Game of Thrones Season 1 “You Win or You Die”

*Spoilers for season 1- I’ve tried not to spoil anything later on- but there will be massive HINTS*


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Well hello! I know I’m posting later than I normally would, but I hope this is a pleasant surprise- because I’m launching another series today… I’ll be doing weekly reviews of seasons 1-5 of Game of Thrones! In case you didn’t know, I’m a massive fangirl for the show and books, and naturally did reviews of Seasons 6 and 7 on here. Bereft at the end of the seventh season, I decided to go back and rewatch from the beginning and a few weeks ago I made it upto season 5 (yup- I’ve already rewatched it– though someone will inevitably ask how I watched all of this in a week 😉 )

Anyhoo, this was a really fun trip down memory lane and it was great (and in parts traumatic) reliving it all whilst knowing what happens to all the characters. I was moved from the opening shots of Winterfell, I chuckled to myself at the opening title “Winter is coming” (yeah in 6 years), enjoyed the artistry of the show, got to see those sharp Littlefinger vs Varys go scenes again, was reminded of all the storytelling aspects and got to pick up on a few more Easter Eggs this time round.

Now obviously, I can’t touch on everything in the review, especially since I won’t be doing it episode by episode (given that I did that for the last two seasons, there was a lot I had to leave out). Plus, this isn’t my raw reactions, so while I’ve tried to keep my spoilers to a minimum, my opinions are clouded by later impressions. Formatting this was also pretty hard, so rather than go through this episode by episode, I decided to divide it up into more-or-less POV characters (pictures won’t be taken from just Season 1)

Daenerys Targaryen 


We can start with Dany, because she’s a little bit out of the way. I love how she’s brought into the fold of the story, just after Ned and Robert discuss the downfall of the Targaryen’s. It puts her on the edge of the narrative and yet still very relevant.

Of course, as the series progresses she becomes ever more important. No, becomes is the wrong word- she takes control of her own story. It is no inconsequential feat that she becomes the mother of dragons. From very unpromising beginnings in a forced marriage, she wrests control from her husband, develops relationships (especially with the very unsubtle Jorah) and begins to develop her own cult of personality. It is little wonder that she ultimately walks through fire and comes out the other side unburnt.

However, she’s not without faults. There are hints of her ruthless side– especially in how disturbingly cold she is when Viserys gets executed- though it does tell us something important: “He was no dragon, fire cannot kill a dragon.” And most importantly, we see her making mistakes early on, particularly trusting the witch woman (to paraphrase Jon in season7 why?!). But, we can never forget her rebirth at the end of the season and the subsequent return of the dragons! It’s no wonder everyone loves her!



Speaking of characters everyone loves and “speaking for the grotesques”, there can be no one better than Tyrion! With some of the best quotes in the entire show, like “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone”, it’s no wonder he’s a fan favourite.

And early on, he is one of the few characters with the wit to save himself. Admittedly, he often uses old tricks like “I wish to confess my crimes”, but you can’t go wrong with the classics 😉

One great way to examine Tyrion is in relation to his family– especially in terms of how he’s pretty much the only one apart from Cersei who seems to get on with Jaime (who admittedly is a total prick in season 1, even to characters like Jon, for no apparent reason). Yet for me, one of the best ways to look at him is through the characters he clashes with- notably Cersei (incidentally I forgot how she was in early episodes too, with bizarre lessons to Joffrey saying things to the effect of you can have everything you want and you can’t… ugh, why does she even think she’s smart?). Still, I’d be remiss not to mention one of the best character bonding that I completely forgot about when we got to Season 7…

Jon Snow


And that’s Jon and Tyrion! OMG I loved their relationship, because Tyrion is the only one who is candid with him. That doesn’t mean treating him with kid gloves, but actually telling him the truth about the wall (WHAT THE HELL BENJEN AND NED?! I thought you were looking out for him!)

And crikey- the Wall is not what it’s cracked up to be. I mean there’s crude meritocracy, with Benjen saying: “A man gets what he earns, when he earns it.” Let’s be honest though, mostly it’s just cold as-eff and a great place to brew some enemy relationships (*cough* Allister Thorne *cough cough*). Also, he gets called a bastard a lot, which never ceases to make me fist-clenchingly mad!

Still, it’s not all bad- he gets to act like a hero defending Sam. Full disclosure: it took me a good while to warm to Sam in season 1– but his truly horrible backstory and Neville-like loyalty eventually wore away at my defences.

