comes down to it Terry Pratchett and Discworld is always going to be an author/series I associate with my dad! 😀
    Again great post. 🙂 ❤️

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    1. Ooh that’s a good question actually- I usually don’t recommend starting with the first one- I think for most people Mort (the first of the death series) or Guards Guards (the first of the city watch) are the best places to start 😀 Hope that helps!

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  18. I just discovered your blog through our mutual friend, Darren. Oooh boy am I glad. Like your post on Pratchett’s work and look forward to rambling around your blog and getting to know you better. -Dominique

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  19. Hello!! I’ve heard SO much about Terry Pratchett, however, I’ve been intimidated by his books so far… there are just so many of them and I don’t know where to begin! After reading your post, now I feel more motivated to read a book by this author 🙂
    I love the quotes that you picked for this post!

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    1. Oh don’t worry- I was really intimidated too, but it’s not as scary as it seems- I usually recommend starting with a specific series- I think either starting with Equal Rites (the witches series), Mort (for a wacky death adventure 😉 ) or Guards Guards are all good ways to go! I hope that helps!!

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  20. I have not read any, but I am inspired. I watch Hogfather every Christmas, Death is a great character. My secondhand bookshop owner loves Terry Pratchett, he has shelves full of them at a great price. Time to pay him a visit.

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  21. Ahhhh, you’re making me feel so sorry that I have not yet started my love story with Pratchett’s books yet… these quotes are pure brilliant! I love seeing how much you enjoy his works- it’s addictive and the whole Librarian and bananas thing now makes total sense! 😀
    Thank you for this post- what a brilliant way to get potential readers aboard the Discworld Love Train! 🙂

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  22. Aww, you make me want to go grab a Pratchett book to read now. I love those quotes you highlighted. They make me miss Pratchett’s writing though I’ve only read 1 book by him so far.

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  23. So nice to read your thoughts on Pratchett’s books, especially since they provided the inspiration for your blog name (I really love that character by the way!!). And I love the character of Death as well, ‘Mort’ is one of my all-time favourites!

    You’re right, so much of what makes Discworld great is the witty jokes and eccentric, memorable characters (not to mention amusing commentary on the real world). Just reading some of your quotes made me laugh. The problem I always have when reading Pratchett is that I want to keep quoting good lines or explaining funny moments to anyone who happens to be around me and I end up being annoying 🙂 So I can empathise with you laughing in that train carriage!

    Like you, my Pratchett journey is not over… in fact I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I haven’t even read ‘Going Postal’ yet, despite multiple recommendations (your review reminded me I really need to get onto that!). I’ve also heard ‘Hogfather’ and ‘Guards,Guards’ are great, both of which you mentioned. Currently I’m working my way through the Tiffany Aching books, but I’ve only read 2 so far… it seems like you may have already read them though if you are up to Shepherd’s Crown, which I think is #5 in that sub-series?

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    1. Thank you so much!! Ahh he’s definitely one of my faves!! Me too!! 😀

      Absolutely- I love how there’s so many layers to it!! hahaha I totally get that!! haha I was in the quiet carriage and got such glares- but the thing is, I just didn’t care, it was too good! 😉

      Ah I definitely have loads to go too- so I really relate! And that one is *so* worth it- one of my absolute faves!! And those are two of the *best*! Fair enough- I’m actually not upto Shepherd’s Crown- I just treat that as the end point- I’ve read all the witches, watch, death, most of Rincewind and I think industrial. Barely scratched the surface on the Tiffany Aching books though, and need to reread the ones I have read cos it was so long ago, so I’m in the opposite situation 😉 I’m not being terribly organised about it at the moment, cos I’ve run out of options in the libraries I’m a member of, and need to actually collect the rest. (sorry that was probably all tmi! 😉 )


      1. No it’s not tmi at all!! I was actually curious to know which sub-series you’d read since there are so many – and you’ve read heaps! I think I’ve also read most of Rincewind, but only a smattering of others… e.g. even though I love Death I’ve only read Mort, and I haven’t read any Industrial or Watch ones. I’ve read a few Witches ones though, and ‘Pyramids’. But I will definitely prioritise Going Postal, Hogfather and Guards, Guards since you confirm they are some of the best!

        And ah yes of course, Shepherd’s Crown as an end point makes sense. I knew it was the last book he wrote but for some reason I didn’t make that connection and thought you were highlighting it because you were about to read it – but I understand now.

