All the Endings: Books Finales that *WOWED* Me

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So I mentioned yesterday that I’m being a bit introspective at the moment and thinking about endings. A lot of books are about the journey- but let’s face it, the ending can often make or break a book. Since I’m upto that stage in my WIP, I started to fret about the kind of endings that leave me dissatisfied, but while I was writing the piece I realised there are a lot more endings that blew me away than let me down. And since this seems to be such a great procrastination tool, I decided I should do a counter-post and share some endings I’m utterly enamoured by:


Poison– no spoilers, but loved the inventiveness of the book and unexpected ending blew me away.

emperor of thorns

Emperor of Thorns– completely bold, completely perfect- this ending was everything you could want from a series finale.

golden son

Golden Son– I love a good cliffhanger- it’s a special kind of torture to have to wait between books when everything’s on the line- I’m weird I guess 😉


Heir of Fire– what was I saying about cliffhangers? 😉 It was an emotional end to an emotional book. This happens to be my favourite of all Maas’ books- and that’s cos the drama didn’t let up for even a second. And while the conclusion resolved a lot that went down in the book, it set up plenty for the next instalment.

broken things

Broken Things– kind of spoilery, but this is kind of my answer to the issue with TFIOS ending. I love when books are a little meta- especially when that means they mirror an aspect of a book within the book.

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

Chamber of Secrets– this is my favourite HP ending. It has the best mystery and reveal in the series in my opinion. And I simply adore how it was executed.

daniel deronda

Daniel Deronda– I love how realistic this felt at the same time as meting out justice for the characters. While the flawed heroine didn’t get exactly what she wanted, it made sense to me. And the perfect hero got exactly what he deserved. It felt so right.


Persuasion– I’m a sucker for a happy ending and no one does that quite like Austen. This for me is the most perfect of all her creations in that regard, because it feels the most earned.

memoirs of a geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha– in a similar vein this appealed to the romantic in me. I love how this book is devoted to the idea that love can work out in the end.


Tess of the D’Urbervilles– I also really appreciate books on the other end of the spectrum and frankly this is that. It’s perfectly tragic.

we were liars

We Were Liars– this heartbreaking finale made me absolutely break down- and I can’t say anymore because of *spoilers*- it’s best to go into this book blind and see for yourself.

count of monte cristo

Count of Monte Cristo– not only does this deliver exactly what you want, it also deals with a complex moral in a clever way.

shades children

Shade’s Children– this is the kind of ending that I used to just pick up and read on its own over and over. Because it’s just perfection. The twist towards the end was great, but really the best moment in the whole book is that flash forward.

anansi boys

Anansi Boys– I always love the way Gaiman shifts the story around a twist- and this is no exception. In fact, this was the book that made me fall head over heels for Gaiman’s work. And that ending- I wasn’t expecting that at all- *mindblown*.

noughts and crosses

Noughts and Crosses– it kind of had to end this way- but OH MY HEART! I will never be over it.

strange the dreamer

Strange the Dreamer– of course, Laini Taylor had to make it onto the list- because this is how to do an ending. I love how it felt both foreshadowed and sudden!

And that’s all for now! Do you agree or disagree with any of the books on this list? And what’s your favourite endings? Let me know in the comments!

81 thoughts on “All the Endings: Books Finales that *WOWED* Me

  1. Oh these are some incredible books, and you’ve featured some of my favourites of this list. I wouldn’t say I love a good cliffhanger (mainly because if the next book hasn’t been released I can’t handle the wait for it) but I LOVED Golden Son, I remember my mouth dropping open from shock when I read the last chapter.
    The same goes for We Were Liars, and oh Strange the Dreamer is just all around an amazing book, a favourite of mine as well. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Great post! I love endings that shift your whole perspective on the book (IF it’s done well). One of my favorites in that regard is C. S. Lewis’s “Til We Have Faces.” It’s a retelling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche framed as one character’s diatribe against the gods. The last short section takes it from a 4-star lots-to-ponder book to a 5-star favorite.

