What the Hell is going on with DC?

*Warning if you like the movies, now’s the chance to look away!*

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After my post yesterday, you would be forgiven for thinking that I was a massive fangirl for the DC Justice League movies. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As much as I love the characters and even think some of the performances are stellar (as Book Beach Bunny said yesterday, only Jason Mamoa could make Aquaman cool), there is way too much I hate about these movies. Not to say that they’re abominable or you shouldn’t like them… I just… GAH! These films piss me off.

Oddly enough, I never planned on doing a post like this. In fact, the first film came out before I even thought of having a blog. I did write a long ranty response to the second film in my notebook when I watched it, however that was before I ever thought of talking about anything other than books on here. Then the latest film came out and I. Just. Couldn’t. Take. It. Anymore.

I’m not referring to all DC films, especially because I haven’t seen them all (I couldn’t make it more than half an hour into Suicide Squad and I still haven’t got round to seeing Wonder Woman yet, though I want to and actually think that will be pretty good) so I’ll only be focusing on Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and Justice League. Let’s get into this shall we.

Man of Steel was far too Flimsy a Film

man of steelSuperman is probably one of my favourite heroes and while, yes I’m one of those people who actually enjoys the old Christopher Reeve films (they’re fun!), I was not adverse to a darker remake. I mean, I am completely in love with the Dark Knight trilogy and wasn’t looking for a carbon copy of something that had been done before- that would be boring. And yet, somehow this managed to be boring. And frankly, that’s the worst cinema sin imaginable.

I won’t say it’s a terrible film, it just suffers from the same issues that plague the series- starting with the fact that it’s trying to be too clever for its own good. Frankly, no one was asking for a convoluted backstory for Superman- even the old movies summarised in a few minutes! Why, oh why, did this have to focus on such a bloated history? A history that incidentally becomes irrelevant to the rest of the movies (showing how sloppily this was all put together). No one thought- hey, if we’re inserting a done-to-death-chosen-one trope, through the whole pointless codex stuff, we might have to refer to that in later movies. Nope- it’s only there to serve to make this movie longer. G-r-e-a-t.

And although this is making my review all over the place, I have to add that this didn’t help the flow of the story. The constant flashbacks and non-linear nature made it feel jumpy and made it harder to invest in the story. A story which was already hard to get into thanks to an overly-broody hero, a meh villain I wasn’t scared of and a complete lack of tension.

The lack of tension was up there as one of the worst things about the movie. Even while all the grand-scale-action managed to wipe out most of Metropolis (which also obliterates Superman’s primary goals as a character, but whatever) this movie still failed to get my heartbeat to rise above its resting state. Cos, contrary to the Michael-Bay school of thought, *explosions* does not create tension. You need to actually care for *someone* in the story for that to work. And vague threats about wiping out all of humanity doesn’t matter either if you can’t capture that sense of time running out.

Still, even though I’m being super negative here, I didn’t completely despise the franchise at one point until I heard the title for the next one…

No One Wins in Batman V Superman

batman v superman dvDavid S. Goyer (a writer for the film) once said that “Batman Vs. Superman is where you go when you admit to yourself that you’ve exhausted all possibilities”. And isn’t that the truth. To be diplomatic, I’m not opposed to the idea (though it has the juvenile aspect of “who would win in a fight, a ninja or pirate? We all know the answer is a ninja pirate 😉 ) I simply think it’s a shit title.

Where Man of Steel spends tons of time on backstory, this gets you up to date in about three seconds. And I don’t just mean Bruce’s parents deaths, I mean why he hates Superman, the whole deal. There’s about three different openings at the start of this moviestellar film making there *heavy sarcasm*. Each scene is delivered to us like *here, have some exposition*. Not only does this feel ridiculously choppy and cobbled together, it doesn’t even provide the best motivation for Bruce to fight Superman.

But whatever, the title says they’ve got to fight, so they fight. And of course, Batman is totally beating Superman… Wait, what?! Oh yeah, that’s cos even though the writers tried to give Superman an actual motivation for stopping Batman (aka in this version Batman is a murderous psycho) they kinda give up on that and kidnap his mother. So yeah, Superman’s not into fighting at all- but don’t worry too much, they’ll be a nice coincidence to break it all up anyway.

