So I know I’m a bit late coming back to blogging, even though I promised my return a few days ago, and there is a good reason for that. Honestly I’ve been awfully busy since I got back, doing adminy things, hauling books, and catching a cold… Yeah the being ill part’s a bit of a bummer and means I’m doing everything much more  s l o w l y  than I would like. Now, while I would very much like to invite you all over to nurse me back to health, that won’t actually be necessary and I figure you could help somebody that actually needs it. In case you haven’t heard, my brethren in Borneo are actually in serious trouble right now. If you’re interested in ways you can SAVE THE ORANGUTANS you can check out this website. I know I’d appreciate you helping my fellow primates out of wheelbarrows and back into the wild…


orangutans in a wheelbarrow 4.jpg

(Please note, light humour was used in the making of this post, there are no actual subliminal messages to SEND HELP 😉 )

39 thoughts on “#SaveTheOrangutans

  1. I’ve seen that FSC label on a couple of different things and never knew what it was for so thanks for that! I will definitely make sure those are the products I pick up. The whole thing is so heartbreaking but there’s definitely good ideas on the post to go through. Hope you feel better!

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  2. Ugh, I started my vacation almost three weeks ago now with a cold. I really hope you will feel better soon. Colds can truly be annoying.
    Thanks for sharing the link by the way. It’s definitely a very worthy cause, and it’s very sad that this might one day become a reality 😢 Let’s hope it doesn’t ever come to that. Take care! 😊

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  3. I watched a programme about Orangutans last night and they showed the orphaned babies sitting with their arms round each other and called it A CUDDLE PUDDLE. Squeeee!

    Thanks for sharing this info, I’m actively trying to cut down on palm oil so the link was super helpful 😊

    PS is this where you were volunteering?

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  4. Ugh colds are the worst. My cats actually had head colds last week (didn’t even know they could actually catch them haha) and I felt so bad for the poor little things. I hope you feel better soon!! I love orangutans, it’s so sad what humans have done and continue to do to the planet 😦

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  5. Awesome painting!! And thanks for sharing the link, orangutans are such wonderful creatures and need all the protection they can get! Hoping you’ll feel better soon, I’m also having a cold which royally sucks.😉

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