SCARY BIG Book Haul!!!

Do you know that feeling where you can never walk into a bookshop/library/book event and not come away with *so many* more books than you planned? Do you know what it’s like to walk past a book you’ve not even added to your tbr, but have a vague interest in, and think “I must have it”!? Well, one side effect of going away for a while is that that crazy, insatiable thirst for new books is SO MUCH WORSE THAN NORMAL! All my former impulse control (pah like I ever had impulse control) went out the window and I just found myself hauling BOOKS, BOOKS and MORE BOOKS. Two days back and I was already showing off an insane library haul on twitter. And you know what? That haul has only grown since then! I mean, I’m not entirely to blame for this- I basically went through my entire physical tbr before I went away, so of course I had to replenish my stocks- right?!?! Plus, some of my hauling was (pretty logically) because it’s *SPOOKTOBER* and I needed wanted some spooky reads. Which is why I got these for starters:

scary book haul.jpg

I also thought it would be fun to finally try the Saga graphic novels- I don’t know why but their unusual feel felt right for this month- so I picked these up in the library:


saga haul (2)

Not totally related to this month, I also got a couple of books as a belated birthday present:


birthday book haul (2)

What’s a little uncanny about getting these books is that I got the first ones in those series last year– oooh! 😉 (also I have already read and reviewed Girl in the Tower if you’re interested- I just wanted a physical copy cos I LOVE IT!) Still, it’s not all freaky thrills. Since I’m a total scaredy cat, I had to get a load of romantic YA books to make sure I don’t get too freaked out this month:

romantic books.jpg

Plus, I also picked out a hefty classic, which, I’ll admit, I’ve been terrified of reading:

gone with the wind original version.jpg


And I almost forgot about this one, because it’s currently sitting on my bedside table waiting to be read, but it comes back full circle to the *creepy, suspensful* vibe I’ve been trying to get this month:

woman in the window

So as you can see I have plenty to be getting on with! I doubt I’ll be whizzing through all of this any time soon- which is why I want to hear from you about tackling this haul! Have you read any of these? Which ones do you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

107 thoughts on “SCARY BIG Book Haul!!!

  1. What a haul!! I am very jealous of Muse of Nightmares, I haven’t read it yet but plan to soon. I’ll listen to the audiobook (because I love the narrator), but I am so tempted to buy the hard cover as well just to have it on my shelf 🙂

    The only book I’ve read from the above is Goethe’s Faust. To be honest I prefer Marlowe’s version, since Goethe’s is quite long, philosophical and less about the supernatural elements… though I’m glad I read it, as it’s quite a different version of the story, and the writing itself is more poetic and enchanting.

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  2. I am dying to read the strange the dreamer duology. And yes I am totally with you I have no self control for books. My TBR keeps growing and I just cannot read fast enough.


  3. I simply adore books. I prefer the paper copy ones but do so love the ease of taking a dozen books on vacation to read with one simple Kindle to carry!. Gone with the Wind is a favorite of mine. I came across Scarlett the Sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. Gosh, I loved that one too. Happy reading and thanks for sharing your book collections.

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  4. I remember the first time I walked into The Strand in New York. I was such an innocent tourist in the city. When I walked out to JFK after my trip I had nearly half a suitcase of books from my frequent romps! Good Blog.

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