On the subject of Batman, I will probably get into trouble for my seriously unpopular view here. I think Affleck’s Batman sucks. He’s just Affleck as Batman (aka I never lost the sense that it was Affleck- the best performances make you forget they’re an actor altogether). I’ve nothing against the actor, yet I cannot deny that I didn’t buy his performance *at all*. Nor did his swanky suit and CGI convince me either.

And here’s another unpopular opinion, I actually thought the ending was worse than the beginning. While it was flawed, certainly, I did actually like seeing Lois do some investigative journalism and Batman supposedly-being-smart by coming up with a plan to take down Superman. Even if the plot points weren’t ironed out and Eisenberg’s Luther was GOD-AWFUL, I at least cared about the outcome of the fight. However, the writers didn’t have the courage to follow through with that story and had to stick a massive alien villain into the ending. Lois goes from vaguely interesting to completely useless and Batman and Superman are friends again- sarcastic yay! Oh with Gal Gadot shoehorned in too (don’t get me wrong, I love her as Wonder Woman, but she barely belongs in this movie). I think the impact of the (MAJOR SPOILER WARNING) death could have been that much more powerful if Batman accidentally/not-so-accidentally killed him (providing they had better reasons to fight).

At this point, I’ll be frank, my frustration with how this could have turned out became a steady dislike. I don’t think I’d have hated it so much had it not been for whichever smart Alek thought “we’d better put a monster in the end of this movie!” If they’d focused on the ideas, the actual titular fight and given some good motivations, this could have been interesting. Buuut they’d already proven that stupid plotlines were the way to go with the first movie, why stop there?

There was no Justice in Justice League

justice league cover 2*Spoilers for Batman V Superman*

Where do I even start with this one? On the plus side they got over their need to make all the colours so dark you can’t see anything. The downside is the plot is terrible. Bruce Wayne *feels* an attack is coming, so he gets to work in forming the Justice League. I wish that last sentence was a joke, but it gets so much worse. As per the last two movies, there are no decent reasons or build up for the villain. We’re just supposed to accept that the villain is the villain and the heroes are the heroes cos *reasons* (and some awful speeches). The heroes get to resurrect whoever they like (though not Superman, we’re told a million times to remember he’s dead…). And if the baddie makes obvious mistakes, like not going after the easiest target (a magical box thingy, more lazy writing there), then we have to accept it like good little chumps who bought the extortionate cinema tickets.

Except I watched it pay-per-view, because I’m not that stupid with my money (and can’t afford to watch films I actually want to see on the big screen). Anyway, why’s that all relevant? Well, because I was so bored that I wandered off to do chores for a few hours halfway through this movie. Sorry, pow pow pow, *insert fight scene*, *insert dumb joke* wasn’t enough to keep me entertained for hours on end. Especially because I couldn’t care less about the characters.

And here’s the real issue. Half of this comes down to a heavy reliance on most people knowing the characters already; the other half is, in my view, that Zach “my batman could get raped in prison” Snyder doesn’t actually get why people are watching these movies or why people love these heroes. One thing I love about DC is the deep questions  and the human struggles at the heart of their narratives. Unfortunately, they forsook the fundamental rule about storytelling in creating these movies because there’s never any real stakes. Nothing about this feels personal and the story is consequently a random sequence of events– not the great epic they wanted it to be. Maybe they should watch a Marvel movie for ideas (I should clarify, I’m not a Marvel fangirl, I just like good movies, not shit ones).

It would have been great to focus on some of the characters backstories here. For instance, Cyborg could have been the central focus of this film, since he actually has some connection with the central problem in the movie and has story arc worth developing here. But no, an unfocused team-up is what they went for and this meant that a lot of them felt underdeveloped (though #notall- I got a clear sense of Diana without having even seen her movie yet). They throw in references to a ton of different movies they want to make and hope we’ll get the message there’s a *bigger picture*. Yet no matter how many end credit scenes you tag on, this will never feel like a great series (incidentally the ending scene made me think: ooh the shit Luther is out, I bet he’s coming to ruin another movie…)

One other hugely jarring factor that I can’t overlook is that it flip flops on tone every two seconds. Partly because they seem incapable of making up their minds about how the characters should act, so you never feel like you understand why they go from naught-to-moody-to-jokey in the course of a quick minute. And I get that a lot of this is down to having more than one director, but that’s really no excuse for the overall effect to be so jarring. It goes from taking itself realllly seriously to making bad jokes. Even though the whole series could have done with a more light-hearted touch, I can’t forgive how cheesy and dumb the so-called humour is. Every time they made a joke I was deadpan; every time they said something serious, I laughed. So yeah, crap jokes don’t let you off the hook here.

