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Long-time no tag! I miss doing tags sometimes and I felt like doing something chill, so here we are! This one’s been making the rounds- thank you so much to the wonderful Sophie @Sophie’s Corner, the awesome Lost Art of Reading, and the amazing Priyasha @Books and Co for tagging me! Highly recommend you check them all out 🙂

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I’m gonna be brutally honest- I prefer when series are trilogies or at most quartets. It’s not that I won’t read a series that goes on longer, but I tend to stop reading after a point/get annoyed with it. It’s the same reason I don’t like soaps: I like to get a sense that there is a clear end point. I also think that really long series get samey.


I love ’em! I know that’s not a popular opinion- yet a really masochistic part of my brain loves that torturous wait between books. If a book has made me crazy invested in the series and dying for the next one, then I say it’s a good job. The only dumb cliffhangers are the ones with twists you saw coming or that aren’t really a cliffhanger at all (I’ve seen ones that get resolved in a couple of sentences in the next book and GAH SO ANNOYING!). So yeah, I like them, but I can be salty about them too 😉


For the aesthetic hardbacks, for cost paperback. Although I get so many books second hand that I rarely get to choose this anyway.


FAVOURITE BOOK?!? Are you mad?!!?! I don’t have one favourite- that’s virtually bookworm sacrilege! Buuut if you really pushed me on it, I’d say it’s either The Hobbit or Peter Pan.


That is easy: As I Lay Dying. Cos it killed me with its stupidity.

as i lay dying


NOPE! (except maybe sometimes if it’s done well and doesn’t involve any cheating)


Ermmm I haven’t DNF’d anything recently (as in nothing in 6 months), even though I said I would get better at DNFing *shifts guiltily*


I’m currently reading La Belle Sauvage 🙂

belle sauvage.jpg


I recommend things all the time- I find it so hard to keep track lol! I guess you could say Forbidden Wish as I physically handed it to my sister the other day and said “read this, you’ll like it” (I was right 😉 )



That’s a hard question- presumably the Iliad (too lazy to look things up, this is supposed to be an easy post 😉 ).

the iliad


I think Obsidio tbh- I rarely get to new releases early.



Wait, after asking my favourite book, you now want a favourite author?!!? THIS IS SO UNACCEPTABLY HARD! I’m gonna go with Dostoevsky, because that’s a safe bet, but I’m giving *the stink eye* to whoever came up with these questions (JK, love you really, kind stranger 😉 )


I’m a book borrowing addict! I’ve always loved going to the library and now I’ve discovered Overdrive and *I CAN’T STOP*!!


queen of the tearling

Oh man this book bored me to tears.


Oh boy- people are gonna hate me for this answer. I do dogear, but not to keep the place- I basically use it for making (mostly in non-fiction when I’m not underlining passages). That said, I have loads of bookmarks lying about, so I tend to make use of them. Right now I’m actually using my favourite bookmark that the lovely Kat @Life and Other Disasters sent to me when I won her giveaway a few years ago- and look how pretty!!! (also the gold goes really well with the cover of the Belle Sauvage and I think about those things cos I’m weird)



Well I’ve just done a reread of Harry Potter, sooo that.


Well I can tune just about anything out when I’m reading, but I prefer the quiet.


Either- I really don’t have a preference. It just has to be done well.


Depends how much time I have! And how addictive said book is! If it’s really good it’ll take up all my free time and I’ll whizz through it, buuut that’s not accounting for when I have no free time 😉



I gotta say, I think I’m getting better at this. Still, I think I was attracted to the cover of Geekerella, simply because I was digging the quirky retelling vibe. And honestly the cover reflected *exactly* what was inside- so that was a win!

I tag: Nel, Bookstooge, Journey into Books, Sprinkle of Dreams, Kat and anyone else who wants to do it!

That’s all for now! What are you all reading today? Let me know in the comments!

91 thoughts on “20 Questions Tag

  1. Great answers! I’m just finishing a book by a friend of mine, his second in his series. Necromancer: A Tale of The Last City (Book of Horizon 2), by David Sarachman. A mixture of magic, adventure and wry humour. It’s such a fun read, though I have to admit I’m biased.

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  2. Thanks for the shoutout. For some reason, WP didn’t notify me of it. I now having a burning desire to hunt the perps down and hang’em!

    I probably won’t be doing this though, as it seems really familiar and I think I did last year. Of course, I can’t FIND it on my blog, but I ‘remember’ doing it, for sure!

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    1. Oh that’s a pain! (sometimes that happens when I schedule it though, so I’ll just keep an eye on it and hope it doesn’t happen again)
      Fair enough! I couldn’t remember if you did and checked but that makes sense if you couldn’t find it either.

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      1. I just looked and I had done another type of 20 questions tag back in early ’17. Had a couple of the same questions, so that was probably it.

