Eleanor Oliphant is More Than Fine…

eleanor oliphant is completely fineWow what an emotional book- I laughed, I cried and I gave a massive sigh of relief when it all came to a head. It’s taken me a while to get my thoughts in order for this one- which often seems to be the case with excellent books 😉

I was rooting for Eleanor from page one. Honestly, she’s a strange cookie, but I wouldn’t say she’s unrealistic. There’s something very raw and real about her story: the sad state of loneliness that exists in society is a shocking reality of modern life. So I didn’t have to suspend my disbelief at all- which was surprising given how I’d seen some people saying the book was a little out there.

It was also an incredibly complex and layered book- and that completely subverted my expectations. Sure, I’d heard it was good, however I went into this assuming I was in for a fluffy contemporary- and that’s not exactly what this is- it goes a little bit deeper than that. It turned out to be character driven, literary, quirky, moving and somewhat enigmatic book. It even had some classics references (which made the classicist in me squeal with joy- they’re that good). All of these components blend into something utterly unique. I ended up having an entirely different reading experience- and that’s always a great thing.

My one niggling teeny tiny complaint was that it felt a teensy bit slow at times… though of course this can be forgiven, since it gave the characters the opportunity to properly grow. And I’m not just talking about the main character- the side characters in this are so remarkably drawn that at times they stole the show. I will admit that when I read this last month, I was in a massive slump (I wrote in my notes that someone said to me “everything shit’s when you’re in a slump”- which isn’t entirely right, as I thought this was fabulous, yet may explain why I sometimes found the pacing off)

All in all though, I found this was a wonderful book. Highly recommend it.

Rating: 4½/5 bananas

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Have you read this? Do you plan to? Let me know in the comments!

69 thoughts on “Eleanor Oliphant is More Than Fine…

  1. I really liked this book! I regret not reading it in English because I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like it and got a library copy instead…

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  2. I liked the look at loneliness in society in this book, because I have experienced social isolation, and I don’t think it’s written about often enough. I liked this book, I just found parts of the story strange, and the pacing was slow at times. Great review!

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  3. Fantastic review. My thoughts on this are pretty much identical although as a Weegie I could also recognise pretty much every character. I do think there is a little bit of suspension of belief required in terms of how naive and socially unaware she seems. How she managed to grow up in the care system and have a relationship but still not know some fairly simple social conventions and also retain her attitude and beliefs. That being said I still loved it. I listened to it on audio and the narration was brilliant. Really brought out every character.

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    1. Thank you! That’s cool that you’re Glaswegian! I did get the Scottish feel, having lived in Edinburgh 😉 Yeah that makes a lot of sense- for some reason I found it easy to suspend my disbelief, but it was noticeable. That’s really great! 🙂


  4. This really sounds like an incredible experience. It’s always nice that you find a book that moves you, and I have always found the best thing about a movie, book, or any form entertainment medium is it’s characters. Reading about this main character, is something that got me highly interested in checking it out. As always: great post! 😊

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  5. Wonderful review! It’s definitely nice to land upon such an awesome book with a character that feels so real during one those awful slumps. Hope this one really did cure it all and got you back into your I-can-read-1000-books-per-day groove! 😀

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  6. Oh brilliant review for this book, and I think the fact that you rated it so highly given you were in a slump while reading it just goes to show how good the story was. 🙂 I haven’t heard anything about Eleanor Oliphant, but after reading your review I definitely need to check it out, I enjoy character driven books every now and again as long as they’re well written and it sounds like this one really was.
    Again great review! 😀

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  7. Great review! I read it earlier this year and absolutely love it too. I recognised a lot of the story and I don’t believe it to be “far out” at all. And I was in tears by the end too. So worth it tho. I’m glad you liked it 😊

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  8. This book really appeals to me since it saw daylight and I am super happy that you enjoyed the book yourself. It definitely gives me hope that I am going to like this as well once I get around to it ☺ great review! 👌

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  9. I have been seeing this book everywhere but I hadn’t read a review yet, I’m glad too see you enjoyed it so much, now I can add it to my TBR:)

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  10. I really enjoyed this book too! Like you, I expected it to be a bit on the fluffy side but I loved how the darker side of Eleanor gave the story gravitas. I loved how there were so many different elements to the narrative – you got excited about the literary references, for me it was all about her pot plant! I think there’s lots of lonely young people out there struggling to fit in so I didn’t have to suspend my disbelief either. I think there’s a bit of Eleanor in all of us!

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    1. Oh yeah I totally agree with you! hehehe that’s brilliant- I love how the author incorporated so many elements like that- it made me think how insanely smart she must be! 🙂 Yeah I agree with you- my sister’s actually reading this right now and just had a conversation about that- it’s not that we’re all like Eleanor exactly, but that there’s enough commonality that it’s easy to relate.

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      1. Oooh, lets see what the monkey baby takes from the book. It’s like a personality test! And yes, I think that feeling of being on the outside looking in is a pretty common one. I could totally relate.

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  11. I have just finished this and am so glad to see how many people are loving it – small acts of kindness can go a long way! Fab review of a fab book ☺️

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