It’s the sloppiness of the script and story that I have a problem with– not the careless CGI beard stuff (though that was badly done). It’s the fact that this rush-to-the-justice-league ended up being a combination of cringey and dull. And that’s why I am not a fan of these cashcow movies.

My rating: a banana peel


So dare I ask: how do you feel about these films? Love them or loathe them? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m not a massive fan of DC, I prefer Marvel movies any day and they’re amazing in my opinion, but I’ve heard more than a few mixed reviews for the films you featured in this post! The only DC film I’ve actually seen is Wonder Woman which I loved, and which definitely made me want to watch Justice League as well but then I never got around to see that when it was out at the cinema. Maybe one day but I’m not in a massive rush, for me it’s always going to be Marvel over DC any day. 😀
    Great post. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Totally get that- I’m still enjoying most of the Marvel films and think they’re doing a much better job overall. I do still want to watch Wonder Woman, cos I do think I’ll like that one (the only reason I haven’t is cos my sister wants to watch it with me and we’ve not been able to find a time when we’re both free for it 😉 ) But yeah, I think I’m gonna basically stick with Marvel movies from now on 😉
      Thanks!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. I’m completely with you on this. DC is just bad these past couple years. I get they’re trying to keep up with Marvel but it hasn’t been good since The Dark Knight Trilogy man. Wonder Woman is decent. Nothing too crazy to scream about because in a way it’s still typical DC and leaves you with scratching your head with questions. Like for example in Batman v. Superman, how did Lois know to go swim underwater for the spear? It magically became the answer? Also, you have two powerful freaking beings who are not allergic to the thing yet its the one who’s allergic to it that saves the day? Justice League was just awful. So many things didn’t add up. It was super predictable and the humor?? My god. Sorry, DC, it just doesn’t flow naturally like in the Marvel films. They can’t seem to find that balance between dark and comedic. I mean it was even pulled off pretty good in Age of Ultron and Ultron was creepy as shit! I also agree about the villians. They just appear. There’s no build up connecting them to anyone which makes you question the whole point of the group besides, “oh we need to save the world cause..”. Oh lastly, no heat form this camp about Ben Affleck being Batman. He’s just not a good actor in general to me and I’m glad he’s hanging up that cape cause we definitely need a refresh.

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    1. Thank you!! So glad you agree!! And yeah, I really don’t think it’s been good since Dark Knight. Totally get that about Wonder Woman- I just think the difference is I might actually enjoy that and not want to tear my hair out, not that it’ll be good shit 😉 Annoying that it still leaves you with questions tbh (why do they keep doing that?!?!) And yes, that’s so true- I actually thought Lois had a decent role in the film, until she threw the spear away… and then had to fish it out without breathing and just why?! And yes, why not give the spear to Wonder Woman or Batman? No, it’s cos he’s got to die. And justice league was just unforgivably bad. Apart from a couple of the performances, I didn’t think there was anything redeemable about it. And yes- it was predictable, but didn’t flow- how did they even manage that?! Ad yeah they really didn’t manage to balance out the tone. So agree about Ultron. And yeah, the villains always just turn up conveniently because *plot* (I mean, Batman legit just felt there was gonna be a villain… and so there was). But it’s like with your example of Ultron- the villains in Marvel actually serve the plot. hehehe I’m so glad you agree about Affleck as well- I thought I was going mad when everyone said that was the best thing about the movie- I have no idea why people said that. Yeah I’m really glad too!

