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Gosh, I can’t believe how slow I’ve been to get round to this one. I kind of planned to do it after watching at least one of the Justice League movies but that took longer than expected to get to… sorry about that! Thank you so much to the lovely Book Cover Girls Angelica and Rosie for tagging me to do this! It’s awesome that they used their love of superheroes to make this tag! Also I loved their choice of gifs for this!

The Rules:

  • Copy these rules onto your post
  • Mention creators of the tag:Angelica and Rosie @TheBookCoverGirls and link to the original post
  • Mention and thank the person who tagged you and link to their post
  • Answer all the questions
  • Since there were originally seven members in the Justice League, tag 7 people
  • Also, you can use the images provided, but don’t have to if you don’t want to
  • Have fun with it!

Batman: You favorite antihero


I loved both Angelica’s and Rosie’s answers of Kaz Brekker and Victor Vale, so I had to think a little to come up with someone different. I’m gonna go with Nova from Renegades, cos she’s totally kickass and very sympathetic. Plus, superhero books are definitely appropriate for a superhero tag.

Aquaman: A book or character that turned out to be better than you expected (because let’s be real, we did not expect Khal Drogo to make Aquaman cool)


Okay, I’m gonna have to admit my own genre biases here, but I did not think The Hating Game would be nearly as good as it was. I mean, I expected it to be an enjoyable-if-clichéd book- so I almost didn’t deserve it to be quite the entertaining riot that I found it.

Wonder Woman: Most badass female character (not necessarily in a physical sense)


Lira from To Kill a Kingdom! Easily! Even when she’s not in a position of strength, she’s unnervingly strong willed and determined.

Cyborg: Favorite science fiction novel


Gonna have to go with the Martian, because it was the first book I ever read in the genre where I thought huh, I could actually enjoy this stuff… Again, shame on me for my genre biases! *Raps knuckles*

The Flash: A book you sped through


Lately, I’ve been whizzing through the Percy Jackson series- it is so much fun!!

Superman: Saddest character death (although we all know there’s no way Superman is going to stay dead)

**If you do give a spoiler, please be mindful and clearly label the question with a SPOILER ALERT**


Due to the nature of the question: SPOILER ALERT!

I also reread Harry Potter recently- and You Know Who I mean in the seventh book… actually, you probably don’t know who, there’s a lot of them, but the one that got to me the most this time round was *drumroll please* Snape. I know, controversial one, I bet you all expected that I was sobbing my little heart out for the Dark Lord or maybe Bellatrix Lestrange 😉

That was a lot of fun- I tag:

Beth, Zezee, Nel, Kat, Bookstooge, and Lashaan and Trang @Bookidote

(sorry if any of you have done it and feel free to ignore!)

So do you agree or disagree with my answers? And out of interest- do any of you have have a favourite DC hero? Let me know in the comments!

74 thoughts on “Justice League Tag

  1. I enjoyed the Snyder trilogy of films, especially since with all the hate directed at them I thought they would be terrible. But nope, I own Man of Steel, BvS: Directors Cut and Justice League.

    And Superman. He’s my main superhero.

    I’ll have to add this to my “tag” collection, sans gifs and wait until I’m in a snarky mood and then blame you for it all 😀 See, something to look forward to!

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    1. hehe then you probably won’t enjoy my reviews of them (…coming soon… 😉 ) cos I have thoughts about them… and not very many of them are good 😉 (be warned, maybe *look away* 😉 )

      And I love Superman.

      Awesome! hahahaa I was hoping you’d say something like that 😉 I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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      1. Eh, when it comes to movies, I don’t care. I might like a movie, or not, but I’ll never get sucked into whether it is a “good” or “bad” movie. All movies are fluffy entertainment meant to dull the stupid masses. Some of us realize this and let them slide over with no affect.
        Me getting in an argument about a movie would be like me getting into an argument about which alcohol is “better”. 🙂

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        1. Fair enough, I definitely get that and often feel the same way about a lot of movies. And I agree though about movies and taste in general- everyone should feel free to like what they like 🙂 (I just won’t pretend to have liked these movies when I really didn’t 😉 )

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  2. * SPOILER ALERT* I still can’t get over how J.K. Rowling killed Lupin and Tonks in one sentence. I remember reading that chapter again and again thinking that they had had a personalized death scene and I had missed it… So much trauma…

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  3. Love this tag and your answers! I also like Kaz Brekker and Nova! The hating gaming was a hilarious read! I absolutely loved it! I haven’t read To Kill A Kingdom yet but I can’t wait to meet Lira. I’ve heard great things about her. I haven’t read Martian but I did watched the movie and loved it.

