What to Read When You’re Feeling Super Lazy

Hello again!! Yes, I’m actually posting twice in a week- you’re not seeing things! Oh you thought you’d seen the last of me for this month? Well sorry to disappoint 😉 I wanted to do a great “here’s what I’ve been reading this summer guys!” post- but let’s be real, I’ve not actually been doing much reading. Instead, I thought I’d give you an idea of what I’ve been reading/to give myself an idea of what I *should* be reading.

orangutan list

Labels on food packets– ermmm yeah this is one of the things I’m actually reading at the moment- to be fair, it’s helping me practice another language, so it’s not cos I’ve become a food nut and I’m not totally weird (okay I am a little weird but you knew that already 😉 )

Road signs– same reason as above- it’s practice! (also directions probably count here, but I think I’ve got enough boring things on this list).

Blog posts!– that way you can be productive…  but I’m not even slightly productive right now, so yeah, this is why this is also a “what I should be reading” post.

My own writing– I can’t even say this is editing- it’s more like I’m reading and rereading the same chapter out of frustration that I can’t get past it- what did I say about being unproductive?

Half of articles Google recommends– let’s be honest, I click on a lot of the articles Google sends me, whether I’m interested or not (I am weak), even though I feel like a lot of the topics Google only thinks I’m interested in cos I keep checking out the articles they send me. But because I’m not actually that bothered about them, I’ll usually read the headline and maybe skim the first couple of paragraphs. So yeah, this is super lazy reading.

Headlines of articles on topics I care about– which, again, are most Google recommendations. But the thing is, if I am genuinely interested in the topic (let’s face it, it’s probably book related) then I’m probably going to “save it for later”- and yes, I used quotes because, I’ll be real, I’m never going to read all those things later.

Two or three pages of a boring book– and yes, I deliberately chose to say a boring book, because obviously if it’s dull then I don’t have to get invested and I can quit it after a few pages… which is perfect for lazy reading (also, yes, I should probably just DNF said book).

So yeah, as you can probably tell my attention span is something like this right now…

squirrel attention span.gif

That’s all for now- what do you read when you’re feeling super lazy? What do you think I should be reading as well? Let me know in the comments!


69 thoughts on “What to Read When You’re Feeling Super Lazy

  1. Funny post! I end up reading articles on the Internet when I’m lazy. Like The Atlantic or The New York Times or The Guardian. I check out their book section to start, but I’m open to other attention-grabbing headlines.

    Hmm. Reading what I just wrote, I realize that I sound kind of like a snob. “I read The Atlantic in my spare time.” When did that happen?

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  2. When I’m lazy I read news headlines, book synopses (instead of the whole book lol why bother), and the backs of cosmetics bottles – who knows, one of those chemicals might have an interesting name…
    Also welcome back!! Glad to see your posts again (:

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  3. Haha..oh man, this post just seriously made me laugh. Especially the part about reading the labels on food packets. Someone should write a whole book on those. I think it might be a great way to relax and let some stress out 😂😂 Great post! And really it’s a delight to see new posts from you here 😀😀

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  4. When I’m being lazy writing is out of the question. It’s always good to have old favourites or light hearted easy reads to break out of a slump or when you are just feeling lazy. I get too agitated sometimes myself that reading or even watching tv feels like a chore.

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  5. Fun post. When I’m to lazy to read a book I usually wind up reading recaps of the all the television shows I haven’t been watching or synopsis of movies I tell myself I want to watch but then wind up being to lazy to do that either 🙂 It’s usually a cycle of laziness at that point!

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  6. I will say reading road signs and food package labels has got to be a good way to practise a new language (I’m going to have to remember that myself because I’m attempting to learn a new language as well!) but I’m always reading blog posts and the articles Google recommends (like the heading and one maybe two paragraphs of the actual article.) That’s pretty much how I get all my news nowadays! 😀
    I’ve yet to brave up and reading my own writing, but maybe one day. 🙂

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  7. When I am not-feeling-very-bright I usually read movie and book reviews and read about Harry Potter actors or anything Harry Potter!