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  3. Ha ha ha! Yassss! Someone had to say it! Full disclosure, I am a Marvel girl 100%, but I do enjoy some of the DC characters and, therefore, watch DC movies. Don’t even get me started on Affleck’s Batman….it’s pure garbage. Adam West and Christian Bale are the epitome of what Batman should be! I completely agree that maybe these folks should watch some Marvel movies and take some freaking notes. I never EVER feel cheated when I watch Marvel (I am personally fangirling for Infinity War, which I am seeing tomorrow) but it seems as though every time I watch one of the recent DC movies I am left laughing at how downright awful and sloppy they are! Great post! Glad I’m not alone!

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    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad you agree! And fair enough! It might actually surprise people to know I lean more towards DC, though I much prefer what Marvel are doing with their movies (plus they have the X Men and I *love* the X Men) YES- so glad you agree about Affleck- I have no idea why people were saying he was good- Bale and West were far superior in the role and I never thought of them as anything other than Batman. And YES- I so agree about how I never feel cheated after watching Marvel. Apart from anything else, they’ve got the basic story structure and characters down (and then they’ve got a whole lot of other things going for them, but I’d like to see DC at least nail the basics first at this point). Ahh awesome!! Yes!! Thank you!! Me too!

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      1. Hahaha. After I wrote the comment I remembered the Marvel thing. Then I remember I class them all under ‘superhero movie’. 😉
        But yeah… Your enjoying BP won’t change this rant one bit 😄😄
        It made me laugh so much though!

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  4. I think I am the only person I know who genuinely enjoyed Batman vs Superman. It was a childhood fantasy come true as my childhood was spent watching the Tim Burton Batman films as well the Christopher Reeve series of Superman. To see their stories culminate was fascinating to me. Plus, that particular rendition of the Dark Knight, all grimace and no mercy, was a series highlight for me. I always felt Batman was too merciful to his foes.

    Excellent post by the way.

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    1. Ah fair enough. I grew up with those too and would have liked to see their paths cross. Personally, while I’m not crazy about the choices they made for Batman, I didn’t like the acting, so I couldn’t really give it any credit, because for me it was like Batman didn’t even turn up for the movie. I think it’s an interesting question to explore- but I’d have liked to actually, well, explore it, instead of going “this is a thing now” if that makes sense. Anyway, I’m glad that you got more out of it than I did!
      Thank you!

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  5. The only ‘true’ Batman is Nolan’s Dark Knight portrayed by Christian Bale. Why, oh why, did they have to do something after those movies I wonder..
    In all fairness, I haven’t seen any of those movies you mentioned. I recently rented out Wonderwoman and it was actually enjoyable. I would recommend it.

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  6. Couldn’t make it through any of those three. DC is good for TV shows, that is where they are okay because they can drama it up and skirt around getting down, dirty and dark. The only exception was wonder woman. Now Move on over to Marvel, they hit movie magic(usually) Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, deadpool etc. Except for some solo’s like Hulk(Gag) Marvel has their act together… so why cant DC? That is a good question, is it writing, directing, or just the characters themselves… I mean seriously how many Batman reboots can there be? Unfortunately I’ve been stung by DC too much I haven’t watched Aqua-man despite my love of Jason Momoa. Go on DC get dark, but not batman dark… move on already. (FYI Best batman ever, is lego batman. Just sayin) 😉

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    1. Fair enough- I struggled through them all to be honest. And yes I agree there!! I do plan on watching Wonder Woman, so that’s good. And I so agree with you about Marvel. And yes most of them, except a few exceptions, are fantastic. I honestly think they could do something if they weren’t just trying to churn it out in competition with Marvel (just my opinion and going on random interviews I’ve read, but I really think they need to just hire people who give more of a shit about how these movies turn out, cos everyone always sounds so miserable making them- with the exception of wonder woman). And yeah I so get that. hehehe so true 😉 Lego batman all the way 😉

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  7. I may be the only person on the planet to say this, but I DID NOT like the Wonder Woman movie!! Everyone told me it was so good before I saw it… Lies. So many lies. I’ll withold my opinions on it as you have yet to watch it. But, I’ll be interested to see if I continue being the only person in the world to dislike it. Lol!