Plus on the positive side, he spends some of the series being groomed for leadership, gets to kill a Walker, earns himself Longclaw, hangs out with Ghost more than he ever gets to in later seasons and has a great FORESHADOWING scene with Aemon. So really, it’s not so bad, you can cheer up now Jon!

Catelyn Stark


Another positive for Jon is that he’s finally away from Cat. Heck- I’d go North of the Wall to get away from Catelyn Stark nee Tully.cannot stand this character. Even her whining first line- “do you have to?” instantly made me yell at the screen “shut up Cat!”

So why do I hate her? Well, let’s start with the fact that she couldn’t be even halfway decent to a motherless boy- in fact she doesn’t even let him have a proper, peaceful farewell with Bran. It’s her unsavoury anger that drives him away in the first place. And that’s not the only problem her anger causes.

I mean WTF was she thinking kidnapping Tyrion!?!? That has to be one of the stupidest power plays in the history of mankind! It makes literally no sense- not only does she have poor evidence that Tyrion did anything, but it instantly puts Ned and her daughters in unnecessary danger. I mean, I know she warned them not to go to King’s Landing, but like I said, she’s a whiner (no one listens to whiners- the way she says things is so off-putting, I’d do the opposite of everything she says too). The whole way through the series my notes are full of “Cat does dumb Cat-like things”– even, with a nice hint of what’s to come, going to visit the Kingslayer *slow clap Cat, slow clap*.

So yeah, she spends a vast amount of time hating Lannisters… and yet for some *ridiculous* reason trusts Littlefinger?! The practically MOUSTACHE TWIRLING VILLAIN! Are you daft? I mean, when you have friends like Littlefinger, who needs enemies? Her character judgement is so wayyy off base!

Robb Stark

robb stark

Phew- got that out of my system, mostly. Let’s talk about a character I actually like again: Robb Stark. Or “poor Robb” as I often think of him.

He’s definitely presented as a lord-in-training, quoting his father, gracious and with his fearsome direwolf Greywind. What I like even more is that through him you get to see some of the Northmen’s personality- such as Lord Umber getting two fingers ripped off and standing there laughing! And you get some nicer scenes like THE KING IN THE NORTH (which makes me all teary eyed).

BUT that’s not to say he doesn’t make mistakes. Straight off the bat, we have evidence for this when Theon calls him stupid- I mean, if Theon’s calling you stupid… welll I don’t know what you do with that- don’t ask Theon for advice kids!

His major mistake, however, is allowing his mother to negotiate with the Freys on his behalf– and it’s a mistake that has ripple effects across the seasons. Because, as I’ve made it clear, Cat is not the smartest person! And she enters into to one of the most disastrous negotiations. I’ve had many discussions over the years with friends about this, but I’m pretty sure this would have been a better way to go into the talks:

“Hey, we need to use your bridge.”

“Well, I quite fancy having your children marry mine…”

“Already betrothed, sozzles! (cos in this version Cat’s not a moron) About that bridge- you can let us through or we can take it with our shit ton of men… whaddya say?”

Could you have at least tried to have spoken from a position of strength Cat? I guess whining at someone is your default setting. Not to mention the fact that, as the show makes clear, Freys ≠ trustworthy. Even though Cat’s known them her whole life, she strikes the dumbest deal in the history of deals. Ugh.

Bran Stark

bran stark 2.jpg

Speaking of people with rotten luck, let’s briefly touch on Bran. He’s not one of my favourite characters- however I do feel sorry for him. We get a lovely bit at the beginning of episode 1 with him scaling the walls… and then he has his big fall at the end of the episode- or rather gets pushed. Yeah- that scene will never cease to shock me. GRRM is the king at taking away what a character really cares about. And I completely get why he’s mad at Cat- leaving him to go on her stupid secret mission that goes disastrously wrong… (this is turning into the I-hate-Cat show).

Moving on, one of the best things we get for Bran, is mostly just the foreshadowing, which, let’s be honest, this show has plenty of…

Ned Stark

ned stark.jpg

Starting with that dead stag and the dead direwolf (and the *hint hint* “no mountain lion”) they find in the woods. This scene, where the Starks get their direwolves, is one of my favourite and is so loaded with symbolism (Jon: I am not a Stark, Theon: it’s a freak!) that I could have put it under any character. But it is Ned who first recognises the Direwolf– the sigil of his house.

And this is an omen for the start of all his troubles. For it’s not long after that the Baratheon king comes to Winterfell (ah Robert, you crass lout!) and because Ned’s an honourable fool, he decides to accept the position as Hand of the King. Now, I don’t totally begrudge his decision (though my goodness, it was a BAD one) because a lot of this comes out of him trying to be a good friend to said terrible king.