        That’s a shame about the the libraries, but I think if you’re going to collect a series, Discworld is a nice one to collect… even if it’s only the ones you haven’t read yet. Though just imagine having all of the Discworld books on your shelf – that would be quite a sight! 🙂

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        1. ahh good! hehe thank you! still plenty to go though! Oh you have *a lot* to look forward to with Death then! Brilliant! Hogfather is (I think the 4th) death one though, so I recommend the other two first (also cos they’re awesome!) But definitely definitely go for it with Guards Guards and Going Postal 😀

          heheh no worries- I didn’t make that clear- probably should have 😉

          Exactly- I just wish I could buy them *all* right now, but that’s a bit impossible right now, so c’est la vie. Oh wow!! All the Discworlds- now that’s the dream!!

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  24. Stellar post! I love the quotes you used. Pratchett was featured in my Valentine’s Day post, too. I listed things that make me love a book, and humor with the example of the Discworld books was one of them. 💜

    I stumbled upon Terry Pratchett in a 50% off bin in Barnes and Noble in 1996. The paperback of The Color of Magic was super cheap because, even before the discount, it had been a special price 10th anniversary edition. Even though I was a pretty big fan of Fantasy, I had never heard of Terry Pratchett. I loved the book, but as the mother of a preschooler getting another Discworld book slipped my mind. I didn’t rediscover the series until I started book blogging. I have now also read the Tiffany Aching arc, and all but The Wee Free Men I buddy read with Annimieke from A Dance with Books! I am now trying to decide whether to go back to the Rincewind arc with The Light Fantastic, or choose another. What is your suggestion? 📚

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    1. Thank you so much!! Really glad you enjoyed it! That’s fantastic and a great coincidence- I look forward to checking that out 😀

      That’s so cool that you stumbled on it like that- what a lovely surprise that must have been! And that makes a lot of sense. Awesome! ooh good question- I’ve not read as many of the light fantastic series (and I think I read a couple out of order) so I’m really not an expert on that one. I always tend to recommend my favourites though- which are the death series (starting with Mort), the city watch (starting with guards guards) or the witches (starting with equal rites)- all of the first books for those are amazing and I’m sure you’ll be happy continuing the story arcs from there! 🙂

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      1. Well I’m in luck then. Annemieke sent me a Gollancz hardcover of Guards Guards for my birthday! I had no idea it was the first of an arc. I will re-start there because I also loved the City Watch parts in the Tiffany books. Thanks for the recommendations. 💜

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  25. I had a terrible rebound relationship with my next door neighbour at university (advice for students: don’t sleep with your flatmates) and literally the only good thing to come of it was that he bought me a copy of Hogfather as a Christmas present because he was horrified that I hadn’t read any Pratchett. The discovery of such an amazing and inspiring writer almost made up for him being a complete shit!

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  26. It was really interesting reading your story with Terry Pratchett books! 🙂 I have read my fair share of his books, but not nearly enough. I definitely plan on reading Mort and Going Postal, they seem like books that I would enjoy the most. I really hope that I will be able to get my hands on more of his books soon. Great post! 😀

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  27. Great post! I´m a huge Terry Pratchett fan – I´ve read all the book and have trouble deciding which one I like the best (it changes from to time, for now it´s Thief of Time). Terry Pratchett was a true genius and I´m still so sad about his passing…

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  28. I just know that your love for this series is what essentially sparks my desire to discover the author and his stories hahah The humour sounds brilliant and I’m allllll for a well-written story with plenty of satire! Thanks for sharing this wonderful love story!

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  29. Oddly enough, I’ve never read a Pratchett book since I just never thought I’d enjoy them. My husband’s a huge Discworld fan though. I may have to reconsider though after reading your post but wouldn’t know where to start! I’m just such a bloodthirsty gal it’s hard to know what I’ll like haha! 😉😊 I do love hearing you’re love story with his books though. It reminds us why we are readers who are so passionate about our books and favorite authors. They’re more than words on paper but friends, lessons, love, inspiration and more. 💗💗

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      1. LOL, Maybe bloodthirsty was a bit of an exaggeration 🙂 I do like to read about serial killers though…odd, But I’m a romantic at heart and love historical fiction as you know. Some fantasy as well depending on what it is. I’m not a scifi person, so that’s a hard thing for me to try and read. And not at all a lover of dystopian lit for some reason. I’d rather read Tolstoy repeatedly, which I like, but would get redundant after a while! I’ll have to look up Mort though! Thanks! And you’re welcome 🙂 ❤

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          1. True, never, but I’m not sure how many times in a row I can read Anna Karenina or War and Peace, which I both love. ❤❤ A situation like thar might be a good excuse to read The Death of Ivan Ilyich which I’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t 😉

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  30. I haven’t read Terry Pratchett but certainly have heard of him. I had been wondering which of his books inspired your blogs name, thanks for clarifying! Great post, it makes me curious for sure!


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