Unpopular Opinions Tag #2

orangutan tag 2

Hello all! Long-time no tag! Annnd I’m choosing this opportunity to do one I’ve done before BUT I always have more unpopular opinions knocking about PLUS I was tagged again by the lovely Katie @Never Not Reading so thank you for that! ❤ And just to start out with an uncontroversial opinion: if you’re looking for an awesome blend of reviews, discussions and memes run by a gorgeous person, then what are you still doing here? GO CHECK HER OUT!

Ok, you’re back- awesome, right?

Now let’s get to the things you might not like so much…


foxhole court

I’m just baffled by its popularity (and the fact that the average rating on GR is 4.13- how?!!? Were we reading the same book?!?!)


hazel wood

I frickin loved this book. Now I get some of the criticism about it being slow, but I don’t see it deserving quite the low rating that it has on GR.


Such a hard question, cos I’m generally okay with what’s canon and I’m pretty sure I used up all my answers last time. I guess it makes sense to go with the one I’ve fallen out of love in the last few years and that’s… Jon and Dany.

jon dany

To be fair, I feel like I never should have shipped this one to begin with, but once it played out on screen, my brain just went EWW and I’ve been trying to blot out the fact I once wanted this ever since.


This is an increasingly tricky question the more I reach outside my comfort zone. I think my bog-standard answer for this right now is westerns, cos I just haven’t read one (and can’t think of anything else!)


Deep breaths everyone: Wonder Woman.

wonder woman

Now I’m not going off the comics, so don’t @ me, but both her iteration in the movie and the recent Bardugo book came across to me as complete Mary Sues annnnd I’m not digging it. Soz!


I’m literally going to go with the most controversial choice I can think of- CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED! (seriously though, please don’t attack me 😉 ) And that’s… Stephen King.

carrie book

His writing style and I do. not. gel. And yes, I’ve given his work enough chances, and no, it’s still not for me.


Ach I still want to go with my one from last time (the Mary Sue/Marty Stu)! Especially cos it’s been plaguing stories worse than ever!! (which makes no sense, cos it’s been years, WHY IS THIS GETTING WORSE?) I guess the other trope I’m tired of seeing at this point is the Chosen One. Although, again, this comes back to wanting better characters.


Gosh I gotta admit there are lots of these. And this is coming from someone with poor impulse control when it comes to books (most of the time: I see book, I want book, I read book 😉 ) Here’s a few:



(don’t hold me to this though, I keep seeing a couple of these about and it takes a lot not to cave 😉 )


Erm is it bad that I have *so many* answers? For me, it can really go either way- sometimes I hate adaptations, sometimes I love them. The most recent time I preferred the movie was Crazy Rich Asians- not that the book was bad per se, but I had mad-fun watching the film 😀

crazy rich asians movie

I tag: Bookstooge, Lucinda, Rivermoose, Journey into Books, Modern Witch, Naty, *May Contain Spoilers*, Starry Sky Books, Cade, Roaring Bookworm and Keira

And anyone else that wants to do it! So what did you think about my unpopular opinions? Agree or disagree with any of them? Let me know in the comments!

92 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Tag #2

  1. I love The Hazel Wood! I don’t understand why that one isn’t more popular.

    I think I’d like Stephen King more of he condensed. I read Needful Things and it…just…didn’t…end.

    My big unpopular opinionat the moment is: Sarah J. Maas is overrated. I can’t get into her books at all.

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    1. Ah I’m glad I’m not the only one!! I totally agree with you there!

      hahaha I hear you on that score 😉

      Hehe although I’ve enjoyed a lot of her books, I can definitely understand that (and I think that’s becoming a more popular unpopular opinion now 😉 )

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  2. Happy to see you Did like Hazel Wood. I want to read it real bad, but all the not great reviews have put me off. Also, Stephen King doesn’t work for me either (though I have only read one book – which I really disliked and now I don’t want to pick up other stuff by him). Im also not a fan of Wonder Woman (though I havent read the book). The movie crashed when we watched it, and I really didn’t mind not knowing how it ended.

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    1. Ah that’s a pity- I hope you love it as much as I did if you get to it! I’m so glad I’m not the only one on that score!! I’ve tried so many times with his books and only ever finished one of them- so I hear you there. I can totally relate to that! I was bored halfway through, so I totally get that.

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  3. Thank you on the Dany and Jon. I guess in the books I’m still somewhere in the middle but the show was so like am I supposed to be rooting for them? They just confirmed she’s his Aunt right? Doesn’t seem like the actors are big on it either which makes it kind of odder. Ah unpopular opinions! Always fun 🙂

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  4. Thanks for the shoutout.

    Concerning Stephen King. When an author just doesn’t work for you, they just don’t. This is why there will never be one author To Rule Them All. Us people are contrary donkeys…

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  5. I’m glad I am not only one is not into Wonder Woman lately. Don’t even bother with Furyborn, it wasn’t that great. WHO in the world does not Hazel Wood? It was a freaking good book!!