However, as much as I don’t want to disrespect the dead (RIP Boromir… err I mean Ned), he was awful as a politician. If there was a mistake to be made or a trap to walk into, Ned did so like a lamb to the slaughter/fish out of water/wolf not in the north. Even while acknowledging that the crown is bankrupt and can’t afford to host a costly, dangerous tournament, he ends up just turning a blind eye to it- which is not good enough.

Then of course he does loads of other dumb things, like giving away his household guard, not leaving when he has the chance and confronting Cersei about her (incestuous!!!) extramarital affairs! The only reason I love his character is because he’s so noble while doing all these stupid things- plus he teaches us that vital lesson that in the Game of Thrones you win or you die.

And everything that happens to him is SO AWFUL– though in a very callous way, rewatching it after season 7, I can’t help but see how poetic it is for him to get stabbed from behind in his fight with Jaime (also, it’s funny that this time round, I don’t blame Jaime, since this is right after his idiot wife kidnapped Tyrion and Jaime’s lashing out for that)

Also, Ned serves as a brilliant and stoic patriarch– giving us that wonderful “lone wolf” speech that pays off all the way over in season 7. I absolutely adore that “War was easier than daughters” line too. Which brings me onto…

Sansa Stark

sansa stark.jpg

I will be frank, in this season, I found little to like about Sansa. She was a vain, pretty fool. I also will say I think a lot of my initial dislike for this character came from me transferring some of my hatred of Cat onto her- I saw her as Cat 2.0 and thought she was primed to make the same hot-tempered mistakes her mother did.

However, my initial analysis of her character was fairly wrong. Not that she doesn’t start out as air-headed- she most certainly does. She’s utterly ridiculous and forgiving of Joffrey- even though he quite literally swung a sword at his sister and threatened to torture a random kid. On top of that, she *lies* about it after! Watching it back, I did find myself being more forgiving (as will be apparent in later posts, I ended up respecting and appreciating Sansa) especially since she pays the price immediately for her lies and ends up losing her wolf.  Plus, if I can forgive Jaime…

In all seriousness, the reason why I don’t mind Sansa’s vapid-bordering-on-insipid actions early on is because she is just playing the role fate gave her. She acts the lady, as she was always taught, and you can’t really blame her for it. She’s even told “no one can ever hate you” (all the while Littlefinger drip-drips poison in her ear, but I digress…). She trusted in Joffrey to spare her father (though see above why she really shouldn’t have) because the lady trusting in her gallant prince is a story she’s always been told. What’s interesting is that her playing this role so well is actually evidence that she’s not clueless- she knows enough that to get ahead she has to conform. In playing the part, she’s actually being smarter than I thought. Even if I didn’t love her in season 1, her character was being built to go in a very interesting direction.

Arya Stark

arya stark

Ah what stark differences between the sisters! I always loved Arya! Sharp as a needle, wild and a non-conformist, I think it’s impossible not to like her straight away. In the first season, I loved her courage and her relationship with Sirio Forel. I also liked how her “dancing” lessons were used to show a simultaneous flashback and foreshadowing. In one of the more interesting scenes, as Ned watches her learn to use a sword, we see a brief look of horror building in his eyes and his laughter turns to a scowl. It’s subtle, but it’s there- and I believe it is a sign of the horrors that Ned cannot stop befalling his children.

And Arya has one of the most heartwrenching stories– partly because she survives. She may initially be only playing with the sword, yet by the end of the season she’s made her first kill and lost her father. She’s heading down a very dark path….

But more on that next week! As with my episode reviews- I’d love to know who will be sticking around for this series? Are you a fan of GOT? Let me know in the comments!

106 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 1 “You Win or You Die”

  1. TOTALLY agree about Catelyn! I wanted her to die long before she actually did! She made the WORST decisions and was SO heartless to Jon, and she didn’t deserve to be called Lady of Winterfell, because she was as much a monster as Cersei (just in different ways). I only ever felt sorry for Tyrion, because he was born into a world that had it out for him, and everything he did was to attempt not just to survive but to thrive. And hints of Dany’s upcoming ruthlessness unnerved me so much I decided not to keep reading after book 2, and I stopped watching after season 3. Like you said, GRMM is the king of tragic twists!

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    1. THANK YOU!! I’m glad I’m not the only one!! I really agree with you!! Yes, I definitely felt for Tyrion the whole time- he’s one of my favourites 🙂 Ah I can understand that- I really have gone off her in recent series, so it was more obvious to me this time round. He really is!

