My Bad Reading Habits Tag

Ahh bad habits- we all have them. And today I’m going to talk about some of my bookish bad habits! Woohoo! Thank you so much to the amazing book nerd travels for tagging me for this awesome tag 😀

Bad Habit #1- ignoring my TBR

not a great plan

I’ve talked about this at length, but honestly, it’s a bit ridiculous that I nearly always ignore everything on there, because my tbr is there to help me. Doesn’t mean I won’t ignore it for months on end…

Bad Habit #2- hoarding books on my kindle like there’s no tomorrow

hoarding books

When I say to people “oh I definitely plan to read that, it’s on my kindle” I am one hundred percent telling the truth, because if I’ve bought something, I will read it… Only trouble is I’m a *massive* kindle book hoarder. I mean, it makes total sense, because there are loads of times when I only have my kindle to read from and I like to have lots of options. Plus I love snapping up bargains and free books… HOWEVER, it also means that they’ll be a huge wait for when I actually get to the books on there… Whoops.

Bad Habit #3- then promptly ignoring said books in favour of some delicious library books I’ve just acquired…


And yeah, I prioritise library books, cos I hate library fines more than anything, and of course every time I set foot in a bookish establishment I have to replenish my supplies, so… who can really blame me?

Bad Habit #4- and yes, I have cover bought

choose books2

I know some people are very good at the whole “not judging a book by its cover” thing. But me? I’ve somehow managed to buy whole series that were meh just cos *oh look at that cover- so pretty!!*. The worst thing is that this logic applies even to kindle books- which is totally ridiculous, because the covers can change on there and I’m literally hoarding pictures on a screen. *Sigh* I must have been a magpie in another life. I like to think I’m getting better at curbing this habit though- whereas others, not so much…

Bad Habit #5- book bingeing


mood reader 1

As a massive mood reader, I have always been and will probably always be a book binger. When I’m in the mood to read, I read. And read. And read. And… you get the idea. This is a huge problem when it comes to doing, you know, normal things, like eating, sleeping and life in general. It’s almost a good thing when I fall into slumps because it means I can function as a normal human being (who am I kidding- I HATE slumps- please don’t strike me down oh-mighty book gods for this blasphemy!!!) The real downside to this is that I’ll basically read until I’ve exhausted myself with reading too much/become emotionally scarred by a book so I can’t possibly pick anything else up.

Bad Habit #6- ignoring everything that’s going on around me because *my bookish babies are in peril and I must save them by reading to the very end!!!* #bookwormlogic


Like I said, when I’m reading, all I’m doing is reading. It doesn’t matter if there’s a ton of people around me or I’m on my own, the book has my full attention. I have mastered the art of zoning everything else out (although I might leave the room to cry over the really good bits) and falling into the world of the book. People occasionally try to pull me out by shouting my name- though, as everyone knows, getting between a bookworm and their books is more dangerous than getting between a monkey and their bananas- DO THIS AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

smaug 4

Ok-ay- *coughs awkwardly*- kind of unleashed the bookdragon there… I tag:

Liis, Kristin, Katie, Angelica, Kelly, Misty, Sam, the paperback piano, thrice read, bookmark your thoughts, tale out loud, and Ally

And for everyone else- what are your worst bookish habits? Commiserate with me in the comments!

123 thoughts on “My Bad Reading Habits Tag

  1. Apart from #4, I’m guilty of all of those as well. 😂 I also have a habit of staying up waaaay to late as I just need to know what happens next.. I never learn on that one. 😀
    I can get so irritated when I’m reading and people continuously interrupting me. That dragon 🐉 gif is so relatable he he.

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  2. I would love to commiserate with you. But I can’t anymore 😦
    While these type of things used to happen to me, since I instituted my reading schedule, these type of things just don’t apply any more. I am rather ok with that though 😉

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  3. Getting impatient with the characters, putting the book down, reading another book and then going back to that book! Truly, I am impatient in my real life too, not just my book reading life.. LOL. I need to get better!

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  4. I definitely have ALL of these bad habits! Actually, I pulled up my kindle app the other night in bed and instead of reading the massive amount of books that I have to review, or reading the massive amount of books I have ON my kindle app already…. I BOUGHT A NEW BOOK! What is wrong with me??? 😂😂📖

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  5. My TBR is rather vague. I do have a list of books (classics, mostly) that are on an actual list, but most of the time books I’ve been meaning to read just get pushed off some “list” in my head because of some new book I discover.

    And, yes, library books tend to do this to me. You only got so much time to read a library book. To get a library fine… well, it’s like getting a black mark on your soul!

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  6. Book binges!! Oh my goodness those are intense haha. I get so absorbed in my book only occasionally coming up for air lmao! I try to only binge series though lol.
    TBR smh. For every one book I read, at least 5 more added. It’s a vicious, ever-growing list haha.
    And don’t worry. I cover buy too hehe 😉

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  7. Oh boy…. what can I not relate to on this list? Lol.
    I’m literally hoarding pictures on a screen…. I never thought of it like that…oh dear… you are right. This will not stop me from continuing said practice, however. 😉

    Oooh… was that a Black Books gif?

