I have bookshelves! Woohoo! Time for some shelfies!

Hello all! Today’s a very chill post, cos I’m feeling in a chill mood, hope you’re all having a chill Sunday 😉

ice ice baby.gif

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my books are in boxes/storage. Recently though I’ve had to rearrange some things and I’ve managed to commandeer two and a half shelves for my lovely books! Anyway, people love ogling books and bookshelf tours are all the rage, so I thought I’d share them, cos, well they’re pretty.

choose books.gif

Most of these are books I had/acquired at uni and have been with me through an awful lot- which is why I think it’s kind of special that these are the books I get to show to you today (don’t expect any childhood books though, they’re all in storage- *sob* my poor HPs). And even though there are a couple on these shelves that I don’t like (*cough* Lolita *cough cough*), I wouldn’t part with them for anything.

bookshelf 1 (2).jpg

The first shelf kicks off the show with my pretty splendid fairy tale collection, then for purely logical reasons/cos I felt like it there’s gothic literature, Scottish-literature-that’s-somehow-not-gothic, a part I like to call “America Fuck Yeah!” and after that the remainder’s supposed to be English- only you can probably see my beloved To Kill A Mockingbird chilling next to Shakespeare- whatever, if I’d put it somewhere else, looking at the height difference would have killed me.

bookshelf 2 (2).jpg

Okay the first book on this shelf was a gift and I’ve not read it- it does look great- but I don’t tend to read author biographies- I’ll get to it one day STOP GUILT TRIPPING ME BRAIN! Moving on, we’ve got good ol’ Norton Theory, next to some sheer awesomeness in the way of Shakespeare, Austen, Chaucer (incidentally you can hurt your back carrying those to uni- word to the wise, download backups on your kindle!). Annnd after that’s my very modest classics collection, followed by some poetry. I definitely want to bring attention to my *gorgeous* copy of Blake at the end- it’s the Tate edition, very artistic and really compact! (great for travelling, just sayin’)

songs innocence large

I also have these on another shelf cos WHERE DOES ONE PUT KAFKA?


Half a shelf (3)

JK! (mostly) And I also wanted to show off my lovely Greek Vases book- in case you didn’t know how cool I was 😉

And that’s all for now- hope you enjoyed the sexy book pics and my ramblings 😉

121 thoughts on “I have bookshelves! Woohoo! Time for some shelfies!

    1. Thank you so much!! Yeah I can really relate to that (unfortunately) lol! Most of my books won’t be coming out of storage or seeing anywhere brighter than the back of a cupboard for some time… but it’s nice to have these ones out 😉


      1. You’re welcome! Yes they are! I have many of those around…different editions used teaching the past 16 yrs fir both my British lit and American Lit classes. My students (most) generally freak when they see that’s the book for the class, lol. Norton finally broke the anthology in smaller books (3 instead of one huge one for the British one), but that’s still a pain because you have to switch out books or carry all of them. Oh well!

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  1. well done.

    the rule in my house is that for every book i bring in, i have to donate one on the shelf to the library.

    and i can never find what i’m looking for. i’ve never organized my books.


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  2. To Kill a Mockingbird! 😍😍😍😍😍

    Shelves! I just got new shelves, too, and I have books packed away that I am unpacking. We were supposed to movie six years ago, but didn’t, and the books just stayed in the storage room because everything was up in the air.. 📚

    I think I have a paperback of The Metamorphosis. Where should I put it? Ha ha. 😀

    You have some titles with beautiful covers. Are you on Instagram? 📷

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  3. Oh to be so organized…. I have shelves and boxes and books stacked in places they shouldn’t be and…… Ok, fine I admit I just have too many and thank goodness for my Kindle or I would be sleeping in a tent.

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  4. Always lovely to see other people’s bookcases! I am in sad need of my *forth* bookcase, but even sadder is that I’d have nowehere to put it if I got it! *sigh* My books shall just have to continue to Judge me from their piles by my bed…

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  5. Yaaaaay for bookshelves! Had to laugh at ‘poor’ Lolita book… pfft… but I see you’re like me- I always go by height as well and that sometimes causes an awful headache when all the books in a series aren’t the SAME SIZE!!! gah! 😀
    My hubs recently built me a nice big bookshelf, I moved all my books from all sorts of places to the shelves and was like- um, I need you to build me more! 😀 Books. freaking. everywhere and don’t we just love it?!! 🙂

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    1. hehehe! Thank you! Ah I’m so glad you agree!! That drives me crazy (actually the Iliad is half a cm taller than Chaucer and it’s bothering me ever since I decided I really couldn’t justify moving it away from the other classics… I probably will though 😉 ) hahahah! Yes!! I totally get that!!


      1. I was in the bookshop today and my eyes happened to land on a series and two books looked soooo different in size- that alone would put me off buying the series for the shelves 😂 how ocd is that, hey?!


  6. Love the pics, the book collections and I love that term . . . shelfies!

    Yanno, there used to be a local establishment called Market Fare Restaurant. It was one of my favorite restaurants. The food was great, but what really put it over the top was that when I would make my reservations, I would always ask for “The Book Room”. It was a room bathed in books, from the floors to the ceiling. It made the whole dining experience unique and delectable.

    Peace and more bookshelves

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  7. OMG, I love seeing other people’s shelves sooo much. Why do your books all looks so neatly the same size?? Mine are all different and wobble up and down. It would be a nightmare to rearrange them according to size. Not even series would stay together I am afraid.

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  8. How absolutely lovely! I love how pastel your books look (lol not sure what that just meant) because the muted colors blend together so well. Kekeke and your History of Greek Vases book made me look it up on Goodreads. Very nice. 😉

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  9. Yay for finally putting your books on shelves! I too just did this a few days ago lol. My books were still in containers where I had stored them when a hurricane was coming last year because I knew I wanted to move my shelves to a diff spot and figured I should wait until I moved the shelves. Anyway, yours looks so pretty and organized!

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  10. Gosh, you’re a clever little monkey aren’t you! At first I thought “she must have studied English Lit” but then…Greek Vases???

    Excellent diversity of books and arrangements, the height thing annoys the hell out of me too! And nice shelves, the wood looks nice and sturdy – my Billy bookcases are literally bowing in the middle!

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  11. I totally love the idea of shelfies!! Almost always bookshelves are the first place I head for when I visit someone for the first time. And yours look great! And you’re really cool for having a book about Greek Vases – I’ve studied art history and archaeology and Greek Vases have a special place in every archeologist’s heart because they help us put dates to things. 😊 Oh, and the Blake edition is just gorgeous!

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