Spotted: Gargantuan Orangutan on the Set of Game of Thrones!

the orangutan times

BREAKING NEWS: A presumptuous primate was seen in Northern Ireland, ahead of Game of Thrones returning to the small screens, wandering around the sets in search of dragons- J. Ourno reports.

It’s journey appeared to start in the usually tranquil Dark Hedges aka The King’s Road:

It then went onto the Riverlands and even invaded the legendary Winterfell.

Locals were perturbed by this monkey madness saying: “I don’t care if they say Game of Thrones has been good for tourism- if we go letting any old ape into Northern Ireland, soon we’ll have all sorts of monkey business and gorilla warfare going on. Where will it end?”

We managed to catch up to said orangutan, who had this to say: “I only went on a day trip. Personally, I thought I fitted right in and don’t know what all the fuss was about šŸ˜‰ I think it’s all bananas!”

orangutan at winterfell.png

Sky, HBO and the production team for Game of Thrones were unavailable for comment.

57 thoughts on “Spotted: Gargantuan Orangutan on the Set of Game of Thrones!

  1. OMG, I adore the way you set up this post! Also, despite the weather, it looks like those locations are just as awesome irl as they are on the small screen. I am a little bit jealous. I still haven’t been to any of them.

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  2. Very cool! Must have been very neat to go to the locations! I’ve done much the same in NZ for LOTR, which was mostly filmed around where I live – Minas Tirith/Helm’s Deep was in a quarry about 5 km from my house of the day. Er – confession time… I have neither read the books nor seen a single episode of GoT…

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  3. Ahhh I love this post and your pictures! I went to the Dark Hedges two years ago and there were way too many people there to take a decent shot, unfortunately ahah. Your pictures look amazing! šŸ˜€

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  4. I’m so jealous! While I don’t watch GoT – I want to read the books first and haven’t attempted them yet – I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. I’m trying to convince my husband to do an Ireland, Scotland, and England tour for our 10 year wedding anniversary…. in 4 years lol

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