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  4. Thanks so much for the tag. I haven’t even seen Justice League so I feel like I need to watch the film before I can take part in this. 🙂 I will say when it comes to anti-heroes Kaz Brekker is my all-time fave but I do love Nova as well, and yes I sped read though the Percy Jackson books when I first picked them up. There’s just something so addictive about them right?!
    Great answers for this tag, and again thanks for the tag! 🙂 ❤️

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  5. Lol! Thanks for the tag!
    The Percy Jackson books are indeed fast, fun reads.
    And the last time I reread the last Harry Potter book, which was 2 years ago….(I think) I listened to the audiobook and teared up when Snape died. I couldn’t believe it of myself either. My tear ducts betrayed me.

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  6. This is such a cool tag! I haven’t read the martian yet I really must get to it I loved the movie!

    In the DC world my favourite heroes would be Wonder woman and I loved Aquaman in the latest film. However in the whole DC verse my all time favourite character will forever be Harley Quin ❤

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  7. I’m squealing at the mention of my fav series ever, Percy Jackson! How far are you in PJ series? You should rick all of Rick Riordan books if you love PJ! And Nova is my fav antihero too!!

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  8. This is a great idea for a tag and a post, good work!
    I love the Percy Jackson books so much, which considering I only discovered them a year or so ago is always good to know! I had several friends who were all ‘Isn’t it just Harry Potter with Greek Gods?’ which a) that’s still amazing, how can you make that sound like a bad thing? and b) if we reduce all books doen to a short summary with an emphasis on similarities to other books then no book sounds interesting!
    Anyway I tried them out and had such a wonderful time! One of my favourite bits is in the first book when Hades goes on this whole rant about the trials of ruling the Underworld and from that moment on I knew this series was goign to be great…

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m in a very similar boat! And yeah a) how could that be a bad thing? and b) exactly!!
      Me too!! I absolutely felt the same way- I was so bowled over by how Hades was portrayed and that just made it awesome for me 😀

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          1. I confess that I was going to make a really professional post about how Rick Riordan writes the Greek gods and how they both feel like real people, and like inhuman gods. It was going to be serious and sensible…
            And then I gush about everything I loved without spoiling the whole series for people for about 3000 words…
            I couldn’t help it! I just absolutely love Poseidon’s fishing chair throne!

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  9. Thanks so much for the tag! I … still haven’t watched Justice League … but I am going to find it somewhere before the Aquaman movie comes out. Jason Momoa is sooo cool and I love Ezra Miller, but I have just always been more partial to the Marvel universe when it comes to the cinematic adaptations.
    (The Martian will forever be on my faves list!!!)

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    1. You’re welcome! hehe trust me, there’s no rush 😉 I would like to see the Aquaman movie (well I’ll go off the trailer) cos I’m not totally enamoured by DC movies right now. I definitely agree with you about Marvel in this case 😉
      Me too!!

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  10. I’m glad you chose “the Hating Game” I felt the same way where I thought it would be your typical chic-lit rwad… Then I plowed through it in a night, unable to out it down and thought “… What just happened?? That was SO GOOD!!”

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  11. Man, can you imagine this tag for the Marvel characters? There’s so many! We need to up your sci-fi novel reading game, haha. Snape was definitely a sad death considering we grew up hating him most of the book. I think the Weasley death affected me more though. I was also in denial over Dumbledore for a minute as well.

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  12. Oh cool, I’ve recently been checking out The Trials of Apollo series by Rick Riordan (they’re hilarious), and I honestly can’t wait to To Kill A Kingdom; I haven’t been expecting much out of it, but many bloggers have said it’s really good? 😉

    Awesome tag!! Totally get that feeling of changing which character deaths make you the most sad by the way; HP especially conflicts you like that haha. 😀

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  13. I loved all of your answers!!! I totally agree about The Hating Game! It was so good! I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did! And I have yet to read The Martian although I absolutely loved the movie! I definitely want to get to it this year. Then again, I say that about every single book so I guess we’ll see how that goes lol. Awesome post!

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