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  3. Persuasion and Count of Monte Cristo. Wonderful choices!

    I’ve enjoyed this dual set of posts. Of course, I like lists, so no wonder. Do you have any more “listy” type posts lined up or should I savor this one like the final bite of chicken pot pie?

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  4. Fun list! The only book I’ve read on this list is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but it was nice to know of other books with good endings too! One of maybe favourite endings is from Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. It ended beautifully, yet also opened up the possibilities for the next book.

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  5. Absolutely adored Memoirs of a Geisha, it had such dignity (not sure if that’s the right word but I can’t think of another more suitable so I’ll go with it) and, as you say, the ending hit the perfect note :O) x

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  6. I thought the end of Golden Son was SO brilliant! Obviously, it was torture to wait for Morning Star afterwards, but dang, that’s one heck of an awesome way to keep readers hooked. I WAS SHOOKETH!!!
    And I also really enjoyed the end of We Were Liars. I inhaled that book in a day or so and thankfully hadn’t heard any spoilers before and I was just really blown away.

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  7. I love Daniel Deronda! I’m on a George Eliot binge right now. I’m just reading Middlemarch for the first time. One of my literary sins. You should totally check out The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James if you like Daniel Deronda.

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  8. Oh I *adore* Poison. The ending started my love affair with Chris Wooding books and I think he definitely does endings well for the most part. Really interesting topic – loved both this and your disappointing endings post! 🙂

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  9. I accept that sometimes an ending is ‘perfectly’ tragic, like Tess or Noughts & Crosses, but I feel so sad that I wish things had gone differently and no one had to die! It all started with Romeo & Juliet I suppose, I studied it at school and just wished they were happily ever after… I guess there wouldn’t be much of a story though!

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  10. I can understand why you’re thinking about endings with having to write one for your WIP – they are so tough to get right! I always angst over any I try to write.

    I completely agree with you about Golden Son – such a great cliff hanger! And you’ve reminded me I need to read The Count of Monte Christo and Shade’s Children (I love Garth Nix’s books but have never read that one). Poison sounds great too!

    I think the only one on your list I’d disagree with is Strange the Dreamer… I adored the book, but I found one aspect of the ending slightly disappointing (the bit to do with Lazlo… I guess I felt like it made everything he’d achieved less special and too ‘fated’). So I wouldn’t pick it as a favourite for that reason. I still loved the book though!

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    1. Yeah for sure! Glad you get what I mean!

      It definitely was!! Awesome- I really recommend them both (especially Shade’s children, if you like Nix cos that’s one of my favourites of his). And poison is amazing!!

      Ah that’s a pity- but I can understand that- I guess I’m just a massive sucker for everything Laini Taylor writes at this point 😉

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      1. Ok I’ll definitely read Shade’s Children then if that’s one of your favourites of his! And yeah I’m also a massive Laini Taylor fan – which is probably why even though I didn’t 100% like that aspect of the ending, I still love the book and recommend it to everyone who’ll listen 🙂


  11. Noughts and Crosses traumatized my 14-year-old self when I first read it. I was an emotional wreck after finishing that book. Golden Son was another one that stressed me out so much I’ve still not actually finished the series.

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  12. Wonderful list! I loved the endings for Strange the Dreamer and Heir of Fire, they both left me wanting the next book RIGHT AWAY. Now I really want to read Golden Sun as well! I like a good cliffhanger when the next book’s out, lol.

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  13. I agree with you about Chamber of Secrets and about We Were Liars! I don’t understand how so many people have not liked this book. It certainly took me for a loop, and like you said, left me completely on the floor like “whatttttt”

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  14. I love the count of Monte cristo, but one part of that ending was quite bizarre. The idea that a woman should kill herself if the one she loves has died as if that’s the only purpose to her life? That was strange. But… I LOVE this book and I just really need to find another book that’s like this.


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