  6. What happens if you just can’t read Dickens without feeling like you are in a battle with him? Specifically Great Expectations. I’ll never finish it. I’m sorry.

    But it’s like Dickens travelled through time, found out everything about what makes me want to read a book and everything that prevents me from reading a book and then returned to his own time to create Great Expectations.

    It’s like the most sophisticated way of making me feel like a cultureless dunce ever created.

    Send Help!


  7. I used to love Wonder Woman when I was a kid, but she’s my least fave now. Not sure what happened, but I didn’t even enjoy the new movie either.

    The Hazelwood is one I need to get back to! You’ve inspired me since I first read your review. It did feel slow to me and I ended up putting it down. I just kept wondering when something was going to happen, but I didn’t get super far. Must get back to that one!

    I enjoyed reading all your answers! I may do this tag again. I miss tags! 😉

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  8. Cool tag! I’m with you on most of the questions/answers, especially the Mary Sue trope, and Wonder Woman – and GOT 😉 Haven’t read Hazel Wood yet, guess I must give it a chance 🙂

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  9. Jon and Dany is honestly such an uncomfortable ship for me. Whenever I think of it, i, similarly like you, go “ewww”. It just doesn’t sit right. Side note: I didn’t know “Marty Stu” was the name for male versions of Mary Sues! That’s interesting 😂

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  10. Jon and Dany…Ewwww sounds about right. My nose automatically scrunches up at the thought of those two.
    I loved the Crazy Rich Asians movie too. It was one of the movies I watched on my flight to India and really enjoyed it.

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  11. Great answers for this tag. 🙂 ❤️I’ve read Everless and I can’t really say I’d recommend it. It felt very same-y, like I was reading a book I’d already read before, and if you’re not a fan of the Mary Sue/Chosen One tropes at the moment you won’t enjoy Everless that much.
    Also yeah I’m not a fan of the Jon/Dany OTP, they’re related so it’s just kind of icky to me. :/

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    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Ah yeah that makes a lot of sense- I remember your post as well where you mentioned it was similar to Red Queen- that doesn’t enamour me, so I think I’d better give it a miss. And that’s really good to know about the Mary Sue/Chosen one trope in that one- I had no idea about that.
      I know right- it’s so weird!!

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  12. Love this! I haven’t read Foxhole or Hazelwood, but they’re both on my TBR. I’d love to know what you didn’t like about Foxhole and what you did like about Hazelwood. Do you have reviews for those?

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    1. Thank you!! Yeah I have reviews for both of them- though I only did a mini one for Foxhole court:
      And here’s the one for hazel wood, if you’re interested:
      But if you’re not up for reading those (and I won’t blame you if you’re not 😉 ) I just thought foxhole court was too weird (especially the fake sport) and had some dodgy elements too. And I just loved everything about hazel wood 😉 Hope that helps!

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  13. I’m curious: what about Stephen King’s style do you dislike? I’ve never read any of his works because I’m a scaredycat, but so many I know are diehard fans.


  14. Great answers for this tag! 🙂 I have to say that, if I didn’t ADORE the Hazel Wood, I still enjoyed it a whole lot and I think it’s getting a lot of criticism and that’s too bad. I also agree with you about crazy rich asians, I thought the movie was great! 😀

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  15. Ooh, I love a good tag… thank you!!! And seconded with Cassandra Clare’s latest: I loved her work when I was a teen but lately they’ve all just started feeling a bit same-y to me!

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  16. Wow you’re the first person I’ve found who doesn’t like The Foxhole Court. What a relief – I thought I was the only one! 😅 Ugh that book made me so angry and I literally have no idea what people see in it yikes.
    And I completely agree that Crazy Rich Asians was just a lot more fun as a movie than as a book!


  17. Thank you for the tag!

    I dare you to read Everless… I know you have a lot more patience with YA than I do and it definitely reads like a fairy tale so you might like it more than I did.

    Or, you’ll wade through 300 pages of trope heavy, this has been done before boredom and I’ll feel vindicated for reading The Foxhole Court ☺

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  19. I cannot agree more with you on Jon and Dany, even at the beginning when people were talking about possible ships happening I was against it… Still did not happen in the books so perhaps dear Georges will change that xD


  20. Jon and Dany… EWW really! Though, i never shipped them! I’m really looking forward to reading the hazel wood! It looks interesting and received rather negative reviews!


  21. Other than Mr Mercedes and Joyland (the latter is so underrated!), I can’t say I love King’s writing. It can be heavily colloquial and certainly makes the reading experience feel rather disjointed.

    Having recently rewatched the last season of GoT, I was able to see some flicker of chemistry this time around. And the I read the script and, oh gosh, no wonder has been terrible the last two seasons, D & D are so colloquial on paper, it doesn’t have the impact that the dialogue used to have.


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