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    2. I wasn’t too crazy about catelyn either. I don’t hate her character, but there’s no love either. And I agree about how cruel and heartless she was to Jon. He’s my favourite character, and her vehemence to him is totally unwarranted. Not loving him because he wasn’t her son is one thing, but the cruel way she treated him… I grew up with a step mother, so his situation resonated a lot with my own, but my step mother wasn’t quite so extreme. Tyrion is also one of my favourites.

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      1. Thank you for calling out Catelyn! I’ve heard plenty of people claim she was justified in her treatment of Jon because he wasn’t her blood son, and I just can’t even with that crap! And I think Tyrion was a great character!

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        1. People who say crap like that clearly don’t know what it’s like to be the stepchild of a jealous and resentful step parent. And it never just stops there. It infects the biological parent’s attitude toward their child, and the kid is caught in the middle of something they have no control over. When I was a kid, I hoped one day I’d have step children so I could treat them better than I was treated. It’s silly, but it really bothered me at adults can’t behave like decent, mature people.

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            1. Haha! That would first require me to get a divorce! 😁 I’ve been married over 15 years and have a 3 year old daughter.


              1. Well, hopefully *that* won’t happen – but it sounds like you understand much more what could be going on for kids in that situation than a lot of people claim to – and your understanding is valuable.

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                1. Thank you. Maybe one day I might be able to put my understanding to good use to help others. To owe people who think it’s acceptable to mistreat a child over the circumstances or their parentage, or any reason, for that matter, wake up, because it is never ok to abuse a child, physically, mentally or emotionally.

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          1. I think that’s a really lovely thought (that you wanted to be a step mother just so you could treat them right) Jessica. I’m really sorry you had to go through all that. Nothing gets my back up more than the mistreatment of children- so it’s why I just *rage* whenever I see Catelyn. (And yeah I love Jon too)

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            1. Aw, thank you! I guess for those who can survive the mistreatment and hardships they experience in life, it can shape their character for the better, but it takes will power to rise above those challenges and choose to be a better person for it. And empathy. That’s important, the magic ingredient, you might say, to being a compassionate human. 😉

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  2. I love GOT! Arya is my favorite followed by Tyrion Dani and Jon. At least now that we are at season 7. Cersei needs to DIE! She is the one I love to hate on show. Ugh! Haven’t read the books yet but I will. Great summary! Forgot there were so many characters.

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  3. I’m sure you already know how I feel about this show since I was obsessed with your reviews to the point of psycho doe season 6 and 7. I totally understand about what you mean about these Noble ones making stupid decisions. TOTALLY agree with you about Catelyn.i mean my god if she would have showed even apinky toe of compassion things could have turned out differently and yeah to trust Little finger of all people?!?! That’s like the first lesson of all lessons. Never trust a damn spy even if he loves you. His love changes with the seasons, I mean come on. I think in her own way she was probably trying to make Ned jealous but it didn’t work and the kicker that we learn in the later season??? She probably died in her grave all over again. I thought Sam was super boring in the beginning and I couldn’t stand Cersei or Sansa. Tyrion is like the show’s God. He’s just so fantastic and so smart. People are so stupid not to listen to him when he speaks just because he’s a bastard. Love Arya too. From the beginning you could just tell that she was going to forge her own path though I do have to admit, her storyline got boring in season 6. I get it but I was bored. Love Dany. None of her story has bored me at all and I legit can’t wait to see what goes down in this final season. I’m going to stop now cause I can go forever. I’m really glad you’re doing this cause I can relive it all through your posts and also, how did you watch 5 seasons so quickly because you know someone has to ask 😉.

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    1. hehehe I loved our chats about seasons 6/7 😀 Ahh yes- GRRM is so good at making noble characters total idiots that end up dead 😉
      Ahh I’m so glad you agree about Cat!!! YES!! Honestly- she’s one of the few characters that on rewatching I had *less* sympathy for. She didn’t have to be so heartless! And why trust LF?!?!
      Yeah I felt the same way about Sam- but for lots of reasons he grew on me. And Cersei is ughh and Sansa I didn’t like in season 1.
      hahaha yes about Tyrion!
      And yes- I love Arya- her storyline does get dull in some places, but her character’s so good that I forgave it.
      hehehe yes, if there’s one thing Dany isn’t it’s boring. I can’t wait to see too!!
      hehehehe I knew someone would- it took like six months lol 😉

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      1. Actually, I think dany is very boring at times. Maybe it’s just the way it’s done in the show that turns me off to here. But she comes across as someone who’s just there to look pretty and boss others around because of her bloodline. She doesn’t seem brilliant to me, t rather her advisers are wise and help to guide her to good decisions. Maybe her character will improve if the next book is ever published.


