Dear My Lady Jane – A Love Letter to a Book

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Dear My Lady Jane,

my lady janeI fell in love with you right from the start. You charmed me in your prologue with your wit and humour- interjecting an authorial voice to tell us we were headed for an unconventional love story. I rarely laugh out loud at books, but you had me eating out the palm of your hand, devouring page after page of your alternative history.

I must say, the thought of a retelling of Lady Jane Grey filled me with some trepidation at first. Especially since I am somewhat well-versed in Tudor England (I blame the British school system that teaches it to us over and over). And yet you captured the spirit of the period, whilst turning it on its head and creating something totally different. The asides about what is real and not- for instance the mention of there being no such thing as a honeymoon at this point in time- makes it evident that your writers are aware this is a construct. I really appreciated you for your honesty there.

I also loved your magical element. I was enchanted by the cleverness of the world building and it made me hold you in even higher regard. It was quirky and hilarious to make Henry VIII a lion, but even more ingenious to make his mother Elizabeth a skunk, hinting at the Woodville ties with witchcraft.

I adored all your plot twists and the story itself kept me on the edge of my seat. I was virtually squealing (and whinnying) with delight the entire time. In particular, your midlogue, with the narrators interrupting the story, was hilarious.

All your characters were brilliant and distinct- I could happily tell the difference between all the different perspectives. Above all, you defied all the things I normally question and dislike. Highlight for spoilers: I could tell that Gifford was going to be Shakespeare and though I normally hate the whole “so and so was secretly Shakespeare” theories, this one was too funny for words! So you could say you are not my normal type, but I think it is a testament to how *awesome* you are that I adore you anyway. All I can do is appreciate how wonderful you are.

What’s brilliant about you is that you worked perfectly as a standalone- but there’s going to be sequel companion novels in a similar vein. I can’t wait to see what more you have to offer!

And finally you held a message I think we can all get behind: “We’ll fight so much less if everyone would just sit down and read.” Amen to that. You’ve made me one satisfied monkey after all…


All my bananas…


Sincerely, Orangutan Librarian


67 thoughts on “Dear My Lady Jane – A Love Letter to a Book

  1. Awww you just said everything I felt while reading it, and what I’ve been feeling ever since I finished it. 🙂 This is definitely a book I’ll cherish for a long time and re-read it multiple times. 🙂 Beautifully written!

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  2. Great review/love letter for this book, and I am so so glad you loved My Lady Jane as well. It’s an incredible read right (and are you really excited for My Plain Jane now?) I loved the humour the most but thought the magic was a great addition to Jane’s story. Plus I can’t deny I was a huge fan of how this books’ Lady Jane had a happier ending than history’s Jane Grey! 🙂
    Again great post. 😀

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  3. Now I am stoked to write love/hate letters to book on my blog as well. Thank you for igiting the idea. 🙂 And I absolutely loved the way you wrote here.

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  4. I’m always eager to read funny books because they are so refreshing and remind us that reading should be enjoyed. This one is definitely on my list, as will be the sequel. I can’t wait to hear what you think of that one!

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  5. Such a lovely love letter to the book! I adored this book so much! And I cannot wait to read their next book, My Plain Jane about Jane Eyre!! It comes out the end of the month, and I’ve got it pre-ordered. I think it will be hilarious… I’m so glad you loved My Lady Jane; I tell everyone to read it 🙂

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  6. Pretty high praise! I’m interested. I don’t always love retellings (real word? not sure, I’m going with it). But I think they are often best when people take something serious and make it funny. Thanks for the great review!

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  7. This sounds really fun! It looks like a middle grade book based on the cover… is that accurate? (Not that I have anything against middle grade books, I just like to know what I’m getting into before I pick one up.)

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  8. What an awesome love letter! You were spot on with your points. Too bad all history couldn’t be rewritten as such so we could understand the goings on! Loved the fantasy aspect and that it wasn’t a strict retelling. Love the humor and the authors talking through the 4th wall! Reading your review has plastered a big grin on my face!

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  9. Omg, so excited to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all things historical, even better when it’s Tudor related. I’m conflicted as to how to feel about Elizabeth of York, she’s described to be mild but historical authors seem to not be a big fan of her.

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