Series that went on too long- lots of mini rants!

I considered being nice and titling this list something like: “series I lost interest in”- but that would be totally disingenuous, cos if I lost interest in a lot of these, I wouldn’t have bothered to read so many before calling it quits (in some cases 6- yes 6!- whole books!).  So instead, these are my (entirely subjective) book series that went downhill and could’ve stopped earlier:

Poison Study– Jeez- where to even start? I’ve said a number of times that I had given up on this series, because after the first book it was all over the place. It went from really unique to generic fantasy to WTF is even happening to oh gosh why… So yeah, I should’ve called it quits around book 2/3, especially considering how much I hated 3. The first books as well were originally a trilogy and that would’ve been fine- I should’ve stopped there. But, of course it continued and because *I am weak* and saw this in the library last week, I will admit rather shame-facedly that I finished this series the other day (to be fair, I was trying to counterbalance some of the darker books on my tbr as well). Thankfully it wasn’t the clusterfuck I’d come to expect from the series, although that doesn’t mean it was good #somuchguilt

Twilight– I will happily say that the first book isn’t that bad. I know this is unlikely to make me friends in either the Twihard group or the Diehard-We-Hate-Twilight side- nonetheless, I still consider book 1 firmly as a 3* read. Sure, it has sparkly vampires (for which this series has a special place in the circles of hell) but apart from that it’s pretty enjoyable. If it had ended there, with Bella becoming a vampire, it would have been a decent standalone. What, prey, could be worse than sparkly vampires? I hear you ask. Well let’s see, the later books devolved into: the unnecessary breakup book, the “is this whole book really centred on a marriage proposal?!” book, and finally the “did this just accidentally endorse paedophilia?! I am OUT!” book. Yeahhh there are good reasons why I stopped liking that series.

The Mortal Instrument– I’m kind of including all the spinoffs here as well and the reading order I did, just to be clear, was Infernal Devices, Mortal Instruments and now reading Dark Artifices (so help me!) I really loved the Infernal Devices series (though I get why if you’ve read Mortal Instruments first this might feel a bit samey) and thoroughly enjoyed Mortal Instruments overall (even though they are very similar to TID). But then, books 4-6 came and they just felt totally unnecessary (in fact, they were tacked on after the original trilogy ended, figures). And now I’m stupidly continuing with TDA- basically cos I want to know that one thing about parabatai- yet I’m not enjoying it anymore. I’m sorry, I know people love this series- I’m just finding it *so repetitive*, some of the bad guys less nuanced and the rest of them not properly bad at all. I think there are some redeeming features- only it’s not as good as it used to be.

Alex Rider– how many times can Alex Rider save the world in a year? For that matter, why are so many villains trying to *destroy the world* in the space of one year? And before people get annoyed at me for beating on a children’s book, I read this when I was a child and my teenage self could see how totally implausible this was, so… Seriously, why did Alex Rider have to stay 14 for the duration of the series? Plus, how many broken bones does he get that somehow heal? Doesn’t he get shot at one point? And go into space? How could he…? How?? Yeah, this got dumber and dumber.

The Savant Series– erm, I kinda blame myself for continuing this series. I viewed it as a bit of fun, especially the idea is basically *psychic soulmates*- which is basically enjoyable for a couple of books before it gets tiresome. I mean, how many times can this actually work? The primary reason why it’s on this list is cos the characters and situations they found themselves in got more and more annoying. I get it’s a cashgrab from suckers like me and I don’t really know what I was hoping for when it got to book 6- I just think the romance part could’ve been consistently good, even if the concept got old.

Stravaganza– I actually really love the first book and still recommend it to everyone- but you can just stop there and read it as a standalone. Even though there’s hints of bigger stuff going on, even after 4 or 5 books (I lost track of how many I read) it never really goes into the bigger conspiracies. Also, the whole book’s idea was that it’s a way of people from our world resolving their problems in an alternate-universe version of Venice and while the first person has cancer, the problems get significantly less important. This may be a bit harsh, but I like stories to up the ante, not feel tired and been there-done that.