  4. I’m totally with you on Kaitlin stark, what a crappy woman. For that reason I loved that she sucked so much. I like characters to be unconventional, it’s interesting. I could go on and on about the rest, but you covered it all really well. I enjoyed the books except for the overwhelming number of characters created just to die. 😉

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  5. I also love Tyrion and Jon! One of my favorite dynamics even a few seasons in. And I agree with your rant about Catelyn; I still like her, but I really don’t understand some of the things she does considering she’s rather cold and hardheaded. Same with Sansa, who was so frustrating to me in the first season (great arc though, as you say). And yes, Arya’s hard to dislike (she’s my favorite!)

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  6. This post makes me want to watch Game of Thrones all over again haha! Totally agree with everything you said, especially Cat. But I have mixed feelings about Bran, he’s currently my least favorite Stark 😦
    Looking forward to the next posts! 🙂

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    1. I don’t dislike Bran, but his part has been pretty uneventful so far, as far as being crucial to the plot. He seems to be building up to his true purpose, though, and with the books at least, I have hopes that he’ll do something really incredible. I wonder what it will be, exactly.

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  7. I started season 1, but didn’t finish! I really wanted to read the books first. Did you just watch the series or read the books too? Not sure if I missed that. 💜 Awesome post!

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    1. I was a skeptic about GOT, so I help out for a long time. But my brother in law owns all the seasons, so one day out of boredom, we borrowed them and I was immediately hooked! It made me want to go read the books, so now I own all that have been released. Normally, I prefer reading the books first, but I wasn’t put off by seeing the series first. If anything, it helped to give me a visual and a better feel of the characters, especially since the books are very detailed and somewhat challenging to read. Worth it, but it’s a lot to take in. So, don’t stress it. Just do whatever you like, but I’d encourage you to read the books.

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    2. Ah that’s a shame, but fair enough. Hehe well I committed the cardinal sin of watching the first season first. Then I started season 2, got massively spoiled for season 3, decided I didn’t want that to happen again, so read all the books 😉 Although I haven’t mentioned the books at all- to be honest, I might vaguely refer to differences with the books later in the review, but these posts are really about the TV (I think given how much content there is in both, cramming that into one post would be insane 😉 )
      Thank you!


  8. I complete agree, about Catelyn, she has always frustrated me by her persistently stupid decisions! i also agree with most of your views of about the characters.(I actually love Bran though i can see why you wouldn’t as he is less of a person than a magical entity so its harder to connect with him. but I’ll be honest I was ambivalent about Jon Snow in the first season/book, he only got interesting to me when he met Daenerys (in Season 7).

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  9. I was hooked on this show from the get. And after season one, I realized that NO ONE was safe, which made it must see viewing for yours truly. It’s a double edged sword though- pun intended- because you can’t kill off ALL the main characters every season, or you’d have nothing more than a rotating ensemble in cool duds. GOT has navigated through each season rather adeptly, with plenty of “No WAY!” moments to keep us honest.
    As for a few of your observations, I have to say . . Dany HAD to be ruthless at times in order to survive and prosper. Tyrion . . well, he just has to be Tyrion. He’s my favorite. The sisters Stark have traveled different roads, but each has been steeled by their tragic consequences, and the resultant characters are that much more interesting because of it.

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    1. ahh yes!! I totally agree!! hahaha yes! that’s very true! I think it’s done so many shocking things really well- and that’s truly amazing!
      Yeah I do think Dany had to be ruthless- I just think that over time that’s made me like her less. Tyrion is just awesome- though I can’t pick between him an Arya. Yeah for sure!!

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  10. That’s a great review! Well done!
    You are probably going to hate me but I am not a fan of the series, I mean it looks great but I don’t like the plot deviations. And to be honest I am not sure I am a fan of the books anymore. I mean the author just made it so much more difficult to convince anyone to commit to a fantasy series in the writing.

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      1. The books are OK, there’s nothing that puts me off in them, it is the fact that the book series remains unfinished with no clear schedule while the TV series gets all the attention. I think that the books should come first.

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        1. Ok, I figured it might be something to do with the delay in the release of the next book in the series. I really wish the books would have come out before the latest seasons were done, but the author failed to deliver in a timely fashion, regrettably.

