Bloggers are Underrated

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Obviously, I’m biased, but here’s the thing: I’m not wrong 😉 Nowadays, it feels like bloggers are low hanging fruit, and everyone wants a piece. I barely go a week without seeing some disparaging comment about “what even is the point of bloggers” or “who even cares about bloggers” annnd I’m here to correct those assumptions- cos as a point of fact, bloggers are underrated. Here’s why:

book love belleEndless enthusiasm for books! Whether it’s in reviews/lists/discussions, bloggers have a way of creating continuous exposure and forming intense fandoms. Blogs are the perfect place to create superfans- which is why I believe some books with strong connections to the blogosphere have the power to do so well.

merlin books sharingCos, frankly, blogs are a brilliant place to cultivate organic interest. It’s not just that blogs have the ability to spread a book far and wide (and oh boy they do- a few book bloggers raving can get a book to spread like wildfire), blogs also manage to make that spread feel less like hype sometimes and more like fans sharing art. Which brings me onto…

book loveThe blogosphere is a wonderful place for readers! You can get some genuine advice on what to read and rave directly with someone else has loved a book. Feedback is super easy to get and real conversation is up for grabs. This is largely thanks to how interactive the blogosphere is, but also because…

friends hugThe community side is so strong. I personally believe it’s one of the more intimate platforms, with a greater connection to other readers and more meaningful engagement. This isn’t to disparage any other platform, cos everywhere has it’s “casual viewers”, but the format of a blog does lend itself really well to communication. And, even better, as we all like to point out regularly, this is one of the friendliest places on the internet. What’s so wonderful about blogging is how friendly everyone is- and this makes a huge difference. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it makes the reading experience so much more pleasurable (and, c’mon, it’s reading, it was already pretty darn awesome!!)

monkey typewriterBlogging also helps us writerly types to develop our craft further. Since we’re all lovers of the written word here, it stands to reason we’d enjoy reading other people’s posts and learning that way- PLUS we also get to improve our own skills every time we post. Really, it’s a win all round!!


mood reader 1And lastly, blogging is addictive! You’d probably have to prise our blogs from our cold dead hands 😉 Which doesn’t necessarily sound like a good thing, buuut having a blog quickly becomes a way of life. We put so much love and effort into our internet space- and that real commitment is why the blogosphere such a wonderful place to be!




In short, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it 😉 So do you agree? Are bloggers underrated? Let me know in the comments!

97 thoughts on “Bloggers are Underrated

  1. So true!! All of these reasons… especially what you said about being a platform with more meaningful engagement. I have a range of rather neglected social media accounts that sometimes lead to nice interactions or to finding a good book, but it’s not the same as the blogging community (I don’t even count myself a particularly dedicated blogger and wish I managed to keep up with more blogs – but even with what I do it’s still rewarding). And what you said about being good for readers is so true too. A reading buddy once asked me where I find all these great new books to suggest we read, and the answer was the blogosphere 🙂


  2. Blogging is definitely underrated! Which is weird because it truly is the best social media platform there is! I started on instagram last week and can’t stop comparing it to blogging – where the latter is like having a real conversation at times, IG is even less than small talk.

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  3. Totally agree! I love blogging and the blogging community!

    I find so many fabulous reads from blogs that I would never have thought to read and it makes my life richer (not my bank account though!!)

    Blogging will always hold a special place in my heart.

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  4. I agree with you on every point. Bloggers are so friendly (especially book bloggers). I love hanging out in the book blogging community and on bookstagram. And while we might not matter to some people, I think we all matter to each other. We all want to hear what each other has to say…which is a powerful thing in it’s own right.


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