The Declaration Series– again, I think it’s totally worth reading the first book. It’s actually a very cool dystopian take on what the consequences of living forever would be. And while it suffers from that YA need of turning everything into a series and resolving all the dystopia-problems (you know that annoying reset-the-world thing YA dystopias do), I don’t think the later books had to be so terrible. Both the original concept and the basic plots could have worked. HOWEVER, there was so much unnecessary filler- in particular the last book spent about half the page count recapping the first two books- WHY?! I am really not a fan of recaps in books (all the credit to Mark Lawrence who recently came up with the genius idea of sticking that in before the book starts) but I do get why people like a paragraph or two- half the book however?! Nope- no way! And I also thought the ending was infuriating (spoiler alert: they reset the world *and* hinted that in ten years it’d all just end up happening again… why?! You can’t have your cake and eat it too!!) So yeah, this one gets me all heated and no one gets it cos barely anyone made it to the end.

So do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Are there any book series you’ve fallen out of love with? Let me know in the comments!

119 thoughts on “Series that went on too long- lots of mini rants!

  1. Absolutely agree, I have had so many series that I just ended up dropping unceremoniously. ‘Oh, there’s a new one out? Is the premise different from the last five? No? Pass.’ Or worse when the writer has clearly signed something ridiculous like a five-book contract after the first three were a success, and this means that *nothing is ever resolved because if it was why would anyone buy the next book?* I don’t care, you had two books more than was necessary to finish *one* story and you *still* haven’t?! Pass.
    Stravaganza was an absolute joy to read, but definitely should only be read as a stand-alone novel because oh boy was everything afterwards good only for curing insomnia…

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    1. Thank you! I really get that! And yes- I see that so often and I’m thinking “this was clearly written because the publisher wanted more of the same and no one else, not even the author, did”. Yes! Really agree!
      It really was- I absolutely loved that book- hehe but you’re so right!!

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      1. Urgh, contractually obligated books are an actual crime against literacy everywhere. No one wanted it, the author clearly wants to be doing *anything else* and the result is that there are few to no new ideas and the plot just keeps streeeetching in a desperate bid to fill up page-space. At least when Victor Hugo was just filling up space to get more pay, he did it by launching into weird mini-dissertations about history or architecture or something which, while having no worth to the story whatsoever, had the tiny, miniscule benefit that you actually learned somethign while you suffered through it!
        Just let authors finish when they’re done, and if they look like they’ve lost all sense of direction, be a decent human and a nice editor and make them a cup of tea while gently asking if they’ve had enough. Stop pushing them to wear out their own series welcome because that must be really demoralizing for any writer to deal with, nevermind their readers who just wish they’d stooooooped before the thought of another books was exausting.
        Also in the category – Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’ series which I think must be on it’s fiftieth book by now. I crawled my way through seven before I realised that the whole thing was going all kinds of nowhere and gave up. The early ones are pretty decent though…

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        1. Gosh I so agree!! So so agree! and it’s reallly obvious with Hugo sometimes (especially when he goes off on a tangent about the sewers of Paris) Absolutely!! Yeah I’m still reading those (I’ve read three and got a load of the others cheaply on kindle, so I do plan to read them at some point, but I’ve heard that a lot about that series).

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          1. Well in fairness, when Hugo was writing one got paid for writing a book *by the page*. Not by the book, or (necessarily) by the quality, or even by the number of books sold. You got paid per page and this explains *everything*!
            The first one, ‘Wizard’s First Rule’ I remember being great and having a whole lot of great ideas, and several of the other books have some *brilliant* ideas in them, but those ideas start becoming fewer and farther between and I just couldn’t keep caring anymore…


  2. God I remember when I used to be a twilight fan haha. I got bored of the Mortal Instruments series during book 4 I think. And the Netflix series isn’t that great either 🤔


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