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            1. The books can be a bit laborious to read, due to the extensive amount of detail, which slows the pace drastically, but I do love all the many different character POVs and interwoven plots. It keeps my overactive imagination highly entertained. That’s what I like about the TV series, as well. So much more dynamic than ordinary TV series. Why oh why couldn’t GRRM have stayed focused and gotten the books out in a reasonable amount of time?

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                    1. Hahaha!!! Well, then GRRM better hurry up! Because when we’re old, he’ll be a heap of bones six feet under! 😂

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  11. There isn’t one thing that I don’t agree with. It took me a while to get addicted to GOT but now…I can’t freaking wait for the next season.
    “Ah what stark differences between the sisters!” I see what you did there 🙂
    Exceptional review!

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  12. That’s funny that you have gotten to season 5 in a week! I started rewatching game of thrones a week ago, too, and am about halfway through season 5! So, I won’t ask you how you did it, because I totally get it! Anytime I like a series, I watch everything in a matter of days! But I don’t watch TV/movies as often as most people. I just hate starting something and not finishing.

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    1. hehehehe well I’m impressed, but sadly I didn’t get to season 5 in a week 😂😂😂 (sorry for laughing, I just tried to explain in the intro, and kinda failed obviously- I started rewatching after Season 7 ended- so it actually took me months to get through it- I’m just posting all the reviews consecutively) But I can watch a series in a matter of days too 😉 I did that with Last Kingdom, because I loved it so much 😀 I also don’t watch much either in general. Outside of GOT and Last Kingdom, there really isn’t much I’ve watched in a while.


      1. I did watch the second season of last kingdom. It does get a little bit better, fortunately. And that took me maybe 2 days. Have you seen Black Sails? It’s a pirate series. Pretty decent, I think. We got it just on a whim, and in some ways, I think it’s better than pirates of the Caribbean.

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  13. Oh, I am a massive GOT fan. GRRM has this cunning ability to create complex, not entirely likeable, characters as he really understands human nature.

    In all honesty, I don’t know what to do with myself in 2018 as there in no GOT series scheduled for this year and the book is still nowhere in sight… 😂 I will probably be re-watching the series again, thanks for the idea! 😊

    Oh Cat, what a character she was. Completely consumed by jealousy, which prevented her from forming any relationship with Jon.. as he was ‘supposedly’ her precious Ned’s son. She loved fiercely but could not forgive. And that was her undoing.. By the way I also questioned MANY of her decisions, totally with you there! 😍

    What I love about GOT is the growth of all characters. For example Jamie… a complete prick in early seasons.. then in season 3 he loses his hand and his character starts growing. That episode when Brienne tells him he can either be defined by what happened to him or raise above it and make it work for him… my all time favourite episode! Those two had such a lovely dynamic and their unlikely friendship is just phenomenal.

    Jon really stands out to me for his ability to make unpopular decisions. He never truly belonged to the Stark family and that made him comfortable truly belonging to himself and nobody else.

    I don’t think I have a favourite character. They are all interesting and I always want to know more of them. 😊

    I’ll check your previous posts and am looking forward to the next instalment of season 2!

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    1. Ah yes I really agree with you- GRRM is *brilliant* at creating all sorts of complex characters!

      Yes, I agree (and incidentally think it’s so brilliant how GRRM makes people’s weaknesses their undoing, time and time again- it’s kinda Shakespearean) And I’m glad I’m not the only one critical of her decisions/actions!

      And yes I really agree- I absolutely love the character development- especially of Jaime. Ah that’s an amazing turning point for him as a character. I also like how, even though he’s a prick to people, there are redeemable aspects in the foundation of his character, which allow him to grow. And I just love Brienne and Jaime’s friendship 😀

      I really agree about Jon too and he definitely stands on his own two feet, which is definitely a consequence of never really belonging anywhere.

      Ah yes, I’m the same- I have so many!

      Awesome! Thank you! And thanks for your wonderful comment!

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  14. Oh, I love a bit of tits and dragons 😊 I actually don’t mind Catelyn, I think she’s a victim of a seriously sheltered life. In hindsight her attempts at politics are stupid but at the time I think she was just doing what she thought was best. I mean, she could have turned out like her sister so I think she did pretty well. I get why she’s pissed off that she has to bring up her husband’s love child as one of her own (can you imagine?) although that’s obviously not Jon’s fault (and it ends up being a benefit when he has to strike out on his own). I feel similarly about Sansa, she’s severely limited by her upbringing but she’s bound by convention to just get on with it. At least she’s more aware of the power plays going on around her and she’s learning quickly to trust no-one. Arya is definitely a favourite and Tyrion just gets better throughout the books – there’s something almost Shakespearean about him.