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  8. Lol 😂
    I think i probably spend way more time reading food labels than i should.

    I don’t think i ever read a full article in my life. The second paragraph usually repeats the first and i just lose my shit 🙈

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  9. When I am super lazy I usually play video games but OK I read some book that doesn’t have a plot so I can just read a couple of chapters. Technical stuff usually like programming books.

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  10. My current lazy reading go-to is a site called Not Always Right, which has a bunch of stories of people doing ridiculous things (as in, ‘The customer is not always right’). I can waste hours scrolling through fairly pointless anecdotes – but meanwhile, my pile of unread library books is getting downright dangerous!


  11. Hahaha! I love that you own up to only reading headlines. That’s one reason I dropped Facebook; I just keep losing hours reading stupid headlines and no content. Brilliant.

    I also like to read descriptions for new exercise classes I won’t be attending, lyrics to songs I have mostly memorized, and half of my work emails. 🤣

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  12. LOLOLO this is such a funny post! I always read manga when I’m too lazy to read books! And maybe scrolling through 9gag and read memes, that works too 😂

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  13. Aww, Dug made me smile. 🙂 I’m in a lazy reading stage too! Therefore, I’m doing what you’re doing except way worse: I watch TV lol. My attention span can be held for only thirty minutes at a time when reading a book, so it’s currently a problem for me. I think it’ll pass when the falls comes though… 😉 Fun post!

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  14. Oh my goodness, food labels… this post cracked me up 😆 And you’re taking it to a whole nother level by reading food labels in a foreign language! Very impressive 😄

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  15. LOL, great post! When I am feeling lazy, I read bits and pieces of books that I love. I’ll pick an action scene and just read that, for instance.

    Except when I’m feeling SUPER lazy, then I “read” Facebook. (AKA slowly scroll through Facebook, eyes moving over the words but brain not actually registering any of it.)

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  16. 😆 Do you ever relax?

    “When I’m working six days a week overseas in an unfamiliar environment and I’m trying to also learn the language I barely have time to read and blog and update myself on the news and keep up with social media…I’m so unproductive!”

    Presumably you’re also eating and sleeping and showering and doing laundry and staying in touch with family…

    Only you would refer to this as being lazy!

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  17. This is so horribly relatable. I need to read some books to post reviews on my new blog but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I also need to read some german books so I don’t completely fail my classes next year 😦

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  18. If you don’t feel like reading, write something, if you don’t feel like writing, do some household chores (there is always a backlog waiting in the kitchen in case you forgot).


  19. I can relate to picking up a book I don’t think I’ll enjoy when I don’t feel like reading. You feel super accomplished if you end up finishing the book (especially if it’s been on your TBR for a long time) OR you feel super accomplished by ticking it off your TBR and unhauling it if you don’t like it. Brilliant! ^_^

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  20. Yeeees! This has been my struggle for like the past 2 months. Life is upheaving (totally a word) at the moment and it’s left me without much energy for reading or blogging about it. I too read many headlines about things I might care about if I read the whole article.

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  21. in a way, I am relieved.. I also read the Google articles… and I usually read them when I have my morning coffee and I am just too lazy to find something else… plus, I needn’t think while reading them… just the perfect way to start off a day- lazy! 😀

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  22. Ahaha yeah I read food packets too! Just to see how many weirdly named acids and preservatives there are. Also you could read a newspaper or magazine? That’s very lazy reading, and you don’t have to commit at all to reading the whole thing because it’s kinda impossible?

    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com

    P.S. I’m doing some monthly writing competitions on my blog if you need something to do and are tired of reading food packets! 😉 (August is to write the first few sentences of a book.)

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  23. Hahaha I love your relationship with Google – so trusting, so loving! I’m not nearly as interested in their articles, but I guess it is hard to resist taking a peek at times 😛
    Lovely post, hon, and thanks for the suggestions! I do feel utterly lazy and useless lately so any new ideas are welcome ^^

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  24. Cooking books. Usually when I’m hungry and lazy and can’t be arsed to make anything. Good idea with the food labels though, I’m learning French so will give it a go


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