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  8. I think you summed it up pretty excellently! (Thanks for the link by the way :))
    I feel like these movies simply can’t decide what they want to be. True to the comics, a darker version of Marvel, wait let’s start copying them & consequently they can’t decide what they want the characters to be so they just throw everything and every characterization in hoping something sticks. They need to just let the material be itself.
    Weird thing to but despite the D.C. heroes being (in some ways much more powerful than Marvel) I’ve always thought there was a nitty-gritty more human aspect to them that made it work better but Snyder and company chose effects of character and to be honest that didn’t work that great either. Wow did I ramble! Sorry. Spot on review!

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    1. Thank you very much! And you’re welcome!
      and that’s so true. They just keep editing and editing over what’s often not such a good script in the first place, so the thing just ends up being a monstrosity by the end. There’s perhaps something decent under the surface, but it’s lost under layers of bilge tbh. I so agree with you and think you summed it up perfectly- they just need to let the material exist on its own.
      And yes, I really agree with you there- I always think of them that way too. And you’re so right about the effects over character as well.
      hehee no worries, it’s so easy to go off into one for these! Thank you!


  9. I remember when Justice League came out, and I asked a friend who’d seen it if I would like it. She turned, looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘It’s fine, you’ve already seen it.’ And I was really confused, because I most certainly had not seen it. Then she explained that the most memorable parts were getting a disapparate team of heroes who don’t like working as a team together to try to get back a shiny blue space cube befoe a guy who wants to destroy the world, and… And then I knew what she meant… And I didn’t go.

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      1. I kinda figured since this was the only neutral (not good) thing she could say about a three hour movie!
        Also Sage Hagen wrote a review about how it ran out of story with an hour left to go, which I figured was a sign that I’d end up grumbling and twitching in the cinema…


  10. Okay, so I’m a HUGEE DC fan and Man of Steel is actually one of my favourite films but I can understand your point of view too.

    Contrary to what you said, I actually felt Man of Steel to have an emotional touch too it, along with the great fight sequences. Maybe that’s due to the face that I was 13 when I saw the film and it was my first live-action Superman film; I had seen a lot of Superman animated films and shows but not the Christopher Reeve ones. Even now when I see Man of Steel, I understand that it’s a different and darker take on Supes, but I still enjoy it a lot. I find Henry Cavill pretty great as the character but then again that could be because he was the first rendition I saw on the big screen.

    BvS I found good. Not excellent but good. Batman’s my all time fav superhero, so just the thought of seeing him and Superman (who’s also a fav of mine) together in a film made me excited. Granted the movie had a lot of flaws but maybe the fanboy in me ignores those points. I perceive it as a Batman film with Superman and other characters which sort of justifies the dark tone, since it’s a Batman film. The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of my all time fav movie series but the actual Batman fights I feel weren’t that good. Affleck nailed Batman in that sense for me. That Warehouse fight sequence is BvS is my favorite part of the whole film.

    Justice League, I agree was underwhelming and disappointing. But WB’s at fault there. If Zack Snyder’s cut was unwatchable then they should have delayed the film more and worked on it. I mean even Joss Whedon couldn’t do anything in such a short period of time. So the result we got was a film that felt unfinished and had tone changes in every scene.

    But all these films are part of the DCEU. DC still makes really good movies in the animated film sector. I know the Marvel films are doing really great so it’s easy to hope on and say that you’re a Marvel fan but if you’re willing to give DC a chance I’d recommend you the following films :

    1. The Dark Knight Returns : Part 1 and Part 2 – The film that BvS was inspired from. The actual fight is really great and there’s a clear motivation provided for both the characters. Based on one of the best Batman comics of all time by Frank Miller.

    2. Batman : Assault on Arkham – The title is misleading, it’s actually a Suicide Squad film; Batman isn’t even in it too much. But again, pretty solid film.

    3. Justice League Doom
    4. Justice League : The Flashpoint Paradox.
    5. Justice League : War
    6. Batman : Under the Red Hood

    All of these are great films and you check them out. I’m now realizing that I’ve sort of written a really long comment 😂 but well, I’m a DC fan so I couldn’t help it. Sorry lol. I’m still pretty pumped to watch Infinity War though!

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    1. Hehe well I should first of all clarify that I usually prefer DC, so I get where you’re coming from, but that didn’t make me like these particular movies.