    I just wish GRRM would hurry up and finish writing the books!

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    1. Hehe it’s funny, because I get why you don’t mind Cat, but everything you said in her defence just made me more wound up about her- I can’t help it! Yeah she’s had a sheltered life- but it’s not exactly victimhood to grow up in the lap of luxury (/with no major hardships)- most characters have to make the best of horrible situations. And when she does end up in challenging circumstances, she makes everything worse. It’s not just that she’s a bad politician and not as clever as she thinks she is (Cersei’s like that too) but she also makes rash decisions- the temper combined with the stupidity is just infuriating (I do agree that Liza is awful- though it feels like choosing between the snake and the devil). I also can’t forgive her for taking out that anger with her husband on Jon (and yeah I can imagine, but man, that shit actually happens in real life and it doesn’t excuse causing a child to suffer). Also she’s clearly managed to forgive Ned… but not Jon? WTF?! She’s always full of this righteous anger- and yet she’s constantly directing it at the wrong targets (eg Tyrion and Jon). Just because Ned supposedly did something wrong doesn’t mean she gets to act like a spiteful, vengeful piece of… *ahem, insert insult*. And funnily enough, it’s because Sansa was able to grow that I again can’t make excuses for Cat- both of them are similar in their initially sheltered lives, but Sansa does learn to play the game. Cat’s basically a combo of her daughter’s worst traits- ie Arya’s hot-headedness and Sansa’s naivety- both of those characters grow, but Cat’s always stuck in her ways (again, she has the opportunity to grow, so it’s no one’s fault but her own). Oh gosh I’m so sorry for going off into one! Like I said, I really hate her! And I do love Arya and Tyrion 😉

      Haha agreed!!

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      1. Have I touched a nerve? I can see what you mean – and I agree – but she doesn’t have the same infuriating effect on me. Cat and Rob were just a bit meh for me. I take it you’re looking forwards to the Red Wedding? 😂

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        1. hahaha clearly 😂😂 Nah- just when I say I hate a character, I *really* mean it. I actually loved Robb though- I’d never go as far as to say I looked forward to the Red Wedding- yeesh! 😉 But yeah, I can understand why you find them meh- Robb was meh for me in the books in particular.

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  15. Ned was a very honorable man! I admired him and totally didn’t expect what happened next. But he should know that honor and wisdom go hand in hand. He was too trusting with his honor and strength that he forgot to use his head (*coughs*). As I quote from the show itself, “do you still think good soldiers make good kings?”

    I’m loving how Jon is picking up Ned’s sense of honor while still being wise, though!

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    1. Ah yes I was the same- it was a complete shock to me! I loved him as a character too. But yeah, you’re right, he should have been a tad wiser and sadly he did make mistakes. haha yes! That’s a hundred percent true.

      And yes I do agree there! They certainly have similarities 😉


  16. YAS! I am all for this series already!!
    So, where to even start responding here?? I do understand how terrible it must be to have your husband come home with the child of another woman, believing he is the father, but Jon was still just a baby. I would have swallowed my fucking pride and not basically ostracized him. As you mentioned Cat’s actions have quite the ripple effects.
    As for Tyrion – he will forever be one of my faves! And I truly liked Dany in the first season. She was my favourite. I have a huge canvas painting I did of her as proof hahaha anyway, I haven’t liked her for a couple seasons now though :/ I just feel like she never learns from her mistakes.
    And my darling, Sansa. Everyone is so hung up on her bad behaviour in Season 1, but especially in combination with her POV in the books, I could be a whole lot more forgiving. Glad to see you could find it in your heart as well 😉 especially since we both forgave Jaime hahaha

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahh I’m so glad!!
      And YES!!! I agree with you *so much*!! Jon did nothing wrong and she was horrible to him! I’d bloody well like to think I wouldn’t have done the same in her position!

      Ah Tyrion is wonderful!! Me too 😀 Yeah I did too. haha I can understand- I loved her all the way up until the last couple of seasons- sadly I’ve gone off her a bit too. I agree with you! That’s exactly it!

