Incoming: Simon Vs the Homosapien Agenda Rocked!

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Hello all,

As you might have guessed from the subject line, I really dug Simon Vs the Homosapien Agenda. Partly cos I’m a sucker for contemporary romance, partly cos I just love fun, quirky characters. Mostly though it’s cos OMG this story is remarkably cute and the mystery element worked so well!

For those of you that dot know, it’s the story of Simon Spier, who has a secret pen pal relationship with another boy in his school… and is be being blackmailed for it! And I have to say this grabbed me right from the opening line. I know I’ve been talking a lot about fave first lines recently and this just so happened to have all the perfect ingredients: it gives us the tone, the voice and the concept all in one. Plus it was pretty witty and that always helps 😉

The one downside I thought there was with the book was there were too many characters to keep track of. Plus, I wasn’t hugely keen on the sibling relationship, because they felt too different and disconnected.

That said, all the other characters really worked for me. Simon was *adorable*. And the friendships made a lot of sense. I even understood the blackmailer- he’s a dick, but his motivation made sense.

What else is there to say other than that the romance was swoonworthy? I defy anyone not to fall for this super sweet story. It’s a love story with oreos for goodness sakes! For that alone I would happily give it 4/5 bananas:


I’m wondering who else has read it and if they’ve fallen in love with it as much as I have?

Love, Orangutan

PS I saw the movie and I liked it even more.

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Hello all,

Me again. I know, I know, two emails in one day. It’s like I’m obsessed. But I couldn’t help it you guys! I just had to fill you in on the AWESOMENESS that is Love, Simon.

Everything Albertalli did translated so well to the big screen. It made me laugh more, cry more, and I was overwhelmed by the *cuteness overload*.

There were some changes to the book version- like cutting Simon’s sister Alice out- but I have to say they streamlined the plot and worked for me. Also, the movie allowed his friends to be more pissed at him for his actions, rather than just supportive, and oof that hit me in the feels even more.

Actually, the movie overall was more hardhitting. (Pretty obvious) spoilers here: him being outed is done in an even more emotional way in the movie. I was honestly a WRECK by the end of it. Especially with the beautiful individual moments with him mum and dad- cos ach my heart! I could barely take how much it moved me.

So yeah, watch the movie already if you haven’t. I know now for certain that I want every Albertalli book to be turned into a movie! Who thinks Hollywood will grant my request?

Love, Orangutan

PS: Just take my bananas already…


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43 thoughts on “Incoming: Simon Vs the Homosapien Agenda Rocked!

  1. I have to admit I think I love the movie version more myself 🙂 I’ve also heard her book with Adam Silveri has been optioned (who knows if it will get made) so fingers crossed you get your wish. Netflix seems to be working a really good track record adapting YA books!

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  2. What a fun post, love those two emails.
    I’m yet to both read the book and watch the movie but they are both of my list. After reading your reviews, I really can’t wait now to do so! 😊

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  3. Ahh Iove the way you did this review with the emails, it’s perfect! Simon is one of my favourite books of all time, I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I really loved the movie too – like you, maybe even more than the book (which is saying something, what with it being a favourite book of all time!)

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  4. I’ve always wondered whether I should read this book and I think you just helped me make up my mind… Cute and witty sounds great and exactly like something I know I will soon feel like reading 🙂
    Fabulous review- love what you did there with the emails 😉

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  5. Started reading this sentence and thought this book had some kind of intense grimdark/horror subplot to it hahahah: “like cutting Simon’s sister Alice” 😮 But hey, I’m glad you enjoyed both the book and the adaptation. I only hear people raving about both! 😛 Awesome reviews!

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