      I think they tried to go for an emotional touch, and there were certain scenes that hit, but for me it mostly fell flat (like I said, Man of Steel wasn’t the one I disliked most and there were elements of a lot of this one in particular that I was more on board with). I just didn’t feel an overall emotional connection to the story. And yeah I personally thought Cavill was decent in the role (and I like him as an actor in general), plus I was happy a darker change to the story. For Man of Steel, the biggest issue I had were to do with the chopping and changing that made it hard to fully invest, some of the story elements and the villain.

      Affleck on the other hand I did not like (sorry!). The fight scenes are good, but that really doesn’t make or break how I feel about a movie and it didn’t come even close to Dark Knight’s portrayal for me. I do get why people like BvS (and Man of Steel) because I liked a good proportion of BvS in particular (though not Affleck) I just didn’t like where it ended up and that last part subsequently overshadowed the rest of the movie for me. I just felt if they’d not stuck the monster in the end (and probably not included the terrible Luther) and expanded on the motivations and had the fight scene be the finale, it could have worked.

      Yep, Justice League was just a mess. No two ways about that.

      Like I said, I’m actually more into the DC characters than Marvel (I know, shocking after this rant 😉 ) so I’m definitely up for better animated versions- thanks for the list 😀 (I’d especially like to see 1 and 2 on your list- they sound brilliant! Thanks very much again and don’t worry about the long comment- I totally see where you’re coming from, I just really did not end up being a fan of these films unfortunately.

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  11. Eh, I liked all 3 enough to buy them on bluray. They’re not Matrix or John Wick levels of enjoyment for me, but I enjoyed them as much as Cap3 and WAY more than Dr Strange or any of the Thor movies.

    Now, to put things in perspective, I found Wonderwoman to be tiresome and boring. That one I put on and ended up writing a review while I listened to it in the background…

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    1. I think that’s fair enough and if you enjoyed them, you enjoyed them. I think it’s fairly obvious that I didn’t 😉

      I can’t comment on Wonder Woman since I’ve not seen it- though I think that at best I’ll find it enjoyable (happy to be proved wrong though)

      And to put it in perspective for me, I tend to at least enjoy most marvel movies (though I’ve not seen them all) even if I don’t completely love them all or have some complaints. But these I can’t even watch as background noise.

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  12. YOU HAVE TO SEE WONDER WOMAN! She is the crowning JEWEL of this terrible universe. On the contrary though, the DC TV universe is REALLY good! They are doing much better than Marvel on TV shows, and that should be considered too.
    I am a bit bias because my brother, who is a cartoonist, forced my family into being DC fans (he is obsessed with Batman), so I know a bit more than their terrible movie attempts.

    But seriously, watch Wonder Woman. You won’t be sorry.

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    1. I do plan to- she was the best thing about Justice league tbh, so I can see that. And yeah that’s true.
      Honestly, I consider myself more DC than Marvel, which shocks everyone considering how much I’ve hated these films over the years (but I blame it on being more invested 😉 )

      Thank you for the tip! 😀

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  13. These movies were a complete waste of my time and money. I was stupid enough to watch them in the theater smh. The only reason I watched Justice League: Wonder Woman. Now her movie is amazing! But I can’t deal with all these other terrible DC movies. Marvel has some crap movies too. But their crap movies are still waaaay better than anything DC pumps out (except for Wonder Woman haha).

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  14. I’ve only seen Batman V. Superman (I haven’t seen Wonder Woman either, though I really want to) but I agree 100% with your thoughts on that one. Should they fight? Yeah, why not? Superheroes fight each other a lot. But they usually have good reasons! Or at least reasons! Gah! Also, I hadn’t been able to pin down why I didn’t like Affleck as Batman. Your description that is was purely because we were seeing “Affleck as Batman” explains it perfectly.

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    1. I’m glad you agree! Exactly!! I’m not opposed to them fighting- I just really didn’t feel their reasons for it were fully worked out or justified (I felt this was a bit lazy as well, after civil war, that really explores this fully). And thank you- I’m glad you see what I mean there!


      1. It’s frustrating. I mean, I’m a Marvel comics girl, but I know that it’s not because Marvel is inherently better than DC. And with the movies, I feel it’s just that Marvel has recently had better luck with their writers. Hopefully DC’s writers can improve while Marvel’s writers stay good! *fingerscrossed*

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  15. Yes to everything you said there on the Justice League movie, especially the flip-flop on tone. I had issue with it but couldn’t/didn’t articulate it when I saw it. I was bored too when I saw it and the villain, ugh! Sucked!

