orangutan zombie enhanced.jpg

Hello, it’s me, I’ve been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…

Hello, can you hear me…

Hello from the other si-i-ide….

Okay, I should probably stop channelling Adele and cut to the chase 😉 I’ve been away for a really long time and as much as I’ve tried to convince you all with my infrequent appearances that I wasn’t, in fact, dead, this blog has ended up being something of a graveyard at times- but it’s time for it to come back to life!  I’m happy to announce that I should be getting back into the swing of things now my ridiculously long hiatus has come to an end!  I’m going to be resurrecting a lot of the old stuff I liked to do and hopefully going to be active on the blogosphere again! But this isn’t just a post to tell you where I am now, it’s finally time for me to spill on what I’ve been upto- so buckle up, cos it’s gonna be quite the ride!

So where was I? Well, I was volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel.

orangutan farmer0007

For those that don’t know what that is, it’s basically a communal farm, where you work for room and board. As you can imagine that involves a lot of physical labour. Glamourous, I know 😉 Some of the time I did get to do the typical gardening type work that you’d expect on a kibbutz; mostly however I was in the kitchen and dining room. I’ll be blunt, kitchen kinda sucked, but once I got moved to the dining room it was much better (even if it is bloody tough serving people food in a foreign language). I really enjoyed getting to talk to everyone from the kibbutz and the crazy pace of things was very distracting.

chef orangutan e

It wasn’t all work though- thankfully! I was really lucky to be on a kibbutz where there was a pool (a freaking godsend if you ask me!) and I got to chill with people from all around the world (which was especially great for watching the world cup- although they did tease me mercilessly when it turned out it wasn’t coming home…)

orangutan swimming cropped.jpgAnd although I’ve been to Israel before, I spent a huge amount of the time travelling round the country, so I got to see some places I hadn’t, return to some brilliant sites and hang out with a lot of friends and family I’d been missing. The reason I’d gone out there in the first place was to spend time with everyone and it was easily the highlight of my trip. Between all the birthdays and my bestie’s wedding, I had some EPIC times. I have to say a THANK YOU to all those people who put me up (and put up with me 😉 ) over the last few months!


orangutan in Israel (at the kotel)0004.jpg

And yes, I did manage to spend some time on the beach 😉

orangutan on a beach relaxing0003

When the volunteering came to an end, I had some time before my sister was visiting for her birthday, so I figured I would use the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream… which is why I took myself off to Greece to see the Parthenon (and lots of other ancient monuments!). Yup, even though half my degree was in Classics, I’d never been and I felt like that was something I simply had to rectify! This was by far one of the best things I did in the last few months and as much as I could spend FOREVER talking about how brilliant it was to visit Delphi, how much fun I had fangirling over particular sculptures I’d studied (to the point where museum staff were laughing at me) and never-shut-up about the delicious food, I’m just going to let out one big SQUEEEEEEE! to give you some idea of how excited I still am about it.

orangutan in Greece (Athens)0002.jpg

I then went back to Israel briefly to say goodbye, before heading HOMEWARD BOUND!

orangutans in london cropped.jpg

Of course I’m still getting used to everything again, yet I’ve got to admit I’m really enjoying being back in London, having more access to some proper tea and after MONTHS of heat I’m appreciating the gloriously autumnal weather!

And that’s the story of where I’ve been! Hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

139 thoughts on “BACK FROM THE DEAD!

  1. Oh gosh, this is SO COOL! What an awesome experience 🙂 I love gardening and working outside, but it’s not always fun when it’s hard labor AND in the sun^^ I feel you, I was working on a farm over Australian summer. Would have loved a pool there haha

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  2. Wow! I mean just wow!!! What an awesome time you must have had, and thanks so much for sharing this with us! And believer when I say that I sooo get your excitement when in Greece – isn’t Delphi just one of the most awesome places in the world?! Having studied the Classics too (Ancient Greek, Classical Archaeology) I really can imagine how it must have felt to you to finally BE there!! 😄 And the kibbuz? That’s just so awesome!! And of course as always I looove your paintings!! 😄 💕

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  3. This was so fun to read and find out where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to! I never would have guessed working in a kibbutz! And traveling through Israel and Greece! I loved your pics in the next post, too. I have seen the Parthenon and traveled through Greece some. Like you, I could talk for days about the food and all the sights! I did not realize you were the artist behind your beautiful drawings until now- love them all! A big, hearty welcome back to my favorite orangutan!

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  4. Welcome back! ❤ It was really great to read what you have been up to and it seems that you had an amazing time, despite the work being hard and tiring. I also love your drawings, they are amazing! 🙂

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  5. Wow, I was wondering what you were up to but I didn’t guess that! I didn’t actually even know what a Kibbutz was so that’s really interesting to hear what it was like. Sounds like you had an amazing time travelling too. Well, welcome back! You’re blog is a favourite so it’s great to see you here again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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