Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

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I’m back with another tag today- just cos I fancied talking (somewhat controversially) about some books I’ll never read! Thank you so much to the lovely Carrie @Cat On the Bookshelf– she’s really sweet and I highly recommend you check her out!

A Really Hyped Book You’re Not Interested in Reading?

Oh man, there’s a lot. There’s a couple of really hyped YA fantasy at the moment that I genuinely have no interest in reading. The reason I don’t care to pick up Everless is just simply that I’ve read a lot of books in that vein that I don’t feel the burning need to read them when I could read something else. And when it comes to John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down, I’ve just realised the writing style is not for me and so I don’t think I’ll ever pick up another of his books. Also, basically anything by Stephen King- I don’t like his writing style or subject matter. Plus I’ve DNF’d too many of his books to count and wasn’t moved by the only one I did finish.

A Series You Won’t Start/Won’t Be Finishing?

Okay, so I started out really enjoying Red Queen for what it was, but I really didn’t get anything out of book 2 and even though book 3 was an improvement, it didn’t convince me I needed to finish the series. I think feeling meh about a book is more difficult to get past than just plain hating it. And like I said, I’m not feeling this kind of YA fantasy book at the moment (you know the type, special snowflake mc, love triangles and a whole lot of whining).

A Classic That You’re Just Not Interested In?

ulysses joyce

730 pages of stream of consciousness? Yeah that’s not happening.

Any Genres You’ve Never Read?

I might have to steal Cat’s answer because I’ve never read a western either.

A Book On Your Shelves You’ll Probably Never Actually Read?

Hehe I have two that sprang to mind, because I cleared out my TBR a while back and I knew that I shouldn’t leave these two on there, but the optimistic part of my brain thought “maybe someday”. First are my Virginia Woolf books, which I own physical and ebook copies of, but have never been able to finish. And the second is Satanic Verses, which I feel like I should read, even though I didn’t like Rushdie’s other book Midnight’s Children. Basically, as I said in my post yesterday, I hate stream of consciousness… so I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen for these.

Glad to get that all off my chest- I tag: Kelly, Lucinda, Ally, Marina, Jenna, SamCaro, Rose and anyone else who fancies it!

So what hyped book will you not read? Let me know in the comments!

100 thoughts on “Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

  1. Everless didn’t meet my expectations but it wasn’t a bad read either. I hope the next book is better. I loved Red Queen but I haven’t read rest of the series yet. I’m planning to get back to it soon. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you.

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  2. Back when there was all the hype surrounding John Green I made sure to read all of his books, but all of them were so disappointing. I bought Turtles All the Way Down because I’ve heard that it’s really good and better than his previous books, but I’m still not sure if it’s one I’m going to rush to pick up haha! Thank you so much for tagging me! 😊

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  3. I totally get not wanting to finish the Red Queen series! I’ll let you know what happens in War Storm if you want to? I think I will probably get around to it at some point this year (although I am definitely not in a rush).

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  4. I’m right there with you with the Red Queen series. I made it through book 2 but man was it so slow and boring that it was a huge struggle. Can’t really take myself into book 3. However, I always did like King’s book but I will say I get a lot more impatient these days with them as he tends to wander a lot.

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  5. First of all, don’t get me started on Ulysses. If you need a companion book just to understand the book itself, there is something wrong there. I thought, in my literary snobbery days of yore, I *had* to read it because that’s what literary people do. (Ug, NO. I got to the chapter where he basically rambles on about advertisements and was done.) Curious though, why no Turtles All the Way Down? Not a John Green fan?

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  6. Great list! Just couldn’t finish the Red Queen series. Just read a review about the last book and relieved I didn’t waste my time.
    John Green has his audience, I’m just not a member. Same for King, just not my cup of tea. I do love how he can take the mundane in our lives and then scares us silly.
    But you know that’s what great about books, there is something for everyone. ♥️

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  7. Aaaah, this is so interesting…
    Ulysses is something my office boos keeps recommending to me- he’s loved and brings it up in every bookish convo but I’m like- yeah, I will read it. eventually. maybe. 😀
    And Stephen King… I feel a bit under pressure to read his books and actually love them! I tried one in the past and didn’t get far because I just couldn’t get into it. I haven’t given up completely because I can’t just decide based on one book 😀 but I kind of feel better knowing that even if I don’t dig King like everyone else does, then that’s OK, too!


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