My Bookish Dreams

Hello all! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! As it says in the title I’m gonna share some of my bookish dreams today- I’ll admit this list started rather sensibly annnd then went totally bananas- so, sorry if this isn’t the most realistic list! But here are some things I’ve always wanted because of books:

orangutan list

castle in ruinsI Capture the Castle– I want to live in a castle tbh- even if it is crumbling and cold and financially ruinous. And I blame this book.



secret garden doorSecret Garden– I’d love to have my own secret garden, even if I am not remotely into gardening. Whatever, I love gardens, even if I am one of those can’t-touch-a-plant-without-killing-it kind of people. And obviously this would be completely remote and hidden away so I can read in peace 😉

chocolateChocolat– having a chocolate shop in some remote French town would be awesome (minus the suspicious townsfolk preferably). Sure, I have no skill when it comes to baking/making confectionaries and I would most certainly eat all of my profits, but it’d be a delectable experience anyway.


hidden libraryShadow of the Wind– I want to go to the Cemetery of Forgotten books in Barcelona (okay this is not a real place, but we can pretend 😉 ) and pick out a forgotten masterpiece. Hopefully no murderous nutjob will pursue me for my choice…


thudThud!- I have actually played the game Thud- but I’d really like to own my own set one day (I think this is the most plausible thing on the list by a long shot). I’m as lousy at this as I am at chess- but who cares? It’d be such a fun thing to have!


gatsbyThe Great Gatsby– I’d love to go to a Gatsby style party. I wouldn’t want to throw said party, cos, hehe, that’s not me, but I think it would be a once in a lifetime experience to go to a shebang worthy of the roaring 20s!


orangutan and ocelot
For those wondering what my daemon would be: it’s an ocelot

The Northern Lights– moving on to the slightly less realistic, I want a daemon. My very own basically-represents-my-soul animal companion would do very nicely for a sort-of pet.





time turnerHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban– I could do with a time turner- in fact this is a very high priority for me right now- so I’d ask if you know any wizards that can hook me up, but unfortunately Harry & co smashed them all in book 5.


narnia cupboardChronicles of Narnia– I’d like to go into my cupboard one day and find Narnia. Oh dear, this list started off so sensibly, but if I’m being honest, I used to regularly check cupboards as a child to see if a doorway to any other realm would turn up. I must not have been looking in the right cupboards and I still live in hope 😜 Since we’re talking childhood dreams…

peter pan robin williams flyingPeter Pan– one day I will learn to fly like Peter Pan! I did also try this as a kid by jumping off the bed- it did not work as I was armed only with happy thoughts and no fairy dust *sigh*. Otherwise, it totally would have worked 😜


supervillain orangutanRenegades– I think it’d be fun to be a vigilante (before they get control of a city and start meting out “just” laws). I’d get to wear a funky costume and save people. Nuff said!




mr knightleyEmma– and last but not least, the silliest thing on this list that would make Jane Austen blush, one Mr Knightley. I know most people would pick Darcy, but you can have him, in terms of bookish boyfriends, my heart will always belong to this respectable gentleman 😉


Okay- so be honest- what did you think of my list? On a scale of one to bananas…? And more importantly, what would your bookish dreams be? Let me know in the comments!

107 thoughts on “My Bookish Dreams

  1. Totally love your list of bookish dreams!!! To have your own daemon would be really awesome (mine would be a wolf 😉). And the Gatsby party sounds good too – so long as nobody expects me to clean up afterwards! 😂

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  2. Hahaha why a chocolate shop in France? Don’t you know Belgium is THE home of chocolate? LOL It’s always good to have dreams 😉

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  3. Definitely bananas, but isn’t that the whole point?

    Part of me would like to be able to fly like Peter Pan, but then I start thinking about air currents and motion sickness and deciding that it would be a horrible idea for me. The thing I *really* want is the ability to apparate. Then I don’t have to deal with most kinds of travel, and my commute would be 0, and… well, it just sounds like a great combination of silly and serious and I WANT IT NOW. 😉

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      1. I don’t usually take motion sickness tablets, but I do use those Sea Bands which use pressure points to combat nausea. I don’t know if it works physically or psychologically, but it works so I keep doing it! But I think going instantly from point A to point B would be so much better than dealing with airplane flights, and that’s not even including the hassle of the airport…

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  4. What a wonderful list – plenty there that I could relate to – never heard of Thud but I’ll check it out – just watched “Chocolate” this week and loved – beautiful movie. Thanks for always giving us something fresh and fun with your blog. Cheers, Brian

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  5. Oh man I dreamed of having a chocolate shop to! (Still do.) Doesn’t even need to be in France 🙂 Just as soon as I learn how to cook and somehow manage not to eat all the stock before opening.
    And a time-turner to read all the books! Such good dreams!

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  6. This is the sweetest post I’ve read all day!
    Absolutely with you on the Garden and Chocolate shop even though I too lack skills in both areas.
    Mr. Knightley is such a long-suffering charmer. Hopefully you do manage to catch him 😉😊

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  7. Totally agree with you on so many of these. I really wanted to live in the castle from I Capture the Castle, and I desperately want a Daemon. I’m very intrigued by your placing Mr Knightly above Mr Darcy – I haven’t read Emma yet, I’ve only read three of Austen’s novels, but it sounds like I should be putting this one next on my list 🙂

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  8. Great list! I’d have to pass on a drafty old castle though and go with something more modern personally. I’d have to give it some thought on all the interesting things I could list from books. I do have a few fictional locations though that I’d definitely head to if I could.