      Ahh yes- the thing is I think the reason why I’ve ended up liking Sansa is the exact opposite of why I don’t like Dany as much (aka Sansa *does* learn). It took me a while, with both the books and the shows, but I really like her now- I think I only really wrote negative comments about her in my notes for season 1, which was a massive improvement on where my feelings used to be 😉 hehehe yes! 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s not that I have a problem with people disagreeing with me about GoT characters, but I am really happy we are on the same page about so many (or basically all) of them. I can’t wait to read what you have in store for the other seasons. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long for the last one though. It would be so cool if you got through the seasons and then they’d release the new one hahahaha

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Hehe I understand and don’t worry, I’m very much used to people disagreeing with me on all things got (and everything else lol 😉) but I’m glad to be on the same page too 😊 hahaha that’d be perfect lol! Sadly we’ll have to wait longer for season 8 *sigh*

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      2. Sansa is one of those characters you have to be a little more forgiving of, because, 1, she was just a girl with no real world experience. Of course you think you silly little girl! What’s wrong with u? Are you stupid?! But experience will force her to realize the world isn’t all perfect like her beloved stories. Arya being a tom boy gets it, because she’s more interested in what the boys are doing and sees from a different perspective. I get that because I was like her when I was a kid and my little sister was like sansa. But little by little, sansa grows up and learns the hard way. She’s not really stupid, she’s just an innocent girl and a slow learner. So, I never really hated her, but I did sympathise more with arya.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah I really agree with you- I’ve definitely learned to appreciate Sansa as a character and think she’s definitely someone you can forgive. I think I was the same- I was more of an Arya and my sister was also more of a Sansa. I initially got wound up by Sansa and connected to Arya more quickly, but I definitely changed my mind about Sansa.

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  17. Great summery rematched a few seasons recently and it’s so great going back to the start and going over ever from the beginning again. I agree with you I hated Cat! And Rob was one of my favourite characters for a time but he made some dumb decisions that we are still seeing the effects of now.
    Great job 👍🏽

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  18. I loved this post, and I’m looking forwards to your review/thoughts on seasons two to five now as well! I am a massive fan of Game of Thrones (I haven’t read the fifth book but given there’s no release date for the sixth yet I’m not too concerned about moving it up my to-read list) but oh I have loved the show from the beginning.
    I wasn’t a huge fan of Sansa in the first season either, but she’s become one of my favourite characters as the show has gone on because of the way she’s developed through the seasons. I love Dany, she’s actually probably my all-time favourite character alongside Tyrion. They’re two I hope survive the show I will say. 🙂
    Again great post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! Ah I totally understand that- I read the 5th GOT book the year it came out… and I’ve been waiting for the sixth ever since! 😂 And yeah, I’ve always loved the show!!
      Oh I’m the same with Sansa- she’s one of my absolute favourites now, because she’s grown so much! Ah yes! They’re great too!
      And thank you again! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh wow, so if I’m remembering correctly that was quite a while ago, can you still remember all the details of what happened?
        Yes, I can’t wait to see what happens to her character next season (I just hope she survives until the very end of the show.)
        That’s all right! 😀

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  19. Exavtfreakingly!! The difference between the sisters!! I have been team Arya from the very start and she is the topmost character I am rooting for before Daenerys. Sansa, yes her character development has been good but I still don’t like her that much. I definitely love Tyrion but after how that last episode ended I am very much afraid of his loyalty!! I want to trust him but this show is breaking trust from season 1 episode 1, so….

    Anyhoooo, LOOOOOVED this post!! I hope to see more GoT related posts in the future. 😀

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  20. I like the character POV division to your review! Gosh, this sure does make me want to rewatch it all, but I think I should rather read them all before rewatching!! 😛 I got my hands on all the books (released for now…) and hope that maybe I’ll be able to get around to reading them all before the final season comes out. It was weird to see Cat on here when it has been a while that.. you know.. she hasn’t been around hahah Reading this also made me realize that I forgot so many things happened!!! That’s actually pretty cool. I’m even more motivated to reading the books now hahah Fantastic review! 😀

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  21. I never thought about the fact that Cat makes so many poor decisions… I mean, I didn’t like the fact she was mean to Jon, but I always got the impression she was an otherwise nice character who did her best… but now you point it all out, she does make some pretty terrible choices!!

    Cool you are rewatching and reviewing these, I’m planning to do a re-watch of them all too (before the last one comes out) – will be an interesting trip down memory lane, just from reading your post I already see how many things I had forgotten about 🙂

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  22. What fun! I’m currently re-reading the books, and was planning on watching the show as I read, but I only got about 4 episodes into season one before I realized that I kept wanting to read the books rather than watch the show. I’m currently doing a read of both Feast of Crows and Dance With Dragons at the same time (reading the chapters in chronological order). I’ll re-watch the series after I finish with the books. I really feel that the show has done a great job with the casting. I picture the actors when I read, even though I read the books before the show came out. The actors truly embody the characters!

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