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Since I’m away at the moment, I wanted to give you some friendly hints of who can check out- and that’s why I’m so happy that I was tagged by my lovely friend Kat the Queen of TV, the really sweet blogger extraordinaire Beth, and the wonderful Shay who posts a lot of varied content! (who *psst* you need to check them all out) to do the Social Media Tag! I loved this the second that I saw it, although I did realise what a dilemma I was going to have narrowing it down! I also wanted to copy *so many* of Kat’s and Beth’s answers, but I thought it would be best to draw attention to some of the bloggers who hadn’t done this tag. So let’s get to it!

Instagram: A blog with a design you love

another book in the wall kelly

Kelly @Another Book in the Wall– I simply love Kelly’s clean, fresh design- it’s one of those blogs that I always look at and think how gorgeous it is! I love how cohesive it is and *it’s just so pretty*!! And if you go and check her out, you’ll find that she also does such interesting discussions and thorough book reviews- I am always in love with her content!

Facebook: A blog with a friendly blogger

reactionary tales-logo-9-border-purple-1-1-2.png

Nel @Reactionary Tales– Nel is one of my favourite people online because she’s so friendly! I think she’s on maternity leave at the moment, but she’s always been fantastic at replying to comments and getting around the blogosphere. If you want to make a true friend online, Nel is who I’d push you towards! She’s so encouraging and just a lovely person, who runs a diverse and varied blog- what more could you want? Plus, she’s also a friend of all sorts of animals (not just orangutans 😉 ) and does *inspiring* and informative posts on endangered species- which I highly recommend!

Twitter: A blogger who could just write 140 characters and you would still love them

thoughts on fantasy.png

Nicole @Thoughts on Fantasy– whatever Nicole puts out, I’m there for it. It’s always top quality and intelligent. I learn so much about fantasy when I go on her blog and she brings up topics I literally never thought of before. Honestly, if Nicole did tweets or posted pictures, I bet it would be just as magnificent!

YouTube: A blog that keeps you entertained

books vertigo and tea

Danielle @Books, Vertigo and Tea– I swear, whatever Danielle puts out, I am guaranteed to love it! Whether it’s her brilliantly done reviews, her thoughts on blogging or her Friday favourites, I’m always finding something fun to read on her site! She’s also super friendly and lovely to chat to (I swear I had such a struggle putting each of these bloggers into just one category!) so I can’t speak more highly of her!

Snapchat: A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for


pages unbound.png

Briana and Krysta @Pages Unbound– they are the kinds of bloggers who I just *have to* read every single post. And that’s because Brienne and Krysta always make TOP QUALITY content. Their discussions are always thought provoking, their reviews insightful and they have so much besides that! If you want to constantly read *THE BEST* content, then you should really hop over there and see for yourself how brilliant it is!

Tumblr: A blog which is very diverse and has variety

zezee with books

Zezee @Zezee with Books– Zezee always seems to read so many different types of books and post all sorts of content, from reviews, to memes to tags- one thing’s for certain, you will never be bored by any of it! Her take is so interesting and gives me plenty to think about. She’s also brilliant at collating lots of articles and other things you should check out- I swear I always think “I’ll pop over there for ten minutes” and can easily spend so much time looking into everything she talks about! So yeah, if you want to hear about more different and diverse books, definitely go to Zezee!

Pinterest: A blog which is full of creativity and inspiration


Dani @Perspective of a Writer– I really could have picked Dani for *any* of these questions- which is why she has to take this spot. She has *so many* different sorts of content and I am always entertained whenever I pop over there! Plus, not only is Dani’s content always AMAZING, but her aesthetic is *swoon-worthy*! I love how she’s always pushing out the boundaries, trying new things and is constantly pushing out fresh content. I am in *awe*!!

I’m also going to tag everyone I mentioned here though of course no pressure to do it! 

So do you know these bloggers? Do you agree? And do let me know if you’re gonna check them out!

68 thoughts on “The Social Media Tag

  1. OMO!!! I’m among such august company Orangutan! Thank you so, so much! Being called creative is one of the highest honors to me… ❤ I actually totally agree about so many of these bloggers too! I LOVE Nel… one of the friendliest bloggers ever. And Danielle always wows me with her dark choices and tastes… she makes me want to pick them all up! And Zezee!! She has the biggest range in reads ever! I am always inspired by her book choices. And there are a couple I’m going to go check out now! I think this will have to be a tag I do in the next couple weeks! Thanks.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Aww shucks! Thanks man! 😀 Totally agree about Nicole’s blog. I’ve learned a lot from her posts too and I love the aesthetic of Perspective of a Writer. Makes me wish I had some graphic design skills everytime I visit her blog.

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  3. Yay! I am glad you were excited to do this tag 🙂 I really liked this one as well. And you did great with the selection of bloggers. I knew some of them, but not all, so I will definitely check those out ❤

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  4. Is it weird that I felt a little blogger-y pride that I already follow a few of these? Like, ‘Yes! I have heard of these people! I’m no longer totally new!’
    Still plenty that i hadn’t though, so that’s me sorted for a few days! Thanks, Librarian!

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  5. Thanks so much!! ❤ I’m stoked to be included on this list! I already follow some of these blogs (I’ve gotten lots of good book recommendations from Zezee’s blog!) but I’ll be sure to check out and follow the ones I don’t, they all sound awesome.
    And btw I feel like I actually have trouble limiting myself to 140 characters (I’m obviously too long-winded 😉 )… but one day if I have time I’d love to tweet more and get better at it!

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