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  8. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty…. you get the point. The worst is the Kindle hoarding. I’m in the thousands from freebies and my logic is out of all of those I just might not have the right one when the mood strikes.

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  9. Oh yeah, my kindle has a crap ton of books on it, but unlike you, I absolutely do not plan to read them all lol. I mean, I have literally downloaded like 2000 books (most of which were freebies). But the way I see it, I might as well download while it’s free, and that way I have options! Who knows what I might want to read one day in the future! I mean, I don’t download *every* free book, just ones that sound like they could maybe be something I’d like.

    Yep, I get swayed by covers for ebooks too lol. It doesn’t make sense, but it kind of does? Well I do do a post at the end of the year to show the prettiest covers from books I read that year, so if nothing else, it’s good for that 😛

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  10. Guilty as charged! LOL! 😂 Also I start new books before having finished the one before this, creating a large pile of waiting books. A few months later I make myself promise to read them all through before starting a new one and after that’s done the circle starts anew! 😂

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  11. Haha, I am also REALLY good at zoning everything else out while I read. Especially if I’m in love with the book! Luckily for me, I am ALSO good at reading while paying attention to something else, like my kids, haha.

    Thanks for tagging me! I’m behind on tags, so this might take me a while to get to, which is probably just as well because I might not actually have any bookish bad habits? What can I say, I’ve got the Poppins in me.

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  12. I’ve got to say I’m guilty of doing pretty much all of these myself as well. I think for me it’s just part of being a mood reader. I’m not ignoring my TBR list as much as at the current time there’s nothing on there I fancy reading so I’ll pick up something completely new, and I’m not hoarding books on my Kindle as much as I’m making sure there’s at least one book on there I’ll want to read no matter what my mood. 🙂
    Also haven’t we all cover brought at least one book before? 😀
    Great post and great answers for this tag. 🙂 ❤️

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  13. My worst habit is by far the tendancy to hang on to books, even the ones I didn’t like. Maybe if I hang on to it for another ten years I’ll finally understand what it was trying to say, right?
    Also (and I’m a ittle embarrassed to admit this) I di genuinely hate getting rid of books because I always feel like the books know that they’ve failed to delight me enough to keep them and I’ll hurt their feelings!
    The other side of this terrible and irrational belief is that I go way over board in secondhand books shops because *I must rescue as many of these abandoned babies as I can!* THey must be saved from a cruel and unforgiving world and kept save in my booksheleves where they will be read and lvoed and appriciated … some day.
    When I get around to them….

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    1. hehehe I completely get that- sadly I don’t have enough space to do that for most books I feel meh about, but I’ve still kept back a couple I didn’t like because they’re classics and maybe one day I’ll “get” them- one can live in hope 😉
      hahahaha 😂 That’s brilliant! hehehe!!

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  14. Lol! Hoarding books on Kindle – totally guilty! Part of the reason is that I don’t count them as actual books I own, sometimes. Out of sight, out of mind/existence type of thing.

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  15. Haha literally the same as you! The thing I love (and hate) about myself is that once I commit to reading, I read like a madwoman, yet when I don’t feel like reading at all, I’ll ignore a book up to two months! There’s just no moderation with me at all, so I totally feel you on the mood reading thing. Awesome tag! 😉

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  16. Library books always get priority with me, too! I don’t even get fines, because I only borrow ebooks, but if I know a book has no due date I’ll just keep pushing it back. It somehow makes sense in my head.

    I also ignore my kids when a book is too good. But it’s good for them to see me reading, right? So I’m still parenting!

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  17. Oh, man. Most of your habits are ones that I have, too. Except I tend to hoard physical books instead of Kindle books. I think my biggest book bad habit (that wasn’t mentioned) is that I will procrastinate reading a section if I know or suspect that something bad happens to a favorite character. I might save the final book in a series to read later, because once I’ve read it, the series is over and as long as it’s still on my TBR pile I can pretend that it’s not over yet.

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    1. heheh I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉 Ah I can understand that!! And I really relate about leaving books- even if they’re not the last in the series- but because I want to savour the moment when I’ll get to read it 🙂


  18. Hahaha, I love this. I find it way too easy to get e-books, I mean… we can’t see them piling up and they’re not staring at us from our shelves, making us guilty, you can’t see them, hiding in your e-reader hahaha. I’m also SO guilty of forgetting the whole world and everything happening around whenever I read, people have to shout to get to me hahaha.

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  19. Oh God all of these, plus quite frequently getting lost in a story and neglecting to realise that my bath water is cold and I’m basically giving myself hyperthermia. Also missing public transport because I’m too absorbed to notice that my bus/train has been and gone (also missing my stop for the same reason) – oh and getting into trouble at work for reading on my lunch break and losing track of time. Oops 😳

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    1. hehehe I’ve done the exact same thing 😉 hehehe I really relate about the public transport thing- I once went back and forth on the tube 4 times, cos I kept missing my stop (the book was too good!!) hahahhaah I’ve definitely done that- “oh shit is lunchbreak over?!” thing 😉

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  20. Yes, yes…I relate to all of these. My works book habit is buying more books even though I have towers of TBRs all over my house that threaten to crush me at any given moment. Apparently, one can never have too many leaning towers of TBRs.

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