        And that is good to know about a possible hiccup with scheduling posts and links. I’ll keep that in mind for my own posts…

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  3. So no Eastenders for you then? 😉😄 I really get what you mean about no end. For me it depends of how much I’m enjoying it.
    That’s such a pretty bookmark too! Need to locate some of mine 😳

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  4. I just finished Ruthless by Megan Crewe. It was a really well done magical fantasy novel with a little Hunger Games last man standing kind of thing. I really liked it!

    I have the best memories of my mom reading me the Hobbit when I was little so that is always on my favorite list… fun tag answers!

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  5. I’m currently reading claravoyant by Rachelle Delaney. I dog ear books too or use random pieces of paper. I have like only one bookmark🙈🙈. I enjoy cliffhangers but they can be so frustrating especially if the next book is coming out in the next two years or something.

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  6. I’m OK with a series going on for more than four books, so long as there’s an endpoint. Like Harry Potter or Narnia are both fine despite being seven books long, because they tell the intended story and then they stop, rather than continue to drag it out over another fifteen books.

    I enjoyed Queen of the Tearling but I felt like the final book in the trilogy sort of ruined everything that came before!


  7. To me a series is too long if it starts to stink. Until then, it can keep going. If it repeats in a tedious way, or starts killing off beloved characters just for drama, then it’s time for the author to pull the plug so I don’t have to read that last bad book that ruins all the ones before it before deciding that I’ll never read any more of it.

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  8. I love this tag, I think I am going to do it when I have some time! I don’t think there is anything wrong with dog-earing your own books, although I don’t like when I lend a book to someone and they dog-ear my book….for me that is a no no. And yes to re-reading HP. I will do that for the rest of my life!!!

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  9. I LOOOOOVE hardcover books. They’re pretty, and they lie open without breaking the spine (at least, some of them do…), and they have such a nice feel in your hands. But I can’t fit them into my purse without wrinkling the dust jackets! So I get into this real dilemma. Plus, like you said, COST. lol


  10. I like cliffhangers when done right. I just finished Thunderhead and thought, “Oooohh!” (Yes, profound, I know.) It was masterful. But sometimes I think YA novels shoehorn in cliffhangers to force you to buy the sequel, not because it’s organic, and then I get annoyed.


  11. Completely agree on the whole length-of-series thing. It’s especially prominent amongst fantasy epics for some reason, and turns me off them a little. I’ve been meaning to read the Wheel of Time for years but the fact that there are 15 (15!!!!) books in the series puts me off it each time. The exception is books that are apart of the same ‘universe’, but are essentially self-contained novels – the Sharpe series, for instance. Good post!


  12. Great answers! I also agree with you on the love triangle thing. I tend to cringe a lot when there are love triangles but if they’re done well, I can accept it. And I also get attracted to books by their covers, which I too have to change 😂 Have you ever read any books by Erin Lange?


  13. I love your Klimt bookmark!! Also, your edition of La Belle Sauvage is so gorgeous!! What do you think of the book so far? I love this post 😀


  14. Haha, I disagree with lots of the things you’ve said here! Cliffhangers are awful, torturous ways to end novels especially if there’s no sequel. Big long book series are awesome (do the discworld novels count as a series? Just sayin 😉) and Eastenders is excellent for giving your brain a rest for half an hour. Literally everyone in it has been stabbed, shot, attacked, addicted to alcohol, had a terminal illness and come back from the dead and they’re still wandering around like nothing’s happened. You don’t need to follow the storyline, you can miss months at a time and pick it back up immediately. Although The Archers on Radio 4 is where it’s at in terms of long running drama 😊

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    1. haha fair enough! hehe oh gosh you’re so right- even if it’s split into different series, it totally counts- I guess Discworld is my exception! Totally fair- my mum loves it. hahaha yup that sounds like Eastenders (like I said, my mum loves it- so I’ve watched a lot of it- I used to just tune in just for the Christmas episode- until Derek?/Del? died of a heart attack- that was a pisstake 😉 Anyway, I do hear you about the entertainment value 😉 But I get really frustrated with never ending stories (except for THE never ending story- see what I mean about exceptions 😉 JK!) Ah yes, that’s something my mum loves as well- I’ve never been able to get into radio though and I just like the theme tune “dum di dum di dum…” 😉


  15. With you on series, really long ones can be off-putting. I do read and listen to music sometimes, but also thunderstorm videos on youtube are a weirdly nice background. 🙂


  16. Ahh, I have to read Geekerella. I bought it because of the cover and because I heard good things about it. I’m so excited to read it. I love a geeky little love story. (At least I hope it’s a love story, teehee). I also agree with series. I feel like sometimes even 3 books is too much depending on the story. Sometimes it feels like the author is just dragging the story out in 3 books to make more money off it. I much prefer standalone but there’s not many around anymore unless it’s contemporary.

    Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages


  17. I don’t mind cliffhangers if the author ties up a few loose ends at least.

    i love hardcover books but I’m so rough on what I’m reading especially if it’s research–I dog ear and scribble and enjoy doing it so prefer to buy used paperback so as not to feel guilty.

    My best friend’s mother loved two things: Elvis and Gone with the Wind. I could never get past her beehive hairdo or the poster she had in her living room of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh so avoided reading Gone with the Wind until now — but it’s sooo good! I bought a cheap copy of it which had that same horrible poster which I tore off. You can’t really do that with a hardcover. :0


  18. Hahahahahahahahaha. This was so entertaining! Your answers are so fantastic. La Belle Sauvage looks quite interesting and thick. Can’t wait to see your review on that. I think a lot of my answers will be the same as yours. One thousand times infinity YES to Overdrive. My goodness, it’s addicting especially when you can get a book (or multiple books) on loan for 21 days! Thanks for tagging me! I’ll probably get to it this week since I’m blanking out on original ideas for now. 😉


  19. Ahhh I loved your answers! And you’re reading La Belle Sauvage, YAY! What do you think of it so far? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it 😀
    And The Forbidden Wish is always a great recommendation. I love this book SO much.


  20. Even though I’m not a fan of cliffhangers at the end of books, I do agree that if I’m desperately anticipating the next book in a series – then it’s a job well done, and that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like it too! When I think about reading the Harry Potter books for the first time, the long wait between books, when I was thinking about the next book all the time and trying to guess what would happen was actually a part of what made the experience so special. Maybe I’m just weird! The Hobbit and Peter Pan are both excellent choices! I could reread both of those a million times 😊


  21. Great answers for this tag. I think you’re the only person I’ve seen who’s said they love cliffhangers (I don’t mind them I suppose, as long as I have the next book in the series to jump straight into), and yeah definitely not a fan of love triangles myself either. I suppose when they’re done right they’re OK but how often are they done right?
    I hope you enjoy The Book of Dust, I’ll be looking forwards to seeing your review for that one, and oh I’m so glad you enjoyed Geekerella too. It’s a great read right?!
    Great post. 🙂 ❤


  22. I used to be a complete FREAK with keeping my books completely clean and pristine… but over this past year, I’ve realized that I love how much more personal a book feels if I dogear the pages, annotate it, or even drop it in a muddy puddle. If anyone ever asks me why the pages of my book is crumpled, there’s always a story I can tell about how I ended up dropping the said book in a puddle while I was running from a storm I got caught in while in Spain! See? Perfect conversation starter 😉 Anyways, I’m a fan of dogearing books too (especially since I keep losing all my bookmarks 😋). Great post!


  23. Awesome answers! And I loove that bookmark! Gustav Klimt is my favorite painter, I have a mug with “The Kiss” on it, I think I got it 11 years ago, it’s my favorite mug to this day. 🙂 La Belle Sauvage looks beautiful! I’ve just bought His Dark Materials, Everyman’s Library edition, it’s so beautiful, can’t wait to read it, and then I’ll probably buy La Belle Sauvage. 🙂 Can’t wait for your review!


  24. Ahh dog earingg. Everyone else hates it so much but I can’t help it. The way I see it is, the more battered and bruised my books are, the more I love them. Fun post ! And I think we’ve all read HP 400 times by now.

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  25. Hello 🙂
    Yay!! I’m glad that you did this tag! Loved reading your answers!
    I also love buying books secondhand. It’s kind of a cool feeling that the book has been places (and also- it’s much cheaper!) I love borrowing books as well.
    I’ve heard great things about the Forbidden Wish which is already on my TBR. Now I want to read it even more 🙂
    Great post!


  26. Nice answers!!! I can’t narrow it down to one favourite either and I believe it’s unfair to get asked to do so (watch my latest video for analysis). I have just finished a crime novel by a new author and I am pondering which one will be my next read.


      1. I might actually try to do more tags if I didn’t always get to that question that stumps me and I give up and think oh I’ll do it later. LOL


  27. Wait, you found As I Lay Dying stupid? Well, as my grandfather used to say, that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla, and then there are those of us who go into an ice cream store and become paralyzed with indecision, which is why a question like “Favorite book?” or even “Favorite author?” can be so challenging.
    Perhaps I enjoy Faulkner because I grew up with some real life characters who greatly resemble the ones in his fiction.

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    1. hehe yep- and I’m not even remotely sorry about that. I guess to use your ice cream analogy, it’s difficult to choose between delicious flavours, but bloody easy to know what you don’t like.
      That’s a fair point- I disagree with Faulkner on a philosophical level and frankly hate his writing style with a passion. But I’m glad you got more out of it than I did.

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  28. I am so happy you still have that bookmark and love it! I remember that giveaway really well and I wanted the packages to be something a little different than usual 😀
    Getting second hand books is really difficult here, because getting English books in the first place can be quite tricky. Then again, I am just weird when it comes to the condition of my books. I don’t know why, but I like having them look brand new haha

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