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  9. Hahahaha this post was awesome!! Having a time turner would be great! Also, your daemon is so interesting! I don’t remember mine, but I think it was a cat.

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  10. I like your list. Some of it is a little bananas but that’s what makes it interesting 😂 I used to check my wardrobe too as a child and also I wanna be a vigilante too, I’ll be your partner in crime!


  11. I want a secret garden so bad as well!! My mum would laugh at me, because I never help in our garden and I suck at tending to plants, but I’d still want one. If I were rich, I wouldn’t have to be the one to tend to it anyway hahaha
    And my cousin has this secret cupboard in her kitchen that leads to a whole room that you wouldn’t know exists, because it looks like it’s just a regular shelf, but then the door is human-sized. Anyway, it currently has a sign saying “Narnia is currently out of order” because they had to store so much stuff in the secret room because they were getting visitors and didn’t have time to put it anywhere else haha

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  12. Haha I love this post idea! Do you mind if I steal it? I would love to have a secret garden type thing, even if it’s not a garden. Like some special place where you can and just relax? A very pretty place. Also how cool would living in a castle be? I remember for my 9th birthday my family took me to the castle which inspired Sleeping Beauty and we got to sleep in Sleeping Beauty’s turret: that was super cool!

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  13. I love your bookish dreams and one of my own is from an obscure little book called The Wonderful Flight To The Mushroom Planet. Without giving too much away I love the idea that there’s a small undiscovered planet very near the Earth with a breathable atmosphere and peaceful, intelligent people.
    Although I worry what the tourist trade would do when the planet was inevitably discovered.

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  14. I love this list, and I highly agree with so many of your choices because a lot of these are bookish dreams of mine too. I would love a time turner, then again I’d love anything from the Harry Potter world, I wouldn’t be fussy just give me something, and oh a daemon would be incredible too. Why couldn’t we live in the world where they exist right? 🙂
    I guess my main bookish dream would be to visit The Night Circus, I love that book and its setting so much it would literally be a dream come true.
    Again great post. 🙂 ❤️

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  15. You are a blogger after my own heart! I read finished La Belle Sauvage and I’ve never wanted a dæmon more in my life. I want one even more now than I did as a child. I think the world would be a better place if dæmons existed. I think more people would know themselves better. And no one would ever be lonely.

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  16. Such a lovely post! I would want a secret garden and time turner as well 😀 I would also love a castle with feet and a door that leads to several places (Howl’s Moving Castle) and to eat my own words for dinner (The Phantom Tollbooth) and a giant paper airplane (Sabriel) or hoverboard (Uglies) to get around on!

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀 Ahh that’d all be amazing! hehe I considered putting Howl’s moving castle on here, but I didn’t want to put something to do with castles twice, so I totally agree with that one! and I those other ones are amazing!!

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  17. A Gatsby style party would be so awesome! There’s one happening in my city soon which is exciting 🙂 LOL it’s definitely because you didn’t have fairy dust that you couldn’t fly like Peter Pan. Where is tink when you need her?!

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  18. This is such a cute list! I totally agree we all need time turners (though I do believe the world would such a confused mess if we all had one lol), a demon pet sounds totally awesome, and I dream of discovering an unknown masterpiece in a Cemetery of forgotten Books; the last one isn’t totally unrealistic I think. 😉 Great post!

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  19. Mr. Knightley all the way! Also checked the cupboards for Narnia. The illustration of the lamppost in the snow will stick with me forever.

    Bookish dreams: I die and meet my own characters. I save Prince Andrei and take him away from Natasha (though I just named my favorite new lamb in real life Natasha Rostov). I get to spend one day at Tara from Gone with the Wind. The American South is so tragic and haunting.

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  20. Okay. I have to admit that your post title startled me a bit when I saw it! 😂
    Having a secret garden would be seriously amazing! I love spending time in nature, especially surrounded by flowers. I find it always to be pleasant. Though I’m not one for gardening either, hopefully someone else would take care of it for me. 🙂
    A time turner would be an amazing thing to have. Especially this month, when I have a ton of exams and not enough time to do everything.
    All your other dreams are amazing as well. Great post! 😀

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  21. I read ‘Shadow of the Wind’ last year and fell in love with every page. It was so good in fact, I waited a month or more before starting another, because I knew it wouldn’t be as good. Currently I have my nose stuck in ‘The Mountain Shadow’ by Gregory David Roberts. But would love any recommendations Shadow of the Wind style for when I’m done 😁

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  22. I too want so many things on this list! How does one acquire the castle with secret garden and time turner, not to mention every magical library that’s ever waltzed across the pages of my favourite books?
    Also, how cool would it be to be able to talk, really *talk* to your own soul, to see what it looked like and know that it was beautiful in it’s own way, and to have a physical reminder that you will never be alone? And what would you be able to know about yourself from the form their eventually took? Such a cool idea…

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