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  16. I think you’ve just hit the nail right on the head. I’m not a super fan of DC movies except for Wonder Woman which supposed to be the saving grace of the franchise but Justice League movie flopped big time!:(

    Though I admit I love the DC’s CW TV series, this past few seasons didn’t went well especially for Arrow and The Flash. Supergirl is doing great but I don’t know how would DC make up for everything especially now that the MCU went far beyond reach compare to them.

    And even before the release of Infinity War, Marvel movies have taken so much history to prepare for their 10th anniversary not unlike DC’s underwhelming and undeveloped world building.


  17. What unpopular opinion? Cashcow movies – check, Bafleck is a shit Batman – check, the jokes are cheesy and awful and the tone is inconsistent – check. Check check check, your post is on point! I was a DC fangirl, I totally was, Burton’s movies were gloriously grotesque, Nolan is the best and no argue there whatsoever, The Suicide Squad made me stop going to the cinema except if I reaaaly like something, and everything went to shite after thee Man of Steel. DC seriously needs better directors. :/ Awesome post, as always, I’m really glad I’m not alone in this, and I really look forward to Aquaman, he was the best thing for me in Justice League, and the Wonder Woman was pretty good, hope you like it. 🙂

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    1. hehehe I’m really glad you think so (there’s just a lot of DC fans who would disagree with me strongly on all of those) I also *love* DC and I really agree with you- but Suicide Squad sucked (I couldn’t finish it) and Man of Steel was so meh. I really agree. And yes, I do want to see that- thank you!

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  18. Fully agree with everything you said (apart from superman being one of your favourite heroes – i never really liked the guy. Team Batman here… or wolverine. I guess I like my heroes to be a bit of an asshole). I didn’t pay to watch justice league, and I wasn’t sober. Batman vs superman felt to me like an okay superman film (but im not a fan of the guy), but a really bad batman movie. Dont remember watching Man of Steel, tho I know I have. I guess it was that bad. I thought wonderwoman was okay, but my ipad crashed near the ending and we really didn’t mind not knowing what happened so I guess it wasn’t That good…

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    1. Thank you- I’m really glad you agree and that’s fair enough (I also love batman- I know he’s totally different to Superman, but he’s one of my favourites too- I kind of like the edgy dark ones and the nice guys as well- it’s why I love the characters of both Loki and Captain America lol) I really agree that it was a bad batman movie- that’s a good way to put it. Ah that’s a shame- but good to know.

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  19. I loved Man of Steel and I will defend it until the end of time! 🙂 🙂 I thought the back story was necessary to understand this iteration of Superman… there are consequences to being Superman and him struggling with whether to save people and his father’s viewpoint on staying hidden because the world wasn’t ready for him, along with the idea of humans possibly struggling with their own humanity as a result, was fascinating to me… let me stop here before I get carried away lol.

    Batman V Superman was poorly written film (with a few good action scenes).

    Justice League was just boring, no real stakes, rushed and lacked heart.

    Suicide Squad was terrible and Wonder Woman was fantastic!

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    1. hehe fair enough! I’m glad you got more out of it than I did 🙂

      It really was.

      And yes, so agree with you there.

      Yep Suicide Squad was too awful for me to finish. And I need to watch wonder woman!


  20. I so agree with you. I’ve only seen Wonder Woman and Justice League, and I don’t think I want to see any more. Wonder Woman was actually amazing, but Justice League… *shudders* I’ll just be sticking with Marvel, thank you.

    I like to compare Avengers with Justice League, because I feel like Avengers is what a team of superheroes should be while Justice League is the exact opposite. In Avengers, they all work together to “save the day,” and there is no one hero, but in Justice League it was all “Superman is the best, and the Justice League is useless without him.” That drove me nuts. Come on, they’re supposed to be a team here! I don’t even like Superman (sorry), so that made me even more angry then it should have.

    I apologize for the mini-rant. 😅

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    1. Yep makes total sense to me! Justice League really sucked.
      And yes so true!! hehehe yep that’s a good point. Fair enough- I do like him, but I’m not really sure they got why he’s a good character in the film, cos they basically depend on him way too much to save everyone.
      hehe no worries!

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  21. Thank you for giving me a good laugh – I had no idea about the lip CGI and saw a top ten worst stills from that and I just W H A T. I’ve only seen Wonder Woman lol which I did really like and just kinda consider a standalone film. Especially after reading your post, I’m not that into ever seeing the rest of them. I agree with you that Affleck is a pretty terrible actor. I’ve definitely preferred when he’s directed.

    Oh, Ezra Miller/his scenes, were they at all worth a glance? I love that actor and am really happy for him – He seems to be having a lot of fun getting to be a part of the franchises he’s in so IDK I just love his enthusiasm lol. I’d put the film on in the background just for him XD

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    1. hehe I’m glad!! hahaha yes, totally get that. I was only half watching, so didn’t notice that as much, although my brain did register that it looked weird. And yes I really agree there.

      Actually, I really think the actor is good- my main issue with him was that the characterisation was abysmal (he’s just scared to go and save people and needs Batman to hold his hand, which is a weird aspect to add to Barry Allen) and the jokes he was given were *abysmal*. So I didn’t like the Flash in the movie- but it really wasn’t the actor’s fault. (although there’s some lines that are so cringey he should have refused to say them 😉 )

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      1. Oh dear… lol. Wally West was always my Flash (from the Justice League cartoon in the early 2000s – I so wish they had just taken pretty much any of those scripts and adapted from them!) That’s a shame. Miller is a pretty funny person on his own! Oh well lol maybe I’ll watch the movie with friends and we’ll just make fun of how unfunny it is 😀

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  22. Watch them with the misus if there is no actual other thing to watch on netflix… i did enjoy some of them. Idve just liked it if B vs S stuck to the original comic they adapted it from instead of “see if you can find the easter eggs we left you to make you believe we read the comics”… why change what millions of fans grew up to love? Oh, yeah, becuase we have to be politicaly correct and stay with what is relevant with today! Ffs…

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  23. I’ve only seen snippets of these films (turned them on in the background while I was reading a book lol) so I can’t say much to their flow or pacing, but I think I agree with you that they’re just bland. They take themselves waaay too seriously, although I will say that I actually liked Affleck’s Batman; his acting in that particular scene where he’s talking to Alfred about why they need to take down Superman kinda mesmerized me. Otherwise, I’m with you. 😉 Great post!

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  24. I’ve not cared for the DC movies really since they stopped with the old Batman series, which, don’t hate me, I adore. I guess the Dark Night Batman trilogy was good too. But ever since then, I’ve hated them. Man of Steel was the last DC movie I watched because I’m just done. Everyone I know was like “THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!!”, and I was all, “What’s the point in getting excited? It’s just going to be awful. They always are.” It’s like freaking Oklahoma football, all that build up and hype and then they blow it in the first game that matters.

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  25. YES TO ALL OF THIS! Admittedly as I was reading this I was trying to remember what actually happened in the films, but I legit could not remember a single thing – which never happens with films. I had hopes for Cavill’s Superman, but the let down of that film and Affleck’s casting as Batman basically hit the first and final nail in the coffin. It’s such a shame cause there’s so much potential for these characters to really shine and highlight the layers of complexity to each hero’s journey.

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  26. What i gathered from Justice League is that ‘the league’ can’t function without Superman, which is depressing. If Superman was off somewhere saving the world and couldn’t get to acrisis in time to help the rest of the league, they’d all be doomed. a.k.a Justice League: The Movie. I myself haven’t enjoyed any of the recent Zack Syndal adaptation of DC Heroes, i enjoyed his movies like Suckerpunch and Watchmen, but can’t seem to grasp his take on classic DC hereos. I wouldn’t have minded a darker take on the characters, had it been done right. Basically, if you don’t have a overpowered superhero to save the day ,we’re all doomed.


  27. I was still able to enjoy these movies. Even if the output wasn’t up to the expectations and the 201x standard, it is still enjoyable to learn more about characters/heroes you love. And each one of those added something to my “cognitive persona” of the hero. But yes some CGI